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Aiden Kelly

"I didn't walk all this way for nothing."

0 · 246 views · located in Post-Apocalyptic D.C.

a character in “Sandbox Fallout 3!”, as played by Silhouetteless


Name: Aiden Kelly
Age: 23
Weight: 127
Height: 5' 7''
Race: Human
Class of Race(Morale Standing and Background. E.G. Raider or Vault Dweller): Traveler

Appearance(Pictures Allowed): Aiden is a weathered young man. From his immediate appearance it is obvious that he is well traveled and foreign to this particular region of Fallout. He wears leather armor and a traditional brown pre-fallout leather jacket with a zipper up the front and two breast pockets. It looks worn but holds together rather well. He has grey irises and short brown hair. His face isnt particularly charasmatic and looks pretty simple. He has a smaller than average nose and a chissled jaw and eyebrow ridge which sets him apart from many. He has with him what looks to be a hand crafted, wooden, walking stick. This is particularly strange due to the lack of trees in the environment after the fallout. Holstered at his hip is a six-shot revolver and on his back a rifle. He carries a simple shoulder pack, the strap wraps diagonally across his body. Aiden is clearly not from the D.C. Region, he talks slowly and elongates his vowels irregularly. His accent is a typical midwestern drawl, very atypical to the people of his region but foreign to those along the east coast. His lips always seem cracked and he often catches himself licking his lips whenever he is nervous. His build is skinny even though he seems well maintained. He has a dignified stubble for a beard which he trims with a pre-fallout electric razor. He is always on the look out for batterys and is very crafty with wiring and devising new electrical inventions. He has a nack for finding things as well, almost always Aiden will find extra ammunition, bottle caps, or pre-fallout artifacts that many people tend to overlook. He also wears a slim cowboy hat not particularly native to the region.

Strength: 3
Perception: 7
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 4
Inteligence: 9
Agility: 8
Luck: 10

Skills: Lockpicking, Computers, Inventing, Electronics, Good with Guns
Equipment: Shoulder pack, Electric Razor
Apparel: (Cattleman Cowboy Hat) ... _New_Vegas)
Weapons:, ... _New_Vegas)
Weaknesses: Being ambushed. Aiden is very perceptive and tactical. If he enters an area where he cannot chose to engage or avoid he becomes very reliant on his luck. Aiden is not so hot socially either. Cannot carry very many things or use strength to get out of a tight spot.
Strengths: Extremely Lucky, Intelligent, Good with his rifle and sidearm.

Brief History: Aiden comes from the midwest. He grew up in what used to be Colorodo. His father was an inventor and worked on improving technology for the New California Republic. He was one of the men responsible for the reconstruction and engineering of the Hoover Damn and therefore the NCR's coming to power. Aiden's father contemplated his work often, thinking about it on a moral scale and wondering whether what he was doing was right or not. He felt it was good to have the luxury of technology, but feared the results of returning to the way things were. As Aiden grew up, his father bestowed his knowledge onto him about electronics, inventing, physics, and all sorts of sciences that he could manage to get his hands on. Aiden absorbed all of it. He had a natural affinity for learning and picking things up from his dad. Aiden's father was convinced that North America had become a hell hole as a result of the fallout, but he believed that other places, across the ocean were now sanctuaries - places of peace. Just after Aiden's 16th birthday his father passed away due to cancer. Aiden's father made him promise that he would travel to the Atlantic Ocean and make his way to the lands across the sea. Ever since, Aiden has been walking.

So begins...

Aiden Kelly's Story

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I looked down at the remains of Vault 87, and then out to the vast wasteland that seemed to always be set infront of me. Washington D.C, as the highway signs seemed to have dubbed the region looked to be more alive than many of the other places I had traveled. Yet it was a wonder any place still existed after all this country had been through. I stepped up and crested a hill. I'll make way for the river I think. Surely it leads to the Atlantic. I'm nearly there anyway. It had been a long haul from Colorodo to D.C. I wasn't about to give up on the dream now.

I began my descent down the hillside which had clearly been ravaged by the nuclear warheads which had struck down towards the begining of the war. Washington D.C had been a point of high interest to the enemy nations. Many of these crators were atleast two hundred years old, and as such, I walked their loose soil carefully.

