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Jinx Bloodbourne

Overworld Goddess

0 · 293 views · located in Future

a character in “Saving Humanity”, as played by VisualPenetration




Dialogue Color:#A3ACAD



Full Name: Jinx Lilith Bloodbourne

Nicknames: Gin

Age: Ageless

Occupation: The Overworld Goddess

Weapon Choice: She calls upon the demons of the over world to fight for her, she never leaves her dwelling.


Personality: ☪ Adventerous ☪-She constantly looking through the crystal ball, adventuring the world through her demons eyes. ☪ Creative ☪- She's constantly creating new "babies" of demons every day. ☪Excited ☪- She is constantly throwing ideas at Valentine or new diseases to bring the humans. ☪ Trickster ☪- She is always prank-ing Valentine, and loves to be a little sneaky trickster ☪Morbid ☪- Her games, her likes, dislikes, everything is all so morbid, it really makes her look like a horrible person.

✔ Digging her nails into Valentine for fun
✔ The taste of human blood
✔ Chaos

✘ The sisterhood of justice
✘ Peace
✘ Having to leave her home

☠ Being shutdown or killed
☠ Losing the one person that understands her.
☠ Lightness

✤ To have 666 diseases
✤ World Destruction
✤ Finding a new demon species very year.

✐ Shadow Manipulation
✐ Blood Manupulation
✐ Ranger/Bow

✎ Close combat
✎ Lots of lightness
✎ Silver

❧ Painting
❧ Playing the piano
❧ Creating new creatures

♟ Digging her nails into Valentine when shes happy
♟ Hugs of death when Valentine does something good
♟ Filing her nails

Face Claim:

Albedo from Over World

So begins...

Jinx Bloodbourne's Story


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[color=#0D0538]"I'm going to need duck eggs, some vampire blood, tears from a cyclopes, the heart of a black widow, and for the final ingredient, just a touch of pure hatred." Valentine repeated to himself as he danced around his lab. When he finally gathered up all the items, Val began to precisely add them one by one to his mixing cauldron. "I almost forgot my secret ingredient to complete this masterpiece, now where did I put that little black vile?" Valentine asked himself as he shuffled everything around on his desk. Little did he know that while moving stuff around, he knocked over the 'simpleton' potion, causing everything to revert back."Ah ha I found it, now where did I leave off? Oh yes, just a few drops of pure hatred and now the specialty ingredient 'Basilisk Venom'." Valentine manically laughed as he added a single drop.

Val hadn't slept a wink, which wasn't helping his cause or keeping him calm. "No,no,no,nooooooooooo. None of this will do! I'm going to have to start from scratch again, why don't any of these designs come out how they look on paper?" Val was screaming at himself while he paced around his desk. He picked up his latest "creations", which is one of the few reason why Val was extremely upset, the second and probably most important. The darn animals are stupid. All he wanted was a vampire duck that also spit fire balls, but that's not what he got. So, they had to be tossed, literally, right out the window.

"My love?" Val heard Jinx calling from somewhere down the hall. Valentine didn't respond, he walked back to his desk, grabbed another piece of paper and began to create. By the time he could come up with a single idea,Jinx came in"My love, I have created a new disease, I believe the perfect place to drop it would be on the city that the five goddess's came from. Since they have just made their home on top of Eden's Mountain with the favorite sons." Jinx said excitedly as she hopped into Valentines lap."What has you so down, Val?" Jinx asked concernedly."Just another one of my creations coming out to be a complete failure, sometimes if I wonder if I'd be better off doing art for a living." Val replied grumpily.

Grabbing Jinx is arms, standing up he spun around real quick, placing Jinx in his ginormous chair."So, tell me all about this new creation of yours. What does it do? How fast acting is it? I wanna know all the gory details." Val said anxiously as he sat on his drafting table so that he wouldn't miss any detail.

"Hold that thought my dark goddess, I going to grab some celebratory drinks." Valentine said as he dashed off towards the kitchen. Val stopped at the counter and this amazing idea popped into his head.'I'll surprise Jinx with some chocolate covered strawberries and some good Honey mead. He said as he opened the pantry door to go to the wine cellar. Grabbing the unmistakable pottery jug, he headed back up to the kitchen where the water had started to boil."Hey baby, I'm gonna make us something to snack on while we put our brilliant minds together." VAl yelled down the hall hoping Jinx heard him.

