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Lucy Saunders

"If life hands you lemons, throw them back and demand popularity."

0 · 285 views · located in Brown High Academy

a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal



"It's Lucy, okay?"
Legally her name is Lucinda Elizabeth Saunders, but after deciding that Lucinda was way too 'old-fashioned,' she demanded that everyone call her Lucy. If someone were to call her by Lucinda, expect a punch in the face, and later, a good serving of revenge.

"Well, I'm seventeen, until I want to get into Club Lips.."
She's seventeen, in her last year at Brown High, and she can't wait to get out of this hell hole.

"Okay, you better be joking around here. Get the fuck out, now."
Female, which she would hope would be pretty obvious.

"A roll? Like, a sausage roll? Don't they have like a bazillion calories?"
Popular Girl Two.

Written Looks:
"Basically, I'm flawless."
Lucy has dyed blonde hair, though naturally a brunette, which hangs to just below her shoulders, unless it's straightens, which will then hang to below her chest. She has blue/grey eyes which are bordered by long eyelashes and nicely shaped eyebrows. The little acne she has is hidden under layers of make up. She stands at 5'6, meaning she's not too short, but can still wear high heels without looking like a giraffe.

"I wear clothes."
Lucy wears anything nice, basically. Denim shorts, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, tank tops, you name it.

"Isn't this the same as what I wear?"
She wears.. whatever is in style, really. As much as she'd like to be, Lucy is not a trend-setter, or a leader, she's a follower, and follows the fashions as well. Which usually consists with whatever [LEAD POPULAR GIRL] is wearing.


"Ehh, well, not you! Nosey bitch."
-❤- Clothes
-❤- Being Popular
-❤- Boys
-❤- Eating Without Getting Fat
-❤- Summer
-❤- Music
-❤- Smiles

"Anything to do with school, basically."
-☹- School
-☹- Homework
-☹- Rain
-☹- Rumours About Her
-☹- Teachers
-☹- Being Pranked
-☹- Dirt

"Like I'm going to tell you."
-☠- Blood
-☠- Extreme Heights
-☠- Bugs
-☠- Bats

"Well I do tend to fidget with my hands whe- Wait, I mean, I don't have any habits, I'm perfect!"
-✰- When nervous or in an uncomfortable situation, she tends to fidget with her hands, or feet.
-✰- She used to bite her nails, but stopped when she was twelve.

"I'm so nice, like perfect nice!"
Lucy is a bitch, at least, to most. She will trample over whoever gets in her way, not even thinking about the consequences. She acts on impulse, and has certainly never heard the saying, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." She uses sarcasm and swearing a lot. She is definitely a kiss-up, treating those above her like royalty, so she will eventually be able to pull them down. Though, she can be nice, if she actually likes the person - maybe a bit conceited, though.

"My family? Uhh, I'd rather not talk about them.."
FC: Mariska Hargaty; Mother; 39; Female: Tracey Dexterly
Her mother is a workaholic, meaning that though the family are rich, they also never have any quality time with their mother. She is strict, everything must be perfect, including her children. When she is home, she tends to either ignore her children or boss them around.

FC: Colin Firth; Father; 41; Male: Paul Saunders
Paul was an alcoholic, and beat Lucy's mother. He left the family when Lucy was five, about to take off with the money and the kids, but Tracey called the cops and got Paul in prison.

FC: Logan Lerman; Brother; 19; Male: Jake Saunders
Jake is the typical annoying big brother, though Lucy is quite close, considering their parents. She is also very competitive with him, fighting for notice from their mother.

Best Friends: TBA

Friends: TBA

Crush: TBA

History: Lucy was born to Paul Sanders and Tracey Dexterly, who was only twenty two when she had Lucy and nineteen when she had her older brother, Jake. Her father was an alcoholic, often coming home completely stoned. Lucy learned to stay in her room whenever he was home, which wasn't very often. Though she was young, she was aware of how her father beat her mother. However, Paul was actually very loving towards the children, always kissing them goodnight, helping with homework.

When Lucy was five, Paul woke the children up in the middle of the night, telling them to get in the car. Three hours later, the cops had been called and they were being chased down the road by the police. There was a trial, and Paul was arrested for abusing Tracey and trying to 'kidnap' his children, as well as attempted robbery of Tracey's money.

The Tracey/Paul scandal became the talk of the town, so as soon as Tracey's job required her to move, she packed their bags and left. She became a workaholic after that, and made sure absolutely everything was perfect.

So begins...

Lucy Saunders's Story

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Lucy Saunders

The sound of her roommates alarm blaring in her ears awoke her from her slumber. Which was a pity, seeing as she was having such a nice dream. A dream which she couldn't repeat out loud without being expelled. This girl's thoughts weren't exactly pure.

Unfortunately, Lucy had slept in. She usually woke up an hour earlier, just to get ready. A few minutes later, once Kindle had left, she climbed out of bed, messily making it in a hurry, before straightening her hair, which she had turned on as soon as she got up. She did her make-up, picked an outfit and rushed out the door, probably late for class.

She sighed as she made her way to class, the heels on her shoes making it impossible to run. She took out her phone as she walked, yawning, and texted her friend.

To: Hannah<3

heeyy hannah miss you :( wua? x