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Ky Higurashi

That seems illogical and inefficient. Here, let me do it.

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a character in “Sakura Square”, as played by Lorrim


Name: Ky Higurashi
Age: 21 Years
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 6”
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Role: Second Eldest Higurashi brother
Likes: Being in control, Having a plan, Wordplay (Such as puns), Studying, Science
Dislikes: Taking orders, Not being able to control his own Fate, Outcomes that are not part of his plan
Fears: Ky fears only one thing: Loss of control.
Best Qualities:Studious, Good Listener, Organized, Quick Thinker/Adaptable, Witty
Worst Qualities: Dense, Bad Jokes, Takes Criticism Poorly, When he is focused on one thing Ky is oblivious to everything else, Blind w/o his glasses
Other Important Details: Takes night classes/online classes to fit his work schedule (see "Personality Traits/About Ky"), Has only interacted with females on a work-only basis AKA never had a romantic interest before, cherishes his glasses so much to the point where he will not allow anyone else to touch them
Personality Traits/About Ky:
  • Is a very serious person...too serious, in fact. Ky tries to offset this side of him by delivering bad puns (He believes wordplay to be the most intelligent form of humor)
  • Finds his family's laid-back attitude annoying, however, only Ky can criticize his family. If anyone else does, he believe they should "Know their place"
  • Despite it being a part-time job, it takes most of his time. Ky interns as a Lab Tech for a local Hospital
  • More to come...

So begins...

Ky Higurashi's Story


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Character Portrait: Nemui Yonkoma Character Portrait: Ky Higurashi
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#, as written by Lorrim
Ky Higurashi

Ky took out his House key and quietly opened the door. Despite his attempt at silence, he still whispered “I’m Home...” in a very tired and distant voice. This was due to his PI keeping him at work in the lab longer than usual. This fatigue was almost enough to make Ky not notice the two extra pair of shoes at the entrance way. One was noticeably larger than the other, but both had a very feminine style to them.

Either Prince has started treating his shoes with as much ridiculousness as his Hair, or my new little sisters have arrived.

Ky smiled wrily at his own joke and proceeded to take off his own shoes. He suddenly stopped and frowned when his eyes wandered past his new sisters shoes and gazed upon the disorganized chaos that was his brother’s shoes. After letting off a deep and irritated sigh, Ky quickly and quietly reorganized all of the shoes. When he finished, he noticed that his own shoes were next one of his sisters, specifically the smaller of the two.

Sisters, huh? When Dad told me about them, I didn’t really pay it any thought until now. Oh well. I’ll let Ahiro and the others deal with them. They have more experience in dealing with girls anyway...

Ky simply brushed it off, continued up the stairs, and entered his room. Ky’s bedroom can be described in one simple word: Plain. Painstakingly so. But, Ky doesn't care. He purposely designed and arranged his room in a way to ensure that everything was organized and used to their maximum potential and efficiency. However, there was one thing that was interesting. Unfortunately for Ky, it wasn't his. Right above his bed was a gaudy, signed poster of a male Anime Character with the message “Thought your room could use some more decorations! Live a little, bro!” After Ky read this, his fatigue was immediately wiped away and replaced with annoyance.

"...Stupid Touya. He must have snuck into my room and put that there while I was at work. Just because he voiced some character, doesn't entitle him to do whatever he wants.”

Taking a closer look at the poster, he saw, in very fine print, “Don’t get too angry, bro! Look on the bright side, this will be worth millions later on~”

“...I don't have time to deal with this right now” Ky said, pushing up his glasses. With all intent of going to bed at a semi-reasonable time out the window, Ky just shrugged and sat at his desk and started doing some homework. Due to his Lab job, online courses, and occasional night lecture at the local University, Ky’s sleeping habits was almost opposite to his brother’s. It wasn’t completely uncommon for Ky to not even see his brothers for days at a time due to the huge difference in their schedules. Fully aware that his current lifestyle isn’t the most healthy way of living, Ky relished the fact that he was in total control of his own life. Good decisions or not, whatever Ky did, he knew it was due to his own volition, and he loved it.

Hours flew by and the sun quickly rose as Ky continued doing his homework. His eyes hurt from the strain of staring at the small text in his textbook, his hands cramped from taking all his notes, and the bags under his eyes only got larger. Nevertheless, all of these discomforts were ignored, and Ky pressed on. Another aspect of Ky that he took pride in was his ability to hyperfocus on one task and block out everything else. This intense, rock solid focus can only be broken by only the loudest of distracti-

Nana Yonkoma wrote: Shit, shit, TRIPLE SHIT!


Ky’s mechanical pencil snapped as he jumped out of his chair. The sudden outburst broke Ky’s focus, and all the pain and fatigue that he was blocking out came over him like a giant tsunami.

“Ow ow ow...Pulling an all-nighter was stupid,” Ky complained, as he rubbed his temple. “But...that is besides the point. Who the Hell said that? It didn’t sound like any of my brothers...Ah! Right.”

I forgot...I have two little sisters now.

“...And one of them seems to be as irritating as my brothers” Ky muttered. Glancing at the time, Ky said “Well...might as well get breakfast at this point.”

Getting out of his chair, Ky stretched out his arms and legs, and proceeded to go down the stairs towards the kitchen. The Higurashi Residence that Ky’s father owned is huge, so as Ky walked from his room, down the hall, and towards the kitchen, he had ample time to think about the decibel level the outburst from earlier must have been. Of course, that ample time was also used to get Ky into another hyperfocus.

In fact, by the time he muttered “So...that yell must have been at least 140 decibels...” Ky was already in the kitchen, opening the fridge, and pouring himself a glass of orange juice. Only after taking a very large gulp of his juice did he notice the wide eyed high school girl staring at him.

[Hey guys! Haven’t roleplayed in a while, so go easy on me~ I look forward to working with you all! ^^ I apologize for the huge post, but my first posts in a RP are usually long. It will become more manageable as time goes on. Also, Ky never actually went to bed last night, so he didn’t change clothes. He is still wearing his white Lab Coat. I liked the way my first post ended, and I didn’t know where else to put it. ><]