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Sanity Amongst the Chaos

Saiken or Kekkon


a part of Sanity Amongst the Chaos, by Guardian Aelita.


Guardian Aelita holds sovereignty over Saiken or Kekkon, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Saiken or Kekkon is a part of Sanity Amongst the Chaos.

10 Characters Here

Suzuhi Seigi [9] "I hate this criminal filth so much..." WIP
Masenai Django Michealis [8] "It's Mr. Autoro. Not Michealis I hate that name."
Morris Donovan Graves [7] "I don't mind if you call me a creep."
Irono Aichi [7] "Things happen for a reason... that's what they tell me. But... why do they happen? They won't tell me that..."
Konan Dumas [6] "Do I look like a pack mule to you? Go do it yourself."
Ayase Takahashi [6] "You can rely on me more, you know."
Kurai [5] "I will kill you in due time...."
Adonis Epafras Belvedere [5] "Tears are weakness. Trust is weakness. You trust me. You are weak."
Lumina Jakira Aonani [5] "My motives are true."

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Character Portrait: Irono Aichi
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Kekkon Student

"Please, please just let me go home..."
The woman who was beneath the gaze of the purple haired woman was crying at this point. She had multiple cuts on her body and seemed to be bleeding. The purple haired woman quizzically tilted her head.
"But... You never answered my question... Why are you the way that you are? Why is the world the way that it is?"
"I told you a hundred times, I don't know! Now please let me go home!!"
The purple haired woman stared at the bleeding woman with her one good purple eye. She pulled out her tool from her one gaping eye socket.
"How useless. I guess you're going to have to die now."
The woman's screams were cut off by gurgles as the purple haired woman stabbed her neck first. She then proceeded to stab her body multiple times until the woman let out her last strained breath.
". . . More ink..."
The purple haired woman had gotten inspired by the kill. She dipped her fingers in the red liquid and began to draw on the wall. The picture in question was rather crude at first. It was initially a rainbow with clouds and sunshine. Then it grew more detailed, showing off a broad landscape and some decapitated animals. The woman felt a small smile grow on her lips. She then stopped her work as she felt a knife graze her cheek and land in the wall. Looking the woman found a note attached to the knife.
Irono Aichi
I've seen your work and I must say I'm very impressed~ Tell me, are you bored with how you kill? Don't you wish your skills at killing were more enhanced? Come over to Kekkon Academy and I shall teach you all that I know about how to kill.
-A Friend
Irono stared at the letter.
'I have no friends... What is Kekkon? Perhaps I can find answers there...?'
Irono then turned the note around and it showed directions on how to go to this Kekkon Academy.
'. . . I'll go then.'
Irono then stood up and walked over to the building. So far it was empty, so she decided to sit in the middle of the first room, pulling out a sketchbook and drawing in it, a small smile on her face.

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Character Portrait: Suzuhi Seigi
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Saiken Student

As the little girl ran away from the much older man, she screamed.
"Don't hurt me! Mama!!"
The man yelled out
"Shut up, you stupid brat! It's your fault that bitch left me. And now you're going to pay..."
The little girl eventually tripped and fell on the floor. The man approached her menacingly with a knife. The little girl let out a scream. Suddenly, a woman tapped the man on the shoulder.
"The fuck do you wa-"
Before he could finish, the woman roundhouse kicked him. He fell to the floor, clutching a broken nose. The girl stared coldly at him.
"The only reason I'm not killing you is because it wouldn't make me any better than the scum that exist on this planet. Leave now."
The man ran off. The woman knelt down beside the girl.
"You okay, sweetie?"
The little girl nodded slowly.
"T-Thank you, Onee-chan..."
The woman smiled softly.
"Just Suzuhi is fine. Tell you what, how about I get you some ice cream?"
The girl's smile widened.
"Yay~ Thank you, Suzuhi!"
A few hours had passed and Suzuhi made sure the little girl went home safely. As she started to walk back to her apartment, she noticed that a young man approached her.
"I saw what you did for that little girl. I'm happy that there are people who aren't downright evil still alive in this world."
Suzuhi raised an eyebrow.
"Who are you?"
The man smiled kindly.
"I don't have one. I refuse to take a name unless I create a legacy first. I'm actually creating an academy where people can fight the evil in this world and bring peace back to it."
Suzuhi stared at the man.
"Such ambition... You can't possibly accomplish this alone. I'll help you."
The man's smile widened.
"I'm glad you said that. I've already gathered other followers! This way, please!"
The man then lead Suzuhi to a building that was already filled with other people.
"Everyone, meet your newest sister, Artemis!"
Suzuhi looked at him incredulously.

