Cyrille Dior

"I got an excuse to be greedy 'cause everything already belongs to me."

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|| Nao | Golden Boy
|| 25
|| Male
|| Actor
|| Alpha One
|| French
|| Heterosexual


It only makes sense for an actor to get spotlight. An aura of flamboyance and confidence accompanied with chiseled facial features make Cyrille the object of attention before he even opens his mouth. His ruffled dirty blonde hair suggesting an indifferent view on his own appearance. Deep red eyes contrasting his pale skin and toothy smile that has garnered the attention of many. Standing at 180 centimeters in height, Cyrille finds himself in the category of “not too short and not too tall”. His muscular body structure amounts from his Alpha lineage and the constant physical training from his two Alpha parents. His clothing choices stem from his vibrant personality, wearing dress shirts messily and refusing to wear dull colors. His favorite color is orange, so you will see that on any outfit he decides on. His ruby-framed glasses are only used for the purpose of not being recognized in public and have no prescription.



People generally describe Cyrille as the most alpha, alpha you have ever met. Passion makes up his speech and his actions are inspired only by instinct. From birth, Cyrille was under the impression that everything belongs to him. His wealthy successful parents have molded this idea into everything being his only through hard work and an unrelenting stubbornness was born. He will often quote that something or someone will be his soon enough. Blunt in speech, due to a spoiled upbringing, Cyrille doesn’t seem to have a filter and will speak his mind more often than needed. Cyrille also harbors unyielding charisma which is used to woo the ladies, however Cyrille is looking for quality over quantity. He is also obsessed with the idea of love. His profession of an actor has pushed this twisted idea of affection and Cyrille instead searches for something more genuine. Too many girls have fallen for Cyrille’s personas instead of his true self. Passionate, but greedy, charismatic, but rather blunt, and did I mention stubborn? This is Cyrille without the cameras and the makeup.



He’s an actor, so it is only natural for him to enjoy the spotlight. He enjoys being the center of attention when doing something he has confidence in, but only enjoys good attention. His preferred type of food is spicy, Curry and Mexican food in particular. Movie directors have a way to make love seem as unrealistic as possible but that’s not the case for authors. On his search for genuine love, he enjoys love novels as they don’t seem to know the word cliché. Cyrille enjoys Jazz music as his preferred genre, and nothing beats listening to jazz music while laying on soft grass.


Cyrille doesn’t enjoy the paparazzi as they have a habit of twisting every picture they take and dislikes the gloomy rain. He hates coffee and could do without stairs, he feels taking elevators or escalators is the better way to do it..



An orphan plucked from two alpha parents, Cyrille always was given the best and was expected to do the best. Cyrille was an only child so their expectations of him were quite high. His father was a successful businessman while his mother was a famous actor. With both parents working, he was only given standards and nothing else. His father only wanted him to do well in his studies while his mother wanted him to look as beautiful as possible and stated that with her influence, he could become anything he wanted without working for it.
His mother was often out in the world, doing tours and photo-shoots, not caring for her little boy. His father stayed home, holed up in his room and typing away on his computer. His father showed a bit more affection for him and taught him to completely discard his mother’s ideals. Cyrille was taught to be hardworking and submitted to his father’s will.
During his childhood, he was stoic and shy. Taking after his father, he wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends or attend events that could be considered fun. Go to school, go home, study and sleep. That was all he thought about. He was at the top of his classes, his father was happy while Cyrille couldn’t share this emotion with his father.
In his freshman year of high-school, his mother came home to visit. After seeing her son for the first time in 6 years, she was disgusted at how he was raised. A life of luxury without freedom. His parents fought constantly for a year while she stayed there. Two alphas struggling for dominance, it wasn’t out of the ordinary.
Eventually, his mother filed a divorce, and frankly, the father was quite fed up. They agreed on everything being split, the money and the possessions were split evenly. The only thing they couldn’t agree on was the rights to their son. After many restless nights, they decided to let their son decide. Cyrille, unable to fully decide for himself, chose his mother as tasting freedom was more important than anything. His father, defeated quickly left and he was now in the full custody of his mother.
His mother completely changed him, enrolling him into a different school, encouraging social outings over study groups. He eventually flunked out of all his classes, but was given an acting position by his mother as he had her genes and her connections. It was proven that he was a prodigy in the world of acting and became a world-renowned actor in the span of 5 years.
He was taught by his father that he could get anything if he worked for it. His mother told him he could marry the most beautiful woman in the world, Alphas, betas, omegas, anyone. But he knew it was fake, the woman he marries only wants popularity and this “marriage” was for bragging rights. After countless misconceptions of love, he chose to take a small break from acting to pursue true love in Tokyo. Under the alias, Nao, he seeks only one to call his own.


character sheet - StarlightPrincess
modified by - Chrian Blaire
character - Phantom
inspiration - Elision ; 猫ババ
face claim - Lawless/Hyde | Servamp
hex codes -
#990000 & #FFA500

So begins...