After the chocolate was perfectly melted, Valentine made his way to the fridge to get the fresh strawberries. Carefully dipping each berry in the chocolate Valentine then headed back to the lab for snack and story time with Jinx.


Tobias had woken up early to go for a brisk seven mile swim. The water felt so good, not having to wear the stupid armor that restricted his movements, he had told himself that he would find a way to fix that. When Toby reached the shore, the sun was just coming over the mountains lowest ridge. Being full of energy, Toby decided to take his 'watervator" up to the balcony. HE decided to get creative and did a double front flip with a half twist.

Sticking the landing, Toby slide all the way to the bed, where he decided to start tickling Iris uncontrollably till she woke up.She opened her eyes and pushed Tobias away."Toby! That tickles! Ah!" Iris screamed as she turned over to get away from him and fell off the bed, but the sweet cool water bounced her right back on to the bed and into Tobias' arms."Thank you for saving me from a face plank to the floor." She laughed, throwing her arms around his neck."Always remember a single drop of water can become an ocean, that's why you should always have a single drop with you." Tobias lovingly whispered to Iris as he put a Mother of Pearl lined with coral and a single drop of water ring on her finger, finishing what he was saying earlier[color= #3785FF]"As long as you wear this ring you will always have enough water to anything."[/color] Toby finished whispering to Iris, followed with a kiss.ris snuggled into Tobias' chest, she was much smaller than him and her long twin tails curled around him."Should I have Vulcan or Zelda cut my hair?" She joked to Toby as she hopped off the bed. Before Toby had a chance to answer Iris was already in the bathroom.

While Iris was in the tub, Tobias was in such a great mood, that he took his Trident down from the wall and began to sharpen all three points. As he was finishing up the last side he heard Zelda yelling in the hall way, quickly followed by Iris yelling"Toby, will you please come with us? We can't get past the sea creatures, I've tried separating the water but it transports from water to another location in the water. I've even tried to drain out all the water, it creates more." She said as she walked out the bathroom naked, not scared of hiding anything from her husband. Toby couldn't get over his wife's stunning beauty, all he could do was stare at her like a stalker,as she pulled on her dress and she used the long ribbon she had grabbed to put her hair into one pony tail at the top of her head.

When Tobias finally snapped to reality, he quickly replied "I'd love to go with you my little mermaid. Let me finish sharpening my Trident and then we can go." With that he ran over to the table and quickly but precisely finished the last side of the third blade."How do I look?" Iris asked as Toby grabbed his dagger. With out missing a beat Toby smiled and lovingly said"Nothing on the dry dusty land nor anything in the beautiful oceans could ever compare to your stunningly pure gorgeousness."

Rushing after Iris Tobias thought it would be best to cheat a little. He created a water slide to gain a slight advantage. Even with his water slide he was no match for his uncageable wife. He was still trying to catch up with her when they got to the garden. Looking up he saw Alistair smirking.'Wonder if the twins would be upset if i hit him with a water bomb' Toby thought to himself and chuckled a little as he grabbed his armor.

Returning to the garden everyone was already waiting. 'Looks like Ace and I are gonna be working as team again, this outta be interesting. Toby thought to himself. Not really paying attention all he heard was"Let's go to clouds, sugar." She said.The next thing Toby knew was Iris grabbing waist tightly as they headed towards the clouds. Iris was bouncing her big water bubble,she looked like she was having a hard time."I can't see her anymore, please make sure she doesn't fall... Oh there she is!" Iris exclaimed as Toby transformed into his God Form."I'll take the bubble from here my love."


Over the past few days Alistair and Irelia hadn't been speaking or doing much of anything together. Not knowing if he had caused the distance between them, Ari decided to go vent. He created the most amazing wind storm, like nothing the world had ever encountered, but since it wasn't the humans that caused his frustration, he kept the storm strictly to the mountain. Since, he was the God of Wind, he didn't need to stare at the sky to keep it going. Ari walked back into the room to try and talk to Irelia again. But before he could get a word out, he knew it wasn't the right time."My love if you can't sleep I may have a solution, ride the winds and let them rock you to sleep. I will stay up and make sure you stay safe." Ari tenderly mentioned. Lia responded with a nod.

