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The town of Sanitarium California, set in the future. Please, most/all characters will be accepted. In a city where night clubs, arts students and future a-listers rule the scene, a secret life of violence, sex and deception lies.

705 readers have visited Sanitarium since William_Destler created it.

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Sanitarium, California, years into the future. The city is a hotspot for up and coming models, actresses, and other celebrities. With the nearby Seaside University for the Arts, and with Beverly Hills and Hollywood only a short drive away, this small city seems like the perfect place to make connections, base agencies and businesses, and to make long lasting relationships. But underneath the highlife, lies a secret network of sex, violence and deception that is controlled by some of the most powerful and secretive citizens. Sex, friendship, heartbreak, and a certain greed dictates the life and times of Sanitarium Citizens. Who will come out on top, and who will crack beneath the pressure? What secrets will be revealed? The only way to find out is to move in.

Toggle Rules

I. OOC vs. IC
This one of the most important aspects of Role-Play. Out of Character versus In Character are the two ways of communication in Role-Play. Keeping these two separate keeps conversation clear and not confusing. You can do both, even at the same time, just keep them seperate. You can write OOC messages before or after IC messages, but within the same reply/post.
a. OOC
This is Out Of Character. It is everything that you want to portray about yourself, not your character. For example, if you need to leave for a moment, and you are in the middle of a roleplay, or simply a conversation, you can write "OOC:" or even simply "//" and then a message. They can be anything you'd like to say. If the conversation turns to dogs IC, you can write at the beginning or end of your message: "//I have a Golden Retriever" or "OOC: I want a dog". And, if you do this during formal RP, you can add emoticons, such as XD or 0.o.
b. IC
This is In Character. This is where the real RP comes in. You can communicate to other Role-Player's characters and begin or move along a story line. You can date, fight, play with, or do just about anything in Role-Play, as long as you have communicated to everyone involved. For example, if you wish to have someone turn into a vampire as part of your plotline, communicate to a few other RPers and ask if any are willing. If you get a positive response, you can go ahead with the RP. And remember In Character is the point of Role-Play, so have fun with it and be creative!

II. Formal versus Informal Role-Play
There are two types of role-play, informal and formal, that you will most likely come across. The type of role-play simply depends on the writing style. You can do do one exclusively, or switch off, depending on your mood or who it is that you are RPing with. Note: If an RP begins as formal or informal, continue it as such. It makes it easier.
a. Formal Role-Play
Formal Role-Play is written in a more traditional form. It is written in a narrative, like a book. For example: 'She looked to him, eyes brimming with tears. She grabbed onto him, clinging to his shirt. After all these years of silence, she finally uttered the single word she had been dying to say. "Father..." She wasn't afraid to show weakness to him. Little did she know, her ease was not well-deserved...' As you can see, dramatic tension is easier to add to the story, as you can be omnipotent. This also tells the other RPers the idea of how you would like the story to progress. This is a great way to add thoughts, feelings and action into your response/post clearly and easily.
b. Informal Role-Play
Informal Role-Play is a quicker, more modern form. It usually takes less than a minute to write, and is great for groups of about 4 or more. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up, as replies are so fast. It's great for short rps too. If someone posts a link or picture, and you would like to reply IC, then writing Informal is more appropriate. In Informal Role-Play, speaking and actions are separate. For example: '*is crying, grabs the front of your shirt* Father...' is the same RP as before, but in Informal RP. The stars (*) show action. It is VERY important to place all actions in informal RP between two stars. It makes Role-Play much clearer for everyone, including yourself.

III. Role-Play Etiquette
This is one of the more difficult aspects of role-play, but also the most important. Other RPers get annoyed and may block you if you don't understand proper manners in Role-Play. Simple manners are easily obtained, and you can become more popular if you understand them and use them.

1. You cannot join an RP without permission. This is quite irritating if two people are having a wonderful Role-Play, and another Role-Player joins in and changes the direction of the conversation. If you would like to join an RP, simply ask someone, preferably the person who started it, to join. Respect their answer if they decline, but if they approve, feel free to jump in.

2. You can, however, READ RPs you are not involved with. Just be aware that you may not understand some of the content, and it may be very mature. Most RPs are one-time deals, simply to be referred to later or to move a story line along, so they are not meant to be read or added on to once they are finished. But, you may read them to understand a reference made or to simply read for the fun of it. Either way, feel free.