Cyrille Dior's Story


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#, as written by chrian.

"Gaze into my eyes, show me all your love."


It was yet another normal, beautiful morning, in the crowded, yet energetic city of Tokyo. The sun was shining, the white clouds drifting quietly over the blue, blue sky from above. Some may have woken up from their slumbers, ready for another busy day of working to earn money for a living everyday, while some remained blissfully ignorant as they sat highly in the their own thrones, bathed in the admiring gazes of the others. Whovever one may be, all seemed to be right within this city.

And, each of them still searching enthusiastically, for the destined one that will be their salvation, not only in this life, but also for eternity to come.

In a medium-sized room, numerous of canvases, brushes, watercolours, and any other stuffs that an artist could possibly have scattered around. Hanging on the wall are beautiful works of art, so sophisticated and elegant as if were drawn by an angel himself. And on the white bed in the corner of the room, lies a man with the hair as blue as the sky who is still sleeping peacefully, as if he doesn't care the least about the life around him.

His eyelids were closed, with his graceful eyelashes twitching from times to time. His every breath was monotonous, as his chest panted up and down in a regular pattern. The white shirt over his torso halfly revealed his porcelain white skin, and half not. He was beautiful, like an untainted pearl deserved to be behold by all around him. Just the sight of him is enough to make them all wanted to basked in his gentleness and purity.

Yet, it was hard to believe that behind such magnificence lies a much, much more complex labyrinth that few dare to explore.

The sunlight gently shone through the thin white veil, slowly waking Haruki up from his sleep. It's already morning, huh? He asked himself. Usually, his night wouldn't end until it was 3:00 AM, so in a way, mornings would come much earlier for him in comparison with most other people. However, he didn't care much. He enjoys living this life, and as long as he could earn enough to bring food onto the dining table everyday for his beloved grandmother and himself everyday, then he wouldn't bother looking for the one who would be his destined one.

After all, it was natural for someone who had lost the faith in love.

Getting out of bed, he stretched his arms a little. His body is a little bit sore since he'd just performed a new dance yesterday, but he would got used to it after a couple of performances. Suddenly, his head stung, as if needles had just pierced through his brain. Closing his eyes and gritted his teeth a bit in pain, Haruki took out a bottle of painkiller and took two tabs. And thankfully, the pain quickly subsided afterward. His occasional headaches are a nuisance, especially for someone who hated taking pills like him, but he couldn't complain, as it was natural for Omegas like him to suffer from some sort of weird handicaps like this.

Moments later, he stepped out of his room, and saw that his grandmother - Kanae, is sitting on the couch and braided a scarf as usual. It was a normal hobby for those of her age. "Ohayo, baa-chan." Haruki smiled, the genuien smile whom he had never shown anyone but her, as he bended and gave her a kiss.

"Ohayo, my beautiful Haru-chan." Kanae smiled serenely back to him, "You came home late yesterday, did that trouble much of your sleep?"

He shook his head, "No, I'm used to it, you know. Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No, I'm waiting for you, dear. Who am I to eat without my loving grandson?" She said. Nodded, Haruki then helped her to stood up as they made their way into the kitchen, where the two of them dined pleasantly. There's no one else whom Haruki could enjoy eating with as much as his grandmother like this. After the meal was finished, he did the dishes and decided that he wanted to go out and find some new inspirations today, since it was such a beautiful morning.

Bringing along with him his drawing tools box, Haruki stepped into his shoes as he he greeted Kanae, "I'm leaving, obaa-chan. Please take care."

"Be sure to be back before lunch." She gently said to him, as she watched his back disappeared through the door. "He really reminds me of them..." The elderly woman said bitterly to herself while sighing.

