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Name| Luz Arias

Grade| Freshmen

Age| Sixteen

Gender| Female

Sexuality| Straight

Nationality| American

Eyes| Rusty Brown
Hair| White
Height| 5'3 ft
Weight| 102 lbs

Luz doesn't mind being the center of attention, actually she loves it. But not for the reasons most the populars like to be. She's a rebel. Awkward, weird, strange, crazy, and she wants everyone to know it. Why hide? Luz is blunt and painfully honest, if you want someone to sugar coat something, don't go to her. Not that she has many friends, so already not many people go to her. It's like they're scared of her. The honesty, the loudness, the crazy. It's her, and she isn't afraid to show everyone that.

Luz is fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make her own decisions about her next step. She does not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit her ability to "do her own thing". Her sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes her prone to becoming bored rather quickly. Although she does not respect the rules of the "system", she follows her own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. She will not take part in something which violates her personal laws.

Though, Luz is rather popular among the students. A sort of... nicer "queen bee".

She is an action-oriented person. She likes to be up and about, doing things, which means she won't sit behind a desk all day and do long-range planning. Adaptable and spontaneous, she responds to what is immediately before her. She usually has strong technical skills, and can be as effective technical leaders.

• Luz has a secret desire to be a singer/songwriter. If you ever see her out in public, you'll probably catch her with a guitar on her back and pen and tablet in her hand. She's an amazing singer.
• Her... insides are messed up, and she is unable to become pregnant.

• Any creative class. [writing, music, art etc].
• Singing and playing guitar.
• Sports, especially soccer and football.
• Running.
• Keeping secrets.
• Ignoring people.
• Talking in front of crowds.

• Socially inept/awkward.
• Talking in front of people she knows or less than ten people.
• Performing in front of small groups.
• Short temper.
• Science.
• Her father.
• Name calling.

Family and Such|
• She is living with her father, whom owns a house a few blocks from the school. It is a rich neighborhood, though she did not grow up there.
America is where Luz grew up. But her father, a wealthy business man, was transferred to Japan and they were forced to move there.

Relationship Status|
• Single

Touya Fujioka - Stranger
"Don't know him, don't know if I want to."

Haruhi Fujioka - Stranger
"May not really know him, but I don't see how someone so adorable could be related to someone so cold."

Taos Fumetsu - Stranger
"I feel bad for him, but I have a feeling he isn't one of those guys who wants us to feel bad for him. Though I've heard he likes cheesecake, maybe I'll invite him out one day.

Anthony Fletcher - Friend
"He's an okay guy. Really nice, but sort of shy."

Kagura Demuri - Want To Know
"I guess you could say he's someone that I'd like to get to know."

Rui Hasegawa - Stranger
"Yet another person I don't know. He doesn't seem bad though, maybe I might have some friends here."

Verin Yumimura - Stranger
"No, I don't know him. But like everyone else, he seems nice.

. -

So begins...

Luz Arias's Story


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Waking up that morning was a bitch. The previous night she'd gotten almost no sleep. Nerves? No. Restless? Nope. Strange noise outside your window? Really. Everything in Japan was just so loud. Back in America, living in her peaceful little town, it got silent around eleven. All you ever heard was the occasional owl or car pass by. But there, all you heard was the revving of engines, or the honks of cars. Police sirens and ambulances could even be heard once in awhile. It was scary. Sometimes she wished she could return to America... maybe even without her father. That's what she would do then, she just had to wait until she could leave this stupid new boarding school.

But back to the present. Dragging herself out of bed, Luz went over to her closet and attempted to pick out something she could look at least decent in. Taking out her running clothes, she pulled those on. When she got downstairs, her German Shepard was waiting eagerly by his bowl for her. "Hey baby." She cooed to him, taking last nights dinner out of the fridge and slicing it up before putting it into his bowl. She waited for him to finish eating, too lazy to get breakfast for herself. Hell, she wasn't really a breakfast person anyways. Instead she sat with a bottle of water and two Tylenol's. Headaches, everyday, twenty four seven. Sometimes they would lessen up on her, but they were always there. Just above her right temple.

Finally the dog finished and went to get his leash. He had gotten used to their morning runs, there was never a morning she missed it. Going out the front door, they made their way to the woods and began their usual workout.

