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Yuki Hayashi

Obedient until angered.

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a character in “Sakurakai Academy”, originally authored by moahi, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Yuki Hayashi
Age: 12
Grade: 6
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 17
Looks: Long black hair usually tied up in pigtails to her shoulders, Pink eyes
Class schedule: 1st period Beginner Math, 2nd period Ancient Chinese, 3rd period US History, 4th period Science, 5th period Advanced art, 6th period Kickball, 7th period Orchestra, 8th period Band, 9th period tryout choir.
Extracurricular Clubs: Judo, music and drawing club.
Dorm room: 112
Robot Maid: Hana
Skills: Painting, Self-defense.
Likes: Silence, music, books
Dislikes: Chaos, Being rejected
Habits: Keeping quiet and blending into the environment
Phobias: Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces)
Personality: Quiet, but is known as one of the friendliest students, optimistic, cheerful girl
Stereotypes: Weak, Girly
Student reputation ((How the students view the character)): She is a very quiet girl, preferring not to speak, but gets along well with everyone because of her easy going personality. She's not close enough to any one to consider them as friends though, as she has an uncanny suspicion of the intentions of people.
Staff reputation ((How the staff members view the character)): She is known by the teachers as a quiet, obedient girl who always help them out.
Family: Her big sister, Amaya Hayashi, a typical tomboy, unlike her younger sister Image
Friends: No one is trusted enough by her.
Pets: Tori her kitten (means bird, ironically)

So begins...

Yuki Hayashi's Story


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#, as written by moahi
Yuki stared out of the window dreamily. Why was math this boring anyway? Nobody can stay up through the lecture right? Right? That's probably why I'm still in beginner's math, she thought with a sigh. "Maybe I should hire a tutor or something..." She murmured out loud, causing the teacher to stop abruptly. "Yuki, you're not paying attention, are you?" "Wah!" Yuki jumped, snapping out of her daydreaming. "Umm... no?" she said, looking down and averting his gaze. "You're a terrible liar, Yuki, but counting on the fact that you did me a favor the other day I'll let this slide. Don't do it again." "Oh.. OK! Thank you!" Yuki said before sliding into her seat. That was a close call. Way to start the day, Yuki. She slightly reprimanded herself before settling down and trying to grasp the lesson.


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Momo's P.O.V.
Momo noticed Kaido looking at her and beamed. "Hey~" She whispered. "If you want to be friends with Haru, you're gonna be sitting around for quite a while. She doesn't really like people." Momo could tell Kaido was interested in Haru, a lot of people were, but most students couldn't even get her to talk to them.

Haru's P.O.V.
Haru watched from the corner of her eye as Momo and Kaido chatted quietly. She had never liked people all that much, and Momo was nearly the only person she interacted with unless interactions with other people was completely necessary. Haru felt a wave of relief in the fact that Momo was becoming friends with Kaido. Perhaps, if they became closer, Momo would stop complaining about how the blonde didn't notice her.

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