"I will make you proud.. Father.."

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Name: Trish

Age: 17
Height: 163 (5'4)
Weight: 130 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: A
Body Type: Average.
Adaptability Ratio: 5

* Fighting Style: Soft

Race: Saiyan

Equipment/Clothing: Steel Knuckles, Weighted accessories,

Starting Power Level: 450
Previous Power Level: 11398
Current Power Level: 36,475

Training History: Trish began training with her father at the age of five and naturally this continued until his death. Throughout her training she learned a certain style of soft combat being able to dodge extremely well and knowing when to strike back. In addition to this style she learned the martial arts Krav Maga which increased her ability to counter attack and strike at the most vulnerable areas. This includes generally gaining more awareness. At the age of ten and still training under her father as well, Trish wanted to learn Military training which she practices on the side of all her other training from a family friend in a camp , not far from where they lived. She visited the man who trained her until her father's death. She was already experienced enough to move on at that point and developed it into her style. Before her father's death the last thing he taught her was flight, she developed it good enough for basics of flying but never actually trained midair for flying… through out her childhood and now she has constantly wore weights to seem normal towards other kids in strength and agility yet at the same time this increased other potentialities.

When Trish was a baby, she was separated from her birth parents due to an unknown accident. That being said her parents could still be alive. That aside, Trish was found in a pod in the forest near a farm after separation only a day after by an older couple whom she to this day calls her parents. Although at first, she of course believed she was biologically their child. She of course grew out of that thought later realizing that just wasn't true especially noticing that they never grew a tail or had one. Keeping it at the moment, in her younger years, at the age of 5, The older woman began teaching her academically and Trish surprisingly learned quite quickly. The male however, He was a martial artist and a wonderful Ki Master. In addition to those two subjects he was also a incredible chef who taught Trish those three things as well. While actually training her this is when he realized Trish was not human. The punches she threw from her hands were incredibly power for her age as well as her speed. In addition, she had the saiyan's fighting spirit burning within her as they trained yet she didn't realize it.

At the age of 10, Her training and schooling went perfectly hand to hand. It became a daily routine if not at times weekly. Trish began to wonder about her power by this time. She realized she was able to do far more then normal kids and humans. Only when she was actually running into town and stopped when a few kids invited her to play dodge ball, was when she realized her potential and strength. Trish managed to catch every ball and retaliate quickly to get the opposing team... Now when I say get... I mean the ball threw the kids back a little. After that she was called weird and left alone as it was back then too. She never had many friends or family outside of her 'parents' and often she began to wonder who her real biological parents were and if they were still looking for her which she still wonders today. At the same time she began training in Military tactics with a family friend. One day while out and just having fun, Trish managed to go into the forest and suddenly found her pod… She stared at it as if it looked familiar but payed no mind only running back to her father who acted as if he never laid eyes upon it. She gave up eventually and continued onwards.

Age 15... Trish finally moved on from her mother's teachings and went into high school to finish. A incredible 'A+' student yet... her physical appearance had changed a little. She used to have longer hair yet she cut it down to being short. Her attire took a little turn to being emoish yet she never classified herself that way. She often was sad because she was alone and didn't know her parent's but this didn't affect how she was. Kids of her high school always made fun of her, the fact that she never saw the moon due to their curfew made her keep the tail which was the main thing she was laughed at for. Although her 'father' continued teaching her, she began to reach the very last thing he could really teach her at this point and when it was learned It was the day of her birthday. She had finally mastered flight training yet it was only for basics not advanced enough to fight.

Age 16... the time when she finally met her first friend and.. her father died. During her teenage years throughout training it was apparent that her father was feeling ill. Even times where he went to the hospital. He himself knew the day was coming but Trish did not. It had her crying punching craters into the ground outside of the farm in some mountains for an hour before calming down. She didn't exactly know what she would do at that point yet her mother drug her out of that state. Eventually she decided to master his ways if not surpass him for him yet for her mother's sake stayed true to her studies and graduated earlier. Her friend was named Kara. She was kind and nerdy like Trish herself. Kara was actually quite popular before befriending Trish. She stood up to a guy messing with her one day and Trish defended her. This was not the start of a romantic relationship but a great friendship. Her reputation went down but this didn't bother her in the least because she never wanted it. Trish told Kara about herself and not being human as the relationship progressed and all Kara did was support her with high hopes. Throughout this time Trish decided to get more confident and often defended her friend from guys and not only that but simple situations that would happen to people. Especially kids.. for example, she was walking home one day and saw a kid crossing the street at the same time as a car was heading in his direction at 80 mps. She herself dashed and saved him .

The beginning of Trish's birthday is now RP time. She has just reached 17 and a unexpected visit occurs.... One that may possibly be long awaited yet, will it be real?

So begins...

Trish's Story


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It was a bright and sunny with only but a few clouds over the farmlands where Trish lived and grown. It was an ideal day for adopted mother, Mary, to work on the farm and set up the surprise while the female saiyan was at school. Today would not only be the start of a series of events for the girl but much more importance her birthday. Trish, sixteen years old was turning seventeen and more then just cake and a small gift was in store for her. Although, Life has been long and lonely for this young lass but It will all change once she is out class…

At school…

The bell had just rung and everyone already had stormed out of the classroom except Trish and Kara. The sun rays came through the windows as the rest of the staff and students cleared the hallway. The young saiyan had propped her glasses before collecting her supplies. Her body slightly leaned forward as her hands grabbed the set of pencils, shortly followed by the full written on sheets of paper, neatly slid into her messenger bag. Kara watched her, ready twirling her dirty blond hair before speaking with a smile.

"So are we heading to your home today?! It's the first time I've ever been to it and I've known you for about a year now hehe" Kara spoke excitedly.

Trish gave her a gentle smile and nodded.

"Yes, I'm sure mother will be proud to meet you… By the way, I hope you don't mind me flying you since it's so much quicker!" Trish said.

"I trust you… " Kara replied yet in her mind she was slightly afraid due to her fear in heights.

After closing her bag and slinging it across her shoulder, Trish nodded towards her friend and moved towards the stairs of the building. They climbed them without a word until opening the door to the outside. When they took a few steps onto the roof of the building a gentle breeze passed by which in a relaxed state the saiyan closed her eyes. She then turned to Kara before picking her up gently when she nodded and charged up enough to get into the air immediately flying towards her home. Kara was holding onto her neck rather tight but Trish had already figured she would be afraid.

Trish and Kara had made it back to the farm safely yet in the distance she felt an unfamiliar chill that made her feel uncomfortable and stopped midair. her eyes shifted passed the forest towards the mountain side of the land and stared slightly frightened. Was it merely her senses coming in as a Saiyan or was it her imagination? Kara looked up to the girl asking why they had stopped then looked down freaking out slightly again. Trish was startled out of her worries and looked down towards her friend shaking her head.

"It…Is nothing, I simply thought I may have saw something she said lowering them down to land gently as her eyes remained straight in the direction of the mountains.

After finally being set down, Trish's 'mother' came running out of the door yelling excitedly "Happy birthday!!". Kara laughed and Trish scratched the back of her head after being startled once more followed by a giggle. All three of them then went in and began the celebration.

Moments and the birthday cake just came out for Trish. Immediately Kara and mary began singing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday her before a loud roar sounding as if it was a plane seemed to have landed near or close by. Immediately the two stopped singing and although it didn't feel as bad as what she felt while in flight.. the chill came in once more yet it felt different.

"What could that be…?" Mary asked.

"I, don't know I was personally gonna ask you the same." Kara replied.

Trish's tail moved swaying back and forth as she shivered whispering to herself "it feels… like there are two….".

The two females looked at her before looking at each other. Suddenly Trish leapt from her seat hitting the table quite hard, not hard enough to break though and suddenly cried out "They're coming this way!"

"Who's coming this way?" Kara asked yet Trish had headed and ran out the door only to be revealed a man and a woman standing in front of her.

"You two… you're who I felt all of a sudden… I never felt that until now, What's going on? and who are you? Also what do you want…?!" The young saiyan girl asked with a little bit of fear.

