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Samurai Tengoku

Samurai Tengoku


Welcome to Kakuu Island, Japan. The Daimyo is dead, the ruling Keii Clan are failing, and to top it all off, no-one is allowed to leave. The factions and people of Kakuu are getting restless... Chaos is about to break loose... What will you do?

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1st February, 1560.

Welcome to Kakuu, a sunny island-province off the south-east coast of Japan.

On this landmass of 100 square miles, a population of 30,000 people find themselves in a predicament as their Governing Clan, The Keii Clan, fall into potential political ruin.
The Daimyo, dead of illness before he could name an Heir, left an ambitious General and a scheming Wife in his castle of Onoki, while his two sons flee to gather political and military strength for the time that the fragile scaffolding-of-peace breaks. Seeking to stop the possibility of the Princes escaping to Honshu, the Keii Army confiscate fishing boats and ferries and ports are shut down and kept off-limits. Cut off from the rest of the world and not allowed to leave, the people begin to get restless.

Meanwhile the local Yakuza, known simply as Akunin, are fighting an underground war against a group of Peasant-Bandits called The Kuma.
The Kuma are a group of young Men committed to driving out a third, neutral, non-combatant party in the illegal war; Kagaya-Bokei. Kagaya-Bokei are a trade mission and organization from Honshu who are disliked by the Locals due to their tendency to trade unfairly and scam hard-working people out of hard-earned Yen. They are also the only people allowed to come and go from Kakuu as they please. Akunin, meanwhile, believe Kagaya-Bokei are a potential business partner and hire their muscle out to protect Kagaya trade caravans; often targetted by Kuma Bandits.

Finally, there's you.

You, are a Stranger to these Lands. You're an unknown, a Wanderer here to settle down, or make a name for yourself, or pursue your ambitions. Perhaps you got lost and didn't notice the ocean as you swam across it to this little Island. Or perhaps you've been here all along, perhaps you suffered amnesia during a near-death experience.

Or perhaps you're not a stranger at all.

What is certain, however, is that you have a role to play. You'll be entering the lives of locals, influencing the events of factions and politics, you'll be taking up your sword or quick-witted tongue for a goal of your choosing, because, whether you like it or not, you're stuck here.


The Plot:

The Plot is not strictly planned out, in order to give the RP a sandbox feel. Instead, it will be collaborated by all players involved. Try not to just post, no matter how good it is, without discussing ideas and so on with the others!


The Rules:

1. All rules of RoleplayGateway™ must be followed.
2. General Roleplaying courtesy, laws and guidelines must be followed, including but not limited to:
- No godmodding, autohitting, metagaming, plagiarism
- No disrespecting, insulting, or belittling OOC players (we're all friends here, guys!)
- Do NOT take in character events personally.
3. When making your character, feel free to use any profile layout you wish as long as it fits the setting of 16th century Sengoku-era Japan.

4. If you decide to pick an important role to create your character around, I will generally go with 'first come, first serve' in the event that more than one persons plan to go for the same role but I receive only one application and have no knowledge of others being planned. There are exceptions to this, however. For instance, if I find two profiles already submitted for the same role, I will choose the one I deem more "suitable". So, as a general guideline, if you plan to go for a role, send me a PM and I shall reserve the spot until all who plan to apply have submitted their profiles, then choose from them. I also suggest you state the role this character is for in the synopsis, so I can read this information without having to into your profile first. Finally, remember to make a note of the role in the profile itself!

5. While I will allow some 'suspension of disbelief' in the subject of realistic combat and movement (hey, most of us are writing from our imagination rather than experience, after all!), other anomilies, such as magic, superhuman abilities and etcetera are strictly prohibited.

6. Try to collaborate! Collaboration is the art of more than one RolePlayer collaborating to write a single post that advances the story. This requires communication, leniancy and planning! By working together, sharing ideas of plot progression and character development, you will find the RP MUCH more enjoyable, I guarantee it! By posting alone, you are likely to fall out of events and become bored =(


The Roles:

Have no inspiration, yet still want to join? No worries! Here is a list of important 'Roles' that need filling, as well as some suggestions on other character ideas to get your imagination going. These 'important roles' can also be NPCs, and will, if no-one takes them.

You can feel free to submit a profile for one, customize it as you wish. I have left them intentionally un-developed, as you can see.

The Prince:
You are one of two Princes of the Keii bloodline. Your father, Keii Nahanisa, died of illness very suddenly as Winter turned to Spring. His most trusted general and your Father's wife, who came into your lives after your Mother died, have seized control of the Keii Army and retain unofficial power over the region. Before Standards are called to arms and men take up their swords for an official Civil war, you flee from Onoki castle with your brother in order to gather support.

