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"I will kill you in due time...."

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a character in “Sanity Amongst the Chaos”, as played by Setsugie


There are some villains you just can't hate, then, there's this Asshole.


"I was brought to this world to bring about pain, misery and suffering and I intend to inflict this to every living being on this planet!! KAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"



Nickname: Shadows Asgard

Code Name: Fear

Gender: Male?

Age: 19 Years

Birthday: December 25th, Capricorn - Year of the Rooster

Blood Type: B Positive

Physical Description: Kurai is very normal looking despite his twisted personality, he has good looks and a well build muscular yet slender body. Stands at 5'9 feet tall and weighs in at 130 pounds, he has no scars nor tattooes on his body, he refuses to smoke or drink so his body is healthy and on top of that he like to exercises to keep himself fit. His hair is slightly undulated and reaches a bit under his ears in length its color is a beautiful Azure blue, his eyes have a rare form of Heterochromia in which his eyes are colored in light pink.
He is usually seen wearing, a worn out gray T-shirt with a chin-high open collar(Like the Akatsuki) with stitch patterns on it and a few belts on it, a unziped dark brown hoodie-jacket, black colored ragged jeans with many strapped and unstrapped belts on it and dark colored boots. As for accessories he caries a pair of black gloves inside his hoodies pockets, a pair of sunglasses and 3 hollow rings filled with Ariadne string.

Personality: He is quiet, calm and level headed most of the time though he is always negative, and could hurt people as easily as you and I breathe. His need to destroy was as strong as one's need to eat. He was the type that seriously contemplated killing every human on the face of the planet, himself included. He doesn't show mercy to anyone who doesn't peek his interest, he was no qualms in being destructive if he just on a whim decides to kill someone while taking a stroll in the park in broad daylight he will do it. He can easily fake innocence "Reverting" back to his happy child personality to gain trust sometimes. He is the one person you don't want to anger and the worse part of this he get angered for almost no reason sometimes, when angered he will not stop, he will not rest, he will not falter until the one who caused his anger is a pile of meat beneath his feet. His negativity is so great that just by glancing at him all those weak of heart will have their hearts shatter and will sink into depression, all those who do not will feel an uneasy fear emanating from him like a bad omen. He has also been deemed mentally insane and slightly sadistic just throwing that out there.

(Deceased Father)
(Deceased Mother)

Criminal Record:
-Youngest Child Mass murderer in History.
-Wanted for killing over 300+ people in the past 10 years, Dead or Alive people want him brought to justice for the sins he has committed.
-Murder, Serial Killing, Torture, Assassination and Brutal Murdering of Men, Women and Children alike.
-Is Ranked Number 1 in the Top Ten most wanted.

Baishin Daggers: Kurai carries about 6 of these arm length Daggers hidden within his cloths, other than being ridiculously sharp and light, these daggers have a Discord device in a compartment in the hilt of each Dagger, when activated the hilt opens relieving a small turbine that causes a very high pitched and loud sound with twice the power of a concussion grenade in sound only creating a small shock-wave as well. These Daggers also act as tuning forks resonating with sound to amplify it, vibrating when stuck, etc.

Ariadne String: Also called Ariadone, these wire like strings are made of a new material it is very resilient and can hold up to 2.5 Tons per string. This string is kept inside hollow rings he has and in his gloves which he can freely access.

Angel Wing and Devil Arm: Custom made pistols that he rarely uses because it take the fun away from killing. Angel Wing is white and light yellow in color and Devil Arm is black and red in color, these pistol have armor piercing rounds lined with a titanium frame and Anti-Personnel capabilities(it pierces through about 1 inch before exploding into shards to maximize internal damage.) it has about 8 rounds per magazine. Since these are custom made rounds also it hard for him to order then and only has 4 magazines on him right know(two in his guns and two to spare) until the next stock is issued to him.

Method of Killing:
From either simple killing via cutting the throat or stabbing the head, to dismemberment of limbs and torture. People have been found in piles of unrecognizable meat, to burnt out pile of ashes and worse. His methods can be simple to complex and unorthodox, he mainly uses Daggers, Strings and twin pistols(rarely) and his abilities. The victims are usually found a few days but if the he really tries they can never be found, and kill anyone he deems worthy for fun, if they peek his interest he will play with them and might let them live for further fun this of course rarely happens. When Angered Victims are unrecognizable the crime scene is splattered all over with blood, body parts, organs, slashing marks, burn marks and his trade mark Ariadon String, Everyone knowis Its Kurai since they have found his finger prints, and DNA in the crime scenes.

