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Renan Sherai

"There was something I liked about you, but you spent it."

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a character in “Sanctum Prime”, as played by El_Gringo



Gender: Male
Age: 24 (estimated)
Race: Human
Kingdom: Vera

His once jet black hair has been permanently turned white and gray due to involuntary experimentation in the past. Renan always wanted to be able to handle himself in any situation, and as a result, his body is fitted with lean muscle for strength without sacrificing speed. Tattoos resembling electrical bolts adorn his body and face, though not by choice. Not wanting to be mistaken for an old man with his hair color, he shaves regularly. If the weather permits he will go shirtless with baggy trousers and leather boots, but he usually walks the streets in dark clothes with his hood up so his tattoos do not draw too much attention.


Renan guards his thoughts and emotions well after a life filled with people taking advantage of him. He finds it hard to trust, but realizes he needs others to accomplish his goals. Those who know him think he is unscrupulous, as he will steal and kill when necessary to further his journey. With no formal education, he is not academically smart, but he has enough common sense and survival ability for a whole kingdom. When not engaged in action, Renan becomes a bit of a sloth, frequenting brothels and taverns to binge on their offerings. In those dark places he can turn his mind off.


Studded leather armor, staff, short sword, dirk, small crossbow, and a backpack partially filled with non-essential equipment, bolts, food, waterskin, and a pouch of coin.


Special Skills or Abilities: Renan act as a conduit and channel electricity. This comes from experimentation done on him by a madman from Vera. Despite the overwhelming help it can be in battle, if not used wisely it can easily fatigue Renan. The man himself cannot be hurt by electricity and has his weapons customized so that the finger-grips on the handle are the core metal of the blade. This allows him to generate electricity up into the blade to generate more damage on a successful blow.

History: Renan Sherai belonged to a peasant family on the outskirts of Vera. His father was a drunk and his mother almost crippled from a disease she had barely survived years ago which left her in a nearly vegetative state. He was left with the responsibility of taking care of his younger sister Ariel. The abuse at home reached a boiling point and Renan fled their home, taking his sister with him. They survived on the street for a while, until a kind nobleman took them in.

It seemed that the man had a generous heart, but he had self-interest at stake. Electricity was not yet fully understood or even officially discovered, but the foundation for it was there. This nobleman was one of the “wise” of Vera, though he had surely gone mad. Renan and Ariel were subjects of twisted experiments attempting to find a way to use people as generators for electricity. Others knew of the potential, but sanely knew that the world would never stand for it. Ariel died a few years after their capture, not able to withstand the torture.

The nobleman’s experiments were a success after years of work, using magical tattoos and long-term exposure to electrical currents, but when Renan had the power he used it to electrify the man until he burst into flames and turned to ashes. He woke days later having no idea how long he had been in captivity, the only place he had to go was the streets where he took up with thieves and beggars to make his own way. His first act as a thief was taking the nobleman’s serpent, called Dragon, with him. The creature was the only living thing he had spent time with over the years.

Since then, Renan has drifted through various kingdoms, laying low. If only there were a way he could bring his sister back. That is why he seeks the legend of Santum Prime, not for power, but for his sister.

So begins...

Renan Sherai's Story


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Renan had come to Haven because retired adventurers were found on every corner; men and women who had seen most of what the world had to offer. When searching for such things as the Sanctum Prime, these travelers knowledge could be more useful that going through old artifacts and books. Unfortunately he had become sidetracked when he ran into an old friend upon entry to Haven a few days prior to his current slumber. Years ago when he had escaped his horrible captivity, he had to learn to survive on the streets. One of the people in his motley crew of thieves had been a girl named Lilian who fancied herself an artist. She never gave up on her dream, rising from a common street rat to a moderately respected artist in Haven. Now here he lay in her bed, while she was off teaching young commoners how to hold a paintbrush.

He knew he should get out and try to scrounge up whatever knowledge he could about Sanctum Prime. Just like Lilian, he had his own dream, but resurrecting a dead loved one was a little more difficult than creating art. Ren had paid a few street thugs to report to him if they overheard anyone discussing the myth, so with that assurance, he closed his eyes for a few more minutes. Letting others do the work was best at times.


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Character Portrait: Renan Sherai
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The bed was still comfy under his back, but he could only be a sloth for so long. He sprung up from the bed, avoiding stepping on his serpent coiled on the floor below. Renan pulled trousers and boots on, and threw a cloak on to cover his vast array of body tattoos. He left his face uncovered for now, let the people look if they wanted. Once a magician had come to him claiming he could get rid of the ink on Renan's face and body, for a modest price. As much as he loathed the man who put them there and the torture he had gone through, they were a part of his identity now. Without the tattoos, he would feel naked.

Baldos had not returned with any information of traveler's seeking the Sanctum Prime yet. It was a long shot from the start. First, he was assuming people would actually talk aloud in public about in. Secondly, Baldos would have to be in the vicinity. The man did have ears with capable hearing, but the mind between them was not the brightest. Perhaps that was why instead of being a proper thief and pick pocketing people, he was a glorified manservant for Lilian. Renan grabbed his pack, throwing it over his shoulders. He got the rest of his gear in order as Lilian returned from her lessons to the children.

"Up so soon? It isn't even lunchtime yet, you're usually abed til dusk."

"I need progress, I don't trust Baldos to get that for me."

"Baldos is a good man."

"A good man to serve you soup, wash your clothes, and wipe your ass maybe. I don't know how much use he is beyond that. I have to ask, can you watch after my snake while I'm gone?"

Lilian smiled coyly as she walked toward him, swaying her hips exaggeratedly. She reached into his trousers and grabbed him. "I thought I already was watching after it."

Renan lightly pushed her away, though his body groaned in disagreement. "No time for that Lil, I've got to find someone else searching for Sanctum Prime. I'm a great thief, good with a sword, street smart, and . . . I have my talents as you know. I'm not a booksmart guy, I don't know the first thing about trying to find Sanctum Prime. It is important that I find help, as much as I'd rather find this mystical thing myself, I do so very badly need help."

"Well, I'm glad to hear you can admit it. Maybe you aren't a sociopath after all!" Renan chuckled.

"Maybe not, I guess we'll see about that." He left her behind to watch after Dragon, setting forth to the streets. If there were a god, Renan would get results on this day.