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Fiona Santiago

"I'm not the sharing type..."

0 · 1,084 views · located in Malibu, California

a character in “Scandalous Young Things”, as played by CuteAsKaylah


Full Name:Fiona Amerie Santiago
Nicknames: Fi
"I hate my whole name so please just call me FiFi"
geez I'm literally like the youngest worker *pouts*
Home Town: Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Its a super small town where its always hot, there is always peach vinyards everywhere you look, and theres about 300 living in it
Though sometimes I wish it wasn't so, men only turn me on. Not boys, men. There's a big difference



Personality:Fiona is a girl who comes from a kindhearted and gentle nature. She’s in a whole world of her own, though. Her mind is an imaginative palace that not everyone is willing to understand. Coming from a harsher, undiscovered background, Fiona isn't too sure on what it takes to fit in with the rest of the social crowd. She doesn't drink, she doesn't party, she doesn't swear — just your average, gentle and observant soul. She may not understand the complete ins and outs of fitting in, considering she’d been isolated a good amount of her lifetime with little time to figure things out, the girl is still willing and learning to fit in. She’s definitely afraid of the unknown, though. Sure, Fiona loves to challenge things that come anew to her, but deep down, she’s afraid it might harm her. So, she tries her hardest not to go overboard with her broadened ambitions. Ever since she was young, Fiona never tried to stand out much. But, back then, she had her reasons for not wanting to stand out in a crowd. Now that she’s in a place where she can finally be free to be herself and express who she truly is, Fiona fears she just doesn’t know how. If there’s anything the girl learned, it’s that practice takes perfect and you learn from the fall. Granted, she’s a wildchild when left alone. She dances around and prances along to whatever it is that makes her happy.Though, she lacks the ability to find the confidence in her own nature to bring that side of her for the rest of the world to see. With her past constantly haunting what her future might look like, Fiona keeps herself overly secure. She hasn’t let anyone in, and as far as she’s concerned, no one needs to know about her. They don’t need to know what she’s been through to become who she is today — and if anything, letting anyone else word of who she used to be could shadow their judgement on who she is today. Fiona isn’t well equipped enough to handle the ridiculing words, even now.

Fiona is also very delicate. She can appear very frail and delicate at times. But then she'll surprise with a burst of sassyness. She is very blunt and honest, but never rude. She will always tell you how she feels, never holding back anything. She also is very random but in a very adorable way.

Fiona is a good girl. She doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, and is pretty confident in her appearance. All her life, people told her how gorgeous she was, and she believed them. Fiona is a nice girl, but has a big mouth. You won’t see Fi d clear of alcohol and drugs

And Boys....
Well Fiona is very cautious with boys especially after her ex. But she doesn't want a relationship she doesn't want to share her feelings. She wants fun, she wants a non monogamous relationship. Mainly because she gets jealous super easy. But she tends to want a chill relationship. She's not into the whole "Lets plan a life together" game. It's just not her thing.

History:Fiona had always been the star child growing up, always wanting this and that with high hopes and aspirations they’d come true. She’d try on pretty dresses and put countless bows in her hair in hopes it’d spruce up whatever outfit she’d thrown together. She’d dance around with ribbons and her voice, for being so young, was impeccable and of undeniable talent. Though, the only “issue” here, was Fiona wasn't really Fiona at all. Just a girl she pretended to be. She could be anything you wanted. She could be a cheerleader, she was a nerd, she was popular, she was a loser. Hell she was even a hipster. But nobody knew who she was and who really cared? She didn't have many friends. Which is hard to do in a town of 250 people. Yeah, small town, if people don't like you. Well then your life sucked, period. She was always different. Maybe it was because she was an illegitimate child born from an affair. Maybe it was because she didn't know who the hell she was. Like I said who cares?

She went about his childhood dreading the physical attributes that made everyone perceive her as sweet, innocent, perfect. Or as close as it got to perfect. She was a trapped soul, born into a world with unfair expectations for her. She never played with any of the other kids, and she never fit in anywhere. No one ever really understood her, and she never had any close friends growing up. Probably because she had a don't speak until spoken to rule. Or it might be because she beat up Chelsea Rivera after she threw her doll away. She was always whispered about her. Nobody really accepted her so she shut everybody out. Including her over bearing and unrealistic parents. It didn't take long to realize there was a big problem with Fiona.Soon her mother was the one most distressed about what their child would become.

She had her suspicions that her daughter was depressed. Though, Fiona’s father had a much different opinion on the manner. He watched Fiona with a determined intent, certainly aware that his child was as different as they come It wasn't until she was twelve that they discovered their perfect daughter’s secret. At the same time she was rebelling, she died her gorgeous natural chestnut brown hair black and wore a lot of skimpy clothes. She thought maybe if she pretended to fit in they would leave her alone. This of course, did not work. So her parents sent her to a therapist who said Fiona suffered from a small case of schizophrenia. Her parents where crushed. Since it could only be stabilized, but their was no cure for their gorgeous doe eyed baby girl.

Fiona’s parents began to lose hope, until they put her in a writing program. It didn't make a complete transformation but she appeared to be more kind and accepting of her family. Writing became her only escape. She would shut the whole world out and just write until her hand cramped. Sometimes if she got inspiration she would keep writing and typing until she passed out from exhaustion. But she still felt empty like she was suffocating in her small town. So when she was eighteen and graduated high school she moved away.

she went all the way to New York. Where she Jason, a boy born and raised in Manhattan with Manhattan connections in California. She fell hard for Jason and went with him to California. Unfortunately Devin wasn't as perfect as he seemed and began abusing her. After he broke her nose she moved out and used those connections to start working with XOXO. Devins parents, being wealthy politicians and Manhattan socialites set up a private bank account for her. They pretended to do it out of kindness so she could get back on her feet but in truth it was compensation money. They basically payed her to keep her mouth shut. She died her hair a golden blonde, since her natural chestnut hair always made her look even more like a doe than she already did, started dressing better, and acting better. She made a new her. No more of the chestnut brown haired girl with big blue eyes and deer like qualities in appearance and attitude. No now she has blonde hair and her soft eyes had a sharp cat like appeal to them. No more thick curly hair falling in ringlets down her back too her bottom. No sir, she straightened her hair and dyed it a sunkissed blonde color. No more pale ivory skin, nope she now had the sunny California glow to her. She was no longer Fiona, she was Fi. And in her mind Fiona was dead, just a memory.

Rumor Making: "Ok I know that sounds... really bad. But they asked me to do it since I'm really creative. I didn't want to but hey I gotta pay my bills right? Anyway I just make up crafty little stories and tell them to other cast members. I'm not evil. I'm truly not. Please don't judge me based off my job."
Cover Job:
"I'm an assistant. You know fetch coffee and random shit. It kinda sucks because some of the actors really send me to do stuff for them. I just make their rumors a little more juicy. "


She has her hips pierced.She has an infinity tattoo on the back of her neck, birds on her foot. She has a quote on her ribcage and imagine on her wrist. She also has her forward helix pierced. She has nine piercings in her right ear.And three piercings in herleft ear.

Her hair is dip dyed purple and hangs down to the small of her back.

So begins...

Fiona Santiago's Story

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Fiona went for a jog early in the morning. Her hair, which was tied in a high ponytail that, even up still hung down her back and occasionally whacked her on her shoulder or the wind blew it in her face. She sighed and stopped for a second, still pacing in place and took a sip of her water. She sighed with content as the ice cold water trickled down her throat. She stopped pacing, if only for a second and stretched. It was early in the morning, and she knew most people in her house were still sleeping. Though she didn't want to head home already, she wanted to be back before her family woke up. So, with obvious reluctance she jogged back to the house.

She had been living with a roomate named melanie since the trial began against Devin. Mainly for protection since she already knew Devin had nothing against beating woman.

She gently entered the house, she was careful to not let the door slam on her way in. As she walked through the entry way to the staircase she gently adjusted her weight so the floor boards wouldn't creak. But as soon as she reached the second floor landing and her feet sunk into the plush thick carpet she speed walked to her room. Once again she was careful not to wake up her roommate as she walked into the bathroom and took a nice, hot shower. She came out and slipped on a robe so her hair wouldn't drip on her clothes.

Then she tackled her long thick blonde hair. Which was revealing its natural texture by rapidly turning into matted ringlets. She ran a blow dryer through her hair, making it relatively straight and for good measure she flat ironed her hair and braided the top part in a waterfall braid style. She then put on light makeup and glanced at herself in the mirror. She shrugged, and walked over to her closet.

She slipped on a cute outfitand walked into the kitchen. She took her pill bottle out of her case and quickly swallowed the pills. Before washing them down with water. She sighed and walked over to the fridge to look for breakfast. She tucked a hair behind her ear and pulled out a yogurt. She sat down on a bar stool next to the kitchen island and pulled out her notebook. She sighed as she began doodling as she ate her yogurt.