The woman grinned with her arms crossed standing straight. The man beside her stood with his hands to his side with his fist cringed. They wore light material that looked close to traditional japanese clothing and had the face of someone normal. No tails were seen as Trish examined them. Suddenly the woman spoke as she began to tear up. Her facial expression becoming a little more kinder.

"It's been so long…I have no laid eyes on you since you were young…" She spoke wiping her eyes.

The man didn't have tears but his expression turned warmer.

"Lidia… You've grown well…" He spoke with a slightly deep voice.

"Lidia…? My name is Trish… who are you two" Trish replied.

"We're your true parents… Yet we did not come to claim you back… we don't want to turn you from the life you've known…" The man said sternly. The woman turned towards him with a light gasp but then sighed knowing its true. Trish backed up noticing Mary and Kara watching from the door. Their eyes examining the two in front of them. Mary immediately could tell the two weren't lying only due to the looks, yet something in her mind told her they weren't here just for a family reunion.

"Why did you finally just decide to come back…?" Mary said walking out with her hands behind her looking at the two.

"We didn't want to cause problems in the way she was growing up… we didn't find her until she was in your care already… We approved her learning how to battle like the Saiyan she is in such martial arts but aside such things we didn't want to intrude… We only watched over her quietly… The explosion made us land far from each and we were unable to find you when we woke… your pod disbanded and landed in that forest… The reason we came back is to protect you… with our lives. A terrifying creature is present … and he may be on its way" The woman spoke slightly frightened.

Trish became shocked by what she was hearing and so much was explained by this description to her. The feelings yet more questions were to be answered in her mind. After examining the two once more she did find a certain resemblance in the two but then her mind once again focused towards the mountains. The power flowing was scaring her and from what her parents said… She may be in for more then she bargained for on this birthday.


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Kara and Mary looked at each other once more hearing the news and gasped. Although they were truly happy seeing Trish finally meeting her biological parents, the warning was not something they wanted to hear at all. Suddenly Trish, her mother and father looked towards the mountains feeling Goulden come near.

“Shit...” the father said charging up.

The mother also began charging up looking behind towards Trish.

“Lidia! Run!”

Trish looked felt her parent's power level increasing but they still didn't reach the beast's power.

“Wait – I -” Trish began only to be interrupted seeing Goulden arrive with a smirk.

“I introduced myself twice to two others similar to all three of you so I feel I don't need to really do it again... I will say I will be judging your strength before seeing if this planet is worth keeping alive... All three of you won't stand a chance and if you run I will force you to fight or you will just take the pain if not die... to make things interesting...” He chuckled seeing the parents standing in front of Trish with more slightly more power in attempt do defend her.

“I'll defeat the little girl first!” Goulden immediately flashed behind the appearing behind Trish yet the mother's reflexes managed to stop the hit by using both of her hands when the alien attempted to swing at her. The Father then rushed throwing the Ilchtari in the air following with a Ki blast. It did slight damage but Goulden smirked nodding before chuckling.

“This might be interesting.. I won't hold back just because you are both low”

Trish turned back towards Mary and Kara. “Mary, Kara you two run away as far as you can!”

“Lidia! You too--!!” Screamed the saiyan mother before Goulden appeared near her immediately grabbing her by the head and slamming her into the ground before throwing her towards the forest. The father then dashed tried to punch the goulden but it was easily blocked and retaliated where Goulden back kicked him away making him hit and skid against the ground. There was only one standing and that was Trish. Her mother began lifting herself up when she noticed Trish charging up through rage.

“Lidia!! Don't do...it!” She screamed. Kara and Mary were wide eyed seeing Trish this way but even moreso scared for her. They as well did not want Trish to rush in to get hurt.

It was too late, Goulden smirked standing waiting for her to act. Trish immediately dashed towards Goulden and engaged in battle. It had begun, she began by throwing some jabs with her right are keeping her left for defense. Goulden dodged yet noticed how quick she threw them and then suddenly a suprising kick came from her making him fly towards the forest. Goulden smirked and was able to stop himself from going further. He then moved his hand towards him in a taunt. Trish's biological mother joined the frey stopping Trish and the two went further into the forest Trish following.

“Lidia, I'll grab him, and you throw everything you got at him!” The mother nodded saying towards him. At the same time she hoped her husband was alright and would show soon. Goulden stopped in his tracks spoke.

“You guys aren't even a challenge as three...” He said Immediately grabbing the mother after appearing behind her throwing her through the forest's trees concluding with a powerful energy blast causing an explosion in the direction. In the distance from Trish all she could hear is her mother scream in pain. Trish's mother was no longer able to fight and too weak to keep going. In her mother's sight she saw Trish going forward before being grabbed by Goulden and thrown the same way without a energy blast following in the same direction immediately hitting the ground hard. Goulden then appeared above them in the air and pointed his finger down towards them.

“It was fun... but I'm going to have to say this is the end... You three proved no match..” The alien said with his finger charging and sudden releasing a powerful energy wave at both of them only to be blocked. All three of them, Goulden, Trish and her mother went wide eyed seeing Trish's biological father block the blast taking the full damage. After that all they saw was his bloodied body hit the ground. The male saiyan coughed up some blood before looking towards his daughter with a smile then closing his eyes no longer breathing.

“No...!” Trish's mother said but without energy was not able to scream. Trish moved slowly towards her mother and held her before looking up Ilchtari.

“I finally... met my real father and this happens...” she spoke softly as she tried to charge her power for another round. Although her mother grabbed her arm and said not to she was determined to try again.

Goulden smiled waiting to see how this would unfold.

He thought to himself “This little girl might have more potential then the other two... I'll just see if she really can push herself especially after killing the poor father...”


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Trish enraged faced hands towards Goulden with tears in her eyes. Shortly after she cried as they began lighting up intensely. The saiyan then sent multiple ki orbs towards the alien before. Charging up for a second before lunging herself with a kick. Goulden had blocked them but was surprised with the kick especially how fast it was only by the last possible moment he blocked it. Trish followed up trying to use her other leg but she wasn't use to the gravity in the air. Immediately Goulden saw this and smirked deciding to go about on even ground he lowered himself when Trish made it on the ground.

She smirked at this thinking to herself “So he knows I haven't fought in the air...?”

Once again Goulden taunted her by pointing his finger towards her mother but not doing anything. Trish immediately dashed forward with a visible energetic aura around her. Throwing two punches which were easily evaded and then a round house kick which hit. From ones point of view it may have seemed as if the alien was just playing around with her. Seeing her enraged just attacking through sorrow and by how aggressive he was before there was no way he'd be beaten so easily now. The monster finally decided to counter attack throwing ferocious punches and kicks which were being blocked but you could easily tell Trish was wearing down from it all. Eventually and unaware that they were so close, Trish was kicked straight towards Blaze and Grisha flying towards them with a scream in pain.

Goulden smirked when he saw the familiar faces as Trish hurled towards them.

“Back for more..?”


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#, as written by Sonata
How do you want to do this?

Grisha snorted like a bull as steam left his nostrils. He didn’t need a plan to kick the shit out of the squid. He opened his mouth, about ready to blow their cover with a boisterous declaration when a girl went flying in their direction. The large Saiyan straightened before he held out his hand and caught Trish by the shoulder. He turned her over in his hands, holding her as though she were a plushy doll.

Back for more…?

Goulden grinned wickedly, but soon noticed Grisha wasn’t paying attention to him…again. The warrior eyed the girl’s tail and then peered over his shoulder at his own and then Blaze’s. His eyes then widened in shock.

“Grisha have little brother AND sister,” he said in awe.

His arms then locked about Trish in a hug that had been similar to the one he gave Blaze before he set her down and patted her head with his tail.

“Are you stupid?” Goulden shouted.

Out of the Saiyans he had fought that day, Grisha had been the only one to annoy him so much. Never had he met a Saiyan so…special. He didn’t know if the Saiyan was playing him for a fool or if he actually was a moron. Grisha finally looked Goulden’s way and his eyes shrank ferociously as though he just now noticed that he was there.

“SQUID FACE!” Grisha bellowed.

Goulden’s right eye twitched. He’s more resilient than he looks, he thought as he recalled the last attack he had used on him. If he had been as weak as he thought he was, then he would have died on their first confrontation. Eying the three Saiyans, he thought, I must be going too easy on them.

