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Rose 'Raven' Mizuki

"Two daggers is all I need to make you move."

0 · 148 views · located in Helmfirth

a character in “SAO: A New Beginning”, as played by Ashmotal


Name: Rose Mizuki.
Game Username: Raven
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sexuality: Straight
Location Outside of Game: Kantō region of Japan
Location in Helmfirth: The Main Courtyard
Specialty: Dual-Wielding Daggers.

Physical Descriptions: The Avatar of Rose Mizuki, or Raven is a short girl with a slender build. Her small feet lead up to slender, but fast legs. Her hips are relatively wide, and her waist is slender. Her stomach is flat and leads up to a small, unnoticeable breasts. Her shoulders are feminine and slender. Her arms are long and soft, leading into some small hands. Raven's hair is long and brown, falling just past her rear. This hinders her in some situations.
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5'3
Body Type: Slender, and physically weaker than normal.
Hair Style: Kept long, silky and freely resting on her back.
Appearance Image
Scars: Holds burn marks just above her right butt cheek.
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Clothing: She always wears a brown hood, and a raggedy black shirt. Raven wears some crappy leather pants, and some pretty good steel-toed boots she got from a boar.
Eye Color: Dark Green.
Hair Color: Brown

Rose is quiet, reserving her judgement for last. She always has an opinion, but mostly keeps it to herself unless asked for it. Rose is mostly automatically submissive to men, she hates it but its how she was raised. Rose always sticks to the shadows when she can, and she makes every hit count. Rose took on the name Raven after her mother's middle name so she holds her mother in high re-guard. Rose wants to act out and be a girly girl inside, but she never gets the opportunity. She's usually found standing behind a large male figure, as that is where she feels the most safe. She has this annoying habit to clean her blades even when she has not been fighting. She also sometimes mimes as if she's taking off her glasses which she wears in the real world.

So begins...

Rose 'Raven' Mizuki's Story