~Force of Will: Fear - Kurai uses his sheer Force of Will to give the target the premonition of death, the target see's himself dying by Kurais hand this inflict emotional and physiological pain and stress at the target to fear him. This also affects the user.

~Flames of Corruption - These are black flames that are created from his soul, these black flames burn less than a normal flame but propagate like any normal flame it can have a more solid form if willed and the defining characteristic it has is that it can rob the physical stamina of those in contact with it.

~Demi - Is the creation of a large dark sphere that encompass a small area, while in this area gravity multiplies to twice the normal, the sense of pain is greatly enhanced and stamina is depleted faster. Of course this also affects the user.

~Nightmare Noise - (Combo Attack) Is the name of a technique Kurai developed using his 6 Daggers, when placed in a circle around the target and all discord Device activate at the same time creating a literal sphere of sound encompassing the area around and inside the circle the daggers are place in, due to the high pitched sound emanated by each dagger and their tuning fork like structure sound is bounced off each other repeatedly in a spherical form while being amplified many times. the end result leaves the victim virtually unscathed on the outside but completely destroyed on the inside due to the sound waves completely rupturing the insides of the target causing large internal damage. Though this technique is hard to pull off the first time and even harder the second time against the same target, the area between the daggers must fit the target (Around 6 feet diameter, target can be partially outside the area though) any more or less will cause the technique to fail and must be done with all 6 STATIONARY daggers if not it will also fail.

~Darkness Discord - (Combo Attack: !!Warning: due to this attack being way to deadly almost a sure kill, it must be used with both players consent first!!) Kurai grabs the target anywhere(preferably the neck) and raises his target upwards the activates a point blank Demi around them, then forcefully pummels the target towards the ground with the enhanced pain and gravity while the target is still stunned, Kurai then pins the target with his 6 Baishin daggers forming a circle while the pinching his cloths to prevent him from moving then completely engulfs the target in Flames of Corruption for it to eat away at his stamina finally he then Activate Nightmare Noise on the target. With the Target being inside Demi ones pain is greatly enhanced and gravity is doubled along with stamina consumption with the Flames of Corruption, and Nightmare Noise Rupturing his insides leaves the target virtually dead.

(Disregard these they are nothing but cool names )
Level 1 Restriction Release: Ghost Protocol -
Level 2 Restriction Release: Zombie Assessment Strategy -
Level 3 Restriction Release: Demon Extermination Protocol -

Why Did They Join Kekkon: To Kill the headmaster and become the headmaster myself, spit on his corpse, laugh maniacally while watching Atlantis burn
screaming AMERICA FUCK YEAH! And I'm being serious its the first thing in my bucket list....

Why Do They Hate Saiken: I hate everything it's not that I particularly hate Saiken more but it deserves a bit more of my attention.

Opinions: Fuck I love opinions a Fuckin'lot! (These are based on the code name by itself, I did check the chars but only for gender specification, everything was made by code name assumptions.)

Happiness: Will die By My hands for kicks.

Sorrow: Might Die By my hands if she doesn't drown in his own sorrow.

Anger: Shall Die By my hands unless presented with a worthy challenge(probably not will still die though.)

Fear: Will Die In some point, probably not....

Apathy: Probably will die Love.

Empathy: Will die forgotten and hated. And surely by me.

Love: Will die Alone and idiotically. Note to self kill this idiot before he reproduces.

Hatred: Will die for someone he hates.

Determination: Will die with no cause, or either by a stab or a meteorite falling on him, hoping for that meteorite though.

Anxiety: Will die PERIOD.

Mischief: Will die in his dreams, if not he will anger me and I WILL kill him.

Loneliness: Will die and go to heaven and be tortured....Probably.

Disgust: Another Note to self Kill this idiot before it lays eggs.

Headmaster: Will die by my hands and I shall become headmaster.

Mortal Enemy: Anyone who lives enough time and angers me.


