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Nikolaus Dieter Rösenthal

"Who needs love when you have lust?"

0 · 141 views · located in Beverly Hills

a character in “Scandalous and Dirty Rich”, as played by ClaudiiBear



”My name Nikolaus Dieter Rösenthal. Quite a mouthful, is it not? I go by ‘Niko’ when it comes to those that are close to me.”

”I am one hundred percent German. Jealous?”

”I am twenty years of age, counting every moment until I am twenty-one.”

”I am a male, obviously.”

”I like men; actually, I love them. I have no problem admitting it. Nor do the men I’ve been with.”

"Relationships? Me? The two words do not go together."

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∞Watches∞ ∞Root Beer∞
∞Cars∞ ∞The Morning∞
∞Energy Drinks∞ ∞Clingy guys∞
∞Movies∞ ∞Stereotypes∞
∞Parties∞ ∞Drama∞


∞Traveling the world∞ ∞Being Cheated on∞
∞Making something of himself∞ ∞Following in the steps of his father∞
∞Finding someone he can give his all too∞ ∞Rejection∞
∞Finding himself underneath the confusion of emotions boiling inside of him∞ ∞Heights∞

Nikolaus is, to say the least, complex. He comes off as demanding and flirty, and that is precisely the persona he chooses to put forth. Niko is not one for stepping back and allowing one to walk over him, he will state what is on his mind and does so in a fashion that shows he does not give a single fuck.

He has such a demanding presence, and as soon as he has his sights set on something he will not stop until he has it. He can become angered at the smallest of things, and at times it seems as though even perfection could not please him.

There is no doubting the fact that on the inside, however, Nikolaus is confused. He’s never 100% of things, and always has the idea that something will go wrong, even when things are going so well. He’s certainly NOT an optimistic person.

The drawback to Nikolaus? He can be possessive, even of his one night lovers. He craves knowing that he means something to someone, even though he doesn’t plan to stay with them for more than a few weeks at most. While he flirts with just about everyone, he is not one to simply hook up with randoms. He has high standards, and, like his demanding personality, once his eyes are caught on someone, he will stop at nothing to get that person.

The impulsive boy is not as vain as his exterior might assume, however. If and when Nikolaus is given the opportunity to open up to someone, he would do so full-heartedly, and give his full self to them. He simply has yet to find the person that can handle the bad in order to break through to the good.

Standing at an exact six feet, Nikolaus is the definition of a pretty boy. From his light brown hair worn in just the right fashion, down to his bright green eyes, he has a presence about him that is hard to resist. He can pull out the charm with his dimples, showing off his perfectly whitened teeth in the process, free from any braces or dental work. His sweet smile, while deceiving, has drawn in more than a few boys.

Accompanying this, he has a sharp, rigid jawline that forms his slowly maturing face, though at first glance one wouldn’t guess he is of his twenty years of age. Working out to stay in shape isn’t a high priority for Nikolaus being that he is naturally thin, but he makes a point to visit the gym a few times a week to keep up his barely formed abs, giving him just the right amount of definition while still remaining thin.

Caring about his appearance in more than just his features, Nikolaus makes a point to dress to impress, and while wearing suits aren’t his thing, he knows how to make even the most simplest of outfits look like they’re fit for a king. Around his wrist is always a watch of designer brand; he’s found that over the years he’s gained a fascination with them, and has gained quite the collection. Doc Martens have become his main choice for shoes, though at times he will dress up and wear his dress shoes.


So begins...

Nikolaus Dieter Rösenthal's Story