As the sun rose the following morning, Ari slowled down the winds so his love could climb back over the railing. The storm had cleared up the air and it was a sight to behold, the air was so clean and crisp."Thank you for helping me sleep and relax." She said squeezing his hand as she stepped onto off the rails.[color=#E0298B]"I hope that you were able to sleep peacefully." Ari asked as Lia ran straight to the bathroom.

Ari's stomach was yelling at him, so he went over to the table and grabbed the giant bucket of fried chicken and headed for the bed. Gobbling down wing after wing.'I'm hungrier then I thought, I wonder if Lia is hungry?' Ari thought to himself while stuffing his face. He heard the bathroom door open and Lia said""I love that you don't have breakfast food for breakfast!""That's the joy of being us, we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want." Ari managed to garble out in between bites. Watching Lia eat like he did made his heart flutter even more than it was alreaedy. This was the most the had spoken in the past few days. While Lia and Ari were eating the last of the chicken, he heard Zelda yelling from the hallway asking who wanted to join her on an adventure.

Before Alistair had time to swallow his mouthful of water, he heard Lia volunteer herself.'I hope Lia doesn't volunteer me too, I'm so tired.' He was barely able to tell himself, when he was violently pulled out of the bed with Lia saying""Don't be a baby, I'll protect you." All Ari could do was roll his eyes before Irelia ran off to the armory.' I might as well follow to grab my bow.' Ari told himself as he followed like a lost puppy.

Once Alistair made it to his storage area he immediately transformed into his "True Form" as he called it. But really it was to get his sheave positioned right. Transforming back Ari grabbed his bow and headed for the garden. When Ari looked up he saw Toby following Iris, he was looking rather frustrated. Ari smirked, he was glad that Toby was being dragged around too.

When Toby came out of the armory Lia cheerfully said[color=#BF4CE8]"Congralutions Tobias and Alistair, you both are moving out of the '.....' field and into the 'bad..' crew." Alistair couldn't wait to find out what that meant.


Hearing all the screaming going on in the hallway, startled Ash wide awake. Jumping quickly out of his sleeping creation, his"vinammock," he ran to the door before all the commotion woke his "Sleeping Beauty," to check to see who was trying to kill who. When he opened the door Hyperion looked down the hall to see the "bubble and air heads messing with the Zelda or as he preferred "TNT." "Shut the ....up, y'all are harshing my buzz." Hyperion said scantily functioning. Not that anyone pays much attention to Hyperion, unless he's in full "guardian" form. He shut the door, turned back to see Tavi still fast asleep."I need a good smoke, where'd you put the stash 'genius'? You always wake up Tavi with a freshly packed bowl and an ice cold glass of Glacier water. You better smoke yourself out real quick! Wait you can't because you misplaced the 'herb bag'." Hyperion kept muttering to himself as he paced the room.

Just as quickly as Ash forgot where the bag was, he remembered.'It's in your nook of the "Ash" He thought to himself as he let out a little snicker. Reaching into the natural cut out of the tree, Ash felt around, not immediately finding it, a noise from the other end of the room caught his attention. It was Tavi, standing there looking like fresh in the sunrise. "Hey, stop playing with yourself Ash." Octavia laughed as she walked to the toadstool they used as a table."You looking for this bag rock for brains?" Tavi said jokingly as she waved the bag to Ash.

Quickly removing his arm from the tree, Hyperion hastenly walked to the tree stump throne, that they built together.'We should do some more soul bonding, like these thrones will built together securing our bond for eternity. I'll have to talk to Tavi about it.' Hyperion thought to himself as he relaxed back into his chair."So, I was thinking that while your sisters are off hunting, we could have some fun playing with nature? I don't mean just smoking and being creative. I mean actually leaving the castle and seeing how you do." Hyperion inquisitively mentioned as he sparked up "Gnomeo" his hand carved tree branch that looked like a gnome."I'd love to spend the day with you out in nature. I really wanna see what I can after these few of studying." Octavia cheerfully replied, waiting for her morning wake up bowl.