The Usurping General:
You were Keii Nahanisa's greatest general and a well respected Samurai. Although outwardly you have no knowledge of any kind of plot to murder your previous master, you took the opportunity after his Death to take control over the Keii army, at the arm of Nahanisa's widow.

The Samurai's Widow:
You were Keii Nahanisa's second wife, chosen ten years after his first lost her life. While your true emotions regarding Nahanisa may vary, you cared little enough for the Keii bloodline to persuade Nahanisa's General to all but usurp power with you.

The Big Boss:
You run The Yakuza branch Akunin and are possibly the most feared person on Kakuu island. You and your men are fighting to eradicate The Kuma bandits, who threaten to ruin your operation with Kagaya-Bokei.

The Merchant Lord:
You're crafty, you're wealthy and you have an eye for deals. You're a big-shot in Kagaya-Bokei's trade mission to Kakuu island. Heck, they could even say you run it.

The Bandit Leader:
You and your 'brothers' swapped your pitchforks for spears and stole your father's swords to end the villainous criminals of Kagaya-Bokei and the Akunin. Numbering around a hundred, you lead The Kuma and conduct raids often on their caravans and outposts.

Non essential roles/generic ideas - These do not fall under the rules about Roles, as these are simply ideas to get your imagination going, rather than actual positions that need filling.

The Stranger:
You're an unknown stranger to these lands. Perhaps you're a Trader, a Monk or a Warrior with a mission, or simply a Holiday-goer and sight-seer. Perhaps your eccentricity puts you at odds with the locals and you cannot help but get involved with trouble? (I recommend this, personally.)

The Entertainer:
You're an Entertainer. Perhaps a whore, or a trickster, a magician or an actor. You earn a living on the streets and in the theatre and your name is known by the common peoples.

The Soldier:
You are a Soldier. Perhaps you're the muscle of the Akunin, or one of a thousand spears of the Keii Army. Perhaps you're even an outlaw of The Kuma, fighting to bring peace and prosperity to your village.

The Samurai/Ronin:
You're a martial artist and follower of Bushido. You either follow a Lord, or become a Ronin to seek out your own adventures. But your status puts you at odds with the People. They dislike you, distrust you. To them, you're a prideful tyrant with a shiny sword.

The Commoner:
You're a Commoner. Perhaps a farmer, or a shop-owner on the high-street. Perhaps you work at a traditional restaurant, or raise your children with your loving wife/husband.


The Locations:


Onoki Castle
Onoki Town
Mita Town
Hatagahara Village
Eiki Village
Nakaguri Village
Port of Kakuu
Kagaya Port


Mount Takai
Koi Forest
The Old Temple

See the "places" tab of the RP for more information.


The Characters:

A list of characters and who plays them!

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Kakuu Island

Kakuu Island by RolePlayGateway

The island of Kakuu.

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Character Portrait: Matsumoto Shinnosuke
Character Portrait: Fukuyama Ito


Character Portrait: Fukuyama Ito
Fukuyama Ito

An artisan swordsmith trained in the school of Muramasa. Now lives a peaceful life on his own land taking request from anyone seeking a blade.

Character Portrait: Matsumoto Shinnosuke
Matsumoto Shinnosuke

"What does it matter if I'm just a vagabond? I don't run away and I fear no opponant."


Character Portrait: Fukuyama Ito
Fukuyama Ito

An artisan swordsmith trained in the school of Muramasa. Now lives a peaceful life on his own land taking request from anyone seeking a blade.

Character Portrait: Matsumoto Shinnosuke
Matsumoto Shinnosuke

"What does it matter if I'm just a vagabond? I don't run away and I fear no opponant."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Matsumoto Shinnosuke
Matsumoto Shinnosuke

"What does it matter if I'm just a vagabond? I don't run away and I fear no opponant."

Character Portrait: Fukuyama Ito
Fukuyama Ito

An artisan swordsmith trained in the school of Muramasa. Now lives a peaceful life on his own land taking request from anyone seeking a blade.

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Re: Samurai Tengoku

I totally forgot about this RP. I wouldn't mind working on a character again. I would like to be "The Samurai's Widow".

Re: Samurai Tengoku

I like the story behind this RP... I was just wondering what the relationship between the 'Big Boss' character and the 'Usurping General was? If this RP is still happening, I'd like to join!

Re: Samurai Tengoku

This sounds like a very interesting RP. If someone ever starts it up again. I'd be interested in joining.

Re: Samurai Tengoku

If it does start up again, I'll sure be interested :D :D

Re: Samurai Tengoku

Unfortunately no, it never even began, but at least all but one are still active on the site, so the RP can still be active.

Re: Samurai Tengoku

This roleplay active?

Re: [OOC] Samurai Tengoku

Interesting. I'll submit a character pronto.

Re: [OOC] Samurai Tengoku

Sure. Just waiting for newwwww members. It'd be cool to have at least five to six people before starting.

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