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Clary Fairchild

"I would never hit a moose. They're endangered."

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a character in “Salient Descendants”, as played by catmint



Basic Information

Full name:
Clarissa Adele Morgenstern-Fairchild

Trained at:
New York Institute

Morgenstern shortsword named Heosphoros


Simon Lewis

Jace Herondale

Christopher Herondale
Celine Herondale


Clary Fray was born to Jocelyn Fairchild and Valentine Morgenstern. When Jocelyn was pregnant with Clary, Valentine, unawares of the fact gave his wife angel blood mixed with her food to cure her out of her depression. Therefore, Clary has Angel Ithuriel’s blood in her veins, the same as Jace Herondale.


Clary is stubborn, but an incredibly compassionate person. She is an artist and sketches in her pad as a means of keeping a diary.


So begins...

Clary Fairchild's Story


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Character Portrait: Clary Fairchild Character Portrait: Jace Herondale Character Portrait: James (Jem) Carstairs Character Portrait: Tristan Carstairs Character Portrait: Tessa Grey
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#, as written by Zara717
Why were we back here. Clary and Jace had called us to the New York institute have an important talk. They'd invited both Tessa and I to see them at 12 in the afternoon. Its been a while since we have actuall stood on the stepsto this place. Haha last time we did, we didnt have our son Tristan. This was his first ever look at where shadowhunters trained. And by god did he look shocked. It was bigger than it was last time and it had a bit more colour than the gloominess he was used too. Knocking on the door to it only open up by itself. We walked in a headed tothe training roo, where they said they would be. Walking there, we walked past a lot of kids Tristans age.

Finally we got to the trainingroom on the otherside of the institute. We poked our head in and see Jace and Clary sweating and puffed on the floor.
"Jace!. Clary!" Tessa said rushing up to them. I turned around to Tristan. "Do you want to go for a walk?. We might be here for a while and you never know you might make some new friends"I say. With that he leaves and I close the door behind us.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Clary Fairchild Character Portrait: Jace Herondale Character Portrait: James (Jem) Carstairs Character Portrait: Tessa Grey
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#, as written by catmint
Clary Fairchild

"It's good to see you both again!" Clary said excitedly, hugging Tessa and then Jem.

"Good to see you too Clary, Jace."

"So what brings you here?" Jace questioned, taking a step forward to stand next to Clary.

Tessa and Jem's faces both fell and they exchanged a glance, "You see, we come with both unexpected and unfortunate news." Jem said solemly, "Jia Penhallow, leader of the Clave has fallen terribly ill. The silent brothers have diagnosed it as a poisoning that is, sadly, terminal."


"You mean, she's going to die?" Clary said quietly.

"Unfortunately, yes." Tessa replied gently.

Jace put his arm around Clary's waist. Jia had fought alongside them in the war against Valentine... she was considered a dear friends to everyone at the New York Institute.

"Who will be taking over her position?" Jace asked, his voice a little quieter than usual.

"We don't know." Jem replied, "But we thought that you, of all people - everyone at this Institute - needed to know of Jia's fate."

"Where is she now?" Jace questioned.

Jem spoke again, "In Idris with the most highly trained warlocks and doctors attempting to cure her. She's made no pregress and most likely only has a day r so left to live."

"We came here as soon as we possibly could." Tessa put in, looking apologetic.

"We'll look into this issue as soon as possible. Get as much information as we can." Jace said coldly, "This doesn't seem like an accident."

"Agreed." all three others said unanimously.

"But since you traveled all the way here, please stay a while." Clary answered, "We have plenty of rooms."

"Thankyou," Jem said, "It's much appreciated."