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Character Portrait: Suzuhi Seigi Character Portrait: Masenai Django Michealis
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There was the sound of a stone running across a steel object. The man who was sharpening his sword turned to look at the Headmaster of Saiken. "Another person Headmaster? Surely you jest." he said as he stopped sharpening his sword and spun it before sheathing it and approaching the new girl, stopping at approximately five feet from her and looked her over.

"Relax on the name thing, it's just something he does to keep our identities Anonymous. We can waste time by giving out names later Miss." The man then stated, with his almost pale gray eyes inspecting her through a mess of brown hair. "He calls me Ares. Must be because of his views on certain, qualities in me that makes me tick as far as academic eligibility goes."

Ares then flashes a small smile as he returns to the spot he was at and pulls out a handgun to examine its condition. He looks at it with care as he tries to calmly work on making sure his gun wouldn't malfunction on him anytime soon. He would then holster the gun after being done with it. He sighs, feeling like his inspections could do more.

"I want everything to be good for this Academy I'm going to. So I can face Him when the Headmaster finds his Location." Ares thought to himself as he sits where he's at watching to see if the others present will give their introductions. He looked forward to going to the academy with these people.

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#, as written by Zalgo
Morris started his day as he would any other day. He yawned, reflexively covering his mouth as he has incidentally had bugs fly into his mouth before. Morning! A host of little voices all bid him a good morning. "Morning guys." He replied to them, casually glancing over to his clock. His eyes widened as it dawned on him. "I'm expected in the main hall and my alarm didn't go off! I've only got 5 minutes to get dressed and go!" He exclaimed, jumping out of bed. He went straight over to his dresser, insects scattering out of his path. He threw open his dresser drawers and quickly changed out of his pajamas and threw on whatever he grabbed first.

He wore a grey t-shirt and cargo pants with plain white socks. He went straight into the bathroom and brushed his teeth with due haste, spilling some toothpaste on his shirt already. Hello! A bunch of insects greeted him. Many of them were the flies children and there were a few cockroaches as well as a spider up in the corner resting pretty on her web.

After brushing the race was on. He darted out back to the living room and over to his shoes which were basically old grey sneakers with holes worn through the big toe of each. They were a size too small and he found them in a dumpster but he couldn't afford better shoes. He quickly picked his shoes up and held them upside down to make sure there were no insects inside. A few mites and a beetle came tumbling out, landing safely on the shoe mat. Whoa! You in a hurry or somethin'? One of the mites complained. He's probably... Late for... Somethin'. The beetle slowly replied to the mite, all while Morris struggles to fit his feet into his shoes. After a bit of fighting the pair, he finally managed to fit his feet inside his shoes.

With his shoes on he quickly made his way back to the bedroom. "Sorry guys, before I forget..." He said, pausing a moment. He reached up into his hair and grabbed a small clump. With a short ripping motion he tore out a bit of his hair, about a lock or two coming loose. "Ow! Here, enjoy." He dropped the small clump of hair on his bed, the insects all cheering happily. Thanks giant friend! They all thanked him as he swiftly departed from his room.

He ran through the halls, out into the outdoors and towards the main building when he suddenly heard a sharp high pitched scream right where he was about to step. Before he stepped on the insect he simply retracted his leg despite the fact that his foot was the only thing that was going to negate his momentum downwards. Rather than step on the bug beneath his foot he took a dive and landed straight on the side of his face and hands upon the concrete. The pain was sharp and it was great. "Agh! My face!" He cried out as he tried to push himself back up on his aching hands. Tank 'ou mistah! The little centipede was very thankful as it thought that it was a goner for sure. "No problem just -Ow- watch out for people crossing
the big flat rock, okay?" He informed the little centipede as he finally picked himself back up. Okay!
The little centipede simply walked on it's merry little way, disappearing into the grass line.