History: Kurai was surprisingly a nice and very bright child when he was young, he quickly learned to speak and walk, learning to read at the age of 4, he was labeled a child genius. He had a loving Mother and Father, their family had nothing absolutely nothing wrong with it, it was just that he was so smart he always wanted to test his limits. He read many books and watched documentaries and conducted childish experiments. There was seemingly nothing wrong with this child prodigy, until he hit his 9 birthday, he was already bored of his "normal" life and wanted more excitement being far mature and smarter than many adults at only the age of 9 Kurai decided to take a life and see how much time would it take for him to be found out like in the criminal documentaries. Kurai though loved the feeling of taking a life so he decided he would do this until he get caught. The first lives he took were that of his parents, he felt nothing after killing them only the feeling of a burned being lifted and overwhelming joy and pleasure. From then on he has killed people day and night, he quickly became the worlds worst mass murderer and serial killer at just the age of 9. His method became more an more complex and the victims deaths more and more gruesome, as his abilities began to grow. His negativity was so powerful that he could give the image of one dying just by looking at them and break their hearts sinking the into depression. Soon he was picked up for Kekkon and he joined he didn't like the people there so he soon decided to kill the headmaster one day and become the headmaster himself. His current goal to inflict as much pain, suffering and misery to every human possible on earth.


So begins...

Kurai's Story

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Kekkon Student

Kurai slowly opened his eyes as he yawned loudly, his hands where at the back of his head, he took a deep breath as his cell phone was vibrating, he took it out and read it was an alarm saying "School... Don't be late..." he sighed heavily and sat up straight and looked around. He was on top of a burnt police car, seeing the area scattered with police and swat bodies that where either burnt or dismembered this was due to an earlier attempt at capturing Kurai which failed miserably obviously. He brought himself up and jumped of the car and slowly made his way to school with little to no motivation.

He sighed once again, reaching the entrance to the building he stretched out his hands releasing a few cracks from his joints, a small wave of happiness came through him as he lightly smiled for a few seconds, knowing he was usually the only one to actually attend class he knew he'd be alone for some time. He loved the quietness and serenity it the room had, with this in mind he entered opening the door, he saw an unfamiliar face "strange a new students perhaps?" Kurai thought and quickly disregarded this not caring whatsoever about the purple haired girl(Assuming its purple) who was drawing and sat down on the last seat near a window and began to stare outside the fear and negativity could be felt emanating from Kurai due to his natural will. He had earlier smelt the smell of blood which he assumed came from the girl, assuming she killed someone makes her interesting but not so interesting as to actually give effort and do something or anything to that matter since right know he wanted to take in the "peacefulness".

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Adonis lays back on his bed, hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling, not really thinking about anything in particular, merely bored and not wanting to go out with the others. His facade was annoying to keep up twenty-four seven, but is absolutely necessary to maintain his position in this school. Even killers have standards, after all.

The door to the outer room opens loudly, and he frowns to himself, hearing a voice. He cocks his head to the side with a frown. He had only heard one person enter the room, but that doesn't mean no one else is there. Some of these students could be pretty damn quiet when they felt like it.

Bounding from the bed, Adonis presses his ear against the door. He sighs at the lack of voices, blowing a strand of white-blond hair from his face. He'd just have to go out there. Like it or not, it's the only way to know just what's going on.

Adonis turns the knob quietly, opening the door a crack- just enough to view the room. He registers three presences: Fear, an antisocial being who he has never really tried to talk to; Empathy, the girl with a wise ass response for virtually every situation, a girl who he enjoyed teasing just to see what she'd say; an unfamiliar purple headed girl with her head bent over a paper, hiding her face. Adonis grins. Must be a new student. Perfect.

Putting on a goofy grin, Adonis shoves the door open the rest of the way carelessly, letting it bang against the wall, anouncing his presence. He waves to Empathy. "Hello there," he says with a cackle. "Making a new friend, are we? Aren't you better than that? I thought friends were below Miss Uppity."

He turns to the new girl, still grinning. "And what is your name, Madam?" He bows goofily.

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Ryo smiled, glad he woke up early this morning for this. The 18 year old girl in front of him cried and cowered in her chair, scarred from what had happened. Ryo had just gave her illusions of her father killing her mother and then killing himself, though really, he had killed both himself. He walked up to the girl and gave a comforting hug, a fake look of comfort and concern on his face. She hugged him tightly back and continued to sob. "Don't worry, it'll be all right." he told her, as he brought his knife next to her neck out of her sight. "You'll never have to cry again, I'll make sure of it." He said, before stabbing her. She jerked once but died quickly. He gave her body one more kiss on her forehead and smiled. "Thanks for all the memories." He then carried the chair so it faced the door, highly likely to freak out the next person to enter the house.

