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Margaux Dalmasca

"Shall I be Queen?"

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a character in “Saving Home”, as played by Toffeeebot


"It's pronounced 'Margo'."
Margaux Silmeria Dalmasca
"Immortality is my age"
"If it wasn't that obvious."
Brief History:
"Even our shadows leave us in the darkness."
Being a wizard has always been a curse to Margaux. Most people would fear her, thinking she's a ticking time bomb. As a child, she bore quite the temper, which caused alarm to those around her. Even her own family did not wish for her to stay. At the age of 8, her temper only worsen. She would often end up destroying things in sight. Her parents threw her out. They could barely afford living and having a daughter who destroyed everything was the last thing they needed. Ever since then, she's been living on her own. Her family disowned her and continued with their life as if she never existed. This cause Margaux to be unsentimental and selfish. She knew that it was just herself from now on. Clinging onto people and materialistic things was useless. Her heart became a cold and dark void.
Overall Margaux is a quiet girl. She's very secluded from others. She learned that she cannot trust anyone other than herself. Everyone else either fears her or is out to use her for her powers. She's very temperamental and be warned to feel her wrath if you take the wrong step. Her trust cannot be easily achieved nor will she trust anyone back. This is something she has learned throughout the years. Often, she is very apathetic. It's either you're strong enough to carry yourself or you're too weak and should just die. Her cold heart leaves her relentless. She's very independent and selfish. It's always just been her, so relying on others has never been an option. Her view in life is very black and white. Barely any middle grounds.
Margaux is a hot head. Her temper is not something to mess with and you might end up into ashes if you push her buttons the wrong way.
Over the years, Margaux has gathered up many abilities. Some from books and others from bargaining with elves for their secrets. But her most precious talent is her Blue Spark. It's not a skill that can be learned from books, but rather inherited. A rare talent that only a few owned. (If that's okay?)
does your character know of the corruption of Cain?
"I don't involve myself in politics."

So begins...

Margaux Dalmasca's Story


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Margaux was the kind to mind her own business. She has no intentions of socializing with people in the market. It was far too crowded for her and she hated being touched, intentionally or unintentionally. Her long black hair flowed behind her as she made through the crowd. Her posture was impeccable and her head was held high, almost as if she was royalty. Her pale porcelain skin glistened in the sun beneath her armor. Her golden eyes illuminated as she scanned the market and looked at the shops.
Stopping by at the stores to see what they held, nothing really caught her attention. Everything looked dull and boring. Although the market was filled with people buzzing, it was too quiet at the same time. Everything was too ordered and organized. Then a commotion happened as lightning struck the pole and sent a wave of shock into the ground. Margaux shook and lost balanced for a moment. Her eyes darted to the man who did it and shook her head. Well there's the short bit of chaos. a smirk played on her soft lips and shook her head at the immaturity. She noticed that he ran and hid. Typical. A few soldiers ran pass her as they tried to chase after the assailant, she shook her head at how well organized Home was. It was too peaceful. But she shrugged the thought off and went on with her business.