Haruki walked through the street that he had crossed countless of times in his life. Though somehow, he felt an urge to stop by a small park, where he had never stepped his feet into. The nature and the people here almost entwined, making the scenery here become breathtaking, which made him slightly wondering why he had never come here. Haruki sat down at an empty bench, taking out his sketch and began to draw a few outlines with his pencil.

Little do he know that, sooner or later, a fateful encounter of his life will occur here.


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Day 57
"Dear diary journal book, last week has been awful. Eve, I believe was the tramp's name? This cute little Beta girl had given me hell, well, at least my definition of hell. She first, lied about being an Omega. Fair skin, brown hair, hazel eyes and a cute little nose. She was perfect, plus, we agreed on everything. The movie, I picked it, the time, I picked it. I thought that was just the Omega talking or not talking if you want to put it that way. Of course I'm the one taking charge, I have bulging muscles and the most beautiful smile. Oh and I'm also an Alpha, should've just mentioned that. Holy crap, I'm running out of ink, let me get to the point. Anyways, after 6 days of our glorious relationship, her Beta boyfriend waltzes up while we are talking in a cafe. He proceeds to tell me to "step off his girl". I look at the girl and this little commotion has everyone looking at me. I promptly tell him that these must be some mistake and we are soulmates, like a normal person would. This guy, I swear, his face lights up red like it was Christmas and his hue put the stop-signs to shame. The Beta kid proceeds to swing, I guess he didn't like looking weak. This kid could only bench a pool noodle. I block his right hook, but it hits somewhere in my wrist that kind of bends it the wrong way. I look at the kid dead on in the eye. He then gets all scared and runs. I then walk off after that. A day later while I'm nursing my sprained wrist, one of my mates tell me that this Eve chick has been lying. Lying about being Omega, lying about being single. I swear man, these hoes ain't loyal. Now the name "Eve" or anything close to it has been ruined for me.

However, I got a good feeling about today. "If these is no struggle, then there is no progress." I think Dr. Seuss said that. I live by the words carpe diem, Though, I hope this day is worth seizing.

Cyrille ❤

If you consider the fact that Cyrille only uses his journal to vent his frustration, it demeans the reason he started such a frivolous practice in the first place. He is rather serious about finding his soul-mate and the main purpose of this journal was to record his glorious search for love. Though it seems to have become writing word after word of malice from the many girls that have rejected him. The ruby-colored glasses that were worn for his benefit have dug his own lonely grave.

"Nao! Time to eat". A familiar voice filled the hallway. Cyrille smiled, Izumi really was a nice girl, albeit a bit too curious for her own good. "Give me a few minutes, mademoiselle." Cyrille responded. Izumi was curious, but not very bright. Even with Cyrille always making the mistake of using various french words in his Japanese speech. She wasn't any the wiser.

Cyrille wasn't a wanderer today. Instead of looking for love, he was to attend a meeting that his mother was too busy or too lazy to do herself. It was something trivial, something relating to handbag commercials. It was her agent's job, but her mother being inept seemingly forgot to tell her agent beforehand and had to contact Cyrille who was already in the meeting place, Tokyo. Frankly, Cyrille couldn't care less, but he needed something to take his mind off love, even if it was for a fleeting moment.

Cyrille usually had a lengthy morning rontinue. It took more than his charm, his smile, his amazing personality and his bulging muscles to woo the ladies. Personal hygiene over all, but he needed to dress to impress. Today was one of those days he wasn't bind and blinded by that. He was in and out of the bathroom in the length of time he entailed, "A few minutes".

Cyrille could've enjoyed a lavish hotel during his stay in Japan. Once his mother heard of him taking a short break from the industry, she offered to accommodate for everything, but Cyrille quickly declined. After months of negotiation, they finally met a middle ground. She admitted him in the care of an old family friend, a married Beta male, but Cyrille was under the alias "Nao" for the time being. They were nice people, but Cyrille didn't like how Betas refuse to take charge. The two parents get into arguments over trite manners. Such as who'll buy the groceries and who'll watch the two kids. The worst part is that they insist that they themselves shall do it. "I'll take the dog for a walk," "No I'll do it". Cyrille felt that instead of saying you'll do something, you do it without saying.

The breakfast was quick. Even if Cyrille has stayed here for approximately 3 months, he was more used to the extravagant banquets he received back in the states. The breakfast was toast of some kind, but Cyrille paid little attention to it. He said goodbye to the family and was out the door. He didn't have much time to enjoy Tokyo, so he'll treasure it while he can.