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Data Martin

"Yes because you're opinion of me is soo important"

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a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, originally authored by MaliceInWonderland, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Data Martin
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Loser 1

Written Looks: Data has long black thick eye brows and a pale complextion.
Wears: Her style is very hispter/ Boho chic,with a goth flare. She sports hispter glasses from time to time, some sort of graphic or vintage tee and nothing but jeans and converse One Stars.
Style: same as above.

Likes: Boys, Gothic art, Art, Sculpting Painting and Anything that's not Mainstream
Dislikes: Mainstream -or hideious pop fodder as she puts it-, The Evil Queen Bees
Fears: Being alone
Habits: She gnaws on her thumbnail when she's thinking. She taps her foot with she's losing patience.
Personality: Data personality changes depending on her mood. She can be sweet and light hearted but at the same time she can snarky and sarcastic. Actually most of the time, she'd snarky and sarcastic. She does however mean well. She will do just about anything for her friends even if that means punching out a few Evil Queen Bees.

Family: Just her Mom. Myra.
Best Friends: TBA
Friends: The Losers
Crush: TBA
History: Data was born to a single Mathematician, Myra Martin. Hence the name Data. Her mother raised her up to be a math genius while Data found that she is in fact a Right brained girl. She loved art and that's what she can be found doing all of the time. "It's pronouced Day Ta. Not Daa Ta by the way".
Mrya has a hard time understanding her Artistic Daughter but she tries when she has the time. They have Mother Daughter outings and things like that but they do however clash being that they are so different. Myra however is a progressive parent. She doesn't bombard Data with many rules so long as Data's honest and keeps her grades up. Which she is and does, Sometimes she's too honest, if there is such a thing and she has very high marks. Data can stay out late, have friends over and things like that without really having to ask permission simply because Myra is hardly home. Data loves the freedom but sometimes, wishes she and her mother had more time together.

So begins...

Data Martin's Story

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The large smile slid across his face, and he would have laughed, but while on one knee laughing would have been awkward, "Good morning beautiful." Johnny said still posing, "No need to be jealous of Bessy here," he said petting the rock, "You are still number 3 in my book!" He said pivoting his upper body and giving Kindle a large thumbs up with his free hand, and before he had a chance to follow up with it, Dara showed up... and Johnny couldn't help but play along by pouting at her 'hurtful' words, "Hey... what's that supposed to me.." He said then stopped pretending to consider what he was about to say, "Oh nevermind, point taken." He conceded. Johnny, Gods gift to the world settling down with one girl and sharing everything with her? Not going to happen.

"Such a shame polygamy is not allowed." Johnny said pretending to be distraught, "Me, you, Kindle, and of course Bessy here all one happy dysfunctional family." He said sighing before tossing 'Bessy' over his shoulder and letting it crash to the ground, "Oh well, no use getting depressed over not being able to have some kinky man on rock action." Johnny said popping up and smiling, "So whats up?" He glanced at his watch... oh, ten minutes to class that is what was up. Oh well, at least he would get to see samyyyy!!! He loved her name, just one you wanted to yell to the world, but the downside was she would be staring at Ken-doll the entire time.

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Data snickered as Johnny understood her point. Johnny then went on about his rock and polagamy and Data snorted. "Yea, I'd rather date the rock." She said with a roll of her eyes. She actually had small feelings for Johnny only because either he was brave enough or stupid enough to flirt with her. She had violent tendencies towards....well almost everyone but especially guys. Flirts usually sent her in a rage but not with him. She either blew it off completely or had a barrage of insults waiting for him but now, having the same drama class with him and -more recently- her having been casted as the leading lady and him, the leading man. They've had to hang out alot more.

It was then Data was knocked to the ground, her sketchbook and pencils spilling out of her bag and rolling down the quad. Data looked up to see Hannah lurking there. Admiring her work. Data was on her feet in seconds, She felt a small burning on her arm. She looked down to see a bit a skin missing on her elbow. Blood dotting the exposed skin and Data almost snarled. "I got your Red Sea, right here!" Data spat and she lunged after her, hands curled into fists "How about I bloody that plastic nose of yours!?" She barked but she felt her arms on her before she could make a move.

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Johnathan Hills


Johnny stood pretending to be baffled, "Dear god... I didn't think she could spell Red Sea much less reference it" He said stroking his chin, "This is going to be a problem if she is going to become wife 643." He paused so lost in his thought he pretended not to see Data rush at her because there was no way in hell he was getting in between a good ol'fashion cat fight, please God allow clothing to be ripped off. He could see it now, Data punching aiming it at Hana's face that powerful rage exploding as Hana screamed and scratched, her nails catching Dana's shirt and ripping them a little, the outrage of Dana's face as she tears Hana's clothes more, and then his mind wandered off to some scenes better left not told, but somehow there was a lot of whipped cream and Kindle had joined in on the party. A shout snapped him back to the world as Data was grabbed and held, and everyone walking by had stopped to see the show, and sadly his fantasy was only a fantasy.

Johnny gave a depressed sigh, before stepping forward determined to grab peoples attention, "Ladies, Ladies." Johnny said holding up his hands, "There is plenty of me to go around, no need to fight over me, unless we got some mud and bikinis around." A few nervous chuckles crept into the cloud, many refusing to smile or laugh simply because they didn't want Hana to see them laughing at her. Johnny bent down and scooped his backpack up and started for the door before turning on his heel and pretending his two hands were guns aimed at Hana, "Stay feisty for me beautiful." He said before entering the building.