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Akiko Tatsuhashi

An odd yet normal girl from Okido traveling on her own.

0 · 264 views · located in Kansai

a character in “Samurai Champloo: Swords of Six Dragon”, as played by Karri Khaos


Name: Akiko Tatsuhashi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): She's not an experienced sword wielder and uses words to get out of things if she can but she has a small tanto for emergencies.
Image (She doesn't have a relation to Fuu I just loved the design is all)

Appearance: Image

Personality: Akiko is a very outspoken girl she often can be a bit sarcastic. She tries not to let things truly bother her and usually is the one to bring smiles to her companions. She's very caring and thoughtful when it counts but she does have her selfish moments. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and isn't really good at lying to those she cares about, however if she doesn't know you personally she can lie easily. When faced with an issue she can become manipulative and often thinks quickly to convince people of something to get her out of trouble.

Background: Up until a few months ago Akiko had a very normal life. She lived with her father and helped him run his small food shop and hadn't ever traveled from her home town Okido. She was a normal girl and the only thing that she ever did to stand out was take an interest in an instrument brought from over seas called a cello, which she learned to play and often would play for the locals. When her father fell into debt she was taken away to a brothel, where on her first night she snuck out of the room when her first patron was getting ready and ran from there. Ever since then she's been traveling alone trying to make her way in on her own and still avoiding Okido and the people who ran the brothel she was held in.


Theme: Kagami by Kanon Wakeshima

Talents: She's a bit of an expert game dealer and gambler and is very lucky. She also is an experienced cook from working in her fathers shop and can the cello. She can lie without being found out by anyone except someone good at reading body language or eye movements.

So begins...

Akiko Tatsuhashi's Story