“GRISHA EAT SQUID FACE!” the Saiyan roared.

Goulden uttered a short, condescending laugh. “Hmph; I’d like to see you try.”

The Saiyan grinned darkly, flashing his rows of teeth as Goulden returned a just as sinister grin.

That’s right. Come at me. It’s about time I finish you off, the Ilchtarian thought.

He began to concentrate his energy, a red aura spinning like a coin about his right hand.

Grisha held out his fists and clenched them, directing the remaining energy he had stocked up on, on the journey over into his remaining muscles. The warrior expanded, the stony earth cracking beneath his feet from the muscle weight. Grisha readied in the sprinting stance that he had taken earlier and with an ominous laugh he lunged at the alien warrior.

Goulden returned a similar chuckle, raising his finger and extending it in the charging Saiyan’s direction. “I will enjoy seeing you explode. DIE!”

The attack left the Ilchtari’s finger in a red beam that passed through the Saiyan’s chest. Goulden grinned upon seeing his beam make contact, but something was wrong. Goulden frowned suspiciously. Where was the explosion? The Saiyan faded before his eyes and Goulden’s eyes widened in alarm.

He vanished! he thought. Wait…no.

A sudden gust struck the alien making him cross his arms before his face. Lowering his arms, he realized the Saiyan had actually moved faster than he had anticipated, which meant…the Ilchari’s teeth clenched tightly as a sharp, jolt of pain fired up his spine. Trembling in agony, and afraid to see what he feared was happening, the Ilchtari warrior gazed over his shoulder to see the Saiyan standing behind him and his tail was a quarter of the way in his mouth.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” the alien shrieked in horror and rage. The Saiyan was actually eating him alive! He couldn’t believe it. Never had he thought he would be eaten on such a pathetic planet, and by a Saiyan? Did Saiyan’s even eat Ilchtari? He never heard such a thing.

Grisha grinned evilly around the tail that was in his mouth.

“I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Goulden screamed before he rocketed into the sky, yanking the Saiyan with him.

Grisha clung to the alien’s tail with the stubbornness of a pitbull as the alien flew about chaotically, looping, and spinning, before he resorted to throwing kicks and trying to blast the Saiyan off of him. Grisha blocked the kicks with his forearms and guarded his face against the energy attacks that bombarded him. He wasn’t ever going to let go!


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Blaze watched as Grisha snorted at him, and then suddenly sensed the energy of the girl being thrown at them. He looked over at her just in time to see Grisha catch her and look at her tail.

... Another Saiyan? Blaze thought to himself.

Grisha went on for a moment about Blaze and himself having a little sister, and Blaze grimaced as he hugged the poor girl in his deathly bear-like grip. He could almost hear her body crunching inside of his arms as he did so, and he had to look away as he tried not to say or do anything that might make things worse for her. Grisha set the girl down, and Blaze gave her a quick once over to make sure she hadn't suffered any permanent damage during her portion of the fight. She was not exactly in perfect fighting shape anymore, but she had enough energy to still move and get involved if she so chose.

It was at that moment that Grisha launched himself at Goulden, and the speed at which the large Saiyan moved was quite staggering. Blaze admittedly lost track of him for a moment, but thanks to his highly trained eyes and senses, he was able to find him again just before he chomped down on Goulden's tail. Blaze's eyebrows went up slightly and his mouth opened in wonder.

"... He actually bit him..." He said, more to himself than anyone else.

Blaze stood up, not wanting to give Goulden the chance to continue his attacks. As the strange alien creature rocketed away into the sky, Blaze flew up into the air as well and began to focus his energy into his hands. Cupping his hands into a circle in front of his chest, a bright blue light began to gather inside them as his energy started to surge. He could feel the power in his hands building, and he focused his attacks upwards as he started to chase down Goulden and Grisha.

"Sorry about this Grisha, but I'll do what I can to catch you when it's over." He said to himself.

Blaze took off after them, and Goulden's haste to get Grisha off his tail kept his attention elsewhere as he turned and started to dive back towards the Earth. Blaze lined them up and brought the energy in his hands together and focused it into his right hand, balling it into a fist as he continued to rocket towards Goulden. As the alien continued to try and get Grisha off of his tail, he turned his head too late to see Blaze's glowing blue fist traveling on a straight line into his face. The two made contact, and Blaze had to work extra hard to keep his focus and energy where he wanted it as they flew into each other. Blaze's fist made contact with its target, smashing Goulden's face right below his eyes and just above his mouth, the energy Blaze had concentrated being released into the alien he made contact with.

The shockwave created by the contact was immense, and the girl below would undoubtedly feel it, even all the way back down on the surface. Blaze retracted his hand and shook it, a sharp pain going through his forearm and through his elbow. He felt his arm with his left hand and could feel that there was, at best, a hairline fracture in his Radial Bone. At worst, it was broken, but he couldn't tell exactly what the damage was yet. Goulden was not unharmed though, either, with several of those teeth inside his mouth being broken and his face leaking blood from several points. His left eye was damaged to the point where he couldn't open it, and his right eye was bloodshot... Though that proved to be out of anger rather than damage dealt.

Goulden balled up a fist and gave Blaze a few punches in return, striking his stomach and face a few times before giving him a double fisted bash over the head which sent him flying down towards the Earth.

That sucked... Blaze thought to himself.


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#, as written by Sonata
The impact of Blaze’s fist against Goulden’s face had been so great that the force of the collision sent Grisha forward as though he were in a car crash. The alien’s tail was like a bungee cord, stretching thin until a shockwave followed and slammed into Grisha like a brick wall. Like a gecko, the Ilchtari warrior’s tail snapped free and rippled like a banner from the Saiyan’s mouth as he fell toward the earth. Grisha uttered a muffled cry, his jaws still too stubborn to release the tail when he struck the rocky turf like a weight. Dirt, dust, and rock rose in an orange geyser before the sediment collapsed and pelted the warrior. The fall had stolen some of his wind. The earth had formed a crater beneath him in his shape and his jaws fell open to release the bloody and thrashing appendage.

Goulden screamed furiously as blood and broken teeth gushed from his mouth. His pride had shattered and humiliation set in. He peered over his shoulder to gaze at the crimson gash where his tail had once been and he searched the ground for the large warrior. The puny Saiyans had made him bleed. The alien stared at Grisha as an unexplainable rage boiled over inside him. It wasn’t too foreign, but never has he felt so much anger over a battle in his life. There has never been an opponent that has given him so much frustration until now and this Saiyan was…maybe he wasn’t so stupid after all. That whole attack had to have been a set up. It had to. The Ilchtari could see only red as the blood vessels in his one good eye looked ready to pop.

“You may be clever…” Goulden spoke on a shaky voice. “But you are still weak!”

He then screamed at all of the Saiyans, venting his rage as his power level began to rise. “You’re all weak! You cannot prevent the inevitable. I will destroy all of the Saiyans on this planet and watch the Humans bow before the Ilchtari.”

A hiss left Grisha’s maw as he sat up, rubbing his back before he glanced up at the screaming Ilchtari. He had no idea what he was ranting and raving about. He glanced over at the alien’s tail and grinned triumphantly at it as he gathered it in his hands, rose to his feet, and raised the wiggling trophy in the air.

“RAH~!” Grisha bellowed.

Goulden tore his eyes from Blaze and Trish to gaze at the obnoxious Saiyan. He brought Goulden’s tail down to his mouth and parted his jaws to tear into it. Dark, glistening meat was pulled and slurped as the appendage was ground within the pockets of his cheeks. Once his hands became free, Grisha balled them into large fists and like a big ape, he hammered them against his chest before he held out his thumb and turned it downwards in a taunt. He swallowed the raw meat in one gulp before he grinned wickedly at Goulden who stared at his barbarism in silent shock. His teeth and face were red with his blood and he could even see bits of pink sinew between them. The taunt had actually unsettled the Ilchtari as he considered his previous declaration. If he didn’t destroy the Saiyans, then they would consume his people. If he failed, then…he would be eaten…an image of the big Saiyan ripping into him like a wild beast filled the alien’s conscience.

No, Goulden thought. He steeled himself and with fists clenched with his mixed emotions, he hollered, “ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN FOR THAT MEAL WILL BE YOUR LAST!”

