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Sands of Oblivion » Places

Places in Sands of Oblivion

This is a list of locations that can be found in Sands of Oblivion.

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         "Escape?" the uncomfortably tall masked man says quietly as the last words of Kuakare were spoken. It was as if that thought was something so profound.

The mask of OttO rattled lightly and he paused, frozen in place. He pulled away his hand and held up a finger.

"Ah, yes... yes!" he says, as if a revelation came to him. He points out across the sands, and shifts his head to the side, resting against his outstretched arm's shoulder. "Across the sands there is a great fortress, there lives those like yourself who have come here. Me and my kin are not welcome there... but you? You wouldn't have that problem, they would welcome you! Yes! There in those halls are many things lost that have been gathered, in their own aspirations of escape... and their king? He holds a blade of ancient material, of the oldest magic I know."

The black ocean, littered with the ruins of a long forgotten advanced civilization that still flickers with echoes of a long forgotten yesterday. The weight of the abyssal sea makes even the most buoyant vessel sink like a stone.


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In these white sands, where a hollow wind blows across the dunes, life stirs in some strange way. Strange insects scurry, twisted animals stalk, and worst among them lies underneath, the spawn of the serpent waits for a terrible rain. But worse yet is what was once human, once Nix, now something else, twisted by the sands beyond recognition. And among these twisted is a feral king above the others. He once had a name, but now he is simply the Alto Diablos, the "Great Devil" of the sands.

Diablos served the previous lord, Halloesh's father, until he sought to make himself an usurper, a revolutionary for his fellow Nix. It was the then younger Halloesh who brought his undoing, striking him down and revealing his plots before his father. He wouldn't be executed, no, far too simple, he would face exile, to live or die in the cruel sands, to feed on the twisted beasts or starve. It changed him, and he became more twisted, and he forgot even his humanity. What still lingers, however, is hate.

"Are you satisfied to sleep forever, oh king of beasts?" OttO's voice calls out, as he appears atop a large dune. The sands shudder and a bulge beneath the sands rises, falls, and grow still again. "Have you fallen so low, devil? Where's your pride? You once sought to bring change, and now you are satisfied to slumber? Perhaps the name Halloesh..."

The sands shake, the bulge beneath the sands rises, and there's a rumble. A large hand emerges, gray skin with long black nails, hardened with chitinous plates, and a form, tall and horrible pulls itself free of the sands, sand pouring off it. A silhouette of a horned head is seen, one broken off. It breathes heavily, resting on its knuckles as it bends over looking down at OttO.

"Ah, so you are awa-" OttO begins, before Diablos quickly raises and brings down its fist upon him, and impact so hard and thunderous it sends ripples across the sand. He raises his fist and looks underneath it to see the crushed body of OttO only to find nothing there. He grunts in confusion.

"Did you know that Halloesh is now lord?" OttO continues, prodding the already angry giant.

"Halloesh..?" Diablos utters, before he audibly clenches his teeth and growls, the most human remaining aspect of him. He raises his head and howls out, his voice growing guttural. "Ȟ̶̤ã̷͚l̵̝̚ľ̵͚ŏ̸̬e̶̘͛s̶̠̀h̴͇͐!̴̣̊"

"Ah yes, you do remember, don't you?" OttO says, now standing upon Diablos's head. "And look, accursed servants of his have entered your domain. You cannot allow yourself to be ousted once again, can you?"

The white sands where one doesn't just get lost, but loses memories, expansive, littered with threats wandering its expanse.

Nix Kingdom

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A kingdom, one of the few bastions of order within a warped and hostile world. Built from a need for some cause, some banner to serve under, the Nix Lords of times past, and mostly forgotten, built this kingdom into a stronghold, a sanctuary of sorts for those lost. May they been called tyrants in other lands, ruling strict, but here they were the most fair as well compared to the savagery that exists outside its walls.

Within these halls, the current lord, Halloesh, sits upon a throne made in part of gray wood and in the other of purple fabric. The throne was adorned in the chitinous remains of some serpentine creature, it's head, dangling atop the resting rail, had a strange blade held within its jaws, just within the lord's reach. Halloesh himself sat, leaned back and relaxed, a goblet in one hand of some fermented juice of a red fruit that grows in the sands that was deemed, at least, safe enough.

Today he had gathered his most loyal and most subservient. To his side, Cordelia, his most faithful, a form barely identifiable as human, adorned in a purple cotton cloak, body covered in silken cloth, face obscured by a sharp shiny ornamental metal mask where only a gleam of a blue eye is visible, and decorated in blades. She knelt there silently, as best she can without arms. She was always close, possibly the most truly loyal, not forged of fear but longing. A pathetic creature, some say.

"I hear murmurs," he begins, his voice deep and steady, echoing through the chambers and breaking the silence. "...That I am without heir, that I will be the last lord. I will say, that is true."

There is a stir of confusion and disbelief. Even Cordelia shakes. But Halloesh taps the armrest of his throne and returns silence to the room.

"I will be the last lord, the last one of this long cold chapter," he continues, twirling his finger in his goblet slowly. "I had a dream, that the moon falls and the sun rises, that the serpent is torn. As I bring order here, as my fathers before me brought structure in this desolate world, our dream of prosperity shall too be realized. For you see, my most loyal, that in this dream, a great many emerged from the sand, against the Un, against the Ouroboros, and the moon moved and the tides of the abyss stirred and became blue, and light, true light shone through the gray skies. Let it be known again, that I Halloesh will succeed where my predecessors failed, and you, who follow, shall stand tall upon those who fell before you. Our salvation will come soon, by our own hands. And this sword, Void Howl, passed down from the lord before me, is the key."

Nix unified under a single banner with the promise of a better future, ruled by Lord Halloesh who sits upon a throne made of slain beasts.