As Morris dashed up to the main building he took a second to look at himself. He had skinned the sides of his hand's opposite to the thumbs. Worse, he had this big dark bruise developing on his right cheek. "Ugh. Great way to start of the day dude."
He told himself, commenting on his own appearance in a third person perspective. He lingered on his own reflection no longer as he proceeded into the building and down the halls towards the auditorium where the head master had told them all to show up at. He stepped in and was instantly relieved to see the head master still hadn't shown up yet. There were plenty of other people who had shown up before him but at least he wasn't late.

He walked on over to his seat and plopped himself down, exhausted from running so hard to make it here. He was breathing quite heavily for he had not caught his breath yet. He suddenly felt something crawl down the back of his neck. He knew what it was so he didn't jump or act startled or anything. It was just the spider that hung around the ventilation shafts here. It had snuck down from a vent right above by lowering itself on a silk thread. "Hey, you better not be getting any funny ideas
back there." He warned the spider as he felt it's legs about to crawl down the back of his collar.
I'm not, I'm not! I'm just grabbing a quick bite to eat then I'll be on my way. The spider picked up some pieces of dandruff, quickly eating the small pile of loose flakes of skin. He felt the general mass of the spider just increase behind him, the specifics currently unknown to him.

"Everyone, meet your newest sister, Artemis!" He heard the head master enter, introducing a new student to their excellent academy. Ares was already out introducing himself to Artemis. He always gave him a few chills, the way he'd inspect his weapons all the time. Hope that's just for show He dwelled on the matter of Ares, remaining silent in the corner while he spoke to her. When Ares was done talking Morris simply waved to Artemis. "Welcome to Saiken." He welcomed her, his voice somewhat quiet as he was feeling quite shy with this many people around. He wanted to make her feel welcome but at the same time he loathed the idea of trying to compete for attention with the other members who surely would want to befriend her and take her about the grounds while he'd be passed over, stuck alone in the background.

Of course, he wasn't alone. He had his own friends. Not normal friends or even dogs, man's best friend. They were insects but they were his friends all the same. He'd look out for them as much as he would any human that would even consider calling him a friend.

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"Which book should I get....?" Ayase picked a book from the shelf about Organic Chemistry as she started reading. Just then a guy came up to her ready to speak.

"A-Aphrodite, I l-like you. Will you go out with me?"

"I'm sorry dear, but I only think of you as a friend.", she pouted as she walked away.

She sighed as she checked out the book, crossing her arms. She walked out of the library as more people stated at her whispering the same thing. "Isn't that the Queen or Rose of Saiken?" Sometimes she wished people wouldn't think so highly of her. After all, Reynard had said she needed to control her straightforward self. She brushed her hair aside as she walked into class and sat down. Shortly after, the Headmaster walked in with a girl. Ayase looked at her. A quiet, reserved girl who had a lingering feeling against someone.

Please welcome your newest sister, Artemis!"

Zeus and Ares already introduced themselves in their own unique ways. Zeus talking to himself internally as well as his insect companions and Ares checking his weapons, not letting anyone phase him.

Aphrodite immediately rose from her seat. "K-KAWAII (Cute)!....Oops there I go again speaking my mind. Sorry, my name is Aphrodite, nice to meet you!", she smiled as she walked over to Artemis and hugged her.

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Lumina sits on the with her back to the window, knees drawn up to her chest. She rests her forehead on her knees, eyes closed, lost in thought. In her right hand, she clutches a piece of crumbled paper with all her might, calling its soothing words to mind for the umpteenth time.

My Dearest Child,

These past two weeks without you have been hard to bear. Sometimes I wonder to myself; what did I do to deserve this? To have one child cruelly torn from your world, only to have another child leave, and leave willingly at that? Two children barely a step into the crude, unforgiving world of adulthood. Is there anything worse?

But what am I saying? I should be thrilled by the prospect of my firstborn dying for such a worthy cause, giving his all to the very end of his short life. And I should be touched that my secondborn was inspired by his sacrifice, so that she may do the same, face the same terrors for the good of others. A mother's dream.

