Red September

"So what if they've captured me. Now I know exactly where they are, at all times."

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a character in “Sanctuary Revealed”, as played by Eli the Walker


Name: Red September, but most just call him "Red".
Age: 27.
Gender: Male.
Orientation: Eh: both ways, if he was willing to go for love.
Role: He's a member of Awaiting Anarchy, proud and true. Being captured makes it easier on him because now he knows exactly where to find the enemy.
Red September is a rebel, pure and simple.

Not to mention: he's the thorn in the side of every single one of the King's interrogators, prison-keepers, and agents.

He's an incredibly stubborn soul who doesn't take well to people telling him what to do, though he is also a smart enough rebel that he knows it's in the best interest of prolonging his life if his resistance is of a more "subtle" variety. Most of what he does to infuriate his captors isn't physical. He avoids questions, resists even some of the strongest attempts to probe the depths of his mind, and never seems to fail when it comes to producing smarmy replies to anything that his interoggators might ask him. When it comes to his fellow prisoners, though, he's very protective. He sees himself as a father figure for many of them: trying his best to act as an example in order to help them stay strong. He seems to have a sort of "bleeding heart" for his fellow prisoners, but being a prisoner for so long (going on several years, now) has developed a hardened shell around him so he's not very prone to show any outward concern. He isn't much of a man to take love very seriously either, considering it reserved for the "younger generations" despite his not being too old, himself.

Then, when it comes to Axel: he is like the patron saint of the man's message.

He would rather die than turn his back on the cause.

- Chocolate.
- Salt.
- The color red.
- Seasons, though mostly fall and winter.
- Laughter.
- Pissing off anybody who works for the king.
- A good laugh.
- Often laughs at his own jokes.
- Pears.
- Silence.
- Early morning sunlight.
- Sunsets.
- Darkness.
- The infuriation on one of the agents' face when he pushes them out of his mind.
- The solace of a good exercise.

- Clear skies.
- The king.
- The king's agents.
- Anything pertaining to or of relation to the king.
- Limes.
- Strawberries.
- Over-confidence.
- Cowards.
- Anything deep brown in color. It's revolting.

Fears: Not much, to put it simply.
- Even though he fears death, he'll claim that death itself doesn't scare him, but the transition to get there does.
- Rats.
- The thought that one day the king's agents may beat his mental blocks.
- He fears the thought that his actions may cause the death of the revolution.

"You made the mistake of pissing me of . . ."
". . . and now you'll die."
~ Red's appearance shows the level of physical discipline that he holds himself to. He trains rigorously: performing a variety of different exercises and techniques to keep himself in shape. He is relatively short compared to most other men, but the strength of his body more than compensates for his lack of height.

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