'BUBBLE...BUBBLE....WHOOOOSH.'"He's hitting perfectly baby girl." Hyperion managed to choke out handing the piece to Octavia."You're coughing like a noob, take it in dee..."Octavia starting saying, interrupting herself for "veteran" hit."Like I was saying, breathe in really deep, then hold. You know how to do this my sexy coconut." Tavi spoke clear as day, as she exhaled and lost sight of Hyperion for a few seconds.

After finishing their morning ritualistic "Green Time" as they referred to it. They headed to get dressed,Hyperion stripped down to his birthday suit, heading for the natural spring shower that he designed out of a Circus Tree, with spring water gently falling like rain drops from the sky. The water and room temperature were always perfect.

Matter of fact the whole bathroom was stunning to behold. Everything made out Earth, the floor was made of a soft, fluffy moss. The walls consisted of bark from the Painted Forrest trees, while the ceiling was constructed from the Dragon Tree's canopy. The toilet was fabricated from polished green Emerald. The lighting was all natural, coming from the Sun during the day and Moon at night.

After finishing his shower, Hyperion found Ovtavia sitting on a bench she fashioned out of Pirangi Cashew Tree root, waiting patiently."Shower's all yours my Goddess. The water feels amazing. Enjoy" Hyperion playfully said throwing on a towel.


"I'm sick of you treating me like some delicate little girl! I earned my right to be a Goddess, I put my life on the line for the other humans, what have you done answer prayers?! Oh look at me, I'm Vulcan, the oh and powerful fire god, and I'm too scared to fight demons in the actual over world!" Zelda screamed at Vulcan."Please, explain me to what the heck is so important that you have to go see a 'relic dealer' alone?!' Zelda yelled throwing her hands up and shooting fireballs at Vulcan.

"I'm not trying to treat you like a 'Delicate' little girl. I just don't think you have full control of your powers yet." Vulcan resentfully explained."If you must know, the reason I'm going to relic dealer by myself is for a surprise I was planning for you." He exclaimed loudly.]color=E82E0A]."You know what, fine. Go see this relic dealer. I know when I'm not wanted, and I'm sick of you just trying to get away from me. If you want away from me so god.. bad then fine! I'll go somewhere I know I'm needed!"[/color] Zelda huffed as she left the room.

Following a few feet behind Zelda, Vulcan slammed the door shut."I really gotta start including Zelda in my adventures, I just don't want her to get bored or think that since we aren't out 'killing monster' every second, that I don't trust her or believe in her." Vulcan angrily bellowed at himself. But it was to late, he had let this little tiff get him so worked up that he immediately transformed into his full "God" form. Not wanting to be caught by his brothers, Vulcan opened his window and launched himself out. Not really watching where he had aimed, Vulcan went head first into a flock of geese."What the f..., why is this happening? Thanks a lot Ace, I can't see anything, I better make my landing." He manged to ask himself, as the first goose pegged him square in the eye.

Landing not to far from where he needed to be, plus being among the humans Vulcan drew his sword, so he could run faster. Stopping only once he got to the relic dealer."My old friend, what a lovely day it is. I trust you have what we last spoke about?" Vulcan gestured toward the back room."A good day to you to my Lord. Why yes, I have what you are looking for." the shop keep said."Follow me your grace." Not wanting to waste any time, Vulcan followed, slightly shrinking himself to be able to fit through the doorway.

Once they were finally in the safety of the hidden room, Vulcan looked at the relic dealer and spoke very clearly and forcefully"If what I'm about to do leaves this room, it won't be just me coming to visit you again, do you understand?" All the dealer could do was nod his head up and down. With that Vulcan transformed back into his normal self. Immediately casting his gaze at the man."Please your grace, I would never betray you. You don't have to worry about me running my mouth." Vulcan walked over to the chair in the room and sat down."I'm going to trust you, now lets see what you have found for me." He said calmly, looking around the room.

"Give me one second my lord Vulcan to retrieve both artifacts." The dealer said excitedly heading to another room. When he returned he was carrying a huge leather bag while struggling to pull another leather wrapped item. The second item was absolutely massive. It had to have been at least thirteen feet long."Which would you like to view first your highness?" He asked in between trying to catch his breath.