But, alas, our seperation hasn't been easy. I know contact is risky, so I took the necessary measures so that you would be safe. And I know within my heart that you will understand this mother hen's having to check on her chick, though her chicks are plenty.

Your father is proud of you. He is doing everything he can to keep us all alive and healthy in this world, in the stead of you and your brother. We have moved, but you'll recieve the information once it is safe. We do not know yet when that time will come.

Your sister says that she hates you for leaving her with your jobs, but that she still loves you.

Your sister says that you were I far better teacher than I, who has taken up her education in your stead; I cannot argue with such sound logic.

Your sister asks when you'll be coming home.

Remember, dear, that we'll always be ready to take you home. We will not hate you if you cannot find it in your heart to do as your brother did; we will love you no matter what.

Stay strong, Child.


Lumina feels a gentle tear roll down her cheek, but she wipes it away swiftly. No use letting the others see her cry. Not like they ever paid her any mind. She rarely even speaks more than one or two words at a time. But it was better that way, for everyone.

"Everyone, meet your newest sister, Artemis!"

Lumina listens to the excited replies from her peers.

"Relax on the name thing; it's just something he does to keep our identities anonymous. We can waste time by giving out names later, Miss."

"Welcome to Saiken." (Okay, so perhaps that wasn't so entusiastic.)

"K-KAWAII!....Oops there I go again speaking my mind. Sorry, my name is Aphrodite, nice to meet you!"

Lumina smiles shakily to herself at the last response. The long run-on sentences told who had said it.

She hesitates for a moment, still sitting toward the back of the room. Should she speak up, or just stay put? No one would notice if she chose the latter, she's ceertain. But then again...

Lumina gets to her feet, letteer still clutched in her hand. Her eyes fall on a pretty young woman whom everyone shrounds. She speaks from a few feet away, hardly daring get any closer.

"Hello, there," she says quietly, barely audible. She looks down at her feet, cheeks red as she gives a small life. "It's good to see a new face around here every once in a while." Face still tomato-like, she looks up, giving Artemis a sheepish smile.

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Kekkon Student

Kurai slowly opened his eyes as he yawned loudly, his hands where at the back of his head, he took a deep breath as his cell phone was vibrating, he took it out and read it was an alarm saying "School... Don't be late..." he sighed heavily and sat up straight and looked around. He was on top of a burnt police car, seeing the area scattered with police and swat bodies that where either burnt or dismembered this was due to an earlier attempt at capturing Kurai which failed miserably obviously. He brought himself up and jumped of the car and slowly made his way to school with little to no motivation.

He sighed once again, reaching the entrance to the building he stretched out his hands releasing a few cracks from his joints, a small wave of happiness came through him as he lightly smiled for a few seconds, knowing he was usually the only one to actually attend class he knew he'd be alone for some time. He loved the quietness and serenity it the room had, with this in mind he entered opening the door, he saw an unfamiliar face "strange a new students perhaps?" Kurai thought and quickly disregarded this not caring whatsoever about the purple haired girl(Assuming its purple) who was drawing and sat down on the last seat near a window and began to stare outside the fear and negativity could be felt emanating from Kurai due to his natural will. He had earlier smelt the smell of blood which he assumed came from the girl, assuming she killed someone makes her interesting but not so interesting as to actually give effort and do something or anything to that matter since right know he wanted to take in the "peacefulness".

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Saiken Student

Suzuhi was hugged tightly by "Aphrodite" and had already met "Ares", "Zeus" and "Athena".
"Uh... Y-Yeah..."
A small smile entered her face.
"Nice to meet you too."
The head master nodded.
"Right, now it's time for business. We need to introduce Artemis to how things work here at Saiken. Ares, you've been here the longest so would you mind helping me out with the serum?"
Suzuhi panicked a bit.
Headmaster sighed.
"Don't worry... It's merely a power accelerator. All members of Saiken are required to have this serum injected so that they get powers."
Suzuhi nodded slowly.
'This is getting stranger and stranger...'

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Masenai had watched the other students, including the most popular of them, Aphrodite, give their greetings and silently smiled. Then the headmaster called him up to help with giving Artemis her shot.