Goulden thrust out his hands in Grisha’s direction and from his fingers sprouted a flurry of yellow energy rockets that twisted and spiraled chaotically in the air as they headed toward Grisha. The attacks came one assault after the other. The large Saiyan fled the barrage as the earth exploded around him. He ducked and leapt out of the blast radius of the attacks whose explosions spotted the terrain like yellow blisters.

Grisha’s path was soon blocked by a mountain and unable to risk hesitation, he charged up the mountain side, running as the momentum carried him several feet before he had to swiftly scale the rest of the way with his hands and feet. The mountain shook in his grasp, the blasts causing it to crack and crumble. A shelf of the rock Grisha had been climbing broke and as he fell victim to the free air, he hissed as his stomach sank at the dreaded realization of his vulnerability. It didn’t take long before Goulden’s foot slammed into the small of his back. Grisha struck the crumbling land mass as rock exploded around him and his form sank into its dissolving structure. Goulden readied another blast, lobbing it like a bowling ball at the Saiyan as its strike consumed the rest of the mountain. The two were consumed by the radiant glare of the blast. During its flare up, Goulden had managed to capture the Saiyan, grabbing the one thing that he felt would compensate for his embarrassment: his tail.

As the glare faded, Goulden was revealed, hovering in the air with Grisha’s tail clenched in his fist and the warrior dangling helplessly. Smoke rose off the warrior in dark streamers, his armor crumbling from his shoulders, and his pants littered with burn holes. The warrior didn’t move as Goulden gazed down at him with a large and excited grin on his face. He laughed jubilantly at the Saiyan.

“Well, doesn’t this look familiar?” he taunted. He shook Grisha around, enjoying how he seemed like a ragdoll in his grasp. It was strange how helpless the Saiyan became. Why didn’t he struggle to get free or fight him? Goulden’s smile slowly shrank as he mused over his discovery. All of the other Saiyans had engaged him in the air and thrown blasts at him, but this one. He stared at the warrior, and fearfully, for the sake of testing a hypothesis, he released him. Grisha fell a foot before Goulden snatched his tail again, fearing he would have rocketed away, but he didn’t. The Ilchtari warrior’s one eye widened in surprise, “Ooh~…heh, heh, heh; a fly with no wings.”

Goulden roared with laughter. He laughed and laughed at how unfortunate it must have been for his enemy. So he had been weaker than the other two, Goulden theorized. For awhile he thought the large Saiyan was actually a formidable adversary but here he was dangling in his grasp like a opossum. He couldn’t believe how paranoid the Saiyan had made him and the whole time, he was actually of no threat.

Grisha’s eyes had darkened over and his teeth were clenched in anger. He hated when people grabbed his tail. Not even children were spared from his retaliation. It always did something to his brain that he didn’t like. It frustrated him because whatever it did had no explanation. The anger was subconscious. Somewhere, his mind had an explanation but he had no way of accessing it. The Saiyan was simmering, merely waiting for his moment to strike as his face contorted in his growing wrath. The longer the squid held him, the greater the fury became inside him, concentrating into something that would be deadly. It felt almost like a great power was stirring ready to spring from him like a volcano.

No like; no like; no like; no like; no like; no like; no like… the infuriated chant that bombarded his mind only worsened his attitude.

Goulden calmed his laughter and raised his hand. His fingers were straight and aligned in a knife hand that he held up to Grisha’s tail. “The gods hate you,” he scoffed.


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When the young female Saiyan caught him before he struck the ground, Blaze examined her and regarded her for a brief moment as she questioned him about their tails. Blaze couldn't worry about the tail issue though, and he stood up and once again took off like a rocket after shaking his head a few times. He took to the skies and darted away from the battlefield before going straight up into the sky as Goulden and Grisha continue to struggle. Eventually, Blaze reached a high altitude and set his sights on Goulden.

"... This is going to hurt... But, it's the best chance we have. If Grisha can get ahold of Goulden after this hit, he should be able to finish him off... At least, I hope..." He said quietly to himself.

Blaze lined Goulden up as he started to toss Grisha around, obviously realizing the he had trouble flying, but Blaze was much too far away to hear the conversation. Blaze leaned back and then flew downward with all his speed as Goulden's arm came up to prepare another strike at Grisha. Blaze kept his eyes on Goulden the whole time, closing them at the last moment as he flew straight down and put his head, neck and back into alignment.

In one thunderous impact, Blaze's skull came down on top of Goulden's, smashing the muscles and bones in the alien's skull and neck as Blaze continued his downward momentum. However, Blaze hadn't predicted the impact knocking him out, and thus, almost as soon as contact was made, Blaze was out like a broken light. He fell limply towards the ground with a fresh wound on the top of his skull where the impact was made. The skin on his scalp was cut pretty bad from the impact, and his skull suffered a light crack, though no permanent damage was done.

Goulden, in the meantime, was so stunned by the impact that his hand instantly opened, thus releasing Grisha as Goudlen's body was propelled downward by the impact. Grisha would have a small window of opportunity to grab onto him and continue his attack if his eyes worked fast enough, which was what Blaze had been hoping for. If he didn't grab the opportunity, he'd likely still have the chance to kill Goulden once he hit the ground. One way or the other, Goulden was not walking away from this fight. Blaze's strike to Goulden's head came with a mild personal sacrifice, but he'd otherwise given Grisha everything he needed to finish Goulden off. And if Grisha couldn't do it, then the girl might still have enough power to finish the job as well.


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#, as written by Sonata
Littler Sister landed next to him with some woman at her side. Grisha’s eyes turned from the sky to the young girl who was smiling as though the world was at peace and that there wasn’t a squid creature trying to destroy them.

Hey – You did great. What is both your names? Mines…Lidia but you can call me Trish if you want.

Mine is Mona…

She had said both and Grisha’s eyes rolled over to where he sensed Blaze’s faint signature. The warrior was lying face down and through his black mane Grisha smelled blood. Blaze had suffered quite the injury, and it had been to save him.

Grisha’s answer to Trish’s question was delayed. He was combing through his memory, trying to remember what had happened since apparently the battle was over. The whole fight was replayed until he got to the scene where he was being held upside down by Goulden. He saw Blaze bash skulls with the creature, and then suddenly nothing. After the blank memory, he woke up on the ground.

You did great… Little Sister had said. Did he?

The Saiyan felt like shit. His eyes, half-lidded with his fatigue and anguish, returned to the sky. He could barely feel his body except for the small spasms his muscles suffered every now and then—or what was left of his muscles. He no longer resembled the hulkish warrior they were used to seeing. Like a fruit squeezed of its juice, his last attack had taken everything and left skinny and boney Grisha behind. The Saiyan felt so weak that he couldn’t even move his tail.

“Meat…” Grisha’s response finally escaped him on a breath.

Meat was the solution to everything to Grisha. It made him big and strong, it tasted good. He felt it would make him feel better. Then, Grisha’s eyes suddenly widened as he felt a diminished power level rising again. He searched what he could see from his floored position, but being unable to raise his head, he couldn’t see much and the level of danger made him tense.

Goulden, what was only half of him, was crawling across the ground, leaving a thick trail of blood. His hands gripped the dirt as he dragged his upper body into position for his last shot. Blood was rolling from his mouth, coughing up with his every wicked and insane giggle. His one good eye was staring red and crazed at the back of Trish as he soon stopped his crawling and held out his palm in her direction.

“I’mmm…” blood oozed from his mouth. “takinnn…I WILL TAKE YOU SAIYANS WITH ME!” the Ilchtari warrior shrieked. His hand crackled in a bluish-white energy as his laughter rose shrilly in his insanity. Hysterical from his defeat, Goulden was still adamant on his goal.

Grisha was worried. He couldn’t see the enemy and there was nothing he or Blaze could do. Little Sister was the only one left active. Not even her mother seemed to be in shape to help the situation. Would Goulden have the last laugh?


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Trish turned around only to see the energy conjuring among Goulden's palm. She herself was still suprised to see him alive only but she didn't show it. She had no time to think of why the monster was still alive because she herself was still weakened but was the only one to stop the monster. She stood up and cupped her hands as she twisted her body. Her mom's head turned weakly only hoping her daughter could do the finishing move. The saiyan girl's eyes had shown a bit of annoyance and anger towards the monster as she spoke.

