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SAO: Trails and Trials

SAO: Trails and Trials


1x1 between Zetsuna and I

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An original story within Sword Art Online, between Zetsuna and I.

This is a pretty basic character sheet. Feel free to add to it if you feel like it isn't enough. :)

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Character Portrait: Yura
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#, as written by Zetsuna
December 22nd

Staying true to canon time line and universal events, a month has passed and 2000 players have be said to have died already. No one has cleared or attempted the first floor's boss and only a few days ago or so was the first in awhile that everyone has attempted to band together. Today was the day of the first floor boss conference. Which was the true beginning to everyone's adventure in this world. The first step to order.

Reika, a simple teacher who was enjoying her life with this new game that turned hell became Yura, A survivor thus far in Aincrad, wielding a Katana which she unlocked herself during the month from being distant from the game's population. After the game of death began, Yura fled from the scene to hide from what she believed the people would become. The girl wasn't sure how people would take such an event and how they'd take there new world without laws. To the woman, it lead many dark possibilities in which she wanted nothing to do with but knew eventually would come her time. It was only then on that day when she went to the last town of the floor when she knew the day was today. Only finding out that a conference to advance through the first floor was being held. This caught her interest on many levels. One was the fact that this was a sign that everyone still had some sanity left and was willing to use it for others. Another was the fact that people although scared, do not refuse to kneel to the game for there fate decided and the third best reason would be to the fact that there was some progress being made. The white haired woman's interest were peaked and she neared the domed area what seemed like an outdoor theater. A few people looked towards the woman noticing her unusual hair coloring and golden eyes. She never looked into the mirror and tossed it aside a month ago which she didn't mind at all.

As the woman approached area, she noticed a few others making there way in and sitting down in groups. Most likely friends and parties which was no surprise. The woman sighed looking for a secure spot to sit that wasn't too close to anyone but right where she needed to be. For this conversation was going to have her full attention. Nothing mattered more then for her to get out of the game and return to society but that could only happen with dedication and the work of players.

After a few minutes of waiting, A man whom seemed to be in heavy plated armor clapped getting everyone's attention in the middle of the Domed stage. He revealed himself to be Diabel, oddly having blue hair but aside shown to be a sword and shield user. After a slight crack about being a “knight” class, the man revealed to the audience that his party found the boss room. It brought a surprise even to Yura herself whom had been curious as to how she would be able to find the room to what seemed a endless area. After such a compelling speech of justice but reason was given that by beating the first floor, going forward would boost the morale of the players stuck within this hell of a game.

It was only moments later that Diabel, began speaking of battle strategy and asking for parties of “six”. It didn't surprise Yura at all, many MMOs required a party for such things and truth be told. She would feel much safer in that situation but the problem mainly came down to the fact that she knew no one to party with and didn't feel the need to make herself known. Of course, she could go it alone but would that be safe? Her eyebrows narrowed a little frustrated as her hands made fist.

"I should at least try to see if anyone has an open slot but... " She looked around slightly feeling uneasy.


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Character Portrait: Yura Character Portrait: Eisen
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No one could have called this would've happened, not in a million years. How could nervegear, that has been tested time and time ago for safety, be released to the public actually able to kill someone? It was unreal to think about, what is happening on the outside world now. The world must have long realized the insidious nature of the game Sword Art Online, and Eisen couldn't help but wonder if they'd eventually be saved from the other side. Perhaps someone will figure out how to remove it safely.

Eisen knew it was a stretch, and he didn't put much faith into it. The creator of the gear he now wore on his head was a genius, who dedicated his life to trapping people in this game. He though if he wasn't completely sure that it would work, he wouldn't have done it. So that only means one thing: Eisen has to beat the game. Reach level 100 and get out of here, this fake work with real death. It wasn't fair. So many players just joining to have some fun and now they're here for the long haul. He had seen kids wondering around. KIDS. No more than ten years old, probably playing with a family member hopefully. Eisen just wondered how much of a chance they stood.

