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A beautiful assassin disguised as an Oiran, but her cover was blown, causing her to run away.

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a character in “Samurai Champloo: Swords of Six Dragon”, as played by Jaybt9


Name: Tsukiko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Wakizashi Sword (shorter sword than a katana)
Face: Beautiful face, with dark brown epicanthic folded eyes, rumored that they glitter at the sight of the moon
Hair: Long black hair that is tied near the bottom with white and blue hair ribbons. Her hair covers her left eye.
Accessories: Gold hoop earrings
Costume: Light blue kimono with straw sandals, and a white tabi.
Figure: Slim figure. Chest area stands out a little
Personality: Tsukiko is overall intelligent, but is very secretive about her life, especially her past. Tsukiko rarely smiles, or grins, as she feels that nothing in her life is great enough to smile about. She likes to watch the moon during nighttime, as it calms her down. She has this belief that the moon watches over her for good luck. When fighting, she doesn't show anger nor insanity. When it came to being an assassin, she was always focused on her objectives. Killing is what she doesn't pertain to, but she will when she doesn't have the choice, or she's ordered to. She has an extreme hate for the government, because of her mother's death.
Background: Tsukiko, born O'Kiko, was literally born and raised an assassin. Her mother was killed instantly by a samurai member of the empire when O'Kiko was 2, while her mother was in the woods. No one, except the samurai, knew the reason of her killing. Her father was a part of a mercenary group, living nothing but to kill. After her mother's death, O'Kiko was trained by her father in the skills of the katana, but she preferred the wakizashi, because it was lighter. At age 14, she was to have her first kill. She and her father were thinking of a way to get into the empire where her mother's killer resided. Becoming an oiran was her only choice, as this could get her close to the emperor, so she trained at becoming one. Age 18, she was a fully fledged oiran, and even though she wasn't close to the emperor as she thought she would be, his greedy son was her 1st client. Her mission at killing his son had succeeded, but out of nowhere, she decided to run away from the palace, leaving the son's corpse on the mats.

Theme Song: Madvillain feat. Stacy Epps-Eye

So begins...

Tsukiko's Story


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#, as written by Jaybt9
The forest was relatively quiet during the day. Nothing but the cold windy breeze and birds chirping made notice. Instantly other sounds were being made: gallops from afar, along with footsteps, tapping at a quicker speed. Bushes were being brushed apart as the footsteps came louder. Who was making these footsteps?

Out from between the bushes revealed a young woman in a rugged black kimono. Ornaments from her hair adjusted themselves, causing her hair to look disoriented and rugged as her clothing. As she was running, she looked behind her, somewhat afraid about something that was heading her way. She had a blue wakizashi sword in one hand, and its case on her side.

The gallops behind her came louder and louder, and as the woman was running, two horses erupted from between the bushes; four more behind them. On top of them were officials from an empire, that the woman must have ran away from. The two officials up front charged closer to the woman with naginatas wielded. So close that the horses were literally a few yards away from her. Both officials swifted their naginatas at the same time, trying to attack her, but her sword had blocked one of them, causing a loud "ting!" sound. Then she grabbed the lower handle, and pushed it towards the official, butting him, and knocking him off.

Trying to grab the strap of the free horse, she steadily jumped onto the harness seat. She kicked the horse a little with her bare feet to give it a little push, trying to gallop as fast as she could away from them, but something ahead was her advantage; buildings nearby. She needed someplace to hide.

Dashing into the city, she instantly caught sight to a naked woman, causing her horse to halt, and knock her off onto the dirt path.