Masenai sighs, getting up from his seat looking at The headmaster and Artemis again as he rolled his eyes. "One of these days headmaster, you have to find a sane nurse to help with the injection." He stated as he walks to Artemis, "Follow me to the infirmary we'll get it over with and be done with it as quick as you can say 'howdy doody'." With that statement he walked out of the room and off to the school infirmary where he put his sword on a coat rack and put on a doctor's coat.

"I hate these things as much as I hate Him headmaster." He stated as he waited for Artemis to catch up.

"We haven't found a single sign of him yet. But knowing people like Mr. Michealis he'll show up somewhere eventually." Was his only reply from the headmaster. By the time Artemis reached the infirmary Masenai looked at her.

"Don't worry too much on this little thing. It's like any other form of flu shot except for the fact in a few hours or less you'll start to exhibit some form of power, Zeus for example, He doesn't shoot lightning at stuff, but let's say he can talk to most species of insects and the like known to man. Some get other powers but let's focus on you."

"Just sit down in the chair and the headmaster will give you your injection." Was all Masenai could say at that point. By the time Artemis would sit down Masenai cleaned up one of her arms for the injection. "Hold your breath and count to three."

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After everyone had given their greetings, the Headmaster began to introduce the serum needed to enhance Artemis.

"Don't worry... It's merely a power accelerator. All members of Saiken are required to have this serum injected so that they get powers."

"It's alright Artemis. You might feel a bit nauseated for the first 5 minutes after injection, but afterwards you'll be feeling stronger than ever. Besides...."

Ayase followed Ares into the infirmary and shuffled a deck of green cards with ancient symbols marked on one side of each as they seemed to blend into the deck. Ayase pulled one out slowly as she turned it around to let Artemis see. It was a picture of a crescent moon.

"My tarot card says the shot will take only 2 hours for your powers to fully adapt to the shot. My my, you must have impeccable stamina, Artemis. And yet, I'm very weak. It took me 7 hours to fully feel the effects of the shot....and a allergic reaction but....that's just me. Haha."

Ayase scratched her back nervously as she smiled. She sat on the bed beside Artemis as she held her hand steady, squeezing it softly while looking into her eyes.

"It's going to be fine. You might think this is weird, barely coming here and getting some sort of weird injection, but it's to help benefit mankind I suppose. You'll have to hear the full speech from the Headmaster later."

She looked at the window as she threw one of her cards at the switch handle that unlocked the window. The card flew with amazing accuracy and a pink aura as it flicked the window open, letting a breeze go through. By the time Ayase looked back, Ares had already prepared Artemis' arm. Ayase smiled at her as she waited for the Headmaster to administer the shot.

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Kekkon Student

Screw school and everything in it. This was what Konan was thinking as she trudged onward to her classroom at Kekkon Academy. It was the ungodly hour of 7:00 A.M. Or was it six? Konan really didn't know, or care, because both times were way to early for her taste anyway. It was times like these when she missed her beauty sleep the most that she wondered if the Headmaster had some sort of vendetta against her. She wouldn't put it past the guy, he was crazy enough to do something like that, and he wouldn't even need a legitimate reason for doing it. Although if that had really been his motive, he could have enforced the school thing a little more. This was the first time in what must have been days, maybe weeks, since she had actually entered the building.

As far as she knew it, not many people actually attended classes on a daily basis. During the first few and only school days that she came to, the room was practically empty save for one or two other people. The only permanent fixture in the class room was that shady-looking guy- Fear, she remembered his name being- and there wasn't really much interaction between the two of them. Eventually, she got the hint and stopped coming in every day, something that she was not sorry about at all because it let her sleep in whenever she wanted. Today, however, was an exception. The reason was some juicy information she had heard and wanted to confirm in person. That, and hanging around the mansion provided way to little entertainment to occupy her for the entire day. Thus, she got up at a horrible time, walked through the horribly gloomy morning, until she eventually made it to the horribly dark and dull halls of the school. Today had better be worth it all, or Konan was finally going to go out and actually kill somebody. This time it would be somebody outside of her household. It would be a much less troublesome kill than the first two.

Konan walked the familiar steps that led to her classroom door, until she was right in front of it. She exhaled, made sure her umbrella was securely strapped to her back, and turned the handle. It was showtime.

