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Alice Bethany Bryant

"Please, just let me get through this day in one piece and some nerves intact."

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a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, originally authored by LunaTwilight, as played by RolePlayGateway


Alice Bethany Bryant


Name: “What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet?... Sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s Alice. Alice Bethany Bryant. Beth would work too; I answer to both.”
Alice Bethany Bryant
Age: “I just turned 17 about a week ago.”
Barely 17
Gender: “… I know I forfeit the makeup sometimes, but that’s harsh.”
Role “Role? Like Roleplaying, dice, food, plays? A bit more info please.”
Loser girl 3


Written Looks: “Plain. Normal. Nothing to see here people, move along.”
Alice stands at 5’ 3” and about 112 lbs. She has a thin, oval face with a light peach complexion. Hazel eyes and thin swept eyebrows. Her hair is a light brown, with a bit of blond shining though in the summer; and though it’s straight most of the time, it does want to wave when left wet. Also, her hair reaches mid back and is usually kept down and framing her face.

Wears: “Of all days to ask…”
At the moment Alice is wearing a burgundy sweater with a scooped neck. Black boot-legged jeans with a simple black beaded belt. Simple black ballet flats with a woven flower on top. And finished off with a silver bangle and partly pulled back hair. As well as being a minimum make-up day.

Style: “Nice, comfortable, reasonable. My wardrobe motto.”
Usually Alice can be found in a crisp skirt or boot cut jeans accompanied by a nice blouse or favourite t-shirt. Shoes are always either ballet flats or a low heel in either brown or black. Make-up is scarce if used at all; but she does enjoy accessorising with the small details.

~Business Math
~The smell of cookies
~Mounds of pillows
~Carrie Underwood
~Random music “Disney to K-pop, anything can come up on my MP3.”
~Seeing other’s happy
~Boy’s team playing skins vs. shirts. “Repeat that and I WILL haunt you!”
~People with strong will

~Extreme cold
~Sushi ”Tried it one time and nearly choked.”
~Being the center of attention
~Having to pull an all-nighter to study
~Losing her place in a book

~ Not being a good older sister “Let’s face it, good family traits don’t run too thick in my genes.
~ Frogs “They’re creepy, they jump, and I’m always scared I’m going to squish one.
~ Losing her friends “They’re more like family to me than anything. I want to make sure they’re ok.

Alice has a habit of always carrying a book with her, either to keep her occupied or give her something to hide behind. She also has a small habit of stuttering when nervous.

Personality: A proper young lady was what she was brought up to be; and to an extent she is. Expected to fit right in with the crowd by her parents, Alice did everything but that. She always prefers to listen to other’s more than spill her own story; and will lend a hand or shoulder to cry on anytime. Good qualities yes, but she has her hang up’s that landed her outside the popular zone. She despises certain traits in people. Two-faced. Gossipmongers. Liars. Bullies. Idiots ”Let’s face it, there are some clueless jerks out there.” Basically all the stepping stones she sees as being popular. A bit bias in her opinions, but she has her family to thank for it.
Alice usually spends most of her time with a book, whether she’s studying, reading, or just avoiding people, is always unclear. She tries to be timid and thoughtful at all times, but when her temper gets the best of her she will stand up for other’s more than she ever would for herself. Though the poor girl can’t cuss or curse worth a dern. Usually just sprouting off nonsense in her defence.
On the outside she may appear well kept together, but in all honesty she’s shyer than a mouse. It doesn’t show very often around her friends, and she’s too annoyed around the populars; but bring a guy into the scenario? Change of subject. Change of direction. Where’s the next flight out of here. Needless to say her relationship experience is ditto. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a thought or two she feels is worth sharing.

Family: “Do we have to go there?”
Father ~ 50 and a lawyer, head of his own firm.
Mother ~ 46 and remarried a few years back. Most contact is through mail belated presents.
Step-Mother ~ 35 and pretty normal, married her father two years ago.
Half-brother ~ 1 year old and spoiled rotten already.
Best Friends: “I have friends… but I don’t like jumping to conclusions…”
Friends: “The most honest people I’ve met here.”
The Losers
Crush: “Th-That’s kinda personal! Um… Th-There are a few guys… that are cute…”
History: “Yes, you’re making me go there, aren’t you... Ok, you’re only going to hear this ONCE.”
Alice grew up in a normal town house with a normal unhappy couple, whom divorced later in her early childhood; leading to her many travel miles between the two while growing up. Then there was of course the dating, then the marriage of each of her parents. Her mother was no big surprise. A doctor with no kids and a big house; give it a couple of years and you’ve dwindled from once a month visits to holiday presents only… a week to late. Then you have the father surprise of bringing home his new ‘friend’-turned-‘wife’. Way too young for her to consider the woman a mother-figure, Alice just happily- “Yeah, right.” -left the two to their newlywed life, thankful beyond belief that she was attending a boarding school soon. And soon couldn’t come quick enough with the surprise of walking downstairs one morning to a huge cake spelling “Congratulations Big Sis!”
Nine months later we add a baby brother to the mix, adorable and perfect for the new couple; and of course the start of the school year at her parents alma mater . ”And that will be all you are getting out of me today, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Never again am I being the dress up guiney pig! I thought I hid all those photos…”


So begins...

Alice Bethany Bryant's Story

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Alice Bethany Bryant


Alice dug her face further into the pillow as the beeping of her wrist watch slowly dragged back to conscious. Snatching the small device off the nightstand she quickly turned the small beeps off to keep from disturbing her roommate; the same reason she used a watch instead of an alarm clock in the first place. But she was a light sleeper luckily.

Carefully sliding out of bed in a sleepy haze, Alice made her way to the closet dug for today’s outfit while holding back constant yawns. Last night’s homework in business refused to balance out, and she had spent more time finding her mistake than actually sleeping; but at least it paid off two hours later. Though at the moment her body protested the thought as she shuffled around and pulled on a light weight sweater and a pair of black pants; fumbling around even more to locate her favorite ballet flats and jewelry.

Just as quietly as she dressed, Alice gathered her books for first hour and slipped carefully out the door; she was leaving a bit earlier this morning than usual, but she knew every minute of moving around would help her stay awake through history better. Whoever had thought of giving US History first thing in the morning must have been found of slow and unusual punishment.

Making her way towards the school building she took a slight detour past the game fields. Sure it added a few extra minutes on her track to class; but it was important to get exercise! After all, a lot of people came out to the fields to practice before class; something she was going to have to start doing with tennis starting back up. There were baseball cages, track fields, football fields… people on the fields… guys who looked too much alike on the fields… “Class Alice. Class. You’re going to class.” Shaking her head with a slight blush, she realized she had started to slow down; not that there was any particular reason mind you!

Alice picked her walk up to a sprint as she made it the last bit of distance to the building, slowing back to a walk once she was through the doors and heading to class; only stopping at her locker long enough to deposit the books she was working on the night before.

Already there were people starting to arrive, so sticking to the far wall Alice slipped as carefully as she could not to jostle into anyone; relieved to make to her classroom and slip through the door.


Kindle Foster


Kindle let out a groan as the annoying alarm yelled through the layers of pillows and feather comforter she had buried her head under. Maybe if she kept really still it would all go away and let her sleep… Nope, the blaring was still there.

Sticking only her hand out from underneath the cocoon she was in, Kindle fumbled around and found the alarm; slamming the button a few times to shut it up. “Why do they have to have school in the morning!” she grumbled into the mattress to no one in particular before kicking and twisting to get the covers off of her and to sit up straight. Needless to say her hair looked like a total rat nest decided to have a party in it, like it did every morning; so first grabbing her brush from inside the nightstand drawer, she started the battle of tugging the mess back into its straight floppy self as she surveyed her closet and floor for clothes. Not saying they weren’t all clean; she did put the dirty ones in the hamper, but jeans are good to be worn more than once.

Poking a particular pile around with her foot, Kindle pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans then scrambled through the actual hangers and pulled out a striped top. After slipping today’s choice on and shooting a few clothes hoops to the laundry basket, Kindle grabbed and handful of jewelry out of her disorganized box and slipped a hobo bag over her shoulders. Letting the door slam on its own accord behind her on her way out, she made her way to class while putting on whatever jewelry was in her hand; today being mostly all necklaces from the looks of it.

The morning’s agenda was easy enough. 1. Survive class. 2. Survive class. And 3. Don’t break down crying in Trig. Not to bad, maybe a little difficult on the last one, but livable. Then there was still practice after school she needed to get through… and one more thing… it had bugged her all last night she couldn’t remember what it was…

“Crap.” Stopping mid step as she rounded the corner, the answer stood right in front of her holding a rock. Hamlet. The class was covering Hamlet today. And there was the proof right in front of her, kneeling like a proposing man talking to a rock. “Hey Johnny, if you’re going to propose to that thing you need to get it a ring first.”

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Philip Roe


Phil was quite content. He was having a dream that he was living back in the Tudor Era, wearing a fancy suit and going to a masked ball. He didn't seem to recognise any of the girls around him, what with the fancy gowns and big extravagant masks. Phil somehow found himself being drawn to a beautiful girl wearing a flowing white dress and having long blonde hair. He approached her and then held out a hand, bowing his head slightly to her. "May I have this dance?" He asked, smiling delightfully, eagerly awaiting her response.
And then, the beauty of the ball, opened her mouth, delicate red lips no longer pursed but opening up into a gorgeous smile. But, it kept on going. She kept on smiling more and more until it got creepy, and then suddenly lifted a pink microphone to her mouth, waving her arms in the air. "HEY, I just met you! And this is crazy!" Phil blinked a couple of times, confusion etched into his face as he pulled away slightly, but as he drew back, she came in closer.

"But here's my number! SO CALL ME MAYBE!"

Phil awoke with a start, sitting upright after being yelled at in the face. Well... in the dream anyway. He was a little bit worried. Had he really just asked a girl to dance who then started to sing Carley Rae Jepson at him? He then continued to hear the song being played and realised that it was coming from the radio next door. He felt something similar to relief flooding through him. Never in his life would he want to date anyone who could make a song that annoying... He ran a hand through his hair and looked over to his clock. 6:30. "Seriously?" He murmured to himself, groaning a little and then shaking his head. Phil honestly wasn't sure whether Johnny was trying to get him to hate him, or was just being annoying. All the same, Phil didn't mind that much really. He just wasn't much of a morning person. He'd get over it once he was actually awake. "Might as well shower now that I'm up..." He murmured, standing upright and stretching his arms out, before tossing his clothes off and walking into the bathroom.

After finally waking up and getting dressed into a white shirt, a chequered white and green shirt over the top, and jogging bottoms, he raided his wardrobe for his school Letterman Jacket, finding it misplaced. He was thoroughly confused, before one person entered his mind. "Han." He rolled his eyes and laughed a little, knowing that he'd probably find it drooped over her shoulders. "I am going ahead Ken-Doll." He heard being called out to him, but before he could respond with a 'catch you later' the door had already shut. He bit his lip. He'd have to work out how he could try and befriend Johnny. He had nothing against the guy. And yet, Johnny acted sometimes as if they were from opposite sides of the world. He shook his head and then flung his backpack over his shoulders, scratching the back of his neck and then smiling a little. He didn't have time to practice football. Maybe a jog would be good though...

After making his way to the pitch, he took off his chequered shirt and white shirt, just to save sweating on it, and then started jogging around the track. Needed to get some exercise anyways. As he ran around, he suddenly spotted a head of blonde practicing Baseball. Newbie, Sam White. He smiled to her and gave her a wave, but she didn't seem to notice. "Concentration, nice one." He commented, more saying it on his own accord...

He was soon finished and making his way inside the building, walking through the doors of his classroom and tripping over a book. Phil raised an eyebrow before looking down and seeing a book laid out on the ground. Picking it up, he read the name 'Alice Bryant' on the cover. He looked around the classroom, seeing the polite shy girl hiding away in her own corner. He walked over to her and gave her a smile, holding the book out to her. "So many books, hard to keep a hold of all of them, isn't it?" He commented, chuckling a little.