"This is for everyone who has fought today!"

Trish herself was conjuring a bluish orb yet with this ki blast, she was going to conjure was taking the remaining energy she had left. To her it may had been the best bet to stop him for good. The saiyan's tail moved into the air as wind power increased around her. Her hair was moving along with it and her eyes still locked onto the alien. Goulden smirked with grim chuckles before coming to his limit with the annoyance and Immediately sent his forward screaming.


The ki wave came quick but Trish managed to send her's right back in retaliation. The two collided and was at a stand still for awhile yet at the end. Goulden seemingly had nothing left and the blast moved back towards him looking as though it was Incinerating him in the process causing a slight explosion upon his body. When the smoke cleared Trish fell to her knees looking forward yet a bit exhausted. Her eyes looked as if she was trying to stay awake but couldn't and eventually closed following with her collapsing on the ground unconcious. Mona couldn't help but be amazed by her daughter's power but was unsure if the alien had lived such an explosion yet she too finally reached her limit and her eyes closed.


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#, as written by Sonata
Little Sister had obliterated Goulden using the last of her energy. Grisha watched as she collapsed weakly, joining the rest of the Z fighters that had sacrificed so much for that victory. The squid had been defeated as Grisha had known he would be. Although, he didn’t think that he could have done it without his new family. The vicinity had grown quiet as the chaos emptied to fill with peace. The still, blue sky and the whispering breeze had been enough to lull the giant to sleep.

The sun sank behind the horizon, bathing the mountainous region in darkness. The ground shook as heavy steps trudged near the Z fighters. Grisha was awakened by a thick, hot drop of slime striking his cheek. The groggy warrior cracked open his eyes to gaze up at a maw of smiling rows of dagger-like teeth and wicked reptilian eyes. A hiss left the T-Rex’s throat, its musky breath washing over him like a rank bath. Grisha didn’t tear his eyes from the predator as he flexed his fingers and arms, feeling the lingering ache in his muscles, but besides that, he had regained some energy to spare.

“Hmph…” Grisha uttered behind a frown.

The T-Rex flicked its tongue and lunged with its jaws at Grisha.


Nestled between two mountains, Grisha had erected a bonfire with the blackened corpse of the Rex skewered over the massive flames. Its tail and most of its hindquarters had become bone as Grisha every now and then pulled strips and chunks from the creature. With the regained calories, the warrior was back to normal. No longer was he thin and gaunt, but back to his burly frame. He sat cross-legged before the fire, chewing on a slab of steaming, bloody meat just cooked lightly enough to give a crunchy as well as chewy texture. He had never encountered such a beast before, but after sampling its tangy flavor, it had quickly become his favorite.

Cramming the last bit of dino steak that he was willing to eat into his mouth, Grisha munched on it silently as he observed the slumbering forms of the three Saiyans. He had set them each in a row within vicinity of the heat and light, and he had decided to leave the remaining dino portion for them when they woke.

The journey back to Kosetsu Village would take too long in his current condition. He hadn’t the energy for it and his body hadn’t recovered from the strain. As he thought about Lena, he actually feared going back. He had an idea what she would say, especially with his gear destroyed and clothes tattered again.

Snorting irritably, Grisha crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he slipped into meditation until the others awakened.


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#, as written by Sonata
Two Days Later…

Kosetsu Village

The Healing Spring

Tobias was wrapped comfortably in his towel with a good book and his reading glasses in hand. He walked across the stone floor to the hot spring topped with a thick layer of white mist. The water was murky with salts and minerals that fed and cleansed the pores, and the water simmered at a temperature that soothed the aches and pains of his muscles and joints. Ever since Grisha returned with more “friends” if that was what they were, it was decided that to help them recover from their injuries to show them one of Kosetsu Village’s miracles: The Iyasu Onsen.

Sliding off his sandals, Tobias carefully stepped into the water.

“Ha-ha-hot!” he gasped lightly before he put his other foot in and adjusted to the temperature. Once seated on the step, he set his book and reading glasses behind him and closed his eyes, breathing in the mineral-rich air deeply before exhaling pleasantly. The spring was one of his favorite places to relax. It was here that he felt like he could get away from the world.

Tobias’s peace was disturbed when suddenly the water shifted next to him. His eyes snapped open and he glanced to his right to see rising like a behemoth out of the water a giant Saiyan.

RAAAAAAAAAH! Grisha bellowed.

Tobias’s face instantly paled as he turned to flee.

Like a shark snatching its prey, Tobias felt Grisha tackle him and he yelped, “LENA-!”

Swallowed beneath the waters, he kicked and struggled to get away from the warrior so that he could breathe.

On the other side of the privacy wall, Lena noticed the waters rise and fall as she sat peacefully with Trish and Mona. Frowning, she scolded, “Grisha, leave my father alone please. You know he doesn’t like to wrestle.”

Grisha released Tobias and resurfaced with a large grin on his face. He roared with laughter the father’s reaction as he recalled the terrified face he had made when he ambushed him. Tobias surfaced with a dramatic gasp and kicked and scrambled as far away from Grisha as he could.

“You said he wasn’t in here!” Tobias shouted.

Lena sighed, knowing her father would throw this fit. “Because I wanted you to come with us and relax a little.”

“Who can relax with this ape in the pool? He’s not even wearing a towel!”

Grisha rested his hands on his hips and began swaying them as he continued to laugh at Tobias. The father shuddered in disturbance as he guarded his eyes from that hammer he was swinging around so carelessly. Lena ran a hand back through her blonde hair sympathetically, she didn’t know what to say. Grisha was…well…Grisha and he did as he pleased. She sighed and glanced over at Trish and Mona, scowling secretly at the mother’s well…gifts. She peered down at her own breasts and crossed her arms about the towel covering them.

I’m having problems of my own, Lena thought.

Growing tired of Grisha’s laughter, Tobias reached the step and yelled, “Picking on those weaker than you, you’re nothing but a coward!”

Grisha immediately stopped laughing and scowled at Tobias. Someone stronger, huh? The Saiyan’s eyes traveled over to Blaze, and a mischievous grin expanded on his face. The giant began to sink into the water as though the spring had been deeper than four-feet. Disappearing beneath the spring, he planned to stage his attack like a gator.

Woman’s Side

Lena gazed curiously at Trish and Mona and couldn’t help but ask, “You must know something about your people. We thought that Grisha was the only one of his kind, but now we see there are three of you. Do you all come from some place here on Earth?”


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All he remembered was a single moment of pain before he lost consciousness. When he finally regained it, Blaze had almost zero memory of the fight with Goulden, or even who that name belonged to. His concussions was fairly extensive, as Goulden's head had been harder than he'd given it credit for, but Blaze ultimately walked away from the experience with nothing worse than the concussion itself. All in all, it had been a good fight, and he could feel his power had gone up afterwards which was interesting.

He spent the next two days with Grisha in his village, being tended to by... whomever it had been who tended to his head injury. When he woke up it was in a bed with bandages around his forehead and top of his skull, and when he tried to touch his head it was like touching an open, festering wound. Luckily his skull was in tact, or so he was told, and he was lucky to be awake so soon.

Blaze spent those two days getting to know everyone he could, from Lena to her father and anyone else who was there. Trish and her mother were a little... distant, but overall he could tell they were still good people.

Eventually they all decided to take their time and relax at the Springs, which turned into a rather unusual event for most. Poor Tobias never knew what hit him when Grisha ambushed him, and the poor man started screaming for Lena on the other side of the wall. Something about Grisha not supposing to have been there? Blaze didn't really think on it all that much, so he instead just leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the peaceful scene to his heart's content... completely oblivious to Grisha's approach. Had Blaze been a bit more alert, he could have sensed Grisha's approach, but it was not to be this time with him as relaxed as he was while enjoying the hot water.

He had no idea of what was coming.


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“You must know something about your people. We thought that Grisha was the only one of his kind, but now we see there are three of you. Do you all come from some place here on Earth?”

