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Evelina Falk

"I'm a little disappointed that my life hasn't played out like an otome game."

0 · 461 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Sanguinem Foederis”, as played by Elision


โ— โ— โ— EVELINA FALK XX

ใ€Œโ™ซ ใ€

| Alias(es)
| Age
| Gender
| Occupation
| Role
| Ethnicity
| Sexuality
|โง| | Plant Lady, Evie, Eva
|โง| | Twenty
|โง| | Female
|โง| | Botanist & University Student
|โง| | Omega One
|โง| | Swedish
|โง| | Bisexual


A petite girl to say the least, Evelina stands at just 150cm tall and weighing in at 43.5kg. Her hair is a light shade of blonde that's normally left down or pulled up into two neat pigtails. Two blue butterfly pins decorate her hair at all times, though often times she'll only wear one and swap them out. Her eyes a shade of pale blue that stand out against her milky white skin.The woman is a bit of a fashion addict, though her tastes tend to be a bit more to the unorthodox side of things. While she does dress like a normal person for school and when she's trying to make a good impression. Your chances of seeing her in a cute summer dress are about the same as seeing her frolicking around town dressed like a space alien.



With an attitude resembling that of a small child, Evelina's mood is subject to change at the drop of a hat. Despite having graduated high school a full five years early, she's often described as the dumbest smart person you'll ever meet. Extremely gullible and excessively optimistic, the girl comes off as a bit of an airhead. The woman gets a bit too emotionally invested in things, easily moved to tears over small things that most wouldn't bat an eye at. Whether they're tears of happiness or sadness. She has always had a bad habit of getting distracted, wandering off to strange parts of town far more often than anyone in their right mind ever should. This has lead to her being robbed so many times that she's become numb to it, practically handing her wallet to anyone that approaches her. Studying several years ahead of kids her own age, she never really had much of a chance to enjoy her youth, lacking a lot of the experiences normal children have. One of such things is her lack of having a boyfriend, which lead to her obsession with otome games and the like as a child that she never quite grew out of.



Evelina has always loved plants, raising her own garden in her apartment in addition to the one she has at her university. She adores otome games and everything related to them. Her favorite color is blue and she harbors a particular fondness towards blueberry bagels.


Caterpillars are, and always have been one of Evie's biggest nuisances, and anything that bothers her plants for that matter. She doesn't care much for spicy food, though she'll eat it and do her best to conceal her watering eyes. Swimming scares her since she never learned how.



Born to a set of Swedish Aristocrats, everything Evie could have ever wanted as a child was handed to her on a silver platter. It was every child's dream, all the toys and treats that money could buy. However, her parents were rarely around, leaving her to be raised by the house staff. Nonetheless, the girl carried a determination to please her parents and poured it into her school work. By the time she was five she was studying at a level on par with kids almost twice her age.

This carried through until the girls eventual graduation at the age of thirteen. While her parents weren't quite ready to let their barely teenage daughter wander the globe quite yet, they demanded that she stay with them for another year while she started classes at a local college. Bored out of her mind in classes that were easy to pass, she became obsessed with otome games and their country of origin. By the time it was time to select where she would study the next year, having sorted through acceptance letters from hundreds of universities that had heard of the prodigy, of course she picked the one that would take her to the country she adored.


character sheet - StarlightPrincess
modified by - Chrian Blaire
character - Elision
inspiration - Elision ; ็Œซใƒใƒ
face claim - Sena Kashiwazaki
hex codes -
PowderBlue & LightSalmon

So begins...

Evelina Falk's Story


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#, as written by chrian.

"Gaze into my eyes, show me all your love."


It was yet another normal, beautiful morning, in the crowded, yet energetic city of Tokyo. The sun was shining, the white clouds drifting quietly over the blue, blue sky from above. Some may have woken up from their slumbers, ready for another busy day of working to earn money for a living everyday, while some remained blissfully ignorant as they sat highly in the their own thrones, bathed in the admiring gazes of the others. Whovever one may be, all seemed to be right within this city.

And, each of them still searching enthusiastically, for the destined one that will be their salvation, not only in this life, but also for eternity to come.

In a medium-sized room, numerous of canvases, brushes, watercolours, and any other stuffs that an artist could possibly have scattered around. Hanging on the wall are beautiful works of art, so sophisticated and elegant as if were drawn by an angel himself. And on the white bed in the corner of the room, lies a man with the hair as blue as the sky who is still sleeping peacefully, as if he doesn't care the least about the life around him.

His eyelids were closed, with his graceful eyelashes twitching from times to time. His every breath was monotonous, as his chest panted up and down in a regular pattern. The white shirt over his torso halfly revealed his porcelain white skin, and half not. He was beautiful, like an untainted pearl deserved to be behold by all around him. Just the sight of him is enough to make them all wanted to basked in his gentleness and purity.