At about six she returned home. Her dog went to go nap on the couch and she went up to shower. Though first she took out a long, loose grey v-neck, it would reach about mid-thigh, and a pair of black skinny jeans, completely forgetting about the school uniform. Walking around the house in a towel wasn't her favorite thing to do, considering her dad could pop out from anywhere and most the workers were male. The shower took about a half hour, and she had enough time to pull on her clothes and run a brush through her waist-length white hair before dashing out of the house.

She'd arrived at the school at about seven. One of the guards paused to tell her that she didn't have to correct uniform on, and she responded by telling him that she would make sure to change in her room. Actually she felt pretty stupid for forgetting the most simple thing for her to remember, but she had. Luckily she knew she had uniforms in her bag, since they had to stay on school grounds during the week. At least she thought she remembered reading that somewhere. Maybe she'd even be staying over the weekend, depended on how she felt towards her father really. After entering the Silver Dorm and going up to her room, she grabbed a uniform from her bag and quickly slipped it on. She'd gotten a size bigger than her usual, so that it still hugged her small frame but left her comfortable.

Unfortunately, she emerged from the room just in time to be thrown back against the door as a boy flew down the hall with security guards tailing him. It took all of her will not to scream at him. Though as the boy slipped into his room, she caught the flash of purple hair, and the wanting to scream disappeared. After watching the guards storm off, she went over to his room(which was apparently next to hers) and hesitantly knocked on the door.


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Yuri heard heavy footsteps outside her door and she frowned, her eyes turning from her sketchpad to her - now - closed door.
"What?" She whispers to herself, standing up, she walks over to the maple door and opens it, peaking her head around.
Suddenly overcome by happiness at the sight infront of her she runs from the room, shoeless after having kicked then off to curl them under her as she sketched.

Yuri ran up to the girl, grinning widely but then realises that it might be a bit weird, a girl with a massive smile on her face running up to you with no shoes and so she slows her pace; lowers her smile a little, she decides there's nothing she can do about her shoeless-ness and so shrugs to herself, Oh well.
"Hi," She says as she approaches the girl who seems to be standing outside a boys dorm, "I'm Yuri."

She then eyes the note on the door, Huh, this is probably the maniac that was running down the hall - Awesome.
"Do you know them?" She asks, pointing toward the door curiously.


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Kagura suddenly stopped playing his guitar when he heard the scream. He lifted himself up and spun the guitar around him letting it hang by the strap and then walked out sliding his hands into his pockets. He turned his head both way before looking diagonally towards Taos's room. There were two females at his door. He decided to walk up calmly before speaking to see if they know anything about what happened.

“um...is everything... ok? I heard quite a scream running down the hall and was wondering if something was wrong” he asked as he scratched his head before looking at the two girls. He personally hoped he wouldn't have to hear that every day but luckily he knew he wouldn't play the guitar in doors after this day. He shortly after this thought he realized that one of the girls was one he never met.

“My name is Kagura Demuri... a pleasure” He moved his hand, holding it out with a smile. He hoped in this moment he could at least have good relations to the two so they wouldn't feel threatened or too upset about being here. In addition he didn't want them to feel uncomfortable around him even if he was a little shy.


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Luz gave a faint smile, perhaps not the most pleased that she was going to have to deal with another person, but trying to be nice all the same. If she was going to be at this school, she would have to make some friends. At least so she wouldn't be bored out of her mind all the time, since she was probably planning on staying here for the weekends. And it seemed there was only four girls at the school, so if she could become friends with them... Well it would make it a lot easier for them to take on the boys that weren't so happy they were here.

Glancing down, she realizes the girl is barefoot. The small smile turns into a genuine one, and she can't help but laugh quietly. "Nice to meet you Yuri," she begins, eyes finding their way back to the girls. "-I'm Luz." Her next question brings her eyes back to the boys door, and she shrugs lightly. "Nope, I was just trying to catch the name of the guy who almost ran me over." Again she looks back to the girl before pointing downwards, towards her bare feet. "I think you've forgotten something." Her voice was playful, almost joking.