Trish's reaction was silent as she looked into the water before turning her eyes towards her mother who was beside her. She waited for an answer like Lena because she too was also curious to this. Trish herself knew she was not from this planet but did not know til two days ago that there were more. Trish was only thinking for only a few seconds before her mother moved and opened her eyes. She then looked towards Lena.

"We originally come from planet Vegeta, yet that was destroyed by meteor colliding into the planet. We're warrior race who strive for battle, yet that doesn't mean we start wars. We have been living upon this earth for quite some time... however...” Mona stopped suddenly before taking Trish into her arms.

“I finally have been reunited with my baby!” She said excitedly in a teasing matter nearly forgetting about her saiyan strength as she hugged her.

“M-mom!” Trish said trying to get out of such a strong grasp until she suddenly felt the embrace loosen.

Trish then looked towards Lena before speaking. She sunk into the springs as she spoke leaning back as her eyes moved back and forth among the two women.

“It's only been two days and it feels like a lot has changed for me. . . I barely knew what I was if not at all and now I feel like things are just making sense for me... I learned a little about my race, I found people, friend's who are my race... I do wonder... what's with this tail...?” Trish spoke turning to her mother at the last second.

She scratched at her face for a moment before stuttering. “W-well..um.. Lets just says It's a good thing you had a curfew. Lydia... I'm going to ask this because you brought it up. I have no reason to hide things about your race but I want you to promise me! Never go outside and look at the full moon. I don't want you to experience such a thing, especially being among and affiliated with humans” In Mona's tone. You could tell she was serious. She herself was weary of speaking this in front of Lena but words must be spoken. Eventually Lena and Mona would have to talk about racial experience. Especially seeing that she herself is the caretaker of one.

Trish noticed her mother's expression during this. Although she wanted to find out, she took her mom's words to heart. The tone felt to serious to ignore. Trish didn't want to harm or place anyone among her in danger but this did bring up a thought. She wondered if either of the other two looked at the moon before. The thought was there for only a moment until she suddenly remembered Kara and Mary. It's been two days since she was able to see them. It dawned her that she might not be able to spend as much time with them as she used to. Although she was born and raised on that farm and finally met Kara her one and only friend. This seemed more of a life to her. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by her mom's voice.

“By the way... I hope you're doing well in school.... and be sure to introduce me to your friends at that farm. ALSO, I want you to either move in with me or see if they have an extra room. If they don't then you're coming with me. In addition, while you're living with me you're going to keep those grades up AND you're going to train with momma every day... “ Her voice suddenly tamed at the end before speaking lighter “especially in your aerial combat...”

Trish's eye twitched before tilting her head down “y-yes ma'am” and inside her head she said to herself in a teared up way “I'm gonna die!”. She loved her mom but how she explained it seemed like a drill.

The mood suddenly turned to Lena when Mona suddenly spoke to her.

“So Lena tell me about everyone here you know, what do you know so far?”


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#, as written by Sonata
So, you like to roughhouse do you?

Tobias whirled around and held up his hands in plea. “Woah, wait, hey, new kid, please don’t get him riled up!”

Grisha surfaced partially, his eyes narrowed and peering just above the water at Blaze. He eyed the warrior’s stance and rose from the water with an arrogant grin. The smile made Tobias shudder. He had seen it many times before and each time something he didn’t like would happen. Pointing an accusative finger at the giant, Tobias screamed, “You Sir, need a towel stat! Lena!”

Woman’s Side

Lena forced a smile when Mona crushed Trish in an embrace. She felt the girl’s humiliation and felt equally sorry for her. As Trish went on to share her emotions, her question about the Saiyans’ odd tails intrigued Lena, and curiously, she looked to Mona for the same sought answer.

Never go outside and look at the full moon.

The moon? Lena thought curiously. Nestled in a snowy valley where the clear nights were as rare as a green spring, she had never seen Grisha look at the moon or show interest in it. If he did ever look at it, then she could only assume that he did so when away on his training hikes. She would have to ask him.

So Lena tell me about everyone here you know, what do you know so far?

Lena blushed. “Everyone?”

The village was small, so she just about knew everyone.


Men’s Side.

“Huh,” Grisha scoffed. “Grisha will make little brother cry like baby.”

“Please don’t; and for the love of Kami. Put-”

Grisha raised his right foot and brought it down abruptly in a wide stance. The force behind his stomp displaced the water, causing it to explode into the air and expand outwards. Tobias’s eyes grew to the size of saucers when he saw the tsunami of hot water headed his way. Grabbing his book, he sprang out of the spring before the water came down to sweep him out of the commons.


The remaining hot water descended upon the warriors in a rain and swiftly evaporated in a sweltering mist as the stone beneath their feet began to heat up. With the water no longer cooling the surface, the temperature began to rise.

Lena held her hand out as she suddenly felt the rain. “Rain? Hey, what’s going on over there? Dad?”

The mist was thick, obscuring the warrior that stood before Blaze. Suddenly, to the warrior’s right, a strong kick appeared, aiming to connect with the side of his head.


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#, as written by Sonata
Grisha gazed up at the immense fragment of ice, hovering over the bath house and heard Blaze's shouts for he and Lena to move. The Saiyan whirled, dashing toward Lena as the berg dropped. He scooped the teenager into his arms and fled twenty-meters away from the building before the ice struck, its base exploding upon contact with the immense temperature difference. Steam erupted in a vicious blast of hot and cold vapor as the berg slowly began to shrink, cooling the rockbed and melting into the fresh water that had evaporated. The problem was solved.

Smiling, Grisha set Lena down and said, "No problem!"

Tobias walked over to stand behind Grisha and Lena as he regarded the immense berg cooling in the spring. Unimpressed, he crossed his arms and commented, "I guess not since Blaze did all the work."

The blow had been low. Grisha's right eye twitched as he stared harshly over his shoulder at Tobias. Tobias jumped when he noticed the death glare the Saiyan was giving him.

"Lena...Grisha is staring at me as though he wants to kill me. What should I do?" Tobias asked as he stood there petrified.

The blonde turned around and peered up at Grisha's face. "Don't move."

"What do you mean don't move?!"

"You run and he'll chase you."

"So you want me to just stand here until he decides to attack?"

"Just don't look him in the eyes."

"I've BEEN looking him in the eyes!"

"Don't look away."

"Lena, this is ridiculous. Do something! You know, he probably has been listening to us this entire time."

The warrior snorted and turned from Lena and Tobias to head down the mountain back toward Kosetsu Village. Lena and Tobias were surprised. She had been prepared to throw her father a lifeline, but it didn't seem like she would need it.

Worried; Lena called after him, "Grisha I will be making dinner in an hour."

"Grisha not hungry," he grumbled.

Lena and Tobias stared at Grisha's back with stunned looks before Lena turned her eyes on her father, giving him her own death glare.

"You hurt Grisha's feelings!" Lena accused.

"Really? I couldn't tell. I couldn't see past his murderous intent. Really now Lena, I don't even think onions could make him cry."

"Dad; you're such a jerk!" Lena exclaimed before she turned to gaze up at Blaze with pleading eyes. "Please go see if he's okay. He might disappear again."

"Oh no, we wouldn't want that," Tobias said sarcastically.

Grisha was fuming as he walked the mountain path. Tobias's comment had cut him deeper than normal. It had stabbed the crack in his pride and wedged it wider. He knew that he could have fixed the spring himself. It may have taken longer, but he was just as capable. He figured that Tobias had made the comment because Blaze could fly. Little Sister could also fly but that didn't make them stronger did it? He recalled Little Sister taking out Squid Face with one of her fancy energy blasts. That was another advantage his siblings had over him.

Grisha's fists clenched in his anger. He wasn't weak...as much as he wanted to tell himself that he kept seeing himself lying there immobilized and thrashed. What did he even do in that fight? Baring his teeth angrily, Grisha growled, "Grisha grow stronger."


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After Lena was called away Trish and Mona had followed observing the situation. Mona had her arms crossed as she thought Tobias was but a fool. Trish sighed not wanting to get in the middle of any of it. The girl tugged on her mother's arm gently. The woman looked over to her child with a nod and they both walked off. Its not that they didn't want to help or calm the situation but they were only but acquainted and felt it wasn't there business to get mixed up in the negativity going on.

