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Philip "Phil" Roe

"If I'm Prince Charming, I'm sure hoping I've found My Cinderella."

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a character in “Sam White and The Seven Losers”, as played by The*Lucky*Teacup


Philip Zachary Roe
"But please... call me Phil."
"You need to ask? Hmm... time for a haircut perhaps...?"
Prince Charming


Written Looks:
Well, his hair can be one of the many things to attract people. It's pretty short most of the way around, but there's some area's of his hair that are longer than others, and are rather spiked up. His hair is often primped up by others, including his girlfriend. He is also very well known for having a very nice body. He was crowned the 'body king' by his fellow football team members. He is raised by a mother who's a famous fashion designer though, so he finds that she often tries to make him look perfect in every single way. He also has the perfect crystal clear blue eyes that every girl goes gaga over. Basically, he is the prince charming that every girl fantasises over. He sometimes model's for his mother's business, and so he is rather well known for being the good looks around the area.

Well, it depends on what he's got planned in his day. If he's got a big match on, then he'll probably stick with the teams jacket with the logo on it, but on his lazier days, he might wear just a plain t-shirt or a button up shirt (which around Hannah always seems to lose it's buttons...) He carries around with him a fashionable backpack that his mother got him for his birthday. (He's not fussed about it, but hey a bag is a bag.) In all honesty, he only wears this kind of stuff if he's going to school. At home, he will just have no colour co-ordination and will just stay in his hoody and jogging bottoms. He only worries about his looks at times because that's what everyone seems to judge him on.


[*]Rainy days and clear nights
[*]Being able to spend time with his girlfriend
[*]Having a laugh
[*]Playing football
[*]Some of the seven losers. "Although they don't seem to have a good opinion on me, or Hannah and the girls, they seem like an alright bunch."
[*]Being able to pig out (which isn't often)
[*]History (Not many people know about this as he doesn't tend to tell many. Most think he's just a lover of sports.)
[*]Being able to be with his parents without being nagged about something not looking right...[/list]

[*]Getting jealous
[*]When the populars start doing horrid things to the 7 losers
[*]Being popular (at times...)
[*]Seeing hardly anything of his parents
[*]"My little sister can be a pain in the ass sometimes...
[*]Some of the teachers

"Ha, like I have any fears..."
[*]Circus' and clowns. Just... some creepy stuff goes on in there...
[*]Being tortured (he's watched enough horror movies to know it wouldn't be pleasant...)
[*]Issolation. Well... he spends a lot of time at home alone, but that just explains why he tends to go out with friends and girlfriends quite a lot.

[*]Bites his nails when getting nervous
[*]Goes quiet when upset or getting jealous
[*]Daydreams from time-to-time

Well, anyone who thinks they know Phil will say that he's a cool guy with an excellent personality, lots of charisma and one of the most popular guys in school. He is well known for being a nice guy with an excellent body and great hair. However, like they say, don't judge a book by it's cover. Phil, although it seems like he's there because of his mother's wealth, is actually a very intelligent guy. He could get A*'s in his subjects if he tried hard enough. Phil does love playing football, and enjoys sports, but he deep down inside just wants to be happy. Have the perfect girlfriend, perfect friends, and just be able to live without fearing that his life is going to the shits. However, Phil believes that being with the prettiest and most popular girl in school means that he has the perfect girlfriend. This may not be necessarily be true, but it's what he's gotten into his head. Phil is a friendly and happy guy, but he can get fed up of not finding any commitment in friendships and such. He gets a little annoyed and goes quiet if someone upsets him. However, don't think that this means he no longer likes you. This usually just means he's fighting it out in his head, and usually he'll forget about it quite quickly. Phil does like to think to himself and go over things in his head by himself, but if someone thinks he's spacing out, he'll quickly return back to reality and be the same Phil that everyone knows him to be. However, unlike most other populars, he doesn't think so highly of himself that he doesn't talk to people who are unpopular. He finds that some of the unpopular's can actually be quite a laugh. Though, he's often 'asked for help' from some in class, just to be able to talk to them.


A mother that's big in the fashion industry, father that divorced mother and he no longer has any contact with, and a 12 year old sister that often goes to her friend's house
Best Friends:
The guys on the football team
Well, most people count him as his friend. He has lots of friends, and next to no enemies.
"Of course, it's my girl Hannah! Like you need to ask..."
Although he won't admit it, some of Hannah's habits are getting on his nerves. He feels like a naggy wife when he sees her looking at other guys...
For as long as Phil has known, his mother and father never really got along. They just had to look at each other and then they would start arguing. This lead to most of his childhood of being scared of being with both parents at once. But this was soon ended as at about age 8, they divorced, and his father left without a goodbye. Now, this has left Phil to be looked after in his mother's capable hands. Which meant, he had to always look good. She raised him to believe that looks were everything and that in order to get all the things he ever wanted, he'd have to be a footballer. He was surprisingly good at the sport though, and really enjoyed it. Football is one thing that he believes he is really good at, and therefore thought for most of his life that he was going to be happy forever.

But... things change. Phil started to see things in the perspective of people around him. He found a love for History, but found that most others who loved History were seen as 'dorks' and then decided that he needed to keep it quiet. He's always had this innocent part of him that just wants to make sure everyone is happy. And even if he did it in very subtle ways, he still did it well. He is however more well known by fellow populars for being a laugh and great at parties. He started dating Hannah a year ago. She asked him, and he said yes. He actually has a lot of feelings for Hannah, but sometimes it seems as if she doesn't feel the same. Phil certainly loves a girl that will laugh with him, and wants to just have fun. Even if he feels as if he can't get that sometimes, it helps that a lot of the guys on the football team just muck around with each other and are up for a game. However, lately Phil has seen the nicer side of some of the losers of the school. Especially the seven losers. Who knows, maybe Phil is seeing the nicer side of people...


