Dixie Darling


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a character in “Sanguinis”, as played by SarahGracie



Name: Dixie Darling

Age: 118

Birthday: June 30th 1900

Title: Biological sister of the Prince of Sanguinis


Roll: Unofficial Second hand to Valentino Darling

Main Job: Oversee the club, Embraced during her brother's absence


Brief Current Status:

Dixie Darling is the biological sister of a powerful Vampire, Valentino, a ruler over the Vampire citizens of the city of Sanguinis and the surrounding areas. After years of being apart, the siblings have found each other. The Vampire siblings are incredibly protective of each other as it is a rare thing to find biological family after so many years. It's well known in the Vampire community just who has claimed her as family, automatically giving her status of severe protection and place in near constant social spotlight.

Valentino owns and runs a Vampire safe haven, a club and safe zone called Embraced. At this club he employs dozens of Vampires and even more Human donors.

Dixie is currently working for her brother at his club leaning, yet as a person who has his complete trust is often left as a final word in his absence.


So begins...

Dixie Darling's Story