As they were walking down the path towards the village Mona noticed the pod coming towards the earth. She couldn't tell what it was but she held her hand out to the side stopping Trish in her tracks.

“Lydia...” Mona said sternly. Trish looked at her mom only noticing her eyes straightforward in the air. Trish followed her mother's eyes suddenly noticing the pod itself. The speed was increasing... this was no ordinary event. As the pod grew closer Mona realised this was no pod of there race... She suddenly charged up and jumped in the air. Her eyes moved down to Trish who followed her movements with her eyes. The saiyan mother then waved her hand in gesture for her to come along.

“Right...” Trish nodded before doing the same as her mother.

The two then bursted in the direction as they heard a crash. They stopped right above it observing the pod before noticing it was suddenly opening. Trish pointed without saying anything noticing it was opening.. No one was coming out.. Trish and Mona both flew down to the opening. Perhaps it may not have been the best idea. Not knowing if it were dangerous or not.

Trish called out slightly “Hello...?” her tail suddenly curling around her leg.

Mona clapped once before speaking “Who's inside there...?”


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Yorda
Just outside (East) of Kosetsu Village

The light seemed so bright after spending so long in the dark. It took several minuets for Akiko's eyes to adjust. Even before she could see, however, the little sayan could hear voices just outside. Should she go out? What if they weren't friendly? Then again, they knew she was there and Akiko couldn't just hide in her pod forever. That, and the girl was curious to see what strange creatures might live here. Eventually, a mop of short, black hair and a par of sapphire eyes peeked out of the pod.

The world Akiko saw was very different from the one she was use to. It was lush, green, and cool. In fact, it was almost too cool compared to her home. What really attracted the little Sayan's eye, however, was the source of the voices. They looked just like her! The hair, the skin, even the tail! Though, Akiko's tail was decorated with a blue ribbon, tied in a bow. It matched the bow dawning the back of head.

It took the little girl a few moments to get over her sense of awe. Then, Akiko slowly climbed from the pod, one bare foot hesitantly following the other. The child was dressed in a simple, light, sky blue robe with a hole in the back for her tail. Stopping just outside of the pod, Akiko slowly rose her hand above her head in a shy wave. It was time to test the waters.

"Hi.." She called a little hesitantly.

"Akiko was inside there... who's out here?" It seemed a fair enough question to the little Sayan.

Akiko so hoped these strangers were friendly. It was more than just the fear of being attacked. Akiko had so many questions for these people! She had not only escaped the invasion, but landed on her home planet! She couldn't wait to explore this new world! Surely her own people would help help her!


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Trish Character Portrait: Akiko

0.00 INK


Mona and Trish's eyes widened as they noticed the small girl appear from the pod. Trish's tail uncurled as her hands rose up slightly surprised. Not dramatically yet the actions were shown as her left hand rose to her lips. She took a step back as she spoke.

"o-oh my..." A slight stutter from Trish as she examined the young girl who looked nearly like her and her mom. The teenaged girl's head turned to her mother who had only but a similar reaction yet a little calmed down regaining her composer. Its only been two days since Trish had met three others like her. This was simply amazing yet one question did rise to her head and that's "Where are her parents...?" The girl couldn't help but wonder if her parents did the same thing to her as Mona did. Although she didn't mean to make Mona look as if she were a bad parent but it was rather sad. Through all the thoughts Trish's facial expression forced a smile after looking confused. As for Mona, she calmed down a bit noticing the girl was about to speak.

"Hi... " The little girl said with a voice that showed a little fear. The two saiyan's eyes remained upon her as she spoke.

"Akiko was inside there... who's out here?"

"She speaks in third person... I wonder how old she is.." Trish thought yet her thought process was soon interrupted with Mona speaking. Trish's eyes moved to her mom as she spoke.

"Hello dear.. my name is Mona and this is Lidia... Did you come all this way by yourself?" Mona said in a sweet voice. To Trish, her mom seemed as though she was trying to calm the child down. She wondered how much experience as a mother she actually had if it was just natural or if she picked it up. Trish gave a smile to the young girl hoping she would be calm regardless.


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#, as written by Yorda
Just outside (East) of Kosetsu Village

The little girl watched the reactions of the others intently. They seemed just as surprised to see her as she was to see them. Was that good.. or bad? Akiko wasn't sure at first, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the two. They were just like her... only bigger. A whole planet of people just like her... it was enough to blow the little sayan's mind.

Akiko had so many questions. How big did they get? What food did they eat? How many where there? What kind of animals lived here? Did they have pets? Why was there only one sun? There was so much Koing through the child's mind that she nearly missed it when the older one spoke again.

"uh huh. Akiko was sent alone." She answered slowly.

Akiko was usually far from timid, but being thrown into an unknown planet would make anyone fearful. Still, these two were not being aggressive or threatening. They were speaking to the child kindly. That combined with Akiko's generally curious trusting nature at the child slowly relaxing. Her tail, once curled tightly against her body, relaxed a little along with Akiko's overall posture. She stood a little taller instead of keeping herself curled like she was ready to dive back into her pod. Though, the child still didn't step away from her little safe spot. Not just yet.

"Who-" No, she already had the who. "-What are you?" She finally asked, unable to help herself.

Of course, Akiko was really asking what -she- was... who she was. Though wise in there own right, the Tormi had never encountered Sayans before Akiko. They hadn't been able to tell the girl anything more than what they themselves learned by raising her.


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#, as written by Sonata
Tobias made no comment on Blaze's observation of Grisha. Even if he did find it to be the truth, he didn't care enough to reply. Lena cast her eyes shamefully to the ground as she thought about how she had been so hard on him. They really should try to understand Grisha more. The sound of an aircraft cutting the sky brought Tobias and Lena's attention skyward along with Blaze's. They stared in awe at the spherical object that passed like a shooting star.

"What can it be?" Lena thought aloud.

"I don't know. Maybe a comet or meteor," Tobias observed.

Some distance away, Grisha was staring up at the pod. Its shape brought an ache to his brain as suddenly images began flashing before his eyes. Strange armor, dim-lighting, chilling waters, screams; Grisha's eyes shrank and he clenched his teeth as the headache began to split his skull. His hands went to grasp his head as he reared back with a pained cry. Why did the sight of it make him hurt? His brain felt like it was exploding within his skull. What was he trying to remember? Why was this happening to him?

The ship impacted the earth and even from miles away, Grisha felt the quake. The Saiyan collapsed, his balance already weak from his disorientation. He fell flat upon his back and laid there in the snow as the ice soothed his fading headache. Grisha frowned deeply, his brows twitching as the pain quickly stopped in the same manner it had arrived. With a deep growl and groan, he sat up and massaged his fingers against his scalp. He opened his eyes in time to see Blaze soaring over the mountains in the pod's direction, and Grisha sprang to his feet barely a second after to follow him.

Since his fight with Squid Face, Grisha noticed that he was running much faster than before. Before, he needed to conjure some energy to fuel his sprint, but now it felt almost effortless as though he were now conditioned to run at such a speed. Of course, if he needed to run faster, then he would have to build energy again. He darted over the mountains and through their ravines. Strange, furry creatures watched him from their holes within the mountain sides, their yellow eyes glowing in the darkness.

Rising from the narrow canyon, Grisha emerged on a flat, snowy plain, a white valley that suddenly dipped as he found the beginning of the 100 foot long fissure. Slush rolled beneath his boots as he slid down the slope into the crater and followed its length to where he saw standing up ahead, Little Sister, Mommy, and Little Brother. He couldn't see what they were surrounding, but he assumed it was the strange star that had given him a headache. That memory alone had Grisha slow down and keep his distance from the thing. He wasn't sure he wanted to see it again after the pain it had brought him.

"What?" Grisha asked. "Ball make Grisha head hurt bad. Grisha no like."


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"Who-" No, she already had the who. "-What are you?"

Mona looked down at the girl crossing her arms before speaking. Trish turned to her mom knowing she had a much better explanation then she did. Only two days ago did she even find out about her race. Let alone that there were more just like her. Like she thought throughout her life, she knew she wasn't human but when her sudden distant family arrived answers suddenly approached her mind and by these two days she is still rather confused about somethings. Trish looked down at her "little sister" examining her once more before smiling as she heard her mother speak.

