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Sandbox Fallout 3!

Sandbox Fallout 3!


Wasteland Washignton DC. A sandbox take on the 2008 Game Of The Year: Fallout 3.

1,522 readers have visited Sandbox Fallout 3! since CussingChild created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


If you've yet to play this amazing game, this roleplay might not be for you. Having played it will allow you to better understand the world in which this roleplay will take place.


It's the year 2277, 200 years after a war over resources that ended in nuclear holocaust in 2077. It's your turn, to create a character with no predetermined path and do with the world what you wish.

Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave are fighting during this roleplay. Along with the SuperMutant threat throughout the Wasteland. Slavers, Raiders, and Want-To-Be Vampires, Talon Company Mercs, Regulators, SO MANY CHOICES.

Playable Races:

Super Mutant- Behemoth, Overlord, Brute, etc.
Human- Vault Dweller, Raider, Slaver Trader, etc.
Ghoul- Unferal
Robot- Humanoid Robot(Android), Robobrain, Protectron, etc.


Strength- (Base) 5
Perception- (Base) 5
Endurance- (Base) 5
Charisma- (Base) 5
Intelligence- (Base) 5
Agility- (Base) 5
Luck- (Base) 5

Everything starts at 5. You get 15 extra points.

No godmodding.
Be respectful ooc.
Make your character imperfect and interesting.
Post as much as you can.
All arguments will be handled in ooc discussion among the players.

Character Skeleton:

Class of Race(Morale Standing and Background. E.G. Raider or Vault Dweller):
Appearance(Pictures Allowed):
Brief History:

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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(OOC)-Power Armour is fine with me, it's strong but can be pentrated. And we'll probably roleplay past your character. So we can keep it going, it isn;t haulted for 3 days. Look forward to your return.

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(OOC me too well let thing get messy and blood just like fallout 3)

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Character Portrait: Colten Grey Character Portrait: Red McEnny Character Portrait: delfiler
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(ooc - And Red would have made a move if you had waited for me to post, but anyway.)

"Hey, thanks!" I said as the robot handed me 100 caps. This was obviously a very generous person. That boded well. It looked like we could be good friends.

'It's just to risky, and Red, if you had made a move our asses would not have needed saving.'

"Hey, I had no idea you were going to act so quickly. Can't you allow me a little room for first-time-awe? I've only been out of the vault for eight months, gosh." Then I watched as they bickered childishly. I flinched at the word "ghoul." It was still hard for me to think of myself as anything other than human. Then they started bickering about the Brotherhood of Steel, and then things got really bad. They were both taunting each other in their arrogant ways and someone needed to intercede. I slowly took out my pistol, but didn't point it at anyone. Yet.

"Hey..." I said, stepping in between the two. "Let's stop being so mistrustful and mean-like and just let the guy help us? I mean, how many people in the wasteland genuinely want to help us? None, right? Except this chum. So let's indulge him. So let's put that hand down, okay? And try to be civilized here."

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(OOC)-Yes, but ICly, have to be angry at your character's lapse. >_>

(IC)- "Genuinely? Based on what? Him crushing one SuperMutant and we're to believe nothing in particular about someone of disregard. Any man that implies I need help. Will not be giving me any." I'd smirk, my eyes flickering to the pistol, as Red drew it. My lip would part at the right edge of the smirk, baring a canine tooth in anticipation. I'd clap Red on the shoulder with the palm of the gauntlet, with a hint of annoyance. It may seem a jovial gesture, however.

"Let us be off. Charon should have scouted the way by now." I'd turn walking away at a nonchalant pace. My back tense and ears perked. Ready to spring into action. It would be a short walk to the National Archives from here..

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Character Portrait: Colten Grey
Character Portrait: Aiden Kelly
Character Portrait: Red McEnny
Character Portrait: delfiler


Character Portrait: Red McEnny
Red McEnny

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad adventurer. So what? If at first you get fricaseed, try, try again."

Character Portrait: Aiden Kelly
Aiden Kelly

"I didn't walk all this way for nothing."

Character Portrait: Colten Grey
Colten Grey

"Once the caps are in my pocket, just tell me where to shoot."


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Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

Sorry for disappearing for a while. I'll get back on posting.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

It's going to make for a pretty awesome roleplay, I'm thinking. I hope everyone considers.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

Been thinking about joining in this one as well but I am not entirely sure yet.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

By the way. My tagging thing doesn't work. It won't allow me to tag people in my posts. At one point in the roleplay I'll allow everyone who has been in it for a long while two extra points to their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

'S all good, Fallout. :P. And Crazy, I'm not sure.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

Oh, gosh, that was a long post. XD Sorry, I just love opening posts.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

Might join, but i got a question. Are we allowed to submit characters from old roleplays?

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

Beautifully done, character! I look forward to roleplaying with you.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

I already submitted my character and an entry post. I hope you find it acceptable :p I'm sort of new to this whole roleplay forum but I've done it before. I also have experience with NWN1 and 2 and I've played Fallout 3 and NV. Anyway, enjoy! :)

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

I'm excited to review your character! I look forward to it.

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

I would very much like to take a ghoul hacker/repairman character. I'll send him in in a day or two. Very excited!

Re: Sandbox Fallout 3!

We're going to follow Fallout 3. But realism to it. S.P.E.C.I.A.L gives us all an idea of your character's effectiveness in all areas. I urge everyone to join. It will be a blast. :)

Sandbox Fallout 3!

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