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Hannah Phelps

This is my school and I rule it with an iron fist

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a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, as played by jackrules158



Name:Hannnah Phelps
Role: Lead Popular

Written Looks: Has long brown hair that reaches just past her shoulder, piercing blue eyes she's known throughout the school for her glares. She keeps her hair perfectly soft smooth and silky. Her hands are in great condition she gets a manicure 3 times a week to make sure they look pretty.
Wears: Her dad is rich so she wears the best clothes money can buy. She has three closets full of clothes one closet for shoes, one closet for shirts and dresses, and another for pants and skirts.
Style: she tends to wear whatevers in style right now.

Likes: spending money, hanging out with her best friends, hanging out with her boyfriend the captain of the football team, messing with any of the 7 losers
Dislikes: being stood up to, girls talking to her boyfriend
Fears: deep down she is very insecure which is why she goes to great lengths to keep her boyfriend and keep herself at the top of the social ladder so she can feel better about herself.
Habits: She has a bit of ocd when it comes to cleanliness her room is always pristine with everything in its place and she's also a germaphobe if she see's someone sneeze she uses her hand sanitiser to clean her hands.
Personality: Hannah is nice to only a select few her friends, her boyfriend and her teachers. She is otherwise a bully and loves to tear people apart making them feel like the pieces of filth she thinks they are. THis is really only a defense mechanism she was bullied as a kid and so she felt so bad that she became bitter and once she became popular she decided if she had to feel bad about herself then so did the other losers. When she wants to be she can be kind and sweet.

Family: her dad who is a millionaire but isn't around much
Best Friends: popular girls 1 and 2
Friends: anybody popular
Crush: has a boyfriend

So begins...

Hannah Phelps's Story

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Ashley Potter


Ashley was sitting in her bed and she glanced at the clock, it was 12 A.M. in the morning. She has stayed up almost all night reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. She was about 20 to 10 pages from being done and was at the part where Harry just got rid of the elder wand. Ash had read the Harry Potter books many times the first time she read them she was 10 and has made sure she read them a least once a year. The most years she reads those books more than once. Those books where her favorite she cried when then last movie came out, and cried the first time she finished the books because those books had a part of her life. Ashley loved Harry, and laughed at Ron, and wished she could be more like Hermione. Hermione wasn’t afraid to be who she is even in the book when Ron said crap about her, sure she cried and got herself in deep shit, but Hermione stayed true to herself continued to be smart and also continued Muggle studies when Ron teases her a few years later when they got to choose their own classes. But Ashley she could never be a Hermione she knew that, she would never be quiet as brave as Hermione.
Ashley glanced over at her roommate who was asleep. Ashley kept praying her roommate wouldn’t wake up she was embarrassed at what she was reading and the way she looked. Ashley was wearing her black reading glasses that she needed but never wore because they were nerdy, no one not even Hannah and Lucy her best friends, well actually she could think of other people that she would want to know she wore glasses other than Hannah and Lucy. If they found out that she wore glasses they would make her like throw them away and she needs them to read. Ashley also looked at the rest of he routfit, she was wearing white sweat pants which no popular girl should wear, the closest thing they should come to sweat pants is tight yoga pants because they are sexier. She was also wearing a gray and turquoise tank top that was buttoned up in the front. Her hair was in a messy bun. Ashley probably looked fairly nerdy. So looked away from her roommate and continued reading. She smiled when Harry his children off to Hogwarts a boarding school. Too bad no boarding school was really like Hogwarts. She closed the book and set in on her night stand, then drank the little bit oh hot chocolate she had left and went to bed.

Ash woke up at normal time it was 6 in the morning, that, meant 2 more hours till class started. On a normal day she would go running and sometimes even invite Hannah or Lucy or both to come with her. Though today Ashley was over tired and didn’t feel like it. So she just up and got ready.
After getting ready she walked over to the other building which was the school building. She was a little early but didn’t really care. She looked around for some of her friends but mainly looking for Hannah. They had Biology together first hour. Ash didn’t mind Biology she actually found it kind of fun. She wasn’t sure was Hannah thought about it but she liked it.
Ashley grabbed her phone out of her bag and texted Hannah.
Hey Hannah where are you I’m so bored and we have first hour together.

Sam White


Sam woke up at 6. That meant 2 hours till school started. She didn’t wake up this early because she needed it to get ready but she woke up this early so she could get some time to practice her baseball skills, like every other morning. Her alarm clock was playing Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) by Gary Allen. ”Every storm runs, runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day. Every heart ache will fade away, just like every storm runs, runs out of rain.” The music played. Sam liked the song. She liked music in general though. Sam didn’t really prefer a specific type of music she just liked music in general. So whether it be hip hop, country, indie, ect. she’ll listen to it.

20 minutes later Sam was completely ready so school. Her hair was naturally straight as can be so all she had to do was brush it. She also put on Princeton sweatshirt, over a white shirt she was wearing. She also had her normal pair or jeans and her blue converse. As for her make up Sam didn’t wear foundation or anything which is fine because she was flawless skin, but she did put on some brown eyeliner, which she could be seen wearing from time to time. Other than eyeliner Sam didn’t wear makeup at all. So Sam grabbed her baseball bag and her New York Yankees hat and went out the door.
The school has a baseball cage but it was only open during practice time so she had to go out into the field. She was using one of those automatic shooting balls to hit the balls.
The baseball field was located between the batting cage and the tennis court. Right next to the batting cage was the football field, and right next to the tennis court was the school. And right next to the school was the boy and girl dorms.
Right now early morning tennis lesson nothing really to talk about there. Some guys also throw around the football on the field in the morning, and Sam can’t help herself she usually looks for Phil. Sam shook thoughts about him off though she didn’t really feel like having him on her mind right now. So she just went hitting the baseballs trying to clear her head.
Sam was actually pretty good at baseball, she had been playing since she was probably about 4 or 5 which I know is a long time. But when her mom died and her dad didn’t really want her around, baseball got her mind off it. The first time she ever played baseball was when one of her nannies took her to play because she thought Sam may like it. And of course Sam did, a lot.

Sam was doing pretty well she even hit all ball out of the ball park. She wasn’t sure where it went nor did she really care. After a while she realized how much time she wasted, it was 15 minutes till school started and she had left her bag in the room. She quickly packed everything and ran back to her dorm room, quickly switched bags and ran to the school building with 10 minutes to spare.

Sam’s first hour class was with Johnny and Phil. Not that she would talk to Phil she didn’t have the guts. But Johnny was fun to be around. Though if he kept calling her Sammy there is a possibly that she will hurt him without hesitation.
Always Sam went to her locker got her books, and everything else.

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Hannh Phelps
Hannah rolled over as Sam's annoying alarm clock rang as usual. She waited until sam left and tried to sleep for another ten minutes but then her phone went off playing her favorite song. " Hey Hannah,where are you I'm so bored and we have first hour together" She quickly typed out her response herfingers flying over the keys at lightning speed. "I'm in my dorm trying to go back to sleep give me ten and meet me out front of my room then we'll go pick up phill" Hannah sent before rolling out of her bed and walking to her closet. She decided to wear a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans with Phil's Letterman jacket that she stole during their last "sleepover". She walked into the bathroom and took a shower washing her hair with strawberry shampoo her favorite and Phil's favorite. She put her clothes on and threw on a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes and walked out her door waiting for Ash to show up.

Dante Phelps

Dante woke up and groaned as he saw his clock read 6:00 AM. He got out of bed not bothering to shower. He grabbed his bong from under the bed and took a hit from it. He threw on his tennis shoes before tossing one his socks at his roommate, Michael. "YO MIKEY WAKE UP" he said taking another hit and letting the smoke hang freely in his room, He walked to his closet ad grabbed a hoodie and sat down in his video game chair that his sister bought him for his birthday and he turned on the XBOX and started up a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops on XBOX LIVE also payed for by his sister.

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Data snickered as Johnny understood her point. Johnny then went on about his rock and polagamy and Data snorted. "Yea, I'd rather date the rock." She said with a roll of her eyes. She actually had small feelings for Johnny only because either he was brave enough or stupid enough to flirt with her. She had violent tendencies towards....well almost everyone but especially guys. Flirts usually sent her in a rage but not with him. She either blew it off completely or had a barrage of insults waiting for him but now, having the same drama class with him and -more recently- her having been casted as the leading lady and him, the leading man. They've had to hang out alot more.

It was then Data was knocked to the ground, her sketchbook and pencils spilling out of her bag and rolling down the quad. Data looked up to see Hannah lurking there. Admiring her work. Data was on her feet in seconds, She felt a small burning on her arm. She looked down to see a bit a skin missing on her elbow. Blood dotting the exposed skin and Data almost snarled. "I got your Red Sea, right here!" Data spat and she lunged after her, hands curled into fists "How about I bloody that plastic nose of yours!?" She barked but she felt her arms on her before she could make a move.

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Philip Roe


Phil was quite content. He was having a dream that he was living back in the Tudor Era, wearing a fancy suit and going to a masked ball. He didn't seem to recognise any of the girls around him, what with the fancy gowns and big extravagant masks. Phil somehow found himself being drawn to a beautiful girl wearing a flowing white dress and having long blonde hair. He approached her and then held out a hand, bowing his head slightly to her. "May I have this dance?" He asked, smiling delightfully, eagerly awaiting her response.
And then, the beauty of the ball, opened her mouth, delicate red lips no longer pursed but opening up into a gorgeous smile. But, it kept on going. She kept on smiling more and more until it got creepy, and then suddenly lifted a pink microphone to her mouth, waving her arms in the air. "HEY, I just met you! And this is crazy!" Phil blinked a couple of times, confusion etched into his face as he pulled away slightly, but as he drew back, she came in closer.

"But here's my number! SO CALL ME MAYBE!"

Phil awoke with a start, sitting upright after being yelled at in the face. Well... in the dream anyway. He was a little bit worried. Had he really just asked a girl to dance who then started to sing Carley Rae Jepson at him? He then continued to hear the song being played and realised that it was coming from the radio next door. He felt something similar to relief flooding through him. Never in his life would he want to date anyone who could make a song that annoying... He ran a hand through his hair and looked over to his clock. 6:30. "Seriously?" He murmured to himself, groaning a little and then shaking his head. Phil honestly wasn't sure whether Johnny was trying to get him to hate him, or was just being annoying. All the same, Phil didn't mind that much really. He just wasn't much of a morning person. He'd get over it once he was actually awake. "Might as well shower now that I'm up..." He murmured, standing upright and stretching his arms out, before tossing his clothes off and walking into the bathroom.

After finally waking up and getting dressed into a white shirt, a chequered white and green shirt over the top, and jogging bottoms, he raided his wardrobe for his school Letterman Jacket, finding it misplaced. He was thoroughly confused, before one person entered his mind. "Han." He rolled his eyes and laughed a little, knowing that he'd probably find it drooped over her shoulders. "I am going ahead Ken-Doll." He heard being called out to him, but before he could respond with a 'catch you later' the door had already shut. He bit his lip. He'd have to work out how he could try and befriend Johnny. He had nothing against the guy. And yet, Johnny acted sometimes as if they were from opposite sides of the world. He shook his head and then flung his backpack over his shoulders, scratching the back of his neck and then smiling a little. He didn't have time to practice football. Maybe a jog would be good though...

After making his way to the pitch, he took off his chequered shirt and white shirt, just to save sweating on it, and then started jogging around the track. Needed to get some exercise anyways. As he ran around, he suddenly spotted a head of blonde practicing Baseball. Newbie, Sam White. He smiled to her and gave her a wave, but she didn't seem to notice. "Concentration, nice one." He commented, more saying it on his own accord...

He was soon finished and making his way inside the building, walking through the doors of his classroom and tripping over a book. Phil raised an eyebrow before looking down and seeing a book laid out on the ground. Picking it up, he read the name 'Alice Bryant' on the cover. He looked around the classroom, seeing the polite shy girl hiding away in her own corner. He walked over to her and gave her a smile, holding the book out to her. "So many books, hard to keep a hold of all of them, isn't it?" He commented, chuckling a little.

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Johnathan Hills


Johnny stood pretending to be baffled, "Dear god... I didn't think she could spell Red Sea much less reference it" He said stroking his chin, "This is going to be a problem if she is going to become wife 643." He paused so lost in his thought he pretended not to see Data rush at her because there was no way in hell he was getting in between a good ol'fashion cat fight, please God allow clothing to be ripped off. He could see it now, Data punching aiming it at Hana's face that powerful rage exploding as Hana screamed and scratched, her nails catching Dana's shirt and ripping them a little, the outrage of Dana's face as she tears Hana's clothes more, and then his mind wandered off to some scenes better left not told, but somehow there was a lot of whipped cream and Kindle had joined in on the party. A shout snapped him back to the world as Data was grabbed and held, and everyone walking by had stopped to see the show, and sadly his fantasy was only a fantasy.

Johnny gave a depressed sigh, before stepping forward determined to grab peoples attention, "Ladies, Ladies." Johnny said holding up his hands, "There is plenty of me to go around, no need to fight over me, unless we got some mud and bikinis around." A few nervous chuckles crept into the cloud, many refusing to smile or laugh simply because they didn't want Hana to see them laughing at her. Johnny bent down and scooped his backpack up and started for the door before turning on his heel and pretending his two hands were guns aimed at Hana, "Stay feisty for me beautiful." He said before entering the building.

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Lucy Saunders

The sound of her roommates alarm blaring in her ears awoke her from her slumber. Which was a pity, seeing as she was having such a nice dream. A dream which she couldn't repeat out loud without being expelled. This girl's thoughts weren't exactly pure.

Unfortunately, Lucy had slept in. She usually woke up an hour earlier, just to get ready. A few minutes later, once Kindle had left, she climbed out of bed, messily making it in a hurry, before straightening her hair, which she had turned on as soon as she got up. She did her make-up, picked an outfit and rushed out the door, probably late for class.

She sighed as she made her way to class, the heels on her shoes making it impossible to run. She took out her phone as she walked, yawning, and texted her friend.

To: Hannah<3

heeyy hannah miss you :( wua? x