Suddenly a buzzing sensation interrupted her train of thought. She sighed as she answered her phone.
"Hi, Miss Santiago, its Rich, Devon's lawyer. I have the papers you wanted. Also the money for your um discretion has been sent to your bank account."
"Lovely," She said in a monotone voice "Goodbye Rich." She said. Before Rich could respond and give her some crap about how Devin wanted to see her in person, she pressed the end button and ran a hand through her hair. Stopping just above her purple tips
She sighed as she lifted up her hair revealing bruises along her back and the side of her face where her bangs naturally hung. She self consciously covered them with concealer, again, and let her hair fall down again. In her eyes she never wanted to fall in love ever again. Not after the beating, degrading, and the crap Devin put her through. She wrote a note to Mel saying that she already left and grabbed her bag.
She groaned and grabbed the keys to her BMW Mini. Why the hell did she have to leave her own house in the first place?
Either way she wasn't looking forward to this meeting. She quickly drove to Starbucks on the way there and picked u a Cinnamon Dolce Late. She looked at her watch. It was only around 2' o clock so she figured she wouldn't be too early. She drove down following the instructions given to her by Mr. Mann and finally arrived at the house. She quickly pushed her shades on top of her head. She walked inside and looked around before walking into the kitchen. She leaned on the counter and looked up at the ceiling, rolling her clear blue eyes. What the hell was she doing here?

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Presley is not naturally a morning person, and has never been able to claim such a thing as the truth, because it is no where near the truth. No, despite the fact that one might think of the quiet and unassuming girl as being the type who would like to get her morning routine over with before anyone else woke up, the girl did not have any fondness for early mornings. She has, however, been trying to make herself into a morning person, so that she will not be of any trouble to her roommate when she moves into the mansion set aside for the cast and crew of the XOXO show- and reality show, as well. In fact, she reminds herself, it is today when she will be moving into that place. She has seen it once or twice, and the sheer size of it was enough to shock the young woman, who had been raised in an apartment in Chicago. The idea of living on such a large estate is strangely intriguing, if only for the novelty of the experience. Presley has only ever lived in apartments before, her current home being one as well, one which is near to the workplace which she will stop working for until the end of this show- or at least until she is fired or something of that variety. Agreeing to be part of this at all had been a rather risky decision, but Presley had believed, at the time, that it would help her to form new connections in the business world. Of course, the fact that she appeared to be completely forgettable to the rest of the human race would make connection-forging rather difficult indeed. Still, the justification allows her to ignore any true motives for joining the crew. I should get out of bed now, she encourages herself with those simple words, clicking down on the button to turn off the alarm clock and moving her legs so that she sits on the bed, posture tragic for a moment as she tries in vain to clear sleep from her eyes. Slipping her feet into a pair of plain white slippers, Presley stands up and arches her back in a yawn which is both large and small all at once. It has the potential for massiveness, but the young woman stifles it quickly before tying her hair back into a loose ponytail and walking over to the kitchen. Her apartment is incredibly bare, as most of her things have already been packed up and taken over to the estate. Not that she had decorated much in the first place anyway- when it comes to design, Presley prefers minimalism. It's a lot cheaper, after all.

The young woman leans over her chipped sink to eat the remaining half of a large muffin, bites large and hungry. Her throat is dry, and she currently craves something other than a simple glass of water. She pours herself one, using a paper cup, but that only serves to quench the thirst. I should get a smoothie, she muses. Of course, she is still wearing pajamas, so perhaps that will have to wait for a moment. Motivated by the desire for a strawberry-banana smoothie, Presley strips and goes into her small bathroom, where she takes a shower. She doesn't waste water, staying in only long enough to thoroughly clean herself and such. Twenty minutes later, Presley is dressed and walking out the door, armed only with a beige leather messenger bag that she has had since high school and thus is beaten up and well-worn from use. She doesn't own a car, instead boarding a lightweight bicycle and riding to the nearest place in the area where she could buy a decent smoothie. The two options are the local Starbucks and a small, little-known cafe that was in a small alleyway tucked behind aforementioned large-chain coffee shop. Naturally, the cafe is her choice, though the only place for Presley to park her bike is in the rack next to the Starbucks. She notices Fiona, but does not go in to say anything, because she doubts that the woman will recognize her or anything like that. So she enters the cafe and orders a smoothie, sitting down at a booth once she has received it and trying to prevent herself from falling back asleep. She very nearly fails this effort, eyelids fluttering with desire for rest as she leans against the wall lightly, smoothie on the table in front of her.

[Will be posting for Will shortly.]

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    Being hot is not easy, Chandler thought for about the third time that day, as she walked through the beach casually. She had arrived to her new home sweet home at 1pm, her bags were already set neatly atop her bed, and she was ready to walk off her restlessness. She was always like this the first day on the job. It may only be a meeting, but Chandler was very serious about her career, and first days always made her a little antsy. The solution? To grab her favorite pair of sunglasses, a bikini and a cover up. The looks she received affirmed her fame. This was, after all, Malibu; people were used to seeing celebrities around here. And if she could garner wide eyed looks and shock and running fans here, then she could create a scene in even the most celebrity-filled place on Earth. Her looks certainly helped. It was no secret that Chandler Lamonte was beautiful, and she relished it. It was what helped her stand out, and she would take any stepping stone she could find. She needed any and every advantage.

    "Chandler! Chandler! Over here!" The cries of an overexcited teenage girl captured her attention, and she turned while lifting her sunglasses to the top of her head. She smiled at the little thing, skinny and completely flat chested, wide eyes, a crooked smile, and wild red curls. She could be pretty, if she wasn't so freckly; she looked like a disease. But oh, that wasn't nice. Chandler laughed softly, at the thought of her being nice and to appear friendly. It worked. The girl was beaming at her. "Can I take a picture with you?" she asked.

    "Of course, darling," Chandler said, lifting an arm for the girl to slip under. She smiled widely for the camera, and sent the girl on her way, deciding it was time to go back to the estate. She had spent the past forty minutes at the beach, strolling and going through similar, if not more insane, experiences. She tried to change her smile each time. In the beginning, she established the signature 'Chandler smile:' close-lipped and welcoming, almost motherly in its kindness. But the third year of fame, she went the other way. She barely smiled, appearing cool and aloof, detached, like a beautiful, marble statue. It drove everyone crazy. It sent the tabloids rushing to get pictures of it, wondering what had changed Chandler. Since then, she tried to do the same with her pictures with the fans. Sometimes, she smiled mysteriously, seductively. Other times, a warm, 'heartfelt' grin was in order.

    Either way, it proved one very important thing about Chandler: she could be anyone she wanted.

    She began walking towards the estate, slipping on the sunglasses and going through a couple more awestruck fans. She was skilled with remaining under the radar, but today, she was a little off her game. It was the nerves. Even Chandler Lamonte got nervous, but it meant very bad things, actually. It didn't mean she was 'just like us;' it meant she got more stubborn, a little more vicious. At a little over 2pm, she strolled into the estate and slid the sunglasses up to the top of her head once more.

    It was then that she noticed the new girl. "Who are you?" Chandler asked, raising her eyebrows confidently, her voice calm and even. "I don't recall ever seeing your face anywhere. Thank God, because it's not a pretty one."


    Being the first one in the estate ever meant a lot of things. For one, he got to choose which bed he got. Okay, they were essentially the exact same thing, but at least he got to choose, right? He was the first settler of the XOXO Mansion! The past few months had been lonely ones, though. Drake Wesley was not one for being alone, and he was craving some company after the first few hours. And could anyone blame him? No one, no one, had the spirit to fill this enormous house. He had asked Robert Mann if he could bring a few guests over, but for vain; even Robert Mann could see that he had no friends. Not now, anyway. Once upon a time, he had been the life of the party. But being homeless had a way of turning you into some kind of social outcast, his filth as clear as leprosy. Besides, Robert Mann had told him, people would find something suspicious about a lone wolf living in a mansion, by himself. No one even wanted this much room to feel at home. It was clear that the place was meant for a large group of people.

    Sixteen, to be exact.

    The group was bound to get rowdy. To get a little crazy, tense, and wild. It was what Drake Wesley was looking forward to. And the day of meeting the crazy crew of XOXO had finally come. He awoke earlier than usual, for the sake of getting things prepared. Not cleaning, really - there was a maid to do that, and she had arrived early in the morning to prepare the estate. All he had to do was make sure his part of the room was presentable enough. Not that anyone would come in, but hey, it was what Robert Mann wanted. The shrewd, likable man had a way of getting people to want to please him, and Drake wasn't exempt from that effect. But hey, he'd always been a people-pleaser. He liked to feel accepted, included, a part of something big and alive and vibrant. He liked the attention, and he knew he was born for the spotlight. Or at least, that's what he told himself.

