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Aria Holstein

"I walk through the rain to find a rainbow, but I still can't seem to find it."

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a character in “Save Us”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Ariadne Holstein


โ–บ Full Name โ—„ Her full name is Ariadne Taylor Holstein, something people can rarely pronounce correctly on their first try. The correct way of pronouncing her name is Air-ee-add-nee.
โ–บ Nickname โ—„ Aria, the simple reason being that her name sounds like some sort of illness - why else would it be so confusing to pronounce?
โ–บ Age โ—„ 19 years of age, since July 2, though she could pass for older or younger if she wished. She can also act a bit old for her age sometimes, but then again, she can also act like a four year old.
โ–บ Gender โ—„ Male, obviously. Female.
โ–บ Role โ—„ Holland Roden.

โ–บ Appearance โ—„ Aria has been told her hair is both brown, ginger and blonde, so she has finally decided to call it auburn. It hangs in slight curls around her shoulders, ending just below her chest. Her eyes are a golden brown, and are wide, like those of a doe. They're framed by long eyelashes and well-defined eyebrows. She stands at 5'6, and is also quite slim, due to her fast-metabolism and very athletic lifestyle. She is quite muscular, though, so don't be fooled by her innocent appearance. She would consider herself fair skinned, though not sickly pale. Her style is anything she finds cute, which consists of denim shorts, usually, especially high waisted, cropped tops or tie at the front tops, and a jacket or hoodie over it. She has four piercings, one on each earlobe, one at the top of her left ear, and a belly button piercing. She has also always wanted to get a tattoo, though not sure where. She has a heart shaped face, with rosy cheeks and a smile that usually is twisted in a smirk, or if laughing form dimples.

โ–บ Personality โ—„ Aria is manipulative. If she were to tell you why, she would probably say it is due to being played in the past, and has learnt the tricks over the years. If she wants something from you, she is not going to give up until she gets it, which usually leads her into very sticky situations. It's in these situations where her clever mouth comes in handy - woah, wait stop, you dirty bastard - as she can talk her way out of situation. Even though she is often cursing, using sarcasm or letting an insult slip out, she is also very good at making lies up on the spot.

She is cold and distant to those she doesn't know, making her come off as either rude or passive, which, at first, she is both. This is only due to the fact that she has been hurt in the past, and is determined to not let it happen again. Her trust is precious and hard to earn, but easy to lose. She will watch you in silence, her eyes narrowing as she judges whether or not you are to be trusted, or you're just a level one asshole. She says it as it is, if she has a problem with you, you'll know. Even though she may be distant, it isn't as in she is quiet - more very cautious of your, not one to trust easily. She isn't going to go sharing her secrets and stories with you straight away.

She is very.. sassy. No, that definitely isn't the right word. Maybe the word I'm looking for is bossy; If she knows her way is right, then she can be one bossy bitch. When she does trust you with all her heart, she is a lot of fun, and is extremely loyal, placing you above herself. Most people get sick of her before this, however, meaning she has little close friends. This is also the same for any relationship she has had in the past - people get bored of her quiet, hard to get behavior and leave.

โ–บ Role โ—„ Best Hunter

โ–บ Likes โ—„
- Food
- Hunting
- Friends
- Trust
- Smiles
- Dimples
- Sarcasm

โ–บ Dislikes โ—„
- Bugs
- Blood
- Yellow
- Brown
- Nails on a chalkboard

โ–บ Weaknesses โ—„
- She is very stubborn and narrow-minded
- She acts on her first decision and is lazy.
- She doesn't let others help her as it makes her feel weak, but as a result she fails her task.

โ–บ Paired with โ—„ Nathaniel Buzolic [FC]

โ–บ Theme Song(s) โ—„ TBA

โ–บ History โ—„ Like the majority of her pack mates, Aria was born into the pack - literally. It was a good thing that none of her pack mates are extremely older than her, or they might remember when her mother gave birth to her in the pack's 'home.' It wasn't a pretty sight, to be sure. Her mother had been nineteen at the time, and had slept with a human, so everyone was wondering how Aria would turn out. Well, she turned out to be a wolf. Her mother had never felt anything romantic with her birth father, Jonathan, which was made even more obvious when she found her true mate, a wolf from a separate pack named Daniel. The two got married two years later and he became Aria's father. She never even knew he wasn't.

When she found out that the Thorns were pairing up with them to make a mega pack, she was about ready to throw a fit. They were obviously going to be massive assholes. I mean, even the name sounds bitchy - Thorn. Something that will hurt you if you get too close.

โ–บ Other โ—„ N/A

So begins...

Aria Holstein's Story


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Kat Thorn

Kat growled, trying to pick up the scent again as the two males made their way back home. Her nose to the ground, she slowly made her way around the perimeter of their territory. When she found nothing, she growled irritatedly. She circled the territory again, alone, daring the beast to attack her.
When she saw a small flutter of movement, she lunged at it. Claws out and teeth bared, her jaws snapped shut around her victim. . . A rabbit. Snarling, she dropped the animal and turned back to return to the home.

She paused outside the house, carrying her clothes from beside th door where she left them into the woods, where she then shifted and pulled them on.
Brushing out her hair, she entered the pack home. She was clearly irritated.

Kat gave a sharp whistle, calling her pack.'Come with your pack to the living room.' she mentally told Russell. She sat down on the couch, next to the omega. "Are you alright?" She asked the omega absently, who nodded numbly.
When the pack began to gather, she sat up straight and look them straight in the eye. "We can't hide from this thing anymore. It's killed four of our pack members- nearly four. We need to think of a way to lure it in, and kill it. This will have to involve all of us cooperating, and working together. One mistake, and the whole pack could easily be murdered."

She looked over the wolves, gauging their reaction. "We will do it tonight. Since we need bait and everyone needs to participate, Lily we'll put you in the open, with a small cut so it will catch the scent of your blood. All of us will be surrounding the area, so as soon as it approaches we can pounce."


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Character Portrait: Russell James Durand Character Portrait: Lily Rae Hope Character Portrait: Aria Holstein Character Portrait: Emmett Owens Character Portrait: Adalind Parks Character Portrait: Daniel Grayson Hope Character Portrait: Makaela Dawn Anders Character Portrait: Katherine Eleanor Thorn Character Portrait: Ryan Stype
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Emmett Owens

"Right, that's why you looked so pissed off about it." Emmett commented, rolling his eyes. He felt the wave of foreign anger roll across his mind but ignored it. "As long as I get to kill you firs." He agreed with a mock smile. He stepped forward, returning to the position he had been before she had pushed him back, getting just as in her face as she had been in his, maybe even more now that they were almost pressed against one another. "Good." He growled back.

He was almost glad that they were interrupted by a whistle and Russel calling them all into the living room. He didn't know what he would have done next and after the kiss earlier, he didn't quite trust himself with it. He stepped back with a huff, pulling on his shirt and walking out of the bedroom and down the hall to the living room, not bothering to close the door behind him.

Once in the living room he plopped down onto the middle of the large white sofa. "What's going on?" he asked, only having got about half of the conversation.
"I'm game. Anything to get out of this house." He said. He needed space, he was unable to just sit indoors all day everyday. He needed to change, he needed to run and he couldn't even remember the last time he'd been able to go out and just get pissed drunk at a bar with some strangers and just forget about everything else. Plus he wasn't so comfortable with the idea of some crazy ass creature living just outside their door, just waiting for one of them to go out alone so it could them.

"I'm in. I think its time we started fighting back."