The room was empty. No surprise there, it was just as she had predicted. Just as she had also predicted, Mr. Shady Dude Fear was sitting in his favorite window seat. He ignored her, and she decided to do the same, choosing to walk past him without a word acknowledgment.

The purple-haired girl was new, though. Quietly doodling at her desk, she seemed as anti-social as just about every other student in this godforsaken school. Konan was bored out of her skull though, and she was curious enough to want to know what the newbie was drawing, so figured she might as well bug her anyway.

Konan walked over to her, newbie in question not even raising her head from her work. Konan's mouth quirked up into a sly smirk as she got inches behind the girl. She leaned down, her braid falling over her's and the new girl's shoulder and...said...

"Watcha drawin' there, newbie?"

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Adonis lays back on his bed, hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling, not really thinking about anything in particular, merely bored and not wanting to go out with the others. His facade was annoying to keep up twenty-four seven, but is absolutely necessary to maintain his position in this school. Even killers have standards, after all.

The door to the outer room opens loudly, and he frowns to himself, hearing a voice. He cocks his head to the side with a frown. He had only heard one person enter the room, but that doesn't mean no one else is there. Some of these students could be pretty damn quiet when they felt like it.

Bounding from the bed, Adonis presses his ear against the door. He sighs at the lack of voices, blowing a strand of white-blond hair from his face. He'd just have to go out there. Like it or not, it's the only way to know just what's going on.

Adonis turns the knob quietly, opening the door a crack- just enough to view the room. He registers three presences: Fear, an antisocial being who he has never really tried to talk to; Empathy, the girl with a wise ass response for virtually every situation, a girl who he enjoyed teasing just to see what she'd say; an unfamiliar purple headed girl with her head bent over a paper, hiding her face. Adonis grins. Must be a new student. Perfect.

Putting on a goofy grin, Adonis shoves the door open the rest of the way carelessly, letting it bang against the wall, anouncing his presence. He waves to Empathy. "Hello there," he says with a cackle. "Making a new friend, are we? Aren't you better than that? I thought friends were below Miss Uppity."

He turns to the new girl, still grinning. "And what is your name, Madam?" He bows goofily.

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Ryo smiled, glad he woke up early this morning for this. The 18 year old girl in front of him cried and cowered in her chair, scarred from what had happened. Ryo had just gave her illusions of her father killing her mother and then killing himself, though really, he had killed both himself. He walked up to the girl and gave a comforting hug, a fake look of comfort and concern on his face. She hugged him tightly back and continued to sob. "Don't worry, it'll be all right." he told her, as he brought his knife next to her neck out of her sight. "You'll never have to cry again, I'll make sure of it." He said, before stabbing her. She jerked once but died quickly. He gave her body one more kiss on her forehead and smiled. "Thanks for all the memories." He then carried the chair so it faced the door, highly likely to freak out the next person to enter the house.

As he began to leave the house, he checked the time. Seeing it was time for school, he began to walk there. He wondered who'd show up today. Usually Ryo would show up unless him and whoever his current target was had a prior arrangement to meet up and it seemed as if there was often one or more people not there. As he walked along the sidewalk, he looked around, as now that his old target was gone, he'd need a new one to keep him satisfied. He had two targets going already, but they wouldn't last much longer as they were getting a bit boring. He hoped he'd find one like the one he just got rid of, vulnerable to his methods and yet interesting enough to keep him satisfied for many months.

He arrived at the school and heard commotion coming from the classroom. When he reached there he say many of the others were already there. There was Empathy, Love acting all goofy, Fear currently not being as crazy as usual, and a purple haired girl drawing. Strange, it's been a while since a new student arrived. He thought to himself. He went over and leaned against a wall with a slight smile on his face, though knowing how the others acted, it would probably be gone soon. He was quite interested in the new girl, but for now decided not to try talking to her, as Love and Empathy were already and he'd prefer to greet her without interruption.

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Konan glared at Love, who had interrupted their conversation (which was barely taking place at all because it was really Konan who was doing all the talking) and was now bowing like an idiot. "Jerk," she grumbled to him, "I was about to ask her that. And if I'm Miss Uppity, than your Mr. Womananizer. Jeez, you've barely laid eyes on the girl for less than a minute and you're already seducing her? You ought to be ashamed."

