Sophie Bright

"I'm just here to party."

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Sophie Bright

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Alice Englert

Twenty Two with a birthday of May 13

She has long, wavy dark brown hair a little past her shoulders and dark brown eyes outlined by thick, dark lashes. She is kinda short, standing at 5"3. Sophie has a skinny but fit hourglass figure, catching the eye of many guys. She has a tattoo of a rose vine that starts on her stomach and goes her side. She also has a tattoo of 'believe' on her wrist. Her skin has a slight tan to it from being in the sun so much, the sun has also given her hair some light blonde streaks in random places.

Sophie isn't always the 'nicest girl in town.' She has her moments when she can easily break anything or well, anyone. When she is not in a bad mood, she is very friendly and normally hyper or crazy. She tends to be more, open around people she knows, or likes. If she does not like someone in the room, no one is happy. There seems to be a murderous feel in the air from Sophie. Sophie would never hurt anyone if she can control it but its like someone has been controlling her for half her life. No one has actually been controlling her, she has been places and gets the same result each time, her mind seems to go its own way.

Sophie loves horse back riding, swimming, writing, singing, flirting, shopping, watching movies, guys, kissing, playing guitar or piano, having fun, and much more. She hates seafood, running, meat, crying, heartbreaks, boredom, and more.

Growing up, Sophie had the dream life. Both her parents were famous actors and could sing. She lived in Hollywood most of her life but moved away at age eighteen, going all over the world. She lost herself, lost everything to her ex Michel when she was twenty. Ever since she has had both, trust and anger issues. She now lives in a medium size house with her white boxer and her paint horse. Sophie was born when her parents were eighteen, almost couldn't care for her with their jobs with acting. She never was around her parents but was close with her aunt who is still in touch and isn't much older than her.

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