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Sanguine Caifu

The Qi


a part of Sanguine Caifu, by Sarasham.

The Qi, a first-class Blockade runner captained by Fu Ju Min. Called the Qi-Gu when Ju is unhappy with it.

Sarasham holds sovereignty over The Qi, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Interior Detail

The Qi is based on the designs in 0-hr's Future Armada series ship, the Gryphon.
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The Qi

The Qi, a first-class Blockade runner captained by Fu Ju Min. Called the Qi-Gu when Ju is unhappy with it.


The Qi is a part of Sanguine Caifu.

3 Places in The Qi:

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Monolith [3] Former Alliance Operative on the run

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Image Ju Min stepped on to the ladder that lead to the Qi’s main air lock. The door opened as soon as she hit the last step. She smiled to herself, the ship was keyed into her biological signature, which meant the ship responded to her in ways that were always satisfying. Nothing made her feel like more of a bad-ass space captain than the ship’s doors opening for her but no one else. She turned to the others and ushered them onboard.

"Welcome aboard the Qi." Her body visibly relaxed. It felt good to be back on her ship. This place had been her home for so long now, and now she had a crew for her again. The ship lit up as she stepped inside, revealing a steely-blue interior. The main-deck airlock opened between the medical bay and the starboard cargo-bay, it didn’t show off the bulk of the ship, but the clean lines and brushed steel made the ship’s military lineage clear.

"We’re on the main deck here. Most of what you’ll need is here. You can store your gear in the cargo bay there." She gestured to the first set of doors on her left. "Don’t store anything in the port-side bay, the one behind the engine room. There’s Space Spiders in there. Just, don’t go in there okay? Nothing but Space Spiders in there." She noticed Monty had already started moving his gear into the cargo bay. That was good, while the others were settling in she’d have to show him the Bridge. She also saw Zasha make a bee-line for the engine-room. She seemed eager to start work, a good sign.

"The lower cargo bay is down that ramp. The lower deck is for the ship’s cargo only. Unless you’re loading or unloading, there’s no reason for you to be there. The Space Spiders will find you and I won’t be held responsible for what happens if they catch you. " She took a few steps into the interior, letting the others come further onboard. As more people stepped on board more of the ship lit up.

"There’s the gym, it’s not much but there’s some gear there to keep your bone density up if we’re spending a long time in The Black. Bathrooms are here behind the med bay. You’ve got one shower room and two lavatory rooms, learn to share. I have my own facilities." She stopped at the air-lock lift that lead to the second floor. "Communal dining hall and bunks are on the bow-side from here, should be enough bunks for all of you, two people to a room if you can. If not, find somewhere else to sleep, I’m not picky. Up this lift is the Bridge and my cabin. This is an air-lock lift so it’s not fast. If you need to contact me or the bridge, there’s a communication panel here. "

"We’re stocked alright, but we should be getting more supplies soon." She glanced over at Charles. "And that’s the tour, any questions?"


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#, as written by conor
Mason realised he would have to lay down some ground rules when it come to his luggage when the captain picked his bags up, but now was not the time. He unzipped the second bag slowly to make sure i'ts contents were unharmed. He needed the device working or it would all be for naught. Brushing off his suit jacket he promptly followed behind the captain.

"Meiguanxi captain, although a murderous mechanic seems rather interesting choice in an employee who's job is to keep something alive. Granted ships are far less annoying than people. While we are away form the rest of the ships inhabitants I think it might be prudent for me to request somewhere..private, for my work. Preferably for me to sleep as well. I have some portable equipment if there are no private rooms with a bed." Mason left the conversation there for the captain to consider as he found himself following to the mess.

Upon arrival the room seemed, dysfunctional to say the least. A shouting match between the captain and a rather flamboyant looking man, or child. He wasn't quite sure. As he panned around he noticed a few other crew-mates, not much untoward about them other than a strangely blasé attitude about firearms in a ship that would shortly be pressurised. It was only until his eyes met a well composed man sitting at the table that alarm bells went off. He carried all the telltale signs of an alliance operative. Mason would know, he spent enough time around them in the past.

Thoughts flickered through his head, was he here for him? It seemed unlikely that if the alliance wanted him that he'd be still standing but Mason knew things, knew people. Maybe he wasn't here for him. Either way, Mason was rattled by his presence but he'd have to keep his composure. Too late to bug out now.


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Charles had retreated to his personal quarters, where he was doing final checks on his gear. Ammunition for the MagSnub, check. Blade, check. Breach-And-Hack tools, check. External air tank, check; the ORION-5 had a small emergency tank built in but Charles was taking no chances: a larger-capacity external would always be more useful.

He had learnt that from Operation Pantheon, all those years ago.

Most important of all the equipment, though, was easily the PDA. It was his map. His voice to the probable AI presence. And most importantly, it was a storage for a certain particularity.

His shit in order, Charles ran through the plan yet again. Get in. Get the device. Get back aboard the Qi. Wait for the ship to move on and get within planet distance. Expunge all witnesses and steal an escape pod.

Dead easy, right?


Rising, he exited his quarters, heading up to the bridge to watch the docking maneuvers.