As he began to leave the house, he checked the time. Seeing it was time for school, he began to walk there. He wondered who'd show up today. Usually Ryo would show up unless him and whoever his current target was had a prior arrangement to meet up and it seemed as if there was often one or more people not there. As he walked along the sidewalk, he looked around, as now that his old target was gone, he'd need a new one to keep him satisfied. He had two targets going already, but they wouldn't last much longer as they were getting a bit boring. He hoped he'd find one like the one he just got rid of, vulnerable to his methods and yet interesting enough to keep him satisfied for many months.

He arrived at the school and heard commotion coming from the classroom. When he reached there he say many of the others were already there. There was Empathy, Love acting all goofy, Fear currently not being as crazy as usual, and a purple haired girl drawing. Strange, it's been a while since a new student arrived. He thought to himself. He went over and leaned against a wall with a slight smile on his face, though knowing how the others acted, it would probably be gone soon. He was quite interested in the new girl, but for now decided not to try talking to her, as Love and Empathy were already and he'd prefer to greet her without interruption.

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Kekkon Student

Kurai sighed a little as another student appeared Empathy was it? Kurai couldn't care less about that poor excuse for a woman, she passed right by him without a single word it was a good choice Kurai didn't want any interaction right now he just wanted peace and quiet. Empathy proceed to talk to the new student, Kurai flinched slightly but then voided them from existence ignoring them to the point that he couldn't eve hear them as they weren't talking that loudly.

Then it happened, Kurais tranquility was gone as the door slammed open a familiar yet repugnant voice could be heard saying " " Hello there, making a new friend, are we? Aren't you better than that? I thought friends were below Miss Uppity. And what is your name, Madam?" it was Love that one person killed the peacefulness he had in the classroom, but it didn't end there; soon Loneliness appeared though he just leaned on the wall and did nothing but look at the situation, good choice on his part. Then Empathy then began to argue with Love though it was to be expected after his acting soon after the new student had finally said something about needing ink or something.

By this time Kurai was already at the ends of his patience the serenity this classroom had just vanished, these guys usually didnt come to school and know boom almost everyone was here. Kurai sighed heavily as he slowly stood up and looked at the group he was slightly mad only slightly, " You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had," Kurai blinked as he let loos his Force of Will upon everyone in this classroom, the image of Kurais hand going right through everyone's chest could be seen as the illusion dissipated it left behind emotional and physiological pain and then began to talk again " I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..." Kurai said as he glared at the group, soon his phone began to vibrate but in he ignored this as it was probably another mission, any more stupidity on their part and Kurai would really get angry and this would prove to be bad.

Depending on how the others react a fight might ensue and Kurai would be happy to leave some dead bodies in the classroom, though of course it was prohibited for students killing one another but Kurai couldn't care less on the consequences.

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Adonis feels himself grinning under Empathy's harsh glare, pleased with himself.

"Jerk. I was about to ask her that. And if I'm Miss Uppity, than your Mr. Womananizer. Jeez, you've barely laid eyes on the girl for less than a minute and you're already seducing her? You ought to be ashamed."

That's when the new girl finally let's loose some words. (Adonis was starting to wonder if she could speak at all, what with her silence and all.) ". . . My name is Irono Aichi... Do you have any ink I can use...? Where are the paint supplies? Who are you two?"

Preoccupied with Empathy, Adonis ignores Irono other than sending a small, barely there smile her way, then fixing his gaze on the other girl. He allows his mouth to drop open slightly, his eyes to widen. Adonis points to himself questioningly. "Who, me? I was just trying to give the poor girl warning about you. That's it. Well, besides introducing myself, that is. But that's fine, right? No harm in that, is there?"

He shoots Empathy a small smirk just as Fear decides to turn towards them. Adonis doesn't pay him any mind until he speaks in that eeriely calm voice of his. "You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had." He pauses shortly before continuing on, voice never wavering. "I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..."

A fleeting image, barely detectable or processable passes through his gaze. Adonis's grin falters, his brow furrowing in confusion and discomfort. As though in a daze, his hand jumps to his pounding heart. He's not truly aware of what has just happened, in a trance of a sort. A trance of inexplicable fear and pain.

Glassy eyed, Adonis addresses Fear in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, face frozen in confusion. "You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry, man." His eyes are not focusing properly; he's staring at the wall over Fear's shoulder. "I think I'm going to go for a walk. I need some fresh air."

Adonis walks mechanically to the door, smiling robotically at his classmates. "Later." And he walks out the door without another word.