Magnus Bane

"You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all"

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a character in “Salient Descendants”, as played by Axolotled

So begins...

Magnus Bane's Story


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Hazel Bane

Hazel's slowly awoke to a beam on light directly aimed on her eyes. She grumbled as she slowly pulled herself up and stretched her arms then her wings. By this all her tiny wings did were flutter a little, one slightly more gracefully than the other. She chucked on a massively oversized shirt but did not bother with pants, shoes or hair. She slowly headed down to the dining room. She was so hungry and to any body looking at her she would have looked like the walking dead.

"Morning hon..." Alec had been walking down the hall and paused mid sentence and his head kind of just followed Hazel. She grumbled something in return. Magnus came out of a doorway and Alec whispered to him with concern.
"Hazel dear..." She heard Magnus call up the hall. "Are you okay?"
Hazel mumbled just loud enough "Yeah I'm alright."
"Okay maybe just put some pants on." Hazel shot Alec a look then she kept walking on toward the food. What she really wanted was a pastry. An apple one or a chocolate one, but as she walked into the dining hall it became apparent that the was not a pastry in sight. No food at all. She grumbled again but persevered, she knew she had seen so danishes in the kitchen somewhere.

Dragging her feet she walked over to the kitchen cabinet she knew the danishes were in, but lo and behold there was only a basket with a few crumbs. Hazel let out a mighty "For fucks sake!'' and sat down on a bench seat and flopped herself over the bench.


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#, as written by catmint
Celine Herondale

Celine listened absentmindedly to Hazel and Christoper's argument from under the table, attempting (and failing) to read her book - A Tale of Two Cities - in peace.

"Wow good one. What a kind soul you are hey? Tell you what Kit honey, maybe when you get some morals you get back to me... No wonder you have no friends except the cat."

Celine peeped her head just slightly out from under the table, looking at what was happening over one of the bench seats.

"Oh by the way, here is your fucking cereal."

Celine didn't see exactly where the cereal came from but the next thing she knew was that Christopher was covered in it.

Under different circumstances, it would've been hilarious.

Celine watched as Magnus ran after Hazel and Alec looked at Christopher in disappointment, said his name and then also left the room. Christopher angrily kicked a pile of cereal that had gathered at him feet and stormed out, probably going to climb onto the roof to see Church.

Celine had caught him in the act one night when she was young. She'd been chasing Church through the Institute corridors and when the cat had jumped out a window and onto the roof, Celine had heard Christopher talking to him actually calm for once. So she'd left him alone and never said a word about it (not that she would have anyway).

Celine crawled out from under the table, clutching A Tale of Two Cities to her chest. She sighed, even though she was afraid of Hazel, she wanted to apologise for her brothers unacceptable actions. She often wanted to do this but had no idea how because of her excessive shyness and inability to converse with people...

Celine looked down at the cover of her book and slowly, an idea began to form in her head. She headed out of the dining hall and up to the fourth floor where her room was. Celine's bedroom was huge as most of the rooms in the Institute were. When she was little, she'd never known what to do with all the space but as she'd gotten older, Celine had begun to fill the room with bookshelves, collecting as many novels as she could to fill them all. Now, by the age of sixteen, Celine's bedroom was more of a personal library than a place for sleeping.

She had alphabetised all the books by author as she acquired them not a single one was out of place except any that she was reading which all sat in a large stack beside her bed.

No one besides Clary, Jace and Magnus knew about Celine's collection.

She rushed t the stack near her bed, running her finger down until she found what she was looking for: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was a copy from the sixties but still in perfect condition. Celine carefully removed it from the stack and, from a notebook lying on her bed ripped out a page and scrawled the word 'Sorry' across the paper. She sat the note on top of the book and hurried to Hazel's room, leaving both sitting just outside the door. She knocked quickly and ran away as fast as she could to avoid any conversations.