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Michael Foster

"Hey want to hear a funny story?"

0 · 130 views · located in Brown High Academy

a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, originally authored by youloveme?, as played by RolePlayGateway


Michael Foster


Name: ”I want to be called Michael NOT Mike or another nickname”
Michael Foster
17, he will be 18 on Christmas
Gender: *Laughs* “Yea I’m totally a girl”’
Role: ”Ummm…???”[/b]
Loser Boy 2

Written Looks: [i]”Hmm I think I’m pretty sexy”

He has brown that is always messy and out of place. Though he likes to point out that it is never quite as bad as Johnny’s insanely messy and curly hair, and Michael doesn’t have curly hair so… Well then again I guess it’s slightly curly in a way but then again not really. Anyways changing the subject now. He is a mixture of icy blue and sky blue eyes. Michael stands at 5 feet 10 inches and doesn’t’ exactly have all that much muscle to him.
Wears: ”Uh clothes?
Right now he is wearing just a plain short sleeve tee shirt it’s pretty boring. He’s also wearing his green Michigan State University sweatshirt that he is obsessed with. As for his pants there jut medium wash jeans that are pretty normal.
He’s just more of a jeans and tee shirt type of guy. Though he also likes to wear college sweatshirts.

Likes: ”Food it’s that simple”
- Pizza
- Cupcakes
- Sanwiches
- Ham
”Are you seeing the food trend here
”Well aside from food I like:
- Reading
- College Sweatshirts
- Math
- Reading
- Comedy Movies
- Joking around
- His other brother
- Clowns
- Annoying people
- Storms
- The quiet
- The popular people
Fears:”Clowns” *Shudder*
- He is deathly afraid of clowns
- Storms
-Biting his finger nails
- Clicking his pen when he’s bored (SOOO annoying)
Michael doesn’t take life too seriously. He is always joking around and trying to get people to have a good time. He’s just one of those people that lives like there dyeing. He doesn’t usually think before he speaks or acts. Sometimes that gets him in trouble but he is usually very apologetic about it. He doesn’t really like hurting people’s feelings.
Michael is also very funny. He is one of those people that get those funny memories in your mind and you laugh every time you think about them. He’s also one of those people that you smile to yourself when you think about just because of all those funny memories with him.
He usually tries to live up to everyone expectations of him and it can be hard at times.

Family: ”It’s pretty big”[/bi]
His mother is a teacher here at the cool she is Mrs. Foster and Teaches French
His father lives away from the boarding school back home, he is a lawyer.
He has a little brother that is 3 his name is Samuel
He has a 7 year old brother names James
He has a 10 year old brother name Jake
He has a 14 year old sister name Claire
He has a 21 year old brother named Justin
Best Friends:
The seven losers
Crush TBA
History: [i]”Like the class? BORE-ING!”

Michael was born on Christmas day nearly 18 years ago. His mother is a teacher and his father is a very successful lawyer. Michael grew up happy but he was always being compared to his to his older brother Justin. Justin was always better and Michael knew that, Justin is even going to Harvard which his parents like to point out a lot. Michael feels like he needs to live up to everything that Justin has done, but what Justin has done just isn’t Michael’s dreams but he feels like her needs to accomplish them anyways to make his parents happy.
With 5 siblings not counting Michael but if you did it would be 6, the family doesn’t give much attention to each child. That’s why Michael and Claire go to this boarding school, Claire is a Freshman. And Jake and James go to an elementary boarding school. There parents send them there so someone else can parent her kids.
Also his parents don’t really get along. They fight all the time. Over the summer her parents don’t even sleep in the same bed, and they haven’t for about 2 to 3 years. He knows his father is having an affair, and he has been for over 5 years with different women. He knows his parents aren’t in love, but they won’t divorce because they don’t want to get a bad reputation.

So begins...

Michael Foster's Story

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Hannh Phelps
Hannah rolled over as Sam's annoying alarm clock rang as usual. She waited until sam left and tried to sleep for another ten minutes but then her phone went off playing her favorite song. " Hey Hannah,where are you I'm so bored and we have first hour together" She quickly typed out her response herfingers flying over the keys at lightning speed. "I'm in my dorm trying to go back to sleep give me ten and meet me out front of my room then we'll go pick up phill" Hannah sent before rolling out of her bed and walking to her closet. She decided to wear a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans with Phil's Letterman jacket that she stole during their last "sleepover". She walked into the bathroom and took a shower washing her hair with strawberry shampoo her favorite and Phil's favorite. She put her clothes on and threw on a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes and walked out her door waiting for Ash to show up.

Dante Phelps

Dante woke up and groaned as he saw his clock read 6:00 AM. He got out of bed not bothering to shower. He grabbed his bong from under the bed and took a hit from it. He threw on his tennis shoes before tossing one his socks at his roommate, Michael. "YO MIKEY WAKE UP" he said taking another hit and letting the smoke hang freely in his room, He walked to his closet ad grabbed a hoodie and sat down in his video game chair that his sister bought him for his birthday and he turned on the XBOX and started up a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops on XBOX LIVE also payed for by his sister.