Love was always teasing her for something. If there was a profession that required someone to be a moron, she was sure he would have made millions by now. But to be fair, moronic wasn't necessarily all there was to him. Konan, being great at acting herself, could tell when someone else was too. He was definitely smarter than he looked, and that was why any conversations with him were at least guaranteed to never be boring.

Before he opened his mouth with what she presumed would be another comeback, she smirked and turned back to the purple-hair newbie. "Sooo, before we were so rudely interrupted by a certain someone-" She paused to glare a little at Love, then faced the newbie again "-I was going to ask what your name was. You do have a name, right?"

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Irono looked up at the girl and the man standing beside her.
". . . My name is Irono Aichi..."
Blinking, Irono returned to her drawings. It was a rather detailed picture of her mother and the first boy she ever killed. She just needed some color.
"Do you have any ink I can use...?"
Irono needed paint in order to complete the picture. She had hoped the two of them would be of help.
"Where are the paint supplies? Who are you two?"
Irono tilted her head to the side quizzically, her face was eternally stoic.

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Kekkon Student

Kurai sighed a little as another student appeared Empathy was it? Kurai couldn't care less about that poor excuse for a woman, she passed right by him without a single word it was a good choice Kurai didn't want any interaction right now he just wanted peace and quiet. Empathy proceed to talk to the new student, Kurai flinched slightly but then voided them from existence ignoring them to the point that he couldn't eve hear them as they weren't talking that loudly.

Then it happened, Kurais tranquility was gone as the door slammed open a familiar yet repugnant voice could be heard saying " " Hello there, making a new friend, are we? Aren't you better than that? I thought friends were below Miss Uppity. And what is your name, Madam?" it was Love that one person killed the peacefulness he had in the classroom, but it didn't end there; soon Loneliness appeared though he just leaned on the wall and did nothing but look at the situation, good choice on his part. Then Empathy then began to argue with Love though it was to be expected after his acting soon after the new student had finally said something about needing ink or something.

By this time Kurai was already at the ends of his patience the serenity this classroom had just vanished, these guys usually didnt come to school and know boom almost everyone was here. Kurai sighed heavily as he slowly stood up and looked at the group he was slightly mad only slightly, " You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had," Kurai blinked as he let loos his Force of Will upon everyone in this classroom, the image of Kurais hand going right through everyone's chest could be seen as the illusion dissipated it left behind emotional and physiological pain and then began to talk again " I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..." Kurai said as he glared at the group, soon his phone began to vibrate but in he ignored this as it was probably another mission, any more stupidity on their part and Kurai would really get angry and this would prove to be bad.

Depending on how the others react a fight might ensue and Kurai would be happy to leave some dead bodies in the classroom, though of course it was prohibited for students killing one another but Kurai couldn't care less on the consequences.

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Adonis feels himself grinning under Empathy's harsh glare, pleased with himself.

"Jerk. I was about to ask her that. And if I'm Miss Uppity, than your Mr. Womananizer. Jeez, you've barely laid eyes on the girl for less than a minute and you're already seducing her? You ought to be ashamed."

That's when the new girl finally let's loose some words. (Adonis was starting to wonder if she could speak at all, what with her silence and all.) ". . . My name is Irono Aichi... Do you have any ink I can use...? Where are the paint supplies? Who are you two?"

Preoccupied with Empathy, Adonis ignores Irono other than sending a small, barely there smile her way, then fixing his gaze on the other girl. He allows his mouth to drop open slightly, his eyes to widen. Adonis points to himself questioningly. "Who, me? I was just trying to give the poor girl warning about you. That's it. Well, besides introducing myself, that is. But that's fine, right? No harm in that, is there?"

He shoots Empathy a small smirk just as Fear decides to turn towards them. Adonis doesn't pay him any mind until he speaks in that eeriely calm voice of his. "You guys have quite the guts don't you? Coming here and disturbing the peace of mind I had." He pauses shortly before continuing on, voice never wavering. "I'm at the end of my patience, keep talking and see what happens..."

