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a character in “SAO: Trails and Trials”, as played by Retsamrieht Mai


"If someone calls me a Pokemon trainer one more time..."


Real Name
Aki Inokuma


2-handed sword

Special Attributes
Beast Tamer: Eisen was one of the few people lucky enough to start with this ability at launch. It allows him to tame otherwise hostile mobs, either temporarily or permanently, which is much harder to do.

Eisen thought it very fitting that he be given the beast tamer attribute; he wasn't the social butterfly many were at his age. In the real world, he had a fondness for animals that seemed to connect with him more than with people. Whether he was just a quiet kid, or an awkward one, Eisen fulfilled (in his mind) all the social engagements he needed in his life by playing video games. Because of this, Eisen is generally docile and anti-confrontational.

Despite his calm appearance, he is fiercely dedicated in beating the game (an explanation of why can be found in his history). This drive is unusual for him, and it often consumes his thoughts and motives, though he does well to keep it hidden from others.

He's not the bravest of souls. In fact, he frightens easier than most, a hindrance not helped by the fact that you can really die. He is uncomfortable in large crowds and only really good at speaking his mind if it's one on one with another person. In groups, he tends to be the quieter one.

Eisen and his twin brother, Kosaku, were both abandoned at birth but lucky enough to be picked up by a loving couple that weren't able to have children of their own. They weren't even one at the time, so in Eisen's memory, his foster parents were is one and only parents, a fact that he prided. Because of their generosity, Eisen was able to have a relatively normal childhood. He excelled in his schoolwork until high school where he dropped to a more average level. Those four years flashed by without flair. He didn't associate with any club or social group like his brother did. Instead, he worked part-time at a pet shop across town where he'd have to bike everyday. After high school, he went on to work full time in the store until he was 20 when the owner suddenly retired, and left ownership to him.

With a small business under him, he was able to move out (with his brother as a roommate) to a small apartment closer to his work. Now that he was the owner, he suddenly had more free time than ever, which is time he decided to spend playing video games. They had always been a source of entertainment for him growing up, but recently with the birth of nervegear, it was hard for him to say no. When they announced the Sword Art Online game, Eisen knew he had found a way to occupy his spare time.

Eisen was one of the many to request access to the beta for SAO, and shockingly was one of the few it was granted to. Both Eisen and his brother were granted access to the beta, which they played together. He wasn't nearly as competent as the other beta testers because this was his first MMO, so there was a lot of learning to do. While others spent their time wisely getting an edge of all the baddies out there, Eisen spent most of his time exploring.

Tragically, a month before the release of SAO, Kosaku was involved in a serious car accident that left him in a coma. With both his parents now living overseas in the United States, it was up to him to take care of his brother. Insurance paid for most of the bills, but the depression that followed was hard to combat alone. It was the first time in his life he had felt lonely. Perhaps that was the largest contributing factor of him entering the game again when it officially released. That all backfired when he couldn't log out of the game.

Now he's in a race to the finish, hopeful that his brother will be there waiting for him.


Guild: None
Guild Position: N/A

Weapon Type: 2-handed straight sword

Level: 14

25 stat points/50 Skill Points per level

Strength: 70
Constitution: 70
Dexterity: 37
Intelligence: 35
Charisma: 60
Willpower: 22
Perception: 56

Passives --

Acrobatics - 25/500
Camouflage Player Icon Color - 5/500
Detection - 5/500
Extended Weight Limit - 60/500
Hidden Player Icon Color - 5/500
Hiding - 55/500
Leather Equipment - 5/500
Listening - 5/500
Night Vision - 70/500
Pursuit - 70/500
Searching - 5/500
Silent Movement - 5/500
Sleuth - 5/500
Sprint - 55/500
Tracking - 55/500

Weapon --

Two-Handed Straight Swords - 80/500

Combat --

Howl - 40/500
Parry - 50/500

Non-combat --

Familiar Communication - 50/500
Familiar Recovery - 50/500

So begins...

Eisen's Story


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No one could have called this would've happened, not in a million years. How could nervegear, that has been tested time and time ago for safety, be released to the public actually able to kill someone? It was unreal to think about, what is happening on the outside world now. The world must have long realized the insidious nature of the game Sword Art Online, and Eisen couldn't help but wonder if they'd eventually be saved from the other side. Perhaps someone will figure out how to remove it safely.

Eisen knew it was a stretch, and he didn't put much faith into it. The creator of the gear he now wore on his head was a genius, who dedicated his life to trapping people in this game. He though if he wasn't completely sure that it would work, he wouldn't have done it. So that only means one thing: Eisen has to beat the game. Reach level 100 and get out of here, this fake work with real death. It wasn't fair. So many players just joining to have some fun and now they're here for the long haul. He had seen kids wondering around. KIDS. No more than ten years old, probably playing with a family member hopefully. Eisen just wondered how much of a chance they stood.

2000 dead, how many of those kids? It's a thought that was almost too grim to consider.

It's been a month now since this game had started, and the shock was just about wearing off for people, and were now able to focus on completing the game. A good number of the more peaceful folk were greatly disheartened by the loss of life on the first floor and quit the warrior life in favor of a more peaceful one: farmers, fishermen, traders, blacksmiths... more easy-going jobs that would keep them off the front lines. But Eisen sat in a place not suitable for those folk—a meeting of warriors. He was nervous himself, but he knew that he had to be here, to help progress the game. The more people dedicated to the game's completion, the faster it would go.

Eisen looked around to the many faces in the arena; unfortunately not nearly as many people has he was expecting to show up. Out of the 8000 people still alive, perhaps 50 was here. Eisen wondered what that would mean while progressing this game. He only hoped that once they defeated the first boss, it would rally some courage and more people would be willing to fight.

Still, it was pretty awkward sitting by himself. Everyone around him was either in a small guild, or had their own circle of friends. He couldn't see a single other solo player around.

Wait... his mind jumped as he laid eyes upon the girl on the other end of the arena. She was alone just like him. He barely had a moment to study her before the man in the center began to talk. First he spoke his name, then explained why they all were there. Eisen listened as he explained that his guild had found the boss room and would be leading a raiding party to defeat it. He called all guilds and all players in the area to assist them. It made perfect sense to Eisen; power in numbers.

Diabel pulled out a little booklet written by the beta-testers and explained in it was the strategy to defeat the first boss. There were to be several disposable minions that must be taken care of quickly if they are to focus on the big boss.

"We will now split into parties of six," Diabel explained. "It's the most efficient way to spread the work load and assign tasks."

Suddenly Eisen felt like he was in high school again, about to be picked last for dodge ball.