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Kaijay Wrife

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a character in “Savage Evolution”, originally authored by Wolfdawn, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kaijay Wrife
“I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”

Here is my shell


Neko or Sapien

Sexuality and relationship status
Not really something he cares about



Long live the human heart!

Post war years, Kaijay has regressed into instinct. He has become more animalistic, exempting himself of human inhibitions, but he has not yet given up his human heart to become that of an beast. Still, wary and cautious like that of an animal, Kaijays only time observing creatures of logic is when he is dauntless enough to thieve from the necos, even though not the same species. Kaijay is likely to be very straightforward and blunt to any exchange he might be drawn into.

Gifts and skills
Instinct. Ever notice how animals seem to sense storms before the rain begins to fall? Technology and construction causes not only Sapiens but necos as well to lose touch with their true nature. Kaijay is more in tune, without shelter and bias, Kaijays reactions spring from his core rather then what he’s been told.

Fears and weakness's

Kaijay is not of exceptional intellect, nor is he gregarious in the least. Bad at social interactions and coming to trust people, Kaijay retains the shyness of something wild.
Kaijay can not have the immune and physical fitness of a neco, a reality that used to plague him.

Weapons and Armour.
Kaijay makes use od whatever he can procure. In fortunate times he achieves to steal a weapon from the necos, in bad times honed sticks and rocks work best.

Back tracing my steps...

Being out-shined by the Necos, along with many Sapiens, Kaijay resided in the slums- less then the best of education, less then the grandest of houses. Still the environment was not bitter, rather the opposite, having a common enemy unifies people under the shared antipathy. Even when younger Kaijay was very athletic, he aspired to become a rival, a Sapien competitor, to the necos. Being able to keep up with them was a stirring attainment on its own but no matter how strenuously he worked, Kaijays body had its limits, no matter how hard he pushed he could not be faster or stronger than the necos. With the palpable tensions of pre-war, the assault on the slums was like the flames to the gunpowder-keg. “Natures order” they called it. As if bombs unnecessary for the penniless, defenseless sapiens of the slums, the necos set loose trigger-happy soldiers upon the populace and reduced buildings to smolders. The only thing Kaijay could credit his survival to, was sheer luck. He was fortunate that he escaped alive. Without a concern for his providence Kaijay ran miles , into the conservation timberland, the one place where they wouldn’t bomb. It was just as safe from the necos there as it was unforgiving and cruel. The lack of interaction incorporated with the forest's extremes caused Kaijay to slowly relapse, becoming more animalistic. Kaijay became like a scavenger. He raids the incomplete neco citites and uses whatever materials he can in the forests.


So begins...

Kaijay Wrife's Story


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Kaijay Wrife

Rousing himself, Kaijay's body seemed to creak as he moved, muscles shifting under skin, akin to the groaning of floorboard chafing against one another. Kaijay stretched, extending his arms outward, the tension gathered at his core. All his stiff joints came loose at a single expelled huff of his breath, outreached arms once again returning to rest at his sides. He came to pass his tongue over his lips, salvia glossing over the ridges in the skin.

He could feel his hunger returning. An empty stomach was like a virus, the infection circulates throughout you, eating away at you, making your body frail as you're striped of fats, then muscle, and when you're all gobbled up by the the empty stomach, you die. None of this did Kaijay feel fretful about, but his body sniveled in pleas of a growling stomach and Kaijay merely adhered to his body.
Kaijay moved like fluid, even a figure of more agile than he contrasted to his accustomed movement through the throngs of nature. Plodded with leaves, his steps were equally soft to a trickle of water.

Before even catching vision of anything, Kaijay felt uncomfortable, the kind of anxiousness when the bloodlust of your predator is upwind, but he did not feel alerted to a distinct presence. Someone must have been through this area, not just a single person but a few. It wasn’t uncommon for a solitary person to wander the shouldering outskirts of the forest, but a group passing through embroidery green was new. Kaijay crouched down, the long grass greeted his arrival, the rubbery tips brushing his skin, leaving a in their wake a trail of ticklish sensations.

Kaijay kept motionless for a brief interval, senses temporarily amplified by concentration. "Phantom ears perking", he detected a soft vibration of sound, a powerful force, from a distance away. Fear apprised him of the potential threat, but another concept so predominate in humans was curiosity, and Kaijay's intrest was fanned. He took a few lengthy stalks forward, after all, Kaijay did what he felt, not what he thought. His curiosity would simply be quenched as he watched the two Necos that had been slinking through the forest. He did not know what they were doing nor why there were here, but those were things Kaijay never bothered to question.


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((I really don't want to kill one of my characters unless I really, desperately/want to))

Ember looked to her left/right (wherever Kaijay is at) and stiffened. She loosened her muscles and stared at the stranger, before speaking. "Are your intentions to harm or to befriend?"

Marishka snorted at Ember's words and continued to stand still.

Gabriel walked over to the strange girl and asked, "What exactly happened?"


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Ace Tyrant

"I'm not here to give trouble man!"
"I just wanted help mister. I don't know this guy at all. So, can you help me? I'm starting to feel light headed."

Of course Ace was still panicking; too many people at once and no Jennifer to drag him out of the situation. He was stuck and surrounded, but he saw that the girl was telling to truth and so naturally, being the little puss-puss he was decided helping her would not be such a awful thing. However, for the moment he felt uncomfortable and so just simply stated. "Only if you step back..."


Ace cried out as he felt a pair of feet push on his chest and send him slamming to the ground. The landing was rather painful, but atleast he did not land on Sophia arrows which could have been quite nasty. The first thing the blonde male presumed was that the white haired males trap had worked, and this attacker had been sitting in the treetops waiting for the perfect time to leap. He began to kick and cry out, looking rather pitiful pinned under this woman.


He stopped. Blondie suddenly aloud himself to be over powered and glared up at the woman, directly into her eyes, and then he began to smile. He did not care if she was to murder him on the spot, her face, though dangerous, brought back many memories. "Hello again! I don't recall your name, but do you remember me? I saved your ass once!" Ace chirped excitedly in a child like way, forgetting all about the messy situation at hand. "A few years ago, I was with a black haired lady...Anyway lets have this conversation later! Mind getting off me so I can save yet another ass? " He stated before nodding over to the wounded young girl.

"If the white haired guy is either of your twos partners he is...welcome...too. I myself do not know him..."