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Minoru Taguchi


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a character in “Sakurakai Academy”, as played by Rabidness


Name: Taguchi, Minoru
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 11
Looks: Messy, short, red hair. He always has a pair of cosplay goggles near him. Minoru has green eyes.
Class schedule: 1st period Algorithm, 2nd period Chemistry, 3rd period French, 4th period Japanese History, 5th period Lunch, 6th period Persuasive Writing, 7th period Orchestra (Electric Guitar), 8th period Advanced Art, 9th period Tryout Choir, 10th period Baseball
Extracurricular Clubs: Anime/Manga Club, Gaming Club, Computer Club
Dorm room: 11
Robot Maid: Aoi
Skills: Singing, electric guitar, computer coding, science, math, strategies
Likes: Electric guitars, singing, science, math, computers, video games, singing, anime and manga, cosplay, programming
Dislikes: Winter, bitter food, bullies, trolls, fighting, when people disrespect the teachers
Habits: Playing games in between classes and during lunch(Never in class)
Phobias: Extreme fear of heights
Personality: Minoru is very kind and respectful, but this is easily changed if someone is being disrespectful towards him or another. He is very friendly and is quick to start a conversation.
Stereotypes: Geek, Anime/Manga Otaku
Student reputation: He is known mostly for his goggles, high grade, and computer repairing. Minoru has a generally good reputation.
Staff reputation: He is known for being respectful towards teachers, and getting good grades. His reputation with teachers is very good.
Family: Taguchi, Akira (Mother), Taguchi, Takeshi (Father), Taguchi, Vanessa (Younger sister), Taguchi, Ai (Aunt who he and his sister stay with over breaks.
Friends: Taguchi, Vanessa
Pets: None
Minoru grew up around anime and manga because his father was an artist. His mother was a computer designer, so he also grew up around computers. When Minoru was 5, his younger sister Vanessa was born. After Matt turned 10, both his sister and he were sent here because his sister was severely bullied. Now he is 15, and his sister is 10.

(Vanessa and her cat, Kiki)

So begins...

Minoru Taguchi's Story


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Momo's P.O.V.
Momo noticed Kaido looking at her and beamed. "Hey~" She whispered. "If you want to be friends with Haru, you're gonna be sitting around for quite a while. She doesn't really like people." Momo could tell Kaido was interested in Haru, a lot of people were, but most students couldn't even get her to talk to them.

Haru's P.O.V.
Haru watched from the corner of her eye as Momo and Kaido chatted quietly. She had never liked people all that much, and Momo was nearly the only person she interacted with unless interactions with other people was completely necessary. Haru felt a wave of relief in the fact that Momo was becoming friends with Kaido. Perhaps, if they became closer, Momo would stop complaining about how the blonde didn't notice her.

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