3. "L33T-speak" and "Text Talk" are not appropriate in RP, unless it is written as a text message to another character.

4. Every character/creator has their ideas for their character. You cannot simply write that they have an Achilles Heel or a weak point to save yourself. You cannot change anything about their character's appearance, traits, personality, actions, or histories. If you discuss it with the creator (facebook chat is great way to do this quickly), then you may change whatever it is that they give your permission to do. In other words: NO GOD-MODE!

5. NO KILLING OTHER CREATORS CHARACTERS! If you feel this will really help the plot-line, or the creator feels that their character is no longer important, discuss the death with the creator. If they agree that you should kill the character, go ahead, but do it in a fashion that makes sense. A full-on RP really makes it hit hard, and it's simple too.

6. Do not take anything personally when it comes to RP. If someone makes a comment on your RP style, ask them what is wrong with it. It may just be that it is unclear to them what you mean, or perhaps you are doing something that is a pet peeve of theirs. Whatever the reason, don't take it personally. If they really bother you, you can ask an experienced RPer what to do, or simply block them.

7. Keep true to your character. If your character is from a Book, Movie, Play, Videogame, TV Show, Anime, or a Celebrity, make sure you understand their personality and characteristics. If you wish to change something about your character, have a reason to. If you think your character is too shy around another character, arrange to have an RP with them to strengthen the bond between those two characters. If you want to change how your character looks or acts, have a reason (i.e. break-up, self realization, divorce, rape, falls in love, has a new friend, etc.).

8. To each his own. Everyone can have an opinion on every subject, so don't make a case about it. Don't make a speech on every issue. Just have a calm debate if you must.

9. Okay, this one's obvious: NO TROLLING WHATSOEVER! Not even to a person that annoys you. It's mean and it can really make people mad at you. BUT trolling is different that your character being mean to another person's character. If you are afraid someone REALLY dislikes you, or want to confront them, ask them. On the flip side, if you are afraid someone will take your characters words the wrong way, message them and compliment the RP. Role-Play is fun and is great for relieving stress. But don't take your anger out on others.

10. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are VERY important. Please, do not ignore the fundamentals of English here. I know this may seem stupid, but for some people, it is simply easier to read if it is correct. If your character has an accent or speaks a certain way, establish it from the start and make it a definite part of the character.

11. Timelines are irrelevant in RP. A baby can be born, then two weeks later it can be a teenager. It all depends. You can mess with them, as long as they don't go OVER the real life time. For example, you can stretch out a pregnancy, but not over nine months. This is very important, as some people are confused at this.

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Character Portrait: William Charles "Romeo" Destler
Character Portrait: Sophie Bright


Character Portrait: Sophie Bright
Sophie Bright

"I'm just here to party."

Character Portrait: William Charles "Romeo" Destler
William Charles "Romeo" Destler

Son of a french composer turned entrepreneur, Will and his twin sister, Emilie, must navigate their way through this new city and not lose themselves... Lest he gamble away the few things that matter.


Character Portrait: Sophie Bright
Sophie Bright

"I'm just here to party."

Character Portrait: William Charles "Romeo" Destler
William Charles "Romeo" Destler

Son of a french composer turned entrepreneur, Will and his twin sister, Emilie, must navigate their way through this new city and not lose themselves... Lest he gamble away the few things that matter.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: William Charles "Romeo" Destler
William Charles "Romeo" Destler

Son of a french composer turned entrepreneur, Will and his twin sister, Emilie, must navigate their way through this new city and not lose themselves... Lest he gamble away the few things that matter.

Character Portrait: Sophie Bright
Sophie Bright

"I'm just here to party."

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If I could, when a character sheet is up; I'd like to make 2-3 characters (preferably 1 female and 2 males).

Re: Sanitarium

Hi, I'd like to reserve a female and if possible and I'm comfortable, I'll create a male. My two characters will be related

Re: Sanitarium

I have the same questions as Zoey, but also would like to ask about reserves. Do I reserve or is it unlimited spots? If I have to reserve, I would like a female character please. :)

Re: Sanitarium

This sounds really interesting! I was wondering if there is a character sheet? Do you plan to have any face claims? I would love to join this.


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