A door behind her opened, and her eyes widened a bit as she turned to face it. A male, not the purple haired one, approached the pair before speaking to them. He'd heard a scream, what scream? This was the only part that confused her, as she didn't remember hearing any screams. Perhaps one of the security guards had? "Everything is fine, thank you for coming to look." Luz gave another smile, having male friends would be good for her too. Especially since she was much more likely to get along with them than she was with girls. "And the pleasure is all ours. After all, we are the ones crashing your school." Again a tad bit of teasing leaked into her voice, and she even ended up winking playfully. "I'm Luz, if you didn't hear already, and this is Yuri."


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After a minute or so of silence, he lifted himself up from where he landed on his bed, now sitting up on the edge of the bed frame, his eyes observing his skateboard for any slight hint of cracking when he had heard a knock at the door. Setting the board against the bottom of the bed's head rest, he stood up, straightening his bed back to how it was before he jumped onto it.

Approaching the door, he heard the voices of... two girls? They're here already?! Taos thought to himself, giving himself a mental slap for forgetting about the school's "experiment". They were introducing themselves to each other, before a third student's voice entered the fray, one asking about a scream, but this new voice was that of a boy's, who had introduced himself as Kagura. After taking a deep breath, he grasped the doorknob, turning it ever so slowly, before silently opening the door.

Reaching for the sign, he noticed the trio of students. The two girls - one with silver hair (or was it white?), the other black, were facing to a redhead junior, one that he had seen only a few times before. He wasn't sure exactly what grade the two girls were in, but he raised a finger to his lips, signaling the junior not to say anything, to keep the two girls from turning around. He silently pulled the sign from the door, setting it on the small desk next to the door frame, taking a small notebook and pencil before slipping out and slowly closing the door behind him, keeping it as silent as possible.

As he closed the door, making little to no sound, he leaned onto the outside frame of his door feet, giving the same junior an "all clear" signal, hoping that the redheaded boy understood what Taos was trying to do.


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"Nice to meet you." Yuri grins at the girl and then down at her bare feet, shrugging "Yeah," She wiggles her toes in her purple fluffy socks, "Oh well."
She then turns back to the read-headed boy who introduced himself earlier, "Hey, again." She smiles, becoming a lot more bubbly now another girl was there.
She feels movement in the room and looks down the hall to her left and then right and shakes her head slightly when she sees no one.

She frowns at the boys question, "There was screaming?" She asks, maybe he heard the noise when they were outside because she didn't hear any screaming.
Yuri looks down at her messy skirt that had gotten bent out of shape when she sat down on her bed, she brushes it down until it looks acceptable and looks back at the people.

She only really realises now how the girl looks, having been caught up in actually getting to talk to her.
Luz as she introduced herself as was only a little smaller than her but had much more striking features - Her long hair was white at the top and as it went down became purple.
"I like your hair." Yuri says, hoping she doesn't sound weird.


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Kagura smiled and scratched his head with a light blush on his face in embarrassment and nodded when he noticed the two girl's expression.

“I sometimes can't tell the direction of where i hear things when i play my guitar, I most likely did hear it from the outside or so... Anyways.. Nice to meet you Luz, My name Is Kagura Demuri and don't worry about crashing the school. I always preferred co-education anyways. And I do believe i met you only minutes ago...” He smiled. Shortly after the girls began to talk and for a moment he did feel like he was in a ackward situation until he saw the purple haired dude he usually had seen in the hall. He realized he had given him a signal for an all clear and what not and Kagura smirked looking both ways with his eyes and nodded. It was then when he slipped his hands into his pockets and turned his head slightly when he Haruhi appeared out of his room. His eyes widened when he saw the boy run down the hall in a panic.

He chuckled. “It appears classes are starting soon... I wonder If we're going to be called in for an opening ceremony...” He spoke quietly to himself before turning to the others.

“I believe we'll be taking our leave for now, the freshman that just ran down the hall kinda gives me a vibe that we'll be late if we continue talking here. I'll see you both around” He smiled before raising his right hand in a wave. He then went into his room before grabbing his case. He didn't bother taking off his guitar because he figured he'd use it in between classes. He then walked out and locked the door then went straight out of the dorms.

After walking to the building where his classroom was he slipped in noticing some familiar faces yet none he was too aqcuainted with. He went to his window seat towards the middle of class, sat his things down beside his desk and stared out the window waiting for his teacher or for someone that would talk to him. It became natural for some people to give their hellos on the first day and he was ready. Although Kagura may not start the conversations, He's always willing to keep them going or to at a minimal reply.