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Sanguine Caifu

Main Deck-Stern


a part of Sanguine Caifu, by Sarasham.

The stern of the Qi's main deck

Sarasham holds sovereignty over Main Deck-Stern, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The stern of the Qi's main deck, two re-purposed fighter bays used as cargo bays.
If Ju is to be believed the main infestation of space spiders is contained in the loose tiles of the port-side bay and should be avoided at all costs.
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Main Deck-Stern

The stern of the Qi's main deck


Main Deck-Stern is a part of Main Deck.


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#, as written by conor
Mason was on his way out of the mess when he heard the announcement over the intercom. He scowled and dropped his shoulders. Looking down at his watch he cursed under his breath. "Late" he though to himself. People wouldn't be pleased. He could have missed a lot of things in absence. Now he had no choice but to delay even further. That was of course unless he wanted his face to have an impromptu meeting with the ship floor when the pilot lifted the ship off the planet. That wouldn't benefit anyone.

He watched as the young guy made his way to the jump seats. He seemed so full of himself. If it's one thing Mason hated it was an ego. It always got in the way of business and that never worked well for him. Mason scoffed at his comments and reluctantly followed behind to get himself strapped in safely before take-off.

The sooner he got into atmo the better, even if that meant putting up with this ponce for a few minutes.