Marilyn Knight

"Players only love you when they're playing,"

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a character in “Scandalous and Dirty Rich”, as played by LivyGrey


"Players only love you when they’re playing,"

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Katrina Marilyn Knight


Marie or Lyn









To the untrained eye...



119 lbs


Bleach blonde






Marilyn has the stereotypical rich and famous slightly too skinny figure Hollywood stars were famous for, her stomach is flat enough to use as an ironing board and it’s vaguely toned from a habit for kettlebell work outs. Marilyn is very conscious about her appearance and determined that she must always look great hence she eats so little because she’s convinced herself skinny is attractive. However, Marilyn is statuesque and tall with lean pins for legs that she’s all too willing to flaunt.
Marilyn has a hip-piercing that she’s all too proud of and a tattoo on her wrist which is sentimental towards a video game she enjoyed playing in her childhood- Zelda and the Skyward Sword. The tattoo is a replica of an icon from the game known as the ‘triforce’. It’s filled in and covers maybe half of her left wrist but she’s never been ashamed of the childish ink. Marilyn also has multiple ear-piercings which she’s had since she was around 14, she also on occasions wears a nose ring but it’s not one of the piercings she’ll usually wear. She’s gone off it since having it down three years ago.
She has striking long blonde hair which she has highlighted more than several times before but caring for her hair is her pride and joy because she’s continuously finding new ways to put in up-dos or make it unique and it’s what she considers to be her best quality alongside her facial features since their so pixie-like and small. She’s always secretly despised it when women have manly faces so she’s all but too relieved to have such petite features.

Unveiling the truth from behind mask...

Marilyn can be a piece of work, she’s sarcastic, mean, bitchy, flirtatious, careless, reckless and all round troublemaker. Everywhere she goes she unleashes some degree of chaotic madness she can’t hold her own wicked tongue to save her own life, once she’s thought of it she’s voiced it out loud which one too many times has got her picture plastered over papers questioning her respect for other people but she’s learnt to go with the flow and brush it off. She genuinely does not care anymore what people think of her, she’s got looks, she’s got money, she’s got more dresses than a f*cking princess- why the hell would she care? She’s sorted for life and any kids she has. So for those reasons, she lives in the fast lane and does what she pleases when she pleases. She makes decisions based around herself and her life style more than is fair and is about as reliable as a chair made out of water. She’ll wear you down till you’re sick to your back teeth of her but then she’ll surprise you and she’ll open your eyes to how sweet and loving she can be because deep, deep, deep down there’s a side of Marilyn that cares too much for people but she’s scared that if she lets that show she shows weakness and she’ll be hurt, so she locks her compassion, sympathy, remorse and empathy in a mental chest with a forgotten key, just to be completely safe no one ever hurts her because she’s scared to break.

The things that make life worth while...

✦PARTIES - A scandalous, rebellious and reckless character like Marilyn has to have somewhere to let loose and dance with the devil and where better than sinful gathering full of alcohol, sex and other regrettable delights?
✧ALCOHOL - Marilyn tends to drink to try and get over that guilt that strikes her frequently for all the times she's back stabbed someone and been two faced and betrayed someone. She uses to comfort all the lies she feeds people and the completely pathetic and pitiful life she leads.
✦PIANO - It's her only true passion in life and no matter how she feels or how bad her day is, it will always leave her feeling enlightened to play it.

All the bullshit...

✦Snitches - When someone makes as many mistakes and breaks as many rules as Marilyn, you quite frankly start to despise the people who dig your grave a little bit deeper by telling the world or more importantly, the press.
✧People who act innocent - She just finds it annoying because she strongly believes everyone has demons and that everyone has sinned.
✦Liars - No one likes a liar and though Marilyn is bitchy and prone to being manipulative she never all out lies. She's just extremely prone to not giving the whole truth.
✧Wimps - She just thinks they're pathetic and totally not worth her time.
✦Animals - Marilyn is obsessed with hygiene and animals just aren't clean most of the time.

The hidden passions, faults and nightmares...

✦Piano – Surprisingly, Marilyn is an outstanding pianist and can play beyond the ability of a distinction grade 8 student. She’s been playing all of her life and it’s the only thing she has a burning passion for but the love is held secretively in her heart because too her music is something personal and personal things, should be kept to one self.
✧Conversation – Less surprisingly, she’s got the charisma of a preacher and the confidence of a movie star. She can talk for hours and when she wants to, she’ll say something constructive, interesting and deep enough to make people want to listen and she could captivate them but she just never gives herself the chance.


✦Vanity – To cover up her insecurities and loving side, she shields herself with a veil of vanity and self-indulgence making her seem quite dislikeable and bitchy to people who don’t spend enough time with her and because of this she’s developed a reputation.
✧Technology – She can’t work a computer to save a life and showing her one will just fuel an inevitable tantrum of anger and frustration, so it’s best not to encourage her.


✦Her father dying - This should be fairly self explanatory, no one wants to see a loved one die and her Dad is the only one she's got really. She doesn't have a clue who or where her Mother is so she has a massive dependency on him- she wouldn't know how to live without him around and she can't except the growing inevitably of it too.

Closer to home...

As cliché as she already seems it gets even worse when you meet her family, she's a total Daddy's girl who's living off a business he left to her when he retired but she hired people to run it entirely for her since she couldn't have cared less for the family enterprise. Her father still has a massive influence within it though. A soft hearted man, he adores Marilyn no matter what she does and their extremely close, she doesn't just treat him like a bank account she genuinely does love him and was ridden with pain about the illness that has overcame the man with age, he's deteriorating due to dementia and because of it Marilyn has started having an involvement with a public campaign which is genuinely out of the goodness of her heart rather than for publicity.
Besides her Dad though most people in her family she considers irrelevant.



Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ ✦ Emma Roberts

Pᴏʀᴛʀᴀʏᴇᴅ Bʏ ✧ LivyGrey

So begins...

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