    It was ten o'clock, and the sun was rather bright for that time of the day. It was to be expected, in Malibu, but it had been a long time since Drake had actually been alive at this time of day. He was usually knocked out completely until about 3pm, a habit that needed to change, now that work was finally going to be starting up. He went downstairs and saw that breakfast had been laid out for him considerately. He ate heartily. Today was not a normal day, he knew. Of course it wasn't! It was the day his life would begin. But being up so early had probably been a bad idea, even if the day was important; he was already bored. Drake tried jogging; even after two hours of running and walking, he was bored. He took a bath next, for the sake of wasting time. Nope, still only 11:30am. He had two hours before people started to flood in.

    So he went back to sleep.

    "Who are you? I don't recall ever seeing your face anywhere. Thank God, because it's not a pretty one" were the not-so-pretty words he woke up to. The sass, attitude, and overall meanness clearly sent red alerts all over Drake's body, and even though he was only the 'handyman,' he felt like a host, being the first one there and all. He threw on a white T-shirt and slipped on a pair of dark jeans, and made his way downstairs to find two women, one apathetic and challenging (if the combination could ever exist), the other leaning against the counter. The one he had forgotten to clean after he spilled his milk all over it. Oops. He made his way over and rubbed the back of his head, stretching slightly to get the nap off of his muscles.

    "Good morning," he said pleasantly, smiling at the less intimidating girl first. She was pretty enough, though of course, the infamous Chandler Lamonte outshined her, just as she outshined most. It was something he would have to get used to, the beauty of every woman around him. He nodded his head at Chandler and moved to get a glass of water, acting as if he hadn't noticed the assertive raise of the actress's eyebrows. Once he grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator, he opened it and threw another disarming smile at the pair. "I'm Drake Wesley. Nice to meet you. Did you have any trouble getting here?"

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"And. . . .done," says a well-built and rather good looking man, appearing to be in his mid-twenties and holding a smug expression even as sweat glistens on his body. The man, the infamous William Hemley, known as Hollywood's bad boy type, has been up since around six'o'clock, fitting his normal routine of waking up early to workout and eat a rather monstrous breakfast at a local diner. Actually, Will is quite the morning person, and wakes up even if no alarms have been set to force him out of sleeping. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that he rarely dreams, and if he does the dreams are usually uninteresting and in no way preferable to real life. Being content with his current life of fame and fortune as he is, Will feels no reluctance in waking up from sleep in order to jog, lift weights, etc. Besides, he likes the feel of dopamine running through his head as he wakes up his body with immediate strain in the morning. Either way, the young man has to keep up his excellent body- it is half of the reason he has such a large collection of fans, after all. Well, they come for the abs and stay for the fact that, douchebag though he may be, the actor is damn good at his job. Otherwise, why would he have been recruited to play a part which completely contrasted from his actual personality? Well, the show was slightly star-speckled, including such names as his, Chandler, and, of course, one of his many famous exes- Candelaria. Still, those stars are stars for a good reason- they know how to work it.

Will gets off of his workout bench and stretches upwards, tightening his muscles for a moment before he walks over to the shower, leaving clothes as a trail on the way there. When he comes out, it is to face a pretty but relatively unknown young actress waking up in his king-sized bed. They had met at a party the night before and, well, the rest was fairly obvious, based on where she currently is and the fact that her undergarments are strewn over the bedside table of his bedroom. She blinks drowsily before looking over at William and raising a hand for a lazy wave, smiling slightly at him. He just grins back with a wink, and she curls back up in the bed, presumably to fall asleep since it is still relatively early in the morning. Well, nine, but for many people in this area, that is very early indeed. William empties any orange juice still in the carton in his fridge with one gulp, then tosses it into an empty waste basket and looks around at his apartment. It is slightly emptier than it was a week or so ago, but he's still going to be keeping this apartment, for when the show ends or when there is a break between season filming. The young man walks into the room where the woman sleeps and changes into a pair of dark jeans and a button-down gray collared shirt. "Oi, babe," he says with an Irish accent to the young woman, waking her up once more. "Sorry, but I'm actually movin' out today. Been good seein' you, though," he says, genuine in one way but completely insincere in the other. The girl looks confused, but begins to get dressed before walking up to him. They have a brief conversation which ends with her leaving, and him doing so as well a few minutes later.

Will starts his car and decides to drop some of his stuff off at the mansion before getting breakfast at the diner. So he drives down to the spot and parks in the large driveway, noting that other people must already be here. "Wonder who's here," he muses to himself, shutting the door of his sleek black car and walking into the house to see Chandler, Fiona, and Drake. Of course, he can only actually identify the first of those three. Still, he winks at both girls and nods at the boy. "Hey," is the only verbal greeting as he leans against the door frame.

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#, as written by Geekly
A loud monotone beeping echoed around a small, seemingly barren apartment. And just a bit softer than the beeping, was the sound of someone groaning, already dreading the thought of having to leave bed. An arm fought it's way out of the clusters of blankets, searching a bit for the device making the sound, knocking it off the bed side table and effectively bringing silence over the apartment again. Nathaniel sighed in relief, bringing his arm back to the warmth of the bed. But a haunting feeling surrounded him, practically smothering him until he somehow connected it. Didn't that show start today? The one... The one I'm in... Nathan shot up into a sitting position. Crap..... He was late for the shooting of XOXO. He was sure of it. He scrambled out of his bed, rushing his normal routine. He took a quick shower, leaving his damp hair to air dry as he stuffed random articles of clothing into a suitcase, picking out his outfit as he went along.

Nathaniel practically ran to his car, having finished his routine in record time. He took a moment to make sure his phone was plugged into the charger, trying to revive his dead battery. Just as he was about to tear out of the parking lot in front of his apartment complex, his phone beeped, signaling a message being delivered. Nathaniel looked curiously at the notification of a new email, opening it only to groan loudly. What was it but a message that there was no filming today. He contemplating going to sleep until he really did have to rush off. But he was already up, so he begrudgingly drove towards the house he'd been given directions to earlier, stopping on the way to grab coffee.

When he got to the house he couldn't help but take a few minutes just standing outside and staring in awe at the huge house. Nathan knew very well that most celebrities would think of the house as no big deal, but Nathan was still a newbie so he gave himself a pass on acting like a dork. He brought out and left his suitcase by the door, intending to take it to his room later. He could hear voices coming from another room, following the noise to find four people in the kitchen, three of them identifiable as celebrities and the last someone Nathaniel had yet to meet. He passes William leaning against the door frame, grinning, "Hey, I'm Nathan." he said simply, bringing his hand up for a slight wave. Taking a moment to step forward so he could place his cup of coffee down before he did anything, only to trip over his own foot, managing to spill all his coffee on the counter. Nathan quickly stood up straight, rubbing the back of his neck, "Heh, and side note, don't let me hold you're drinks." he joked, looking around for paper towels int he strange kitchen. Off to a great start there Nate. he thought sarcastically, frowning to himself.

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Malibu was not Tucson.

Keith Zetler understood this intellectually, of course. Statement of the obvious, right? But somehow, it was…well, jarring, coming face to face with the differences. California was vast and sparkling and breathed outwards to the sea; Arizona was old and dusty and curled inland. Malibu was relaxed and carefree; Tucson was stark roughness.

It should have been simple. Gold versus copper. Diamond versus coal. Indeed, most people would have been overjoyed at a chance to live with the top dogs. But Keith? He much preferred The Old Pueblo.

Donning a pair of used sunglasses, Keith frowned up at the sky in an attempt to estimate the time. The sun, suspended between a couple of errant clouds, was flying high. Sometime close to noon, then. Twelve? One? Bah. One of these days, he was really going to have to get a watch. And remember to wear it.

Anyway, he still had a bit of time left to kill before three. Humming vaguely to himself, he took shelter under a nearby grove of palm trees. Well, grove probably wasn't the best word. There were only three trees after all, and as a whole they didn't provide much protection from the sun. Nonetheless, Keith would take what he got. He sat down along the stubby brick wall that enclosed the trees—ignoring the indignant squawks of the couple whose picture he'd apparently interrupted—and withdrew from his bag a battered folder. Within the folder was a rough draft for the musical score. He was planning to present it to Mann at the three o'clock meeting, and wanted to perform a quick double-check for errors before submission.

"Excuse me, mister—"

His eyes flicked up, and he was thus greeted to the lovely sight of an irritated-looking man waving a camera in his face. Next to him, his girlfriend stood with her hands on her hips, posture tilted at an angle somewhere between "imperious" and "contemptuous."

A rich couple, then. Tourists, mayhap. How generic.