"We are known as Saiyans, a proud warrior race - I am honored to see that yet another one of us lives..." Mona speaks softly. She personally wasn't sure on how much information she could say that the girl would understand so she kept it simple as she could make it. Trish smiled before kneeling and taking Akiko by the hands. She then spoke in a kind and excited tone.

"Yeah we're sisters! My name is Lydia... but you can also call me Trish!" Trish had gotten use saying her birth given name in front of her mother quite quickly but this didn't mean she abandoned her other name. The girl turned her head as did her mother when she noticed and felt Blaze show up near them.

"Blaze..." Trish said softly in acknowledgment only to suddenly be asked who the girl was. Trish shook her head before turning and asking.

"What is your name little one?"

Mona kept her smile yet had other questions appearing among her mind. "This is no saiyan pod.. where did she come from? Although i am happy... why is she here alone? Where has she been throughout her life? It just doesn't make sense..." It wasn't that Mona didn't trust the girl but more so that things were concerning her. Suddenly her thought process was interrupted by Grisha who spoke after sliding down the crater. Trish also turned before noticing the larger saiyan was present.

"Hey Grisha, Look!" She actually spoke kindly wanting to include Grisha due to the fact that she felt like he had a good heart. She gently let go of the little girl's hands and moved out of the way so the larger saiyan could see her.


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#, as written by Yorda
Just outside (East) of Kosetsu Village

"We are known as Saiyans, a proud warrior race - I am honored to see that yet another one of us lives..."

What did that mean? Warriors meant they were strong, would they be strong enough to help? Why did she say 'yet another'? Did something happen to most of them? There were so many questions! So much to take in! The world itself was new and strange, Meeting her own kind on top of that was a little overwhelming. When Trish knelt and took her hand, Akiko Stiffened, but only for a moment. The older girl seemed just as curious about Akiko as she was of them.

"Yeah we're sisters! My name is Lydia... but you can also call me Trish!"

Mona had already introduced the younger one, but it seemed she wanted to do it herself.. and give a second name. Did they all have two names? It was the 'sister' part, however, that really caught Akiko's attention.

"Sisters? Really!?" She asked. Her voice was soft, somewhere between excitement and awe. "Why-"

The little girl paused when a male flew down to join them. Whatever she had been about to ask was driven completely from her mind. Akiko's sapphire eyes fixed on him as he spoke, asking who she was. The chibi saiyan got the male's name out of the little exchange between he and her new, or was it long lost? ,sister.

As the older girl spoke to her again, Akiko's attention shifted back to her. Maybe it was because of the way she spoke or just the fact that she was one of the first to find her, but the little girl had an almost instant like of Lydia.

"Akiko." Came the rather simple answer to both Blaze and Trish's question.

Akiko was finally going to start asking questions of her own when yet another came sliding into the creator and started speaking. Lydia may have needed to move to allow Grisha to see Akiko, but the child had no problem seeing most of him, even from behind the older girl. He was huge! Even when Trish moved, Akiko just stood there, frozen, for several seconds as she stared at the giant that her new sister had labeled Grisha.

It was nearly a full minuet before Akiko pointed at Grisha and spoke again.

"Dose we all get that big?!"

There was again a sense of awe in Akiko's voice, but the excitement was much more pronounced. Akiko was already picturing herself as big as Grisha, scaring all off the Tormi's tormentors off by chasing after them as they scattered like mice running from a cat.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hey Grisha, look!

Grisha watched Trish step aside and his dark eyes lowered to the tiny girl. He slowly arched a brow as she just seemed to stare at him with large eyes. It was making him feel awkward. She was so...little.

He then cautiously took a swift step back, having been prepared to dodge the imaginary attack the little girl had randomly thrust in his direction from her fingertip. His tail had stiffened in his startle and he bore his teeth at her like an angry dog. He wanted to just smash the runt for trying to make him look like a fool.

Does we all get that big!?

Big... Had she just called him big? Grisha's anger suddenly left as a large, egotistical grin spread on his face. He couldn't resist. The child had unknowingly flattered him greatly. Calling Grisha big was just as good as calling him handsome. He crossed his arms before his chest, the grin having yet to leave his face as his tail flicked behind him in delight.

"Grisha the biggest there is!" he bragged. His ego wasn't going to deflate for awhile. The large Saiyan concealed his teeth behind a long smile as he gazed at the little girl. He uncrossed his arms and strode toward the child and reached down to pick her up. As he raised her before his eyes, he noticed her tail and his brows shot upwards in shock.

"Hm? So tiny...baby sister so tiny!"

She was as light as a feather in his grasp and he placed her upon his shoulders. His tail flicked in his excitement as the proud grin returned to his face. "Big family. Grisha happy."


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Do we all get that big? The little girl asked.

Grisha had a huge grin on his face at the comment, and apparently he enjoyed being labeled as such. Blaze himself wasn't much for labels, but if Grisha was over his previous fit of anger then all the better. Grisha himself seemed to be getting a big head though, which had Blaze interested and mildly entertained.

Grisha the biggest there is! The large Saiyan happily proclaimed.

Blaze chuckled at the comment and crossed his arms as he watched Grisha pick the tiny girl up and hold her before him.

Big family. Grisha happy. He said.

Blaze chuckled once again and walked forward, clapping Grisha's shoulder with his hand as he walked around to inspect the girl himself.

"She is tiny, that's for sure, but there is a lot of power hidden beneath her little frame..." He looked up at Grisha.

"You may want to watch your back around this one Grisha. You might be bigger, but she might prove to be your match if given enough time." He said in a playful and mischievous manner.


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The sun shone down on the clear yet crisp day so close to the reaches of the nearby mountains. A frigid air brushed the leaves gently as birds and other small critters hopped along atop branches and in between the trees of the forest floor. All around, the calm sounds of the area were an oasis of calming and soothing nature. One lone critter scurried onto a small game path as it foraged in the forest floor. Its head moving side to side, sniffing about, suddenly stopped still as stone as a foreign sound could be heard moving quickly in its direction. Scurrying out of the way of the path as quickly as it could, its tail was hidden behind the trunk of a tree just in time for a black and blue blur to go whizzing past on its trek through the forest.

Kit leaned over the top of his motorized cycle as he maneuvered the small vehicle through the trees at a speed that wouldn't exactly be considered 'safe'. The rough trenching tires the cycle had been outfitted with earlier that very morning ate up the distance and snow underneath as Kit alternated between watching where he was going, and the numbers running across his eyes. The heads up display built into the shades across his eyes ran numbers and targeted obstacles he may have otherwise missed without them. As the wind rushed by his face and through his hair, Kit felt a few goosebumps rise on the skin below his heavy jacket as a rogue wisp of air escaped into the sleeve.

Swerving to the right to avoid a rather large tree, Kit corrected back and broke the tree line suddenly to break into an open and snow-covered plain as the distance '0.0' flashed across his vision. Pulling hard on the rear brake, Kit fishtailed the cycle to a skidding stop, spraying dirt, snow, and small rocks out in front of him. Bringing a leg to the ground and unzipping the jacket now that he wasn't being buffered by the wing any longer, he surveyed the area in search of the debris from the meteor he saw falling from the sky.

"Should be around here somewhere....oh!"

A long and rather large scar ran atop the surface of the earth in the path the meteor had taken. The force of its fall and trajectory had caused it to slide along the surface until it finally came to a halt, several dozen feet from where it initially made impact. Revving the cycle once more, Kit hopped it into the scar following the trail to its end. As he drew near, he noticed what looked like an appendage sticking out of the rock.

"What in the...."

Kit slowed the cycle to a halt once more and cut the power before staring down into the crater at what was apparently, not a meteor. What had seemed like an appendage looked more like an open door as he neared it close enough to touch the metallic surface. Poking his head inside, his display highlighted various buttons and screens inside the small craft. It was becoming obvious something had been inside this not too long ago due to the subtle marks inside, but he began to wonder where it was now.

Casting his gaze around again, the display identified several marks in the snow surrounding the pod. Following the tracks with his eyes, he settled on the figures they belonged to. Standing close to where he was currently standing. How he had failed to notice them before was beyond him, especially the massive giant with what appeared to be a tiny monkey bouncing on his shoulder...