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Venus Valentine

"I'm just too pretty. Seriously."

0 · 225 views · located in Grand Metropolis

a character in “Sanus Bellum - The Sound War”, as played by MagicalNeko


[Venus Lucrecia Valentine]
[Venus has bright red hair that hangs to his mid-back in loose curls, framing a pale ivory face. Inset in snow are bright sapphires, sparkling under thick fringes of black lashes. His lips are full and angelic pink on a slender visage, which matches a slender body. He is willowy, tall at 6'4" with a small waist. His legs are long and firm, like a dancer's. He doesn't look like the kind of person who can play the piano like a genious.]
[His favourite outfit is an aqua green belly top, long-sleeved with a v-neck, and blue skinnies. He always wears a white headband across his forehead to keep the hair out of his face and a black choker with a heart pendant, given to him by his brother, Kaida. Venus has been known to wear much stranger clothing, and enjoys cosplaying his favourite anime/manga/game characters on a day-to-day basis.]
[His headphones are pink with yellow trim. The padding is thick and black. Venus really only likes them because they remind him of his favourite video game character, who he is a proud look-alike of. It's the whole reason Venus grew out his hair.]


[Energetic, out-going, laid-back, childish, annoying, quite flamboyant, a little irrational, a little stupid; but hey, that's Venus. He can be very protective of those close to him, or those who can not easily defend themselves.]


[Anime, manga, gaming, being annoying, picking on his brother, bacon, cheesies, watching his fish swim in circles, playing the piano, singing.]
[Both his parents, but mostly his mother. Raw food. Snow. Instruments that are out of tune, and people who can't sing but think they can.]



[Sync is a large bird, which Venus is unable to identify, even later on. He claims that Sync is a Phoenix, but it may not be true. The bird glows a constant fluorescent pink, which is secretly one of Venus's favourite colours. It has low tolerance for Venus's shenanigans, thought it doesn't mind making mischief on its own.]

[Sync turns into a longsword, jet black in colour, which Venus is still not very good with. Alternately, it can shift into a bow that shoots blasts of high frequency sound waves as apposed to actual arrows. This is much more Venus' speed because he likes to attack from a distance unless absolutely necessary. The bow is limited to five large shots, or ten small ones; but only three large shots if used in combination with the smaller ones.]


Venus Lucrecia Valentine is one mistake after another. From the beginning, he was supposed to be a girl, and he came out a surprize in the end. A boy. His parents named him Venus anyway β€” it suited him. He was always pretty growing up, gorgeous even. His younger brother, Kaida β€” who was also supposed to be a girl β€” was never as beautiful, and never as sweet and charming. He was only two when Kaida was born, but despite age difference, Venus never once fought for attention. He always wanted to help. He wanted to hold the baby, feed the baby, put the baby to bed. Kaida was always Venus' baby, and no one touched him. He was also like that with his younger sister, Mercury, though he had to fight Kaida for her by then β€” they were ten and eight, respectively.

At the age of fourteen, going into his first year of high school, Venus first acknowledged Sync during a vocals class where one girl's singing was bad enough to send the bird spirit within him into a fit. Feeling uneasy, if made him nervous to perform next, but once he began to sing, Sync was calmed and settled back down. During the song, Venus sank away into in own mind, letting the sound of the song he had practiced for so long drown away.... The first meeting was the first time Venus ever let himself go, and realized the things he could do and feel. The appearance of Sync for the first time startled him, but in the five years since, he's definitely grown to love the idea.

Venus love animals. He has several pets β€” four cats, a dog, a hamster, a parakeet, and a fish β€” though he'd definitely have more if he had room. Venus has always wanted a horse, but he obviously can't have one in the city. Venus' pets' names are as follows:

Cats: George, Yuuki, Serentity, and Angel
Dog: Nikki
Hamster: Jaws
Parakeet: Banana
Fish: Lord Dionysis Astharothe Niero Kiev of the Underwater Realm, Hxjyaphysthaah (More simply spelled 'Xaphista', but Venus has to be difficult....)

So begins...

Venus Valentine's Story