So begins...

Philip "Phil" Roe's Story

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Johnathin Hills


Johnny woke up as he does everyday, with a very loud yawn and a long cat-like stretch making sure that he flailed every possibly way on the bed before popping out of the bed and breathing in deeply. He was ready for another lovely day in which, he, the greatest guy in the world would go out of his way to lighten up the world of the other students, truly was a touching story, one for the ages really. This 'greatest guy' in the world first had to brush his teeth, scratch his stomach, and shut off his very load radio that he had bought just to be sure it always woke up Ken-doll sleeping just next door, and for this special reason, Johnny had made sure to wake up 30 minutes earlier then what ken-dolls was set, yes, he had sneaked into his room and looked just for this little prank that would only make him crack a smile.

Getting dressed was always a simple matter, did he waste time to make sure things matched? Did he waste time making sure that shirt was clean? Did he make sure he had not worn those jeans yesterday? No. He simply tossed things on, and today it seemed he had chosen a bright orange t-shirt that had a few small holes on the bottom front of the shirt where he had spilled battery acid on when doing a prank, (it was a long, very elaborate trap that had not worked as he had intended), deep blue jeans that had a very long tear running down the side of his calf, and of course, his old worn white nike's basketball sneaks. Indeed, he was looking mighty fine today as he gave himself a wink in the mirror before taking off, "I am going ahead Ken-Doll." He called to the rest of the dorm room, he always was one to say good morning.

Johnny paused to consider what to do with his extra time, go play baseball with some of the guys? Nah, not today... anyone else out? Well, he could find out by texting someone, but did he really want to? He would have to ask them how their morning was and wait bored until they answered, and honestly, he didn't care how their morning was.. Nah, not worth it, so he sat down and leaned against the school and pulled out his drama homework from the night before, it was a series of lines from the play hamlet that they were supposed to have memorized in order to break into small groups in class today and play out scenes. Johnny really liked drama, acting out scenes was really fun, and he really enjoyed it that, and he got a lot of attention from the audience and everyone else when he was on that stage.

Time ticked by as Johnny acted out scenes to help him memorize it, most teens would never do so in public, why? Because they would be too embarrassed, but not Johnny, hell, this was just another day, and anyone walking by should be glad they were blessed with the sight of Johnny bending on his knee and pretending a rock was a skull... so caught up in his act, he didn't realize who was watching or approaching.

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Philip Roe


Phil was quite content. He was having a dream that he was living back in the Tudor Era, wearing a fancy suit and going to a masked ball. He didn't seem to recognise any of the girls around him, what with the fancy gowns and big extravagant masks. Phil somehow found himself being drawn to a beautiful girl wearing a flowing white dress and having long blonde hair. He approached her and then held out a hand, bowing his head slightly to her. "May I have this dance?" He asked, smiling delightfully, eagerly awaiting her response.
And then, the beauty of the ball, opened her mouth, delicate red lips no longer pursed but opening up into a gorgeous smile. But, it kept on going. She kept on smiling more and more until it got creepy, and then suddenly lifted a pink microphone to her mouth, waving her arms in the air. "HEY, I just met you! And this is crazy!" Phil blinked a couple of times, confusion etched into his face as he pulled away slightly, but as he drew back, she came in closer.

"But here's my number! SO CALL ME MAYBE!"

Phil awoke with a start, sitting upright after being yelled at in the face. Well... in the dream anyway. He was a little bit worried. Had he really just asked a girl to dance who then started to sing Carley Rae Jepson at him? He then continued to hear the song being played and realised that it was coming from the radio next door. He felt something similar to relief flooding through him. Never in his life would he want to date anyone who could make a song that annoying... He ran a hand through his hair and looked over to his clock. 6:30. "Seriously?" He murmured to himself, groaning a little and then shaking his head. Phil honestly wasn't sure whether Johnny was trying to get him to hate him, or was just being annoying. All the same, Phil didn't mind that much really. He just wasn't much of a morning person. He'd get over it once he was actually awake. "Might as well shower now that I'm up..." He murmured, standing upright and stretching his arms out, before tossing his clothes off and walking into the bathroom.

After finally waking up and getting dressed into a white shirt, a chequered white and green shirt over the top, and jogging bottoms, he raided his wardrobe for his school Letterman Jacket, finding it misplaced. He was thoroughly confused, before one person entered his mind. "Han." He rolled his eyes and laughed a little, knowing that he'd probably find it drooped over her shoulders. "I am going ahead Ken-Doll." He heard being called out to him, but before he could respond with a 'catch you later' the door had already shut. He bit his lip. He'd have to work out how he could try and befriend Johnny. He had nothing against the guy. And yet, Johnny acted sometimes as if they were from opposite sides of the world. He shook his head and then flung his backpack over his shoulders, scratching the back of his neck and then smiling a little. He didn't have time to practice football. Maybe a jog would be good though...

After making his way to the pitch, he took off his chequered shirt and white shirt, just to save sweating on it, and then started jogging around the track. Needed to get some exercise anyways. As he ran around, he suddenly spotted a head of blonde practicing Baseball. Newbie, Sam White. He smiled to her and gave her a wave, but she didn't seem to notice. "Concentration, nice one." He commented, more saying it on his own accord...

He was soon finished and making his way inside the building, walking through the doors of his classroom and tripping over a book. Phil raised an eyebrow before looking down and seeing a book laid out on the ground. Picking it up, he read the name 'Alice Bryant' on the cover. He looked around the classroom, seeing the polite shy girl hiding away in her own corner. He walked over to her and gave her a smile, holding the book out to her. "So many books, hard to keep a hold of all of them, isn't it?" He commented, chuckling a little.