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Chase Wildes

"Death, you know, they have feelings too..."

0 · 643 views · located in Salem, MA

a character in “{Salem} something wicked...”, as played by xRoo



Full Name:”Katrine Chase Wildes, Unlike Kai’s mother, mine was a little more simple.”

Nicknames:”Not ‘Kat’, ‘Kitty’, or fucking’ Kitten’, Chase. Just, Chase.”

Ethnicity:”Russian.. sorta. Apparently, my so-called Parentals say we’re Russian Descendants. But, let’s just go with White.”

Birthdate:”Ugh, really? January first.. Trust, I wasn’t any celebration.”

Age:”Seventeen, I’m okay with that.”

Sexual Orientation:”The Male Species. Gotta love them..”

Looks Are Deceiving
"I may look lean, but I can put your eating habits to shame." Image

At first glance, Chase’s figure would look slender, especially in places where it matters most, like around the hips and stomach, but the longer the observation continues, the realization that she’s a little on the healthy side, surfaces. To some, Chase could be found attractive and she certainly doesn’t flaunt it, which makes her inner beauty shine. Chase’s hair flows to the middle of her back, and the shades of red compliments her pale features. Although she has pretty hair, pale skin, it’s her eyes that stand out more. It’s as if the human creators took most of their time working on her eyes. It’s as if the ocean was dipped into the irises itself. The blue color of her eyes is usually what captures most people’s attention.

Chase stands about average, about 5’6, which is great for her age, or so she seems to think. Her father was tall, while her mother was a bit shorter than the both of them. In a way it worked well, having the long legs because of her style choice. Her clothes range from white dresses, to jean shorts, t-shirts and unique jewelry. However, there are times where she could be found wearing jeans and sweaters. There’s an all-time favorite, when she’s laid back and resting on the couch with her guitar, shorts and a flannel shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

Like any other human being, there are blemishes and hidden taints of the skin. Chase has a tattoo on the inside of her arm, Live and another Wilde, which has both humor and meaning. There are the small scars from her childhood from one too many fights, but there is the scar on her left temple from a blunt object.

ImageDigging a little Deeper
"Mm, the good stuff."

No one could really tell her personality, just by looking at her. She’s the type of person who’s difficult to read until you actually try to have a conversation. She’s always been like that, ever since she could remember. Growing up, she was the little girl on the block who preferred to watch people over playing at the neighborhood park. You’d think the quietness was a definite part of her personality. As she got older, Chase developed the need for quiet time every so often with her guitar and her doll creations, but a bigger need to have someone else in the room, whether it was her mother, father or her best friend. Someone had to be around her.

Chase has a bit of a bite to her aura. It’s almost luring, but challenging. The feisty attitude followed shortly after she started to rebel, despite her parent’s warning. There was always something about never going to find someone to love, or never living your life on the safe side, with success. Forget safe… you need to live and if life brought love to her attention, she probably wouldn’t recognize it. She’s never seen it. With her parents, it just wasn’t there, it was almost like they tolerated with one another.

Whether you’re having a joking conversation, laid back coffee talk, or a heated argument, this girl comes with wit and sarcastic comebacks. She can be found intelligent, if she’s around the right sort of people and she’s actually a really good listener. However, there’s always the loud attitude that comes with the quiet gestures. She’s ambitious and she loves to learn, but she also likes to argue and be stubborn. If you see her quiet and distracted, it’s not the conversation or her own feelings that’s pulling at her strings, it’s the voices that tend to reach her conscious.

With friends, she’s ready to pounce on any opportune to laugh and joke. Oh, she has quite the laugh. It’s both contagious and enjoyable. And she’s definitely playful. Know that she’s strongminded, opinionated and she would take a bullet for any one of her friends. She’s protective that way. But remember, with the strong side to her mind, there’s always that soft glances, kind and loving attitude that surfaces, every so often.

A little More...
Image"Do you believe in Magic?"
Dark magic comes with a price, but knowing that, it's never stopped her from dedicating herself to it. She almost didn't have a choice. It started when she was really young, Chase has witnessed something that no child should ever witness. They were visiting some family members out of town and Chase was playing in the backyard. She heard people arguing next door and being as curious as she usually is, she peeked through the fence. It looked like a dispute between lovers, but one was not too happy about their situation. He had something in his hand and the one thing she remembered most, was the shot. It pierced her ears and she watched as the woman fell to the ground. It triggered something in her that made her question the world around her. A few days later, it started to happen. She started seeing things, hearing things that shouldn't be there. Most of them were pleas for help, help them move on. As she got older, it got worse, it scared her. She called them ghosts, others called it hallucinations. She did what anyone would do... she tried to stop them. She smashed her head and had to have surgery... but they still didn't stop, just left her a scar.

That's where her hobby came in. She started to sew and design dolls, that represented each voice in her head. Voodoo dolls, worry dolls, healing factors, dolls to ward off spirits or to use them to her advantage. There are also the hint at her magic that she could use the darkest fears, to taunt and torture others.

As for talent and skill, it's the use of dolls... death...spirits... and one skill, she has yet to figure out, is the use of dreams and fears. It's almost as if she brings the nightmares to life.

Backtracking, are we?


As for Family, well, her friends are more her family than anyone else. Yes, she has her parents, both are very much alive. There's that saying, Blood is thicker than water. But in this case, Water runs true. There are days where her parents try to tolerate her, try to be a family, but how would they show love and respect to their offspring, when they can't even get along themselves? Chase spends more time outside her home, than in. It wasn't always like this, though. Her parents were very much in love before they conceived, it was just situations that pushed them apart. Divorced popped up into conversation, but her mother responded with three dreadful words, "But I'm Pregnant."

After that, when Chase was older, They visited Salem to see some relatives. After Chase's accident though, putting her in an mental institution for three months, resulted the family to reside there permanently. For three months, Chase had doctors examining her to figure out why the girl smashed her head in with a brick. They tried everything to figure out what was wrong with her, to have hallucinations before the trauma. It took Chase a long while to get passed the experience and pretend everything was alright, in order for the doctors to believe she was cured and send her on her way.

Arguments, heated shouts, and objects thrown in the air is a typical day in Chase's home. There is only three days out of the month where things are quieted, collected and serene. Grandma Addy. Chase's grandmother adores Chase for who she is, and Kai for sticking by her side. When these days come around, the parents pretend to be happy with each other, forcing half-hearted compliments down each other's throat. Addy is a stern mother, but a very joyful grandmother who wants nothing but the best for Chase. When this three day weekend comes around, Russian meals surface. This family is not stone cold, Russians. There is Russian blood but her grandmother was the first American born. They still try to keep the blood alive. So, when the days come for Grandma's visit, is when Chase brings both good and bad leftovers to her friends.

When Chase was ten, she started to really pay attention to witch craft and the legends. Most of her time was studying the books and practicing her doll making in the process. That was also the time she started to learn the Guitar. Somewhere around there, Kai came into play and she found herself more open to him than her own family members, aside from Grandma. These two got along well with their twisted aura. They sort of just clicked.

Chase grew to love Salem and it's history, even with the incident of the woman who was hung in the tree. But with these headlines, she knew she and the others who have to survive together as well as somewhat hide together.

Currently, Chase hates hiding. She hates the idea of holding back their true potential, but she understands their situation. WIP

So begins...

Chase Wildes's Story