Upon reaching the base of the hill I looked left and right and then up in the sky at the sun beaming overhead. It was well past noon and the sun was just begining to set in the west. I turned right, heading southwest along the river until I reached Five Axles Rest Stop. It had been turned into a sort of fortress. The pre-fallout cargo trucks ahd been turned to create a sort of triangle shape and a camp had been set in the middle of the trucks. I approached the encampment slowly, doing everything I could not to startle anyone inside. As I rounded around one of the big rigs I nearly bumped into their guard on post. In an instant I drew the revolver from my hip and pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger. The result was a pop, an uproar and finding myself cowering behind one of the big rigs. The head of the guard had exploaded and a bloody brain-strewn mess was now lying at my feet.

"What the fuck, CARL! OH SHIT!" One of the three other raiders had come out from away from their campfire at the middle of the of the encampment and were now staring down at their friend's bloody mess. I remained crouched behind the big rig, less than two feet away from them, just out of sight. I moved slowly, sidestepping away from the three raiders. I was thinking as quickly as I could but I couldn't seem to think fast enough.

"We better find this fucker! We're gunna skin him!" I looked left and right then down at my pack. The satchel charge! I remembered. I continued sidestepping and went to set my hand in my sidepack. I nearly pulled it out when I bumped into the gasoline tank which I expected to rattle, but made no noise at all. This rig was filled to the brim with explosive substances.

"There he is! Get him boys!" The raiders had advanced around the corner. Two had clubs and the one he expected to be the leader was carrying a laser gun. I dropped the satchel charge and pulled my gun out of my revolver out of its holster. I popped off the remaining five shots left in my pistol dropping the three to the ground almost instantly. The leader had managed to release an uncharged shot into my left arm and a hole had burned through my leather armor and lightly burned my bicep. I continued scrambling backwards wincing in pain.

"Gah!" I managed to exclaim through gritted teeth. "Why y'all haven ta give me such a hard time?" I lifted myself to my feet and walked towards the center of their camp, holding tight to my left bicep. I looked at the fire and grinned at the rabbit carcas roasting on the spit. Atleast I'll eat well tonight.

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Character Portrait: Aiden Kelly
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Sleep came slowly. I gazed up at the stars and counted them, connecting the old constelations that people had drawn between the dots in the sky. Astronomy was one of the few recreations of my father and he surely enough had passed it onto me. If I didn't fall asleep soon the smell of those damn raiders would begin getting to me. So I closed my eyes and tried harder to fall asleep.

After a few hours sleep, morning came and I awoke calmly. I picked up all my things and began walking Southeast along the river. Today I'm going to find the ocean I told myself and felt my pace quicken. Along the way I passed by a number of mutants and humans and avoided contact with them all together. I wasn't about to have a repeat of yesterday. Atleast, not this early in the morning. I passed by all sorts of places, a small settlement built atop a highway overpass, an outdoor cinema, and a city where I only heard the shouts of adolescents. I thought about stopping by and seeing what was going on but decided against it, figuring it might be a trap. I have no idea of the factions in the area, and wouldn't want to set foot on the wrong doorstep.

The city really began showing itself as I passed what used to be Springvale. What must have been great buildings were now left as rocky rubble in the heart of DC. Hopefully the environment didn't prove itself to be too much of an upcoming obsticle. The last thing I wanted was a set back. And so I kept on walking.

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Character Portrait: Aiden Kelly
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The bleak blue water wasn't anything like I had expected. It turns out that it didn't sparkle with the lights above and it didn't lap longly at the shore or offer to drag you away. That much of what my father told me was true. But other than that, it was vast. I peered across the river at the Jefferson Memorial and then back out to the sea. And it wasn't like I was about to swim across it either. The last few years had been simple. Have a destination and reach it. I already had a method for completing that task, I had walked. but now with that this seemingly endless sea of water was before me, I had absolutely no idea how to tackle it. Maybe this was going to be the end of my journey, and the end to fulfiling my fathers (, and now my own,) dreams.

I stared at it, wating and watching for some sort of platform to rise up from the gentle waves and offer to bring me across. I'm never going to make it across that. I thought, drowned in pestimism. I continued searching the horizon. This was the end of all the hard work. All the fruitless endeavors were now haunting my conscience. The emotionless horizon slowly gave way to the sighting of a large looming metalic figure sat just to the east of me. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was immense, and the fact that it was sitting on water... meant it could have been the answer to my very questions. Quickly as I could I grabbed my things and headed north back along the riverbed insearch of a place to cross.