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Simon Lovelace

"let's play some call of duty"

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a character in “Salient Descendants”, as played by Simon_Lewis


Simon Lovelace


Race: Shadowhunter has been Mundane/vampire
Age: make a guess

So begins...

Simon Lovelace's Story


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Isabelle was in the kitchen pouring a cup of juice taking a break from the confusing game of-
"Izzy hurry up your gonna be killed" Yelled Simon from upstairs
Isabelle sighed she still was very confused about this game
"coming" she yelled as she ran up the stairs into one of the many spare rooms she never understood why there was so many
"you took to long your dead now" said Simon not looking away from the game
"on no what a shame" said Isabelle not really that bothered
"I can see that your all cut up" he answered Isabelle sat down on the couch very bored
"simonnnnn?" she asked playing with his hair
"mmm" he said not taking his eyes off the screen
Isabelle sighed at the fact he paid her no attention ,
"do you think we could play a different game? I don't really like Duty of - I mean Call of Duty" she said
"mmm" he answering clearly not knowing what she said
"Cool thanks" she said playing a kiss on his forehead Isabelle jumped up and took the disk out of the game thing she didn't really know what it was called
"HEY!" he yelled, "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?"
"you said mmm"
"you said mmm when I asked i could pick a game so we are going to playyyy-"
"no what?! Isabelle put it back on" he said jumping up
"no" she giggled putting another disc into the game thing
"Fine what lame game are we playing now?" he asked sitting back down
"Just dance 3"she said smiling
"Isabelle you have no taste in game the only reason we have that game is-"
"is because I like it" she said cutting of Simon , " now get up lazy bum and dance"
Isabelle was up there thrashing Simon at Just dance
"this game sucks" he said collapsing on the couch
"only because you cant beat me" said Isabelle sitting down next to Simon
"thats not true"
Isabelle looked up and saw Savannah walk past the door
"Savannah sweetie does your father suck at just dance or what"
"I don't really give a shit mum" she said storming off down the hallway
Isabelle stood up and looked down at Simon
"do you know whats up with her?" she asked
"not a clue"
Isabelle got up and walked down the hall instead of finding Savannah she saw Finn storming down the hallway
"Finn whats up with your sister?" she asked grabbing him by the shoulder
"how am I supposed to know?" he said not turning around
"Finn I was just asking"
"yeah well I know nothing about girls" he said turning around Isabelle looked up at him and saw bright blond hair
"Finn what did you do to your hair?1"
he didn't answer he just walked off down the hall murmuring something to himself
Isabelle walked back to the spare room and sat down on the couch
"so whats up with Savannah" asked Simon
Isabelle didn't answer but instead said, "Finn has blond hair and knows nothing about girls"