2000 dead, how many of those kids? It's a thought that was almost too grim to consider.

It's been a month now since this game had started, and the shock was just about wearing off for people, and were now able to focus on completing the game. A good number of the more peaceful folk were greatly disheartened by the loss of life on the first floor and quit the warrior life in favor of a more peaceful one: farmers, fishermen, traders, blacksmiths... more easy-going jobs that would keep them off the front lines. But Eisen sat in a place not suitable for those folk—a meeting of warriors. He was nervous himself, but he knew that he had to be here, to help progress the game. The more people dedicated to the game's completion, the faster it would go.

Eisen looked around to the many faces in the arena; unfortunately not nearly as many people has he was expecting to show up. Out of the 8000 people still alive, perhaps 50 was here. Eisen wondered what that would mean while progressing this game. He only hoped that once they defeated the first boss, it would rally some courage and more people would be willing to fight.

Still, it was pretty awkward sitting by himself. Everyone around him was either in a small guild, or had their own circle of friends. He couldn't see a single other solo player around.

Wait... his mind jumped as he laid eyes upon the girl on the other end of the arena. She was alone just like him. He barely had a moment to study her before the man in the center began to talk. First he spoke his name, then explained why they all were there. Eisen listened as he explained that his guild had found the boss room and would be leading a raiding party to defeat it. He called all guilds and all players in the area to assist them. It made perfect sense to Eisen; power in numbers.

Diabel pulled out a little booklet written by the beta-testers and explained in it was the strategy to defeat the first boss. There were to be several disposable minions that must be taken care of quickly if they are to focus on the big boss.

"We will now split into parties of six," Diabel explained. "It's the most efficient way to spread the work load and assign tasks."

Suddenly Eisen felt like he was in high school again, about to be picked last for dodge ball.


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Yura
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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Sorry it took awhile to post, It has been a very busy week with work)

Yura sighed loosening up her frustration slightly as she did not see anyone in her view without a party and was not confronted by anyone with empty slots unfortunately but it then dawned her as she looked closer to Diabel holding the booklet. He explained it earlier but did not catch some of it as other things seemed to have bothered her. She then opened the book up herself and went to the boss's page.

"Illfang The Kobold Lord"

Guard Mobs: Ruin Kolbold Sentinel - Lv.15

Wielder of a Axe and Buckler

Phase 1- Tank and Spank

Phase 2 - At 25%, the creature will change to the curved blade, Talwar which will then change his attack patterns to being cleaving and heavy strikes."

After gathering the information quickly, Diabel suddenly continued assuming everyone had found there groups and introduced themselves. It came to be a short explanation of Boss and mobs around him which the woman had just read. She was excited in a way that they finally were about to move forward. However, The game was still deadly and dangerous. How many people were going to die? It was all going to be determined tomorrow when they fought this boss, what they were truly up against. When the conference was over, Yura figured it was time to get up and leave the area, seeing she had no one to actually converse or meet. At this point she felt like she was going to be alone in all of this. It terrified her but if she sat in the first town, doing nothing, she felt like she would lose herself and what she had to fight for, reason.

Yura, decided to walk towards a simple town merchant selling vegetables and some other cooking materials. She rose her index finger to her lips in thought trying to think what she could make with her skill level and what she wanted. It was a list of choices that she had, leveling her cooking skill as she played as a simple task that aided her to keep herself in tact but this couldn't overcome some of the anxiety that she felt at this moment. The thought that she would be alone in a solo player status in this raid was terrifying. She closed the menu immediately and spoke silently to herself.

"I have to get someone to group with before then... It's better then doing it alone and "switching" would be wise...especially in coordination of two..."

The girl sighed looking to the ground then up to the sky which seemed to be dimming at this point. She looked up on her interface to see the time. "...15:60.." which left exactly nineteen hours before the raid. It was plenty of time to find a party member, possibly train and then rest before tomorrow.

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