Yet, it was hard to believe that behind such magnificence lies a much, much more complex labyrinth that few dare to explore.

The sunlight gently shone through the thin white veil, slowly waking Haruki up from his sleep. It's already morning, huh? He asked himself. Usually, his night wouldn't end until it was 3:00 AM, so in a way, mornings would come much earlier for him in comparison with most other people. However, he didn't care much. He enjoys living this life, and as long as he could earn enough to bring food onto the dining table everyday for his beloved grandmother and himself everyday, then he wouldn't bother looking for the one who would be his destined one.

After all, it was natural for someone who had lost the faith in love.

Getting out of bed, he stretched his arms a little. His body is a little bit sore since he'd just performed a new dance yesterday, but he would got used to it after a couple of performances. Suddenly, his head stung, as if needles had just pierced through his brain. Closing his eyes and gritted his teeth a bit in pain, Haruki took out a bottle of painkiller and took two tabs. And thankfully, the pain quickly subsided afterward. His occasional headaches are a nuisance, especially for someone who hated taking pills like him, but he couldn't complain, as it was natural for Omegas like him to suffer from some sort of weird handicaps like this.

Moments later, he stepped out of his room, and saw that his grandmother - Kanae, is sitting on the couch and braided a scarf as usual. It was a normal hobby for those of her age. "Ohayo, baa-chan." Haruki smiled, the genuien smile whom he had never shown anyone but her, as he bended and gave her a kiss.

"Ohayo, my beautiful Haru-chan." Kanae smiled serenely back to him, "You came home late yesterday, did that trouble much of your sleep?"

He shook his head, "No, I'm used to it, you know. Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No, I'm waiting for you, dear. Who am I to eat without my loving grandson?" She said. Nodded, Haruki then helped her to stood up as they made their way into the kitchen, where the two of them dined pleasantly. There's no one else whom Haruki could enjoy eating with as much as his grandmother like this. After the meal was finished, he did the dishes and decided that he wanted to go out and find some new inspirations today, since it was such a beautiful morning.

Bringing along with him his drawing tools box, Haruki stepped into his shoes as he he greeted Kanae, "I'm leaving, obaa-chan. Please take care."

"Be sure to be back before lunch." She gently said to him, as she watched his back disappeared through the door. "He really reminds me of them..." The elderly woman said bitterly to herself while sighing.

Haruki walked through the street that he had crossed countless of times in his life. Though somehow, he felt an urge to stop by a small park, where he had never stepped his feet into. The nature and the people here almost entwined, making the scenery here become breathtaking, which made him slightly wondering why he had never come here. Haruki sat down at an empty bench, taking out his sketch and began to draw a few outlines with his pencil.

Little do he know that, sooner or later, a fateful encounter of his life will occur here.


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#, as written by Elision
As the sun began to creep up into the sky and Tokyo's residents started to rouse from the nights rest, a certain botanist was already awake and doing a victory dance around her lab. Evie had been up all night waiting for the newest addition to her collection to bloom. A cross of her own creation between a minuet laurel and a strawberry bush, the girl had been watching the bush since the first signs it was going to bloom. It had been several days now, she had barely slept a wink. Now that she was no longer eagerly awaiting the fruit of her experiments, her human needs were catching up to her.

The girl's body slumped into a desk chair that had been abandoned earlier in the center of the room. A single sigh escaped her lips. She was tempted to go to sleep right then and there, but the vibrating piece of metal in her pocket stopped her. 79 new messages. Nami must be worried, Evie hadn't exactly given her roommate any notice that she wasn't going to be home for a while. It wasn't exactly a rare occurrence, she should be used to it now.

That being said, it did give Evie a tiny bit of motivation not to mess up her sleep cycle completely. Propelling herself out into the hall on her chair, she peered into the dark break room. Nobody else was there yet, and the department head still hadn't trusted her with a key. One time you accidentally light the staff room coffee maker on fire and nobody ever trusts you again.

Nevertheless, the genius required caffeine, and she wasn't keen on picking the lock like she normally did. Leaving the chair out in the hall, she snatched up her purse and locked her lab door. Quite honestly, she wasn't sure how it had got in there or who it belonged to in the first place. It was common for first year students and other members of her department to stop in to see what she was working on. She did have quite the reputation after all. That isn't to say she would actually stop to acknowledge them, or even realize someone else has entered the room. If they wanted their chair back, it would be waiting for them in the hall.

Strolling out of the science building, she took in the abandoned campus. None of the restaurants on campus would be open for at least another hour. Not that she ever really ate on campus, there was a certain bakery about a block down the street that she made almost daily visits to. It reminded her a bit of back home.

Within minutes the girl was sipping a latte and nibbling away at a cherry pastry. Scanning through the numerous text messages sent from her roommate, she quickly grew bored with it and decided she'd call her later. For now, she'd enjoy her breakfast.