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Adriel Corentin

"Nothing wrong with mixing pleasure with pain."

0 · 337 views · located in Berkely Springs, Virginia

a character in “Sanguinem Luna”, as played by AppleSauce


"Want to watch it all burn with me?"

Who I Am

Full Name: Adriel Corentin
Name Meaning: Corentin means 'moon'. Adriel is Hebrew for "followers of God".
Nicknames: He doesn't exactly have any nicknames, does heartless and cruel count?
Age: 20
Birthday: 28th of July
Role: The Bad Guy / Pyrokinetic
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual "I want a taste of both worlds."

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Hair Color: Midnight Brown
Eye Color: Soulless Black
Race/Ethnicity: Demon
Distinguishing Marks: None. He has no scars, tattoos, piercings or anything. One might say his skin is in perfect condition.
Detailed Description: Seth has flawless, soft milky white skin. He is quite pale. He looks quite lean but is rather muscular, toned and strong. He's not one to be underestimated. He has thick, wavy, midnight brown hair that sits just above his shoulders. He has sharp, quite alluring black eyes and rather plump lips. Seth tends to dress quite, elegantly, always dressed proper and quite classy, many wouldn't think that he was quite a flirtatious, lusty, cruel man. His clothing consists of suit like attire of long sleeved, white button up shirts, black tie and jacket, black pants and black professional, formal leather shoes. If he's not seen smoking then he's 'drinking', and if he's not seen doing either then he must be doing something important.

What's Inside Really Counts

Personality: Adriel is certainly a changed man. He will not hesitate to kill anyone or drinking their blood. He is a cruel, ruthless, cold man who has lost any part of him that may have once been humane inside him. Along with the memories of being human have been forgotten. He does not dwell on the fast, only the future and making what he and his sister have planned for the World happen. He's rather inconsiderate of others besides his sister but there is always the very rare occasion that he shows mercy, this will only either be because they remind him of his past that scratches at the back of his mind, or that he's too bothered to deal with them at that moment and will probably have someone else kill them. Love isn't something of great importance to him as he enjoys the act in having sex with whoever he likes, whenever he likes. He is a lustrous Demon, and to those who disobey him, he simply gets rid of. Simple. Although he does drink blood and eat flesh, he has some moments where he will eat other food that humans eat, perhaps it is the only thing that ever possibly reminds him of being human. But he doesn't do it around his sister, he does not want to show her weakness.
On the rare occasion if he were to ever fall in love, they would be quite lucky. Apart from his abilities making him a challenging foe, he is very protective and loyal, he's not one to change his mind and no one can really change it for him. The only people who he will give any thought to what they say, will be those he cares about, and so far there's only one person he cares about. Adriel is usually a quite calm, cocky, sly person, he does not worry very easily as he believes that if everything falls into place and goes according to plan, then he can relax. He's never one to let his guard down though and is always on the occasional look out for trouble makers. There aren't many ways to anger him apart from making him frustrated or annoyed, when he can't seem to do some simple task such as find a group of humans, it really aggravates him and he has many thought out plans on what to do with any Human he finds.
When Adriel is angry and furious, many had better watch themselves, his flames can become a bit out of control and he is tempted to kill almost anything on site with no mercy.
Selfish, inconsiderate, cruel, cunning, intelligent, lustrous.

What I'm Good At. Or Not.


[*]Agile. He's very quick on his feet and has good
endurance. He's good at defence and it will be hard
to lay a hit on him.
[*]Complete control of power (when not angered)
[*]Alluring. He's known for luring men and women
simply with his charm and calm, soothing words.
[*]Convincing. He's well known for changing
a persons mind. He's also good at convincing
others that his ill intentions are no longer shortly
after killing them once they let their guard down.

[*]No control of power when angered
[*]His past Human life sometimes comes back and makes
him change his mind from doing rather cruel things.
It reminds him of how he was as a Human and how he'd never do such a thing.
[*]There is a chance that someone he may care about in
the future could possibly change his mind on he and his Sister's
[*]He has a soft spot. He also has a fear of the sunlight
as it does burn Demons and the like.

What I Hate and What I Love


[โœ”]Drinking blood, not just when he's
thirsty, but for fun and pleasure.
[โœ”]Teasing those who have no chance
against him. He enjoys kicking them around,
giving them a fighting chance before quickly
ending their life.
[โœ”]Smoking. A big habit since he was Human.
[โœ”]History. He loves to read about different
countries pasts, just no his own.

[โœ–]Being underestimated by cocky people
[โœ–]Being outwitted. He despises being tricked of
[โœ–]Any harm done to his sister and he will go
berserk at that person. He is very protective of her.
[โœ–]When people ruin or interrupt his fun.

My Past Won't Be Forgotten

Home Town:
Detailed History: Adriel has always cared deeply about his family, especially his two Sisters, they were always very important to him and he always did what he could to protect the two. However, when Arai ran away that night, straight after finding out about her disappearance, he followed after her, in desperate search to find her and hopefully save her from what ever mess she may have gotten herself into outside.
However, things took a turn for the worse when the blood moon rose and reeked havoc onto the Earth. He changed drastically that night along with his sister when he finally found her, many of his human feeling had disappeared and he thought like the thing he had become, a Demon. Surprisingly, when it happened he didn't feel surprised, as if it were natural for it to happen, like he had expected it to happen and simply let it take over his mind and soul. He simply agreed to change the World and rule over it with his Sister with no second thought on how it might affect others. Without a second thought, he acted violently towards his still Human Sister, Aine. However, if he were to meet her again, it would be almost certain he would hesitate to harm her, that little, tiny slither of Human that still remained and scratched at the back of his mind is what would be his true weakness through his lifetime.

So begins...

Adriel Corentin's Story