"Since, have done more than I have asked, let me get you something to drink my fine sir. Is there anything you prefer?" Vulcan asked while placing another chair next to table."Anything will be fine my lord." He replied respectfully, then took a seat. Vulcan flicked his hands and they immediately caught fire."
Jeg ringer på gamle branner, produserer meg en krukke med honningkjøtt."
Vul summoned in a language that only few knew. In his hands appeared a pottery jug, which Vulcan immediately poured.

"While you drink your fill, I'm going to ease my inquisitive mind." He spoke gesturing to the smaller leather bag on the table. Folding back the opening flap Vulcan reached in a pulled out a the biggest, brightest Cuprite stone the world has ever seen. Not wanting to lose his excitement Vulcan placed the gem on the table and reached for the second item. Unwrapping it quickly, Vulcan was in awe of it. It was so light, yet so perfectly weighted. It was the missing staff of "Rand al’Thor", no one living has seen this staff besides Vulcan.

Wanting to get back as soon as he could Vulcan gaspingly asked"What do I owe you for these amazing treasures?""For you my Lord, they are a gift. I couldn't ask you fore anything."The relic dealer exclaimed while bowing. Before Vulcan transformed back, he placed a leather bag, the same size as the gem bag on the table."I will except your gift of homage, but for your troubles my friend please take this." Vulcan humbly explained and then left in the flash of fire.


After a long night of soul gathering and transporting, Malachi and Evangeline were totally drained and just wanted to crash. As the walked through the main entrance to the castle, all you could hear was a ton of shouting and laughing. Kai looked over at Eve and rolled his eyes."I'm to drained to deal with all this drama, let's grab some food and then retreat to our room. How does that sound my sexy soul reaper?' Kai beseeched sluggishly."oh please yes, I could eat and then eat some more again. You should definitely put me on your back."Eve giggled as he jumped on Kai's back."mush little reaper dog, mush!" She said as Eve smacked Malachi on his butt.

Even though he was just as drained as she was, Kai took off at a dead sprint heading for the kitchen. Stopping as quickly as he started once they broke the threshold of the doorway. Malachi walked over to the hand carved Onyx counter top, gently placing Eve on it."Your chair your majesty. Now, what can this humble servant prepare for you this fine morning? Please ask for anything my love." Kai gestured whimsically while taking a bow."Let's start with some freshly squeezed juice of either the orange or grape variety. Then I think we will take one pancake, one waffle, some bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs chef. Once I have finished this I will let you surprise me with one of your famous ice cream creations. Evangeline playfully ordering Malachi around.

"For her majesty, I Chef Kai, will be fulfilling your request. Would your highness care for some music while she waits? I can sing anything you wish.' He responded seriously yet amusingly. Waiting for a song request Kai, began to sing "Issues" as he prepped the stove and skillet. Now, Malachi can't dance to save his life, so instead he had made up this weird dance as he shuffled through the kitchen, not caring who saw him."I know I look weird baby, but hey it's how I dance." He said as best he could while laughing. Not missing a beat in the song or his "foot work," Malachi brought the slab of raw bacon to the counter, then headed for the fridge for eggs,cheese and the fresh fruit. The whole way he danced and wiggled, all for a little funny show for his "Goddess.""I love the way you dance. Your singing voice is amazing too." Eve managed to mumble out in between her uncontrollable laughter.

"Here is your freshly squeezed juice my lady, Your breakfast of soul replenish is nearing it's completion. If you'll please excuse me, I'll get back to your breakfast." Kai signaled toward the stove. Walking over to the stove, he went right back to singing and cooking."Thank you kind chef, the food smells astonishing, may I please have a taste?" Eve asked genuinely while she batted her eyes at her husband and chef. Cutting off a piece of bacon and sausage, Kai gracefully sashayed over to Evangeline.

Once Eve had her fill of food, Kai cleaned the dishes,then picked up Evangeline putting her over his shoulder, they retreated to the quiet and serene darkness of their room.'Ah, darkness my old friend. He thought to himself while closing his door."Now that it's just use and the darkness, my Goddess. We can finally relax and sleep like the dead." Malachi exclaimed jokingly. He walked over to his "Head stone" throne, flopped down and kicked off his boots. Using his magic, he levitated his scythe, hanging it just above his throne. Thinking to himself,'I wonder if Ash is here, I could go for a little bit of his "sleep aid" right now.