A fleeting image, barely detectable or processable passes through his gaze. Adonis's grin falters, his brow furrowing in confusion and discomfort. As though in a daze, his hand jumps to his pounding heart. He's not truly aware of what has just happened, in a trance of a sort. A trance of inexplicable fear and pain.

Glassy eyed, Adonis addresses Fear in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, face frozen in confusion. "You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry, man." His eyes are not focusing properly; he's staring at the wall over Fear's shoulder. "I think I'm going to go for a walk. I need some fresh air."

Adonis walks mechanically to the door, smiling robotically at his classmates. "Later." And he walks out the door without another word.

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#, as written by Zalgo
He watched as almost all the students flocked to Artemis like flies onto a corpse, to put it in a most gruesome term of words. With Ares giving her the prep and everyone else helping her out or at least giving her moral support he couldn't help but feel just the slightest bit jealous.

His first arrival here was quite unimpressive without a doubt. He was practically the only student in the greeting room since Ares was out sleuthing for his own agenda while Aphrodite was simply out elsewhere. Athena had joined later than him leaving the total number of attending students for his greeting and serum injection a staggeringly few number of peers who were for the most part silent. The headmaster still managed to pull off a warm welcome nonetheless even if he was the only really comforting aspect of his introduction to this establishment. After the injection Morris felt a bit anemic for about five hours after but he was clear to dream about the powers he'd soon possess after all that. Nevertheless, his greeting paled in comparison to the later ones he attended, the current one included.

While Morris had been thinking to himself while everyone else had been setting up the injection or other probably uninteresting activities the room had gotten progressively buggier with the passing of time. A fair number of flies and mosquitoes were buzzing about the upper echelons of the room while plenty of cockroaches, beetles and ants scurried about the floor.
"Do watch where you scurry." He warned the floor treading bugs, shuffling about so as to not step on them. Many of the bugs visited him, greeting him in numerous pleasant ways while they took their share of excess dead cells he wasn't really using. A majority of the insects which had gravitated into this location were already a bit bigger than twice their size and exceptionally smart for a bug. Know what you mean! Many of them said what basically indicated they understood him well enough.

Thinking about it, he figured he really shouldn't be all too jealous of Artemis. He knew he was never much a of a people's person as almost all interactions he's had with others had been negative.

Why would I even want human friends anyways? Most people don't really make very good friends anyways. As long as I got my insect friends I don't need people all too much. Much too much grief human friends are. He pondered his feelings towards making friends. As far as helping others was concerned he knew there would probably be some risk of confrontations but the scale of violence seemed to be quite low in his mind. He would accept the others help as colleagues with the shared goal of helping others but he never saw much need for many of their powers, especially Ares's.

As far as being friends were concerned he was very shy towards the concept even though he wasn't fully aware of this aspect of himself. He's barely spoken to any of them since the day he joined so they were still pretty much all strangers to him even for as long as he's been in this academy. Ever since he had discovered his powers his presence in the school's social microcosm had been minimal at best. The only time he'd generally be seen talking was with his bugs. There was no reason to feel bashful around insects anyways. None of them were judging him solely on his appearance or ability to adhere to social norms, just his personality. Sure, a few insects were generally indifferent to him due to personality divisions but for the most part almost all the insects found him a good friend, even as large as he was compared to them. They had all gotten quite close too, his insect pals and himself. If needed to be they'd lay down their lives to protect him and he'd do just about the same for them.

Now, that is not to say that he doesn't know what life for a bug generally entails. They die all the time, the list of causes longer than could be comfortably listed. Even their interpersonal disputes often result in one party's death. He had grown quite accustomed to losing friends as in his life span many friends he makes among the insects don't last long. The lifespan of many of these bugs might be deterrent enough to probably embitter others but even despite the generally dangerous environments that bugs are lost all the time he still manages to find a great deal of peace when back with his friends. If there was ever any real reason to seek change in this dynamite of his it would be to encourage bugs towards not making life harder on themselves than it already was.

No, he didn't really envy them. His friends were the best and they'd remember him as much more than the general acquaintances these people were to him would. While he watched Artemis strap in he simply took note while keeping an out for his buzzing, crawling friends.