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Dante Phelps

if you knew the rest you woud know why

0 · 186 views · located in Brown High Academy

a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, as played by jackrules158


Name: Dante Phelps
Age: 18 ( a year behind hannah)
Gender; Male
Role Loser 3

Written Looks: short black hair, deep green eyes, slightly pale skin (he doesn't get out much), surpisingly fit for how inactive he is, doesn't think about personal hygeine alot, about 6'4" 185 lbs clean shave
Wears: loose fittig clothing, torn up jeans,
Style:relaxed street wear

-peace and quiet
- entertainng friends
- video games
-good food
-anyone messing with his friends and ESPECIALLY his sister
-loud noises
-being woken up

- friends being hurt
- his sist getting hurt again
- his sister being alone
- eating
- playing video
- day dreaming
- notworking

Dante is your stereo typical stoner. He hates fighting but will gladly throw the first punch f it means protecing his sister. he knows his sister is sexually actie and hehates evey second of it he believes is a good guy but still keeps a close eye on him. He is very friendly and actually really smart but he just doesn't care about thiings he doesn't care about or likes. He wouln't mind being a video game tester but fornow he is perfectly fin surfing on the waves provided by his loving carin parents.

Family: Hannah Phelps
Best Friends: roommate loser 2
Friends:Hannah and any of th losrs
Crush n/a

So begins...

Dante Phelps's Story

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Hannh Phelps
Hannah rolled over as Sam's annoying alarm clock rang as usual. She waited until sam left and tried to sleep for another ten minutes but then her phone went off playing her favorite song. " Hey Hannah,where are you I'm so bored and we have first hour together" She quickly typed out her response herfingers flying over the keys at lightning speed. "I'm in my dorm trying to go back to sleep give me ten and meet me out front of my room then we'll go pick up phill" Hannah sent before rolling out of her bed and walking to her closet. She decided to wear a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans with Phil's Letterman jacket that she stole during their last "sleepover". She walked into the bathroom and took a shower washing her hair with strawberry shampoo her favorite and Phil's favorite. She put her clothes on and threw on a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes and walked out her door waiting for Ash to show up.

Dante Phelps

Dante woke up and groaned as he saw his clock read 6:00 AM. He got out of bed not bothering to shower. He grabbed his bong from under the bed and took a hit from it. He threw on his tennis shoes before tossing one his socks at his roommate, Michael. "YO MIKEY WAKE UP" he said taking another hit and letting the smoke hang freely in his room, He walked to his closet ad grabbed a hoodie and sat down in his video game chair that his sister bought him for his birthday and he turned on the XBOX and started up a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops on XBOX LIVE also payed for by his sister.