Nathaniel Walker

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul."

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a character in “Sanus Bellum - The Sound War”, as played by Lightningflash


Name: Nathaniel Walker
Clothes: Nate generally wears pretty classy clothes. This can range from a solid color polo shirt, blazer and dress pants to a tuxedo for when he performs. Every once and a while he wears a tie, generally worn loosely around his neck. He prefers to wear solid colors and doesn't really like patterned clothes. He always keeps his headphones with him, usually around his neck, just in case he needs to escape to the sound realm.


Alliance: Harmony
Nate is a relatively likable person when one gets to know him, but at first he seem be a little disagreeable. While he is nice, funny, and thoughtful, he is also hotheaded and stubborn. When he is wrong, Nate gets very flustered and adamantly defends his position, even if he recognizes his faults.
Likes: classical music, pianos, some modern music, cats, chocolate, and art
Dislikes: rap, heavy metal, construction sites (for the noise), being wrong, vanilla, and dogs


Echo Name: Nightingale (Night for short)
Info: Nightingale is, as her name suggests, a songbird. She possesses a deep violet aura and is about the size of her real-world equivalent. Night is unusual in that she speaks through birdsong rather than human speech. Nevertheless, Nate can always tell what she's saying.
Musiks: Nightingale's weapon form is very unusual. Unlike the common melee weapon, she turns into a conductor's baton. With the baton, Nate can control wind-like sound (the equivalent of wind in the Sound Realm). The stronger the wind he creates, the more Nate has to concentrate, and the more stress the baton feels. If the baton becomes too stressed, it will 'shatter,' and Night will return to her original form. It takes a while for the Echo to regain her energy.

In addition to the weapon, Nightingale can also grant Nate the ability of flight. She can transform into a pair of obsidian wings that can transport Nate at amazing speeds through the air. Unlike birds' wings, however, these wings use sound as a medium, and cannot work in silence or in areas where there is little sound. The more sound waves in an area, the easier it is for Nate to fly.


Nate was born into a musically oriented family. Ever since he was able to walk, he would sound out simple rhythms on the family piano. His parents enrolled him in piano lessons as soon as possible, and by ten years old he was a virtuoso. One day, while playing a particularly beautiful piece, Nightingale appeared to Nate, matching her superb voice to the melody of his piano. His parents just dismissed the echo as an imaginary friend (as they couldn't sense her). Night filled Nate's head with wonderful, yet sometimes frightening stories of a parallel world called the Sound Realm. Nate always thought that it was just an imaginary place until the Noise attacked.

Nathaniel was twelve years old when it happened. He had been sleeping peacefully when, for no apparent reason, a fire appeared in their kitchen. Within minutes, the house was completely ablaze. Miraculously, Nightingale was able to wake both Nate and his parents in time to escape from the inferno. As they watched their home go up in flames, Nate could have sworn he saw monstrous figures embodied in the flames.

No matter where they went, disaster followed. A hurricane at their friends house in Miami, a tornado in Kansas, an earthquake in California. Night eventually told Nate that the Sound Realm was real and that the Noise wouldn't stop until he was dead. After all, he was a Composer, and one of the only people in the entire world who could stop them. Nate soon convinced his parents to enroll him in a music boarding school in Grand Metropolis, partially to improve his piano skills, but also to keep his parents safe from the wrath of the Noise.

So begins...

Nathaniel Walker's Story