"—but we're trying to take a picture here, and—"

He gave the man a blank stare, willing the him to shut up so that he could work in peace. Unfortunately, his efforts at psychic coercion were woefully impotent; Camera Man maintained a steady stream of angry chatter. The girlfriend continued her pose of snobbiness.

Sighing, Keith hefted his bag and moved away. It was a bit too noisy to do work here. Troublesome.

He ended up walking and proofreading simultaneously. (Multitasking. It was a gorgeous thing.) Eventually, he came to a halt in front of a Starbucks—a large, sprawling thing that practically beckoned him to enter. He peered up at the store, considering. Coffee was a favorite of his. He supposed it was the caffeine; he thrived on it. Without it he wouldn't be able to get half the amount of work done that he usually did. And he could certainly use some at the moment; last night had been spent poring over the score, making last minute edits. Needless to say, not a lot of sleep was obtained.

Making a decision, he tucked the sheets of paper under his arm and headed towards the store. As he approached, a blonde girl in sunglasses burst out of the door and swished past him. Keith paused. For some odd reason, she seemed somewhat familiar…

...Wait. Come to think of it, wasn't she his coworker? That photo of the blonde girl in Mann's XOXO reality-show roster? What was her name again?

He frowned in thought.

Winona…San Diego. Or something like that.

Not that it mattered. He was sure he'd be seeing her sometime in the near future. Unfortunately enough.

Now that he'd gotten closer, there appeared to be a smaller cafe behind the larger store. It seems he had another option. He peered into the window of the cafe, noting the price of the coffee on the overhead menu, then doubled back to the Starbucks and compared prices.

…Tiny cafe it was, then.

He went in, ordered a coffee, and sat down with his score spread out before him. Being the oblivious person he was, he completely failed to notice the sleepy-eyed girl who sat adjacent to his table.

Granted, he probably wouldn't have recognized her anyway.

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Eli had long been up before even the sun had begin to rise. Often when he was anxious about something, sleep would fight him to the death, never giving in and making his life a living hell. Last night had been one of those nights. The young actor wasn't exactly nervous about his upcoming role on XOXO, but moving out of his own house and into an estate rented specifically for the show and it's actors did cause a flair of anxiety. Eli was familiar with some of the names of the cast members, but a few were still unknown. Meeting so many new people in such a short time was bound to put any semi-antisocial person, such as himself, on edge.

His bags had been packed before he'd set off for bed and suddenly he regretted being so time efficient. Now, he had nothing to do besides wait. The text he'd gotten from Robert this morning had told him that their first day of shooting had been cancelled, and Eli couldn't help to feel a tinge of relief. At least some of the pressure had been taken off. Instead, the cast and crew were to meet at 3PM for a meeting at their new home. Eli favored this new course of action much more than the original. This way he'd get the chance to meet everyone before having to jump right into acting with them. A little of then tension that had been building in his shoulders relaxed. It was ten in the morning now and with nothing else to do, Eli hauled his luggage to his car and set off for his new home.

Eli wasn't anything if not punctual. He was even known to arrive hours ahead of schedule, but for some reason he didn't want to seem overzealous. Instead, he opted to stop at Starbucks for an iced coffee. Sure, Starbucks was a little more expensive compared to the small cafe right around the corner, but they'd been able to keep those prices because they were the best. Besides, Eli didn't mind spending a little extra change on quality coffee. It was hard enough to find as it was. His order was placed, his coffee was made, and Eli was indifferent to the blond behind the counter batting her eyelashes. He politely thanked her for the coffee, but showed no interest whatsoever. It wasn't that she was unattractive, because that certainly wasn't the case. Eli just didn't give her a second thought. Romantic affairs weren't often at the forefront of the young man's mind. So, alone he drank his coffee before heading towards the estate with the address Robert had given him entered into his car's GPS.

It wasn't long before he made his arrival. Quickly, he gathered his bags and stood only a second to admire the house. Eli loved the beach and the fact that this property was ocean front made him smile. When the meeting was done, Eli knew he could be found relaxing on the beach for hours. Minutes later, Eli was standing in front of a growing group of people. He recognized Chandler, William, and Nate. They were other actors that had been cast with him. It was his job to know who they were as he'd be working pretty close with them for a while. He didn't recognize the blond girl or the brunette guy that stood with them.

"Hey everyone. I'm Eli Montgomery." he told them briskly throwing in a half-wave.. He didn't bother with other pleasantries, such as 'nice to meet you' and such. It wasn't his nature. Before he'd even given them the chance to introduce themselves or respond to his arrival, Eli headed off to find the bedroom that would be his. After all, he'd always preferred solitude. Maybe, just maybe, he could catch a wink of sleep before three 'o clock rolled around.

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Fiona looked up as a girl walked in. She raised her eyebrow as she saw the face of the infamous Chandler. She shook her head as the actress said an insult to her, "Who are you?" The girl asked, "I don't recall ever seeing your face anywhere. Thank God, because it's not a pretty one."
Fiona looked up only for a second before continuing what she was doing and said "I'm Fiona, good morning to you too." She rolled her eyes before contnuing what she was doing. She didn't get very far with the poem she was writing when another person walked in. This one was male, and in all honesty a pretty hot male.

"Good morning," He smiled at her first and she smiled back. He seemed to acknowledged the actress but didn't seem to give her any special acknowledgement. "I'm Drake Wesley. Nice to meet you. Did you have any trouble getting here?" He asked them sending them a smile that probably melted alot of girls hearts. Probably would have melted hers too, but she wasn't the type to "melt" easy.

She shrugged lightly and flipped her bangs out her face as she sat up, since she was leaning on a counter. "My car has GPS," then she motioned at the estate "But it was also pretty hard to miss," She added with a smile.

Then another person sauntered in, she knew him from his work and raised an eyebrow at him. She thought his name was William something but couldn't remember the rest and wrote a not in her journal to memorize all their names. He leaned on the doorway and said a simple greeting to them. To which she responded with a nod.

Then another celebrity who she could actually stand walked in. "Hey, I'm Nathan." He added with an awkward wave. Then he seemed to trip and spill coffee all over the counter, he gained his composer and responded jokingly "Heh, and side note, don't let me hold you're drinks." She giggled at his clumsiness and walked over to the paper towels and back to him.
"Here," She said dabbing the coffee "Its better to dab at it, otherwise your just spreading it around." She smiled warmly at him before responding "By the way I'm Fiona."

Not so soon after that, a boy walked in and no sooner then he walked in he walked out. Fiona barely caught his greeting which was a simple "Hey everyone. I'm Eli Montgomery."

She blushed a little as she glanced around the room. Everyone was really attractive. Not that she wasn't, because she was. With her big blue eyes, perfect plump lips that were round and formed the perfect pout, and thick and glossy blonde hair. Though she may not be as curvaceous as Candelaria but she was toned and had lean long legs and golden dewy skin, that her friends from new york always envied. But she wasn't exotic pretty. All these people were on another level of beauty. She quickly braided two portions of her curled hair, while avoiding all hair with purple tips. Since her long bags kept falling in her face. She quickly made sure her bruise on the side of her face right above her eyebrow still had bangs covering it though.

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As of yet, the people to enter after Will have been less than known-in fact, he notes that it seems only he and Chandler have arrived as of yet. So much for a star-studded cast, although to be fair three of the top young stars of Hollywood are in Mann's little TV show, even if the rest of the cast is filled out with little-knowns and one-hit-wonders of sorts. Perhaps Mann had seen some potential in these unknown actors, and hoped to help them make a name through this show. People like Mann are like that- explorers, constantly searching for an island that they can claim all their own because no one else has ever found it before. Of course, in the situation of Robert Mann, that island was an undiscovered star, or a new TV show. XOXO is hardly revolutionary, Will muses to himself, only because he is ignorant to the true purpose of the show he has agreed to be a part of- the reason for the strange choice to allow some of the crew to live with the stars. When Fiona responds to his entry with raised eyebrows, clear sign of skepticism and all that jazz, the young man only smirks at her, but his eyes settle back on Chandler. As of yet, she is the person in the room who commands the most attention, who has the strongest presence. Most people probably despise that present, both for how overwhelming it is and for the fact that it isn't exactly a ray-of-sunshine sort of light that radiates from her, but William personally finds it hot as hell. At her little retort to his simple greeting, his smirk deepens with amusement, though his nonchalant posture never wavers. "Chandler Lamonte," he mimics her dry tone perfectly, an actor after all, "Hollywood's favorite bitch." Though he says this, he knows it not to be true. Not because Chandler isn't a bitch, but because she cares about her reputation enough to ensure that it isn't as low as her true personality. He can hardly call her Hollywood's favorite fake, though, because other than that she is somewhat true to herself. Or rather, true to others when she slices them down.

A young man then walks in, sliding carefully past Will as he introduces himself as Nathan Crowley. The guy had a few big parts, and was gaining success and awareness more and more recently, but had yet to surpass William as the top of the young actors in this state. It helps that William also has fame in Europe, or at least in the UK, because he has starred in several films across the pond as well. Watch Nathan trip over his own feet and spill coffee onto the counter, William has no concerns about the klutzy actor ever beating him in the title of most desirable actor- not at the moment. "Watch out for those flat surfaces, mate. They can get ya'," he advises sarcastically. Nathan simply comes across as awkward and not worth any concern- not that Will makes a habit of concerning himself over rankings. He takes pride in being one of the best, but mostly because it means higher paychecks and hotter girls. The fame is nice because it brings those things, not because he gives a shit about being a household name. Hearing her giggle made Will's gaze flicker towards Fiona, altogether unimpressed. Sure, she is reasonably attractive and such, but the fact that she laughed at such a stupid thing was rather ordinary of her. She isn't attractive enough to make up for being ordinary. Too bad, William thinks to himself, just as another man slides past him, apparently in something of a hurry as he gives a brief greeting before continuing silently on his way. He vaguely recognizes the guy's name, meaning he must be another actor, but can't think of anything he has seen with him in it. A nobody, perhaps one of Mann's islands, as he has now decided to call them. Will hasn't really bothered to learn anything but his costar's names, and only that because he was given a list of them. He can't even name what roles different people play, with the exception of himself: the friendzoned.

It is already becoming very clear to him that Chandler is the most interesting person in the house, at least as of yet, because he doesn't know the other crew members. Laria is one of the other stars, of course, but he doesn't really dwell on that too much: she had been a fling, clear by the fact that he hadn't hesitated to cheat on her with that sexy redhead. Are there no redheads in the cast and crew? A shame, he muses. He finds redheads rather attractive, although this is partially because he sees them as a dying breed- have to screw them before there aren't any left. His stray thoughts are interrupted by a snide comment from none other than Miss Chandler herself, as the feisty young woman makes some rude comment towards Fiona, which the kid with the dreads -didn't catch his name- rushes to comfort her and right the situations. If he were more interested in Fiona, perhaps Will would be saying something as well. But as of now, he is not, and thus only raises an eyebrow at the whole scene. She, Chandler, slips past William to sit on the front porch. Being in the doorway means that he can see both parties. This place'll be interesting, eh? he thinks to himself, still smirking slightly.


Like Keith, though of course she doesn't know that he can feel it too, Presley knows the instant that someone well-known enters the cafe. The three women giggling are a dead giveaway, of course, and instantly the blond woman is beginning to think that this place may be a bit too crowded for her taste. Sure, there are no more than ten people in the entirety of the establishment, but the number that are present are just enough to allow for a noise and lack of privacy which she isn't particularly fond of, despite her future job, which is to ensure some noise. The man beside her, the one whom she recognizes but who doesn't recognize her in return, seems to have a reaction of displeasure to the heightened activity of the surrounding people, something she notes. Not particularly social, perhaps, or at least not fond of such empty noise, she observes, glancing over her shoulder to see who it is that has caused the feeling of noise and unrest. As coincidence would have it, the young man is one of the cast of XOXO, Danny Crankshaw. He isn't particularly well known or anything, but has been in a sprinkle of things, and Mr. Mann perhaps hopes for him to be a star introduced fully by the TV show. The cashier he is speaking to releases a soft but high-pitched giggle, making Presley frown ever-so-slightly. She does not frown out of dislike towards Danny or the Cashier, but out of jealousy. She has no interest in the cashier, and yet knows her name, where she is living, and her current relationship status. The young woman simply rambles on whenever Presley is getting her drink- and she gets the same thing every time. However, despite the fact that Presley has patiently listened to her rants and gushing at least three times a week for the past two years, that particular cashier would not be able to pick Presley out in a crowd. In fact, she never recognizes her as being the same person- ever. It is a small testament to the fact that the blond woman is either invisible, or that no one gives a shit about the quiet girl with the strawberry-banana smoothie. But that cashier, whose name is Rachel, will remember Danny, even if she doesn't know that he is a second-tier actor. Even if she has only met him once.

The fact that other people are so easily remembered, especially in comparison to herself, makes Presley feel slightly dissatisfied- not that she would admit it to herself. She has been feigning acceptance of it for so long that the lie has partially deceived her own mind. Presley turns away as the young man seems to be lost in thought, though his head is slightly tilted as though he is listening to something. That turning away gives her a slight view of the couple, whom she pinpoints as the source of his apparent interest. The young woman glances over at the clock again, sitting alone at her empty table and deciding that she should probably make her way over to the estate about now. She certainly doesn't want to be the last one to show up, which only means arriving before the two men who sit in this cafe do. Of course, because she is currently on bike, and they might very well have cars or enough money for taxis, the chance of them arriving first remains. She doesn't intend on going quickly, after all, because from the research she has done, showing up sweaty would only result in mocking by Chandler- if the starlet were to notice her at all. Thinking about it, Presley is almost glad for her status as a perpetual wallflower. It is useful for this job, anyway. She can see and understand in this ranking.

Presley stands up and places her messenger bag over her shoulder once more, settling on the decision to depart now before any other people find themselves stumbling into the little cafe which she frequents. On her way out, she passes by both of the new housemates, and nods to the cashier as a goodbye. It is a habitual motion and, as usual, yields no response from the unoccupied young woman behind the counter. Well, unoccupied in lack of work. Rachel is somewhat occupied: staring at Mr. Crankshaw. Your boyfriend won't like that. You know how jealous he gets, Presley comments mentally as she leaves the establishment. She walks up to the bike rack and, wouldn't you know, finds her own bicycle stolen. Although her face takes on a slightly disappointed expression, she releases no sigh and mutters no obscenities. In fact, the only words which Presley has spoken all day were 'Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, please' and 'thank you'.

At that moment, a burly young man bumps into her and glances down at the woman, not bothering to apologize before pushing her out of the way as though she were a tree limb in the way and storming into the cafe. Leaning against the stone wall, Presley is suddenly aware that she had made the right choice by exiting at that moment- Rachel's boyfriend (she's been shown a picture) doesn't look happy. Oh, Rachel, Presley does sigh this time, but knows she can do nothing about whatever is going to unfold within the cafe now. She merely glances over her shoulder to ensure that it isn't something which will harm her new housemates- what sort of general assistant would she be if they were hurt in her vicinity?

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"So, Laria. Tell me again why you have to leave today? We were suppose to go shopping, remember?" said a young 25 year old Latina girl named Marina to her very close friend, Laria who was in the changing room next to her. Candelaria rolled her eyes as she slipped on a vintage Chanel dress over her curvy body. She sighed at the question before answering, "Because Mr. Mann told everyone to meet at the house and because I need to go see who I'll be living with other then--" Was all Laria could get out before being interrupted. "Other then the 'heartbreaking stud' of Hollywood?" Marina said with sarcasm dripping from her voice. Candelaria let out a small scoff and a chuckle. "Oh please, William Hemley is not a stud. He just believes he is so others do too." She explained to her friend as she looked at her self in the mirror and smiled at the white dress that looked rather nice against her nicely tan skin.

She nodded at her refection before fixing her long black hair. Finally, she had all her waves of raven hair back after cutting most of it off for a movie she was doing that just wrapped up a month or two ago. Laria slipped the dress off of her body and laid it on the chair in the dressing room as she grabbed her blue and white floral top and blue jeans to slip them back on. She fixed the zipper of her white heels. She turned back towards the full length mirror and looked heroutfit up and down as she fixed the part in her hair. "Perfect." She said to herself as she heard the door next to her opening and Marina knocked on the door blocking them from each other. "So, if you like the dress are you ready to go?" Laria let out a small chuckle before grabbing her purse and slinging the strap around her shoulder. "Yea, I liked it. I'm coming out now." She told her friend as she opened the door and smiled as she saw Marina. The two Latina girls walked towards the cashier when they saw the flashes of cameras through the transparent windows. "Great." Laria thought in her head as she slipped the five items she was buying across the counter and handing the blonde girl behind the register her platinum card.

She looked at Marina who was at the cashier next to her just finishing up paying. When the blonde girl handed her card back, Laria smiled and slipped it back in her wallet and in her purse. She took the two bags in her hands. "Have a nice day, Miss. Flores. And, may we.. um... get an autograph." Laria had a raised eyebrow before she heard the last part and smiled. She never minded signing things for fans or taking pictures. In fact, she really liked it. She grabbed a purple pen from her tan purse and wrote on the piece of paper the girl had handed her. After she was done she waved at the girl and guy at the counter before slipping her sunglasses on along with Marina as they walked out of the store as the question from the paparazzi started. The same as all the others, "Candelaria, what are your thoughts on your newest role.", What brand are you wearing.", And, of course having to ask about her love life. One she never preferred to answer. That was her business, not the world's. At least at the moment it was, seeing that she didn't have a love life.

When they got to their cars, the two girls gave each other a hug before waving at the other. "Good bye, darling. Call me when you have time to go shopping again. Alright?" Marina told her before getting in her car and pointing at Laria. "Alright, alright. I will. See you later." She said back before slipping in her convertible's driver's seat and starting her car. She slipped the two bags in her passenger's seat and driving off towards her new house. She had went to the house earlier in the morning before her shopping trip, so she didn't have to worry about it later in the day. As she drove towards the house, her music blasting. She let the wind in her hair as she drove towards her new home for a while.

After a while, Laria made her way to the house and parked her car in the driveway. She grabbed her two bags and walked towards the door with her heels hitting the ground. She opened the door and started to walk in with a smile on her face as she walked in to see a few of the others. She walked in just in time to see Chandler walk out past William. She didn't hear what the insult was but it must have been bad if it came from Chandler. She looked around, noticing a couple of the faces in the room and remembered most of the names. She was good at remembering people. She gave a small wave and speaking, "Hello, everybody. My name is Candelaria but you can all me Laria if you would like."

She said as she fixed the two bags on her arms that were beginning to leave a mark on her wrist. She looked at Eli jut as he left the room. She turned back around as she named the people in her head, "The quiet one's Elias, blonde one is Fiona probably, The cute one is Drake, and the one near the counter is... crap.. um, oh Nathaniel, and of course I know William... Sadly." She said as she looked at him. She knew that they were just a fling but, it still did hurt. Not that she was heartbroken whatsoever, clearly.

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#, as written by Geekly

As Nathan was looking for any sort of towels to clean his mess up, Fiona, one of the actresses he would be working with, picked out paper towels that were practically right in front of him. He smiled gratefully at her, taking a few towels himself to dab at the liquid. He looked over to Drake, grinning, "Well looks like we both have the same cross to bare, stay strong brother." Nathan joked bringing a fist to his chest, chuckling softly. It was nice that he made light of what was an awkward situation for Nathan. It was weird but he kind of saw himself in Drake. Nothing about appearances of course, Nathan could admit that Drake looked like a god, especially in comparison to him, but even though this was in fact the first time meeting the dude, Nathan had a strong feeling that he and Drake where going to get along. Nathan turned back to the counter, only to pause again as he heard William's sarcastic comment, only sparing a side glance to him before turning back to the counter. He really hated the guy before he even knew him. It wasn't exactly him, he could be a great guy and Nathan wouldn't even know it. No, it was more of his type, the playboy who doesn't give two shits about any of the girls he sleeps with. It drove him mad thinking of all the poor people that got squashed under Will's shoe as he used them for a stepping stool. How badly had Nathan want to make some sort of a witty comeback, like, I'd take your advice, but I don't quite trust leprechauns. But Nathan said nothing of the sort, instead finishing cleaning the counter. As he was going to throw the towels away. He instantly froze when Chandler commented in a sort of snarky way on Fiona's hair, or something of that sort. He could already feel the situation tense the air around him, if Nathan really wanted to, he could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Well at least he could, he was never sure how other people felt in these types of conversations, but Nathan has always hated conflict. He hated choosing sides, hated fighting. He'd hate to sound like some pageant girl hoping for world peace, but that's pretty much what Nathan wanted: Peace. When Drake spoke, Nathan silently thanked god as he tried to defuse the situation, but once again the situation turned tense when Drake let out his frustration.

Nathan tossed the dirty towels as he noticed the liquid was dripping out onto his shoes. He really wanted to defend Fiona, sincerely he did, she was nice to him so it would be rude not to. And even besides that, Nathan was more opinionated than he showed, he hated it when girls were bitchy with no reason to act as such. But once again, he convince himself not to speak up, like he always did. In short, Nathan kept quiet again, going to lean against the counter instead. Chandler left and things went silent. Silent until yet another person walked into the kitchen. This one Nathan recognized from some internet blog that was talking about one of William's many ex girlfriends. No, Nathan wasn't looking up Will, it was on some blogging site made for celebrity gossip and people gushing over celebrities. Ok, he admits he had too much time on his hands. Nathan smiled to the girl, "Hey Laria, I'm Nathan." He greeted, his smile wide as he greeted the girl. Despite the fact he wasn't great with connecting and getting close to people, he was always rather friendly, thinking it rude to just shut people out just because he didn't like getting close to people. He couldn't just open up and make friends. Well, he could, but he's have to be drunk to do that, and he didn't quite plan on drinking here.... especially not when there's a chance he'll blackout and jerks *cough* Will and Chandler *cough* would probably do something horrible to him and put it on the internet or something of the sort. Then again there were those like Fiona and Drake, so maybe he'd loosen up a bit? Who knows... But speaking of Will and Chandler, Nathan could already tell they wouldn't respect him or see him in a very good light, especially not as an actor. He knew he was goofy and clumsy, and maybe not the toughest, most outspoken person, but Nathan would like to think that he was at least a good actor. He couldn't think of any other reason for Mann to hire him, right? Nathan just kept up his smile, looking to Laria.

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Jasper groaned as he was waking up, feeling the sun light go into his eyes through the curtains of his apartment. He stretched his arms over his head before sitting up in his bed and rubbing her dark brown eyes. Letting out a yawn, he hutched his back forward looking around his small room. Moving into the new house was exactly what he needed, a change of scenery. Even if he already saw the house, seeing that he had to check every single one of the cameras in almost every room in that ginormous house just the night before just to make sure they were working. Even though he was positive they all were fine, but Mr. Mann told his to check just in case. God, what he did for a job. Thank Go, he took a shower the night before well, 3 in the morning. Jasper stood up and looked across the floor into the mirror to see his reflection and his dreadlocks looking perfectly fine and in place. "Best thing about having dreads." He said to himself with a smirk before walking over to the dresser and putting in his small hoop nose ring.

After putting it in with ease, the 5'10 Hawaiian walked over to his small sliding closet and opened the door to pick out an outfit for the day, knowing fully well that he was going to be judged by a few of the others. But, not all, there were a few that he already were sort of friends with like Drake and Gabby. They could actually handle him even if they just met him once before in their lives. And, then there was the girls that he felt like impressing. He grabbed a white V-neck along with a black vest and slipped them on seeing that he wasn't wearing a shirt before. After he grabbed a pair of black jeans along with a pair of black suspenders that he didn't bother sliding up his shoulder. The last thing he grabbed before shutting his closet was a scarf that his oldest sister, Nani had gotten him when she went to Spain with his husband and two twin boys. He never wore it and he didn't know why he didn't. So, why not today? He walked back over to his dresser and slid on a few of his bracelets that he kept since he was a junior in High School. He took one look at himself in the mirror and grinned. Jasper looked at his newest and forth tattoo that was peaking from under his sleeve of his right arm.

He always did like quotes, especially ones that meant something deeper than the surface meaning. But, in this case, it was just a quote from his favorite movie. He walked into his conjoined kitchen and living room and grabbed his wallet along with two of his bags that he decided to carry with him. The things he didn't trust anyone with mostly his newest camera that he had gotten from, yet again his middle older sister. They always did like to send the him gifts, seeing that they all married rich men who thought of Jasper as a baby brother, something he wasn't a fan of but, he couldn't do anything about it. He put the strap around his shoulder as he grabbed his car keys before shutting the door behind him. He grabbed his house key and locked the door for obvious reasons.

He rushed down his Los Angeles apartment to the bottom floor where he had parked his car. He looked at the room where many of the residents were able to relax with each other but not confined to their apartments. "Well, Jasper. Where exactly are you going? Jasper said as he saw a short girl walk up behind him as they walked out of the building. Her name was Alexia and she was very... upfront with her flirting. "Just... a change of scenery. I guess, why?" He asked with a charming smile on his face as he looked down at the 18 year old girl. "No reason, just wanting to be nosey. But, don't forget about the little people while you're gone." She let out a small and cute giggle as Jasper chuckled along with him and leaned on his car. "I promise I wont. But, I should get going, beautiful. Don't forget me." He added before getting his car keys out of his pocket and seeing the girl nod and blush. "I--Oh please, none of us could forget about our little dreadlock prince." Alexia said as she batted her eyelashes and started to walk back into the building. Jasper waved at her before unlocking his car and getting in.

He turned to the back of his car and put his two heavy bags down onto the floor so they didn't fall down and break. That would be bad. He started his car before driving off towards the new house where he would be staying with the people of the show. He remembered how he had to learn all about the stars of the show, which he did awhile ago but he remembered the man essentials. After a while Jasper drove up to the beautiful house ad a grin grew on his face just looking at it. He stopped his old car right before grabbing his two bags from the back and slinging them across his shoulders. He walked towards the house opening. Looking at the front porch he saw a girl sitting down before getting closer to see it was Chandler Lamonte. She was mean but, Jasper wasn't afraid of her, he treated her like every other woman. With respect. When he was about to walk into the house he looked at Chandler and offered her a small smile. "Good afternoon, Chandler." He said before waling into the open door hearing Nate welcome Laria, who must have just arrived. sliding past Candelaria to a near by chair to lay down his two camera bags.

He nodded towards everyone and offering a smile along with a small wave. "Hello, Jasper." He heard Laria say towards him with a smile on her face. He gave her a smile before looking at the people in the room. Thank God, he could at least remember all their names. He looked at Drake and gave him a nod. Drake and Jasper weren't enemies and to be honest they were at the time acquaintances but they were becoming friends. He then saw William, his roommate. He never got why Mr. Mann put them together. Maybe it was because they were so different and they thought it would be "interesting". Jasper then turned his eyes to Elias, the man who was rather quiet and serious and was just as opposite to Jasper as William was.


Gabriella Rosalinda De Luca, what are you wearing?!" Broke the silence in the medium size bedroom that belonged to Gabriella but it didn't belong to her. Oh no, it belonged to her mother, Maria who she had shared a home with ever since they both moved to California from their home city of Napes, Italy. Gabby sighed before rolling her eyes slightly and turning towards her mother who was at her door. "I am wearing a dress, mother... with a jacket. What's wrong with it?" She asked her mother with a shrug before seeing her mother move closer to her daughter before trying to pull her red dress down a bit more. "What is wrong is that you look like a prostitute. We are Italian women and Italian women--" Was all her mother had the time to say before Gabriella interrupted her mother, "I know, I know, and Italian women act with class unlike the American girls who act like trash. I remember." She said as she let out a sigh. "Gabby, I just do not want you to look like something you're not." Her mother said before lifting her daughter's head up to look up at her mother.

Her mother meant well. And Gabby knew that for a fact, but she was twenty six years old and it was about time that she finally had the chance to live he life without her mother being afraid that something would happen to her little "baby". She was actually looking for a place of her own but seeing that she was living in a new house with other people that should be the last thing she had to think about. "Mom, I look fine. Besides, I am twenty six years old and I don't want to hurt your feelings but, need to chose things for myself." She said to her mother slowly, not wanting to hurt her mother's feelings. Other then Gabby, her mother didn't have anyone else. Her mother let out a sigh and looked at her daughter in the mirror before fixing her jacket and giving a smile. "You're right, you're right. I just can't believe that my little princessa is growing up." She told her, dabbing her eyes. Gabriella smiled a little at her mother and walked over to her bad to slip on her shoes. ""I'll always be your little princess, mami. Just one that... lives in a different castle." She said in humor to she her mother crack another smile. "With a husband, right?" Gabby got up from her bed and rolled her eyes at her mom. "Yes, with a husband. Way, way in the future." She said, grabbing her purse and walking into her bathroom to do her make up.

Her mother rolled her eyes and walked out of her daughters room into their living room. After doing her make up, she walked into their living room to see her mother watch telemundo on the TV while she sat in her red comfortable chair with a brown blanket on her lap. Gabby made her way to her mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to go now, mom." She told her mother knowing, once that channel went on, nothing else in the world mattered to the old but, still sassy Maria De Luca. Her mother waved absently at her daughter after giving her a kiss on the cheek. Gabby walked out the from door of their home and looked in her purse for her car keys. "There you are." she said once finding her pink painted key and unlocked her car door to get in. She sat down in the driver's seat of her car and set her purse down as she put her seatbelt on and drove off.

Gabriella kept looking at herself to make sure she looked fine as she drove towards her new home. "What if they don't like me.... What if my mother was right and I look like a tramp in this dress." She started thinking about her outfit, looking down at if before returning to the road. She sighed seeing that she do anything about it now sadly. She shook the thought out of her head after a moment. After a while she pulled up to the house and lost her smile a bit. She definitely felt out of place now, coming from East Los Angeles to this house in Malibu was a huge change. She grabbed her purse and took out her keys to put them back in her bag. Gabby looked at the house before taking off her seatbelt and getting out of the car. She begun to walk towards the house when she began to see Chandler sitting down. She felt like she was going to enter the boiling pot, like Chandler was going to say something but even if she did, what could she say back? It was her job to become friends with them. Not to be rude.

She walked past her and looked inside the house to see a couple people. She saw Drake and waved at him before walking over to Jasper and poking his side, making him jump a bit. She chuckled before seeing his arm wrap around her shoulder. "Hey Gabs." Jasper said to her before she answered back, "Hi Jasper, it's nice to see you but remember," She said before whispering the next part in his ear. "I'm still five years older than you." She said before chuckling, smiling and seeing the smirk on Jasper's face and seeing him roll his eyes playfully.

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Fiona stopped braiding as she heard Chandlers comment about her hair, "Honey, nothing you do with your hair will make you attractive." She looked up then looked down again and stood up smoothing her skirt. She walked over to the fridge sliding past Drake to get a bottle of water when she heard him speak.
"Well, that was a little uncalled for," Drake said, Fiona pursed her lips and toyed with the bottle absentmindedly, as if the bottle was the most fascinating thing in the world.
"I think you're plenty pretty," Drake added, though Fiona knew he said them out of pity she still smiled and said, " Its ok, you don't have to do that. I'm fine." She said with a smile. Though her smile came out weak and her hands were shaking she still held her ground as Chandler hurled more insults at her.

"Please," Chandler said with a scoff, "nice guys will always lie. You can trust me, Mrs. Shrek. I won't lie to you, even if you wanted me to."
Fiona felt her chest tighten and hands shaking. Just as she opened her mouth to say something Drake spoke again. This time his frustration was obvious in his tone. "Can you please take a walk or something?"
Fiona was startled a little and watched as the tension grew a bit more.

Candler smirked at him and said a comment about honesty then threw on more jab at Fiona before she left. "I already took a walk, actually. I'll just sit on the couch and start braiding my hair, too."

Fiona smiled at the group as she left "It's not even three o'clock and I already have an enemy," She joked but her voice was strained and her whole body was shaking so it came out like a squeak. She cleared her throat and looked down. She was really glad Drake was their, she probably would have just broken down if he wasn't "Thanks, Drake right?" She said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. she pulled one side of her thick her on her shoulder and stroked it. Which was kind of awkward since her hair reached just above her butt and was super thick. It was like holding a cat on your shoulder. So she stopped immediately and looked for something else to preoccupy herself with.

Though she didn't have to for long since the infamous Candelaria walked in. "Hello, everybody. My name is Candelaria but you can all me Laria if you would like." She said in a very upbeat way.
Fiona smiled at her and said "I'm Fiona, Mr. Mann's assistant. Nice to meet you," She she shook her head "Ok that was really formal, let me start over I'm Fiona but my friends call me Fi or FiFi," She looked around the room and shrugged "I prefer not to be called by my first name, because as you can saw people reference it to Shrek" Then she rolled her eyes.

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Zara's house still looked much like she was still planning on living in it for the foreseeable future. All her furniture was still in place, clothes still in closets, there was even food still in the cupboards - not that she ate a whole lot anyone, no one in this business did. The only things Zara had decided to bring with her were the essentials, the bare minimum. She had her very favourite clothes, her cell and charger, favourite jewellery, best make-up and some keepsakes. In fact, what she'd actually brought from her own home seemed more like what someone might take on a week's vacation rather than somewhere you were actually moving into. But anything else Zara needed, she'd bought instead of bringing from her home. She wanted to keep her home looking the way it always did, just in case the other actors starting prying or trying to embroil her in anything too emotion, so she had somewhere to escape to still; not that she imagined Robert Mann would allow her to leave the house once he had her there. He'd become very insistent about them all living together. Almost too insistent for Zara's liking. And worse still, he was making them share rooms. With another person. A member of the staff, no less. Needles to say, Zara was not pleased. She was a seasoned, well-paid, popular actress, not some struggling extra, fresh out of drama school. Stipulations like this usually would've caused Zara to quit the role immediately, but something stopped her. This show was important to Zara. Television was where she'd made her name. But, gradually she'd been pulled into movie acting and modelling, where she became a household name. But, to Zara, there'd always been something special about the silver screen. If this show was going to be as hot and Robert Mann and all the critics were promising, this would be the perfect chance for her to get back into television. And so, Zara was tied in.

She gave a final nod of goodbye to her house and picked up her handbag. She'd already had the other things she had decided to bring sent over to the estate, and so she could travel light. She locked the door behind her and slipped into her car and turned the key in the ignition so it rumbled into life. She easily had enough money to pay for a driven, but Zara enjoyed the peace and quiet of driving alone and to have someone with her would ruin that really.

She pulled her car into a free space outside the estate Robert Mann had selected for them all to live in and got out quickly, making her way into the house. After her irritation over the fact she had to share a house, let alone a room with her co-stars and the crew, she'd called Robert Mann and made sure he reserve her the biggest room, the furthest away from the others with two en suit bathrooms. If she was going to have to share with someone, she sure as hell was going to make sure they could stay as separate as humanly possible. Zara made her way through the house towards the bedrooms, with no intentions of greeting people and becoming embroiled in their petty fighting and false friendships.

But, to get to the bedrooms she had to go through the kitchen, where it seemed everyone had congregated. Great, Zara thought to herself bitterly. She paused in the kitchen for a moment, bag looped over her shoulder, carefully looking everyone down. In true Zara fashion, she'd called ahead and made sure the roster of who exactly was going to be living in this house was sent over to her with pictures and a short snippet of information, so she knew exactly what to expect. Of the cast, there was Chandler Lamonte; Hollywood's renowned bitch, but at least she wouldn't feel the need to try and be friends... She was sat on the front porch where Zara had just passed her. Candelaria Flores; a bubbly girl who seemed to be introducing herself, she was a fairly popular star of the big screen, but frankly, way too friendly for Zara to ever want to go near. She seemed to be introducing herself. The other actress, a girl named Olivia Pershephone, who seemed to Zara to be the least annoying female cast member, wasn't there yet.

Of the male actors, William Henley; notorious bad-boy and player, stood in the doorway. Zara observed him carefully. She was fully aware of his reputation and did not, under any circumstances, intend to befriend him. Nathan Crowley was introducing himself to Candelaria. He actually appeared, to Zara, a fairly nice person, who, if Zara was forced to spend time with she may not hate. Although, nice people usually had a tenancy for being over emotional, something Zara really did not want. The other two male actors, Danny Crankshaw; a relative nobody with a minor criminal record and a dead mother, and Elias Montgomery; a guy from Florida who'd done a lot of guest roles but not a lot else, were absent.

Some of the crew also frequented the kitchen. Jasper Alkuino, the man in charge of wardrobe design was sat at a chair. Beside him was Grabriella De Luca, the girl who did make-up and hair, had her arm wrapped around him. Drake Wesley, handyman, was there too. Zara noted the absence of three of the members of staff; Presley, assistant on set, Arizona Deegan, and Keith Zetler, the guy who did the music for XOXO.

Unfortunately, Zara's eyes fell on Fiona, the girl she was supposedly sharing a room with. Perfect, Zara thought irately, now she couldn't just go straight up to her room. If she was going to be spending the next few months with this girl, stuck in the same room as her for most of the day, it really was best not to alienate her on the first day. She was now going to have to go and talk to the girl. Great.

She crossed the room to where the blonde stood beside Candelaria. Zara didn't feel the need to tap Fiona or clear her throat in order to get her attention. It wasn't that Zara was one of those shy, retiring girls who just faded into the background and so didn't speak because she knew no one would listen. No. Zara was certain if she felt the need to speak, people would definitely listen. She had plenty of presence and when she entered a room, people certainly noticed.

"Zara," she introduced herself, deadpan. She didn't reach out for any kind of introductory physical contact. "We're sharing a room," she stated simplistically. Zara preferred to speak in short sentences. She used simple words with few emotional ties. Her language was never flowery or emotion-filled, and she never said more than she had to.

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I should just leave now. There really isn't a point in making sure that no one gets hurt- what am I going to do, drag the unconscious bodies to the mansion? Hardly an easily accomplished feat on my bicyc- oh, right. Stolen. I'm going to have to replace that. It isn't like I can get a taxi or hitch a ride with someone else, unless I sneak into their backseat before they leave for the set. Actually, that's doable. Maybe a bit creepy, but if I'm really desperate. . .I don't want to be late to work, do I? What if they ask me to get them coffee from some strangely specific place? I'll have to walk there. I'll buy a bike tomorrow. No- after the meeting tonight. How far is the estate from the nearest bike shop? One mile? Two? It's in a residential area, so probably further than that. Well, I can always do with a nighttime walk anyway. I can watch the sunset, I guess? As long as I stick to the lighted and crowded areas. No, bad idea. I may not be mugged, but someone will pickpocket me, probably. Is that common here? Stupid question- it's already happened three times, just not recently. It happened more back home, but then I got lost a lot, didn't I? The stray thoughts run through her constantly-active mind, quickly enough that Presley is still processing the scene unfolding in the cafe behind her. Rachel's boyfriend, who resembles a caveman and bares an ironic tattoo displaying a dove on it -does he realize that's the sign for peace?- has moved on from Rachel to Danny, and shouts an impressively long string of obscenities at the actor. Rachel just stands to the side, staring at both of them with a wide-eyed expression, as though shocked.

Don't be so surprised, Rachel. You have to have seen this coming- do you ever listen to yourself? Presley thinks, though she still has sympathy in her inner voice. Rachel seems to have rather bad luck with men, from what the nondescript young woman has heard her say. Not putting all of her attentions on the loud but one-sided showdown, Presley glances over towards Keith, who isn't looking particularly happy as he looks over his sheet music, which appears to have a few coffee stains on it, from what she can see at this distance. By the time she has glanced back over to the fuss, Danny is smirking at the massive man and darting around him out the door, looking confident with his escape. One person, she notes, is less pleased with the man's decision to skip out of the fight. He does seem like the sort who would prefer a good smashing of skulls over a reasonable chat. Still, the caveman does not pursue Danny for the moment, instead opting to stare threateningly at the rest of the patrons, daring any of them to speak up about his actions and outburst of anger.

Presley watches as Keith quickly gathers his belongings and escapes any lingering wrath of the giant by hiding in the bathroom. Like a person who doesn't want to eat in the lunchroom, Presley observes. She can do so without any remorse, because she was that child- not because she was bullied, but because there was never quite enough room for the young woman at the lunch tables, and she would rather eat alone in a small place than a large and crowded one. She looks away from Keith as he disappears behind a shutting door, and now allows her eyes to stop in front of Danny. Rather than just walking past her, he stops in front of her with a polite smile. Why is he stopping? Am I blocking the bicycle rack? I suppose I am. I should apologize. He wouldn't hear it anyway, I suppose. It's easier to just get out of the way then. Oh- ouch. Now my shoulder is a little bit sore. I doubt I'm scratched, though- good thing I'm wearing a cardigan today.

When he asks her for directions, his voice sounds rather sheepish, which contrasts a bit with the smirk he had been wearing only seconds prior to this current encounter. Dubious of his sincerity, but feeling obligated to help nonetheless, Presley opens her mouth to speak, before closing it for a moment. I'd forgotten, this one is from Chicago. His accent sounds like home. I wonder if mine has faded? No, it hasn't- Mr. Mann remarked on it when I met him, didn't he? Why would I think that it is fading? I suppose my mental voice has shifted slightly? Yes, that must be it.

Are you going to the mansion? the words are intended to be out loud, but find themselves mixing with her mental monologue. Presley sighs slightly and tries again, this time speaking coherently. "Are you going to the mansion?" she asks him, an accent audible in that sentence. After speaking it, the young woman realizes that he probably doesn't know who she is, and thinks that she is just some fan who knows where he lives (or will be living). However, she does not clarify this, because she doesn't know how he will take the question, and has always been rather conservative with her words. She does not give her name, because he has not asked nor given his own. Deciding it easier, she pulls a small notepad out of her messenger bag and begins to write the directions from here to the estate down with a black bic pen. Her handwriting is in cramped yet miraculously legible cursive.

Stupid question, he probably is. Wait- rich area? That is slightly presumptuous, isn't it? There are less wealthy parts here, she thinks, but whilst doing so must acknowledge the fact that her own apartment is only marginally affordable because it is cramped, in an awkward area, and the air conditioning tends to, well, not work. I suppose it is primarily wealthy, then. But other people live here as well- where does he think that Rachel works? The people who cook his food? The person who probably drove him here?


William turns his head at the sound of a car driving down the long paved path to the estate, instantly recognizing the vehicle as belonging to one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood: Candelaria Flores. The Latina is going to be playing the role of the fashionista on this show, and it is well-known that she fits the part rather well, being famous for her apparently impeccable style. Personally, Will thinks that she looks better with the clothes off, but that isn't really something the general public would know- she doesn't exactly any scandalous shots on the internet. The A-list actress steps out of her car, looking the same as always, though her hair is a bit shorter- she had apparently cut it for some recent part or something like that. She wears a smile whilst climbing up the front steps, but that expression appears to falter ever-so-slightly as she watches Chandler walk out of the building and, of course, notices Will leaning against the doorway in. The sight makes the actor himself smirk ever so slