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Ryo Takahashi

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a character in “Sanity Amongst the Chaos”, as played by ragnorokhellfire


Name: Ryo Takahashi
Nickname: Red-eye
Code Name: Loneliness
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: December 29th
Blood Type: B positive
Theme Song: My Immortal-by Evanescence (mostly for the tone)
Weapons: He has a black serrated knife which has been his usual killing weapon for years. Otherwise he has a hand-held mini crossbow.
Method of Killing: He makes people feel for him and/or like him where upon he will "feed" upon the emotions they feel for him. Once they stop feeling for him or he gets tired of them though, he will get them alone and cut their throats, though of course, if they make him mad enough he will use his powers to mess with their emotions and drive them into depression or madness before the kill.
Powers: He creates Illusions, to sum up his power without describing the complicated process of how. He is careful not to use his power to much though, as there are subtle ways to break out, like any details he messes up or if you keep calm while he uses the power then the more he uses it, the easier it is to notice.
Personality: He is told to be a bit sad and depression, especially when he really tries to be. He can see happy at times when he has got a good amount of "playtime" in with his victim or the day he kills. He will also act happy and kind around his victims. How he acts to his next target generally depends upon his mood when he spots them. Around the others from Kekkon, he will act like his normal self, sad or happy sometimes, but usually silent and calm. Though he has thought to attempt to feed on some of their emotions, some of them barely have emotions and though there would be temporary satisfaction, he wouldn't get the end pleasure of killing them.
Backstory: The maddening world is what truly drove him over the edge. Throughout his life he has had two families, one blood one adopted. His life was pretty normal, going to school, playing sports, doing homework. Of course that was until one day his family was murdered while he was at school. This drove him to despair and depression. He was then moved to a large adoptive family. As the crime rate rose even more though, some of the members died off. Eventually it was just him and one of the parents. The killing ended up to much for him and was driven to believe that he was not meant to have a permanent relationship. In the end he drew ever last bit of love he could get from his adoptive parent before one day the parent got mad at him for dropping a large stack of good china plates. He took that opportunity to stab him to death. Leaving, he became self sufficient and continued his crimes.
Family: "None alive, so why mention them."
Criminal Record: Countless kills, a couple arsons because a couple of the people he drove mad were armed and he didn't want to attempt to slit their throats, thefts here and there. some "rapes" according to the law, though if you ask him it was consensual.
Why Did They Join Kekkon: Ryo joined to meet others like him and to go to a place where his own methods of death and madness were accepted
Why Do They Hate Saiken: They are against everything the world is becoming, which also means they are against what Ryo has become.
Sorrow: "Pretty, but her apparent lack of emotions generally leads me to try and avoid her. Though of course if she notices me I'll try to act nice, just wish she was a bit more open."
Fear: "Crazy son of a gun, can't say I disapprove."
Empathy: "Her... once again a pretty girl but this one is spoiled and can be very demanding. If it wasn't for that I'd like her, but as it is I'd rather her just go away."
Love: "He wastes what he gets with the ladies, he could get a lot more out of them. Though I can't say I disapprove of his methods and he hasn't really given me any reason to dislike him yet."
Loneliness: "I am me who is I. I am just one of the many to realize an ultimate truth of their lives."
Headmaster:"Nice guy, allows me to be me. Though not so nice in other aspects."
Mortal Enemy: "Anyone who opposes who I am and what I do should cease to exist."
Additional Details: "He hates talking about his family, especially his real one, they were probably the last people he truly loved or maybe even liked, if you try to insult his family everything could go terribly wrong. He will sometimes form an actual bond with a target, though kills them anyways because he believes that if he doesn't do it, something else will happen to them.

So begins...

Ryo Takahashi's Story

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Ryo smiled, glad he woke up early this morning for this. The 18 year old girl in front of him cried and cowered in her chair, scarred from what had happened. Ryo had just gave her illusions of her father killing her mother and then killing himself, though really, he had killed both himself. He walked up to the girl and gave a comforting hug, a fake look of comfort and concern on his face. She hugged him tightly back and continued to sob. "Don't worry, it'll be all right." he told her, as he brought his knife next to her neck out of her sight. "You'll never have to cry again, I'll make sure of it." He said, before stabbing her. She jerked once but died quickly. He gave her body one more kiss on her forehead and smiled. "Thanks for all the memories." He then carried the chair so it faced the door, highly likely to freak out the next person to enter the house.

As he began to leave the house, he checked the time. Seeing it was time for school, he began to walk there. He wondered who'd show up today. Usually Ryo would show up unless him and whoever his current target was had a prior arrangement to meet up and it seemed as if there was often one or more people not there. As he walked along the sidewalk, he looked around, as now that his old target was gone, he'd need a new one to keep him satisfied. He had two targets going already, but they wouldn't last much longer as they were getting a bit boring. He hoped he'd find one like the one he just got rid of, vulnerable to his methods and yet interesting enough to keep him satisfied for many months.

He arrived at the school and heard commotion coming from the classroom. When he reached there he say many of the others were already there. There was Empathy, Love acting all goofy, Fear currently not being as crazy as usual, and a purple haired girl drawing. Strange, it's been a while since a new student arrived. He thought to himself. He went over and leaned against a wall with a slight smile on his face, though knowing how the others acted, it would probably be gone soon. He was quite interested in the new girl, but for now decided not to try talking to her, as Love and Empathy were already and he'd prefer to greet her without interruption.

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Kekkon Student

Kurai sighed a little as another student appeared Empathy was it? Kurai couldn't care less about that poor excuse for a woman, she passed right by him without a single word it was a good choice Kurai didn't want any interaction right now he just wanted peace and quiet. Empathy proceed to talk to the new student, Kurai flinched slightly but then voided them from existence ignoring them to the point that he couldn't eve hear them as they weren't talking that loudly.

Then it happened, Kurais tranquility was gone as the door slammed open a familiar yet repugnant voice could be heard saying " " Hello there, making a new friend, are we? Aren't you better than that? I thought friends were below Miss Uppity. And what is your name, Madam?" it was Love that one person killed the peacefulness he had in the classroom, but it didn't end there; soon Loneliness appeared though he just leaned on the wall and did nothing but look at the situation, good choice on his part. Then Empathy then began to argue with Love though it was to be expected after his acting soon after the new student had finally said something about needing ink or something.

By this time Kurai was already at the ends of his patience the serenity this classroom had just vanished, these guys usually didnt come to school and know boom almost everyone was here. Kurai sighed heavily as he slowly stood up and looked at the group he was slightly mad only slightly, " You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had," Kurai blinked as he let loos his Force of Will upon everyone in this classroom, the image of Kurais hand going right through everyone's chest could be seen as the illusion dissipated it left behind emotional and physiological pain and then began to talk again " I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..." Kurai said as he glared at the group, soon his phone began to vibrate but in he ignored this as it was probably another mission, any more stupidity on their part and Kurai would really get angry and this would prove to be bad.

Depending on how the others react a fight might ensue and Kurai would be happy to leave some dead bodies in the classroom, though of course it was prohibited for students killing one another but Kurai couldn't care less on the consequences.

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Adonis feels himself grinning under Empathy's harsh glare, pleased with himself.

"Jerk. I was about to ask her that. And if I'm Miss Uppity, than your Mr. Womananizer. Jeez, you've barely laid eyes on the girl for less than a minute and you're already seducing her? You ought to be ashamed."

That's when the new girl finally let's loose some words. (Adonis was starting to wonder if she could speak at all, what with her silence and all.) ". . . My name is Irono Aichi... Do you have any ink I can use...? Where are the paint supplies? Who are you two?"

Preoccupied with Empathy, Adonis ignores Irono other than sending a small, barely there smile her way, then fixing his gaze on the other girl. He allows his mouth to drop open slightly, his eyes to widen. Adonis points to himself questioningly. "Who, me? I was just trying to give the poor girl warning about you. That's it. Well, besides introducing myself, that is. But that's fine, right? No harm in that, is there?"

He shoots Empathy a small smirk just as Fear decides to turn towards them. Adonis doesn't pay him any mind until he speaks in that eeriely calm voice of his. "You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had." He pauses shortly before continuing on, voice never wavering. "I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..."

A fleeting image, barely detectable or processable passes through his gaze. Adonis's grin falters, his brow furrowing in confusion and discomfort. As though in a daze, his hand jumps to his pounding heart. He's not truly aware of what has just happened, in a trance of a sort. A trance of inexplicable fear and pain.

Glassy eyed, Adonis addresses Fear in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, face frozen in confusion. "You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry, man." His eyes are not focusing properly; he's staring at the wall over Fear's shoulder. "I think I'm going to go for a walk. I need some fresh air."

Adonis walks mechanically to the door, smiling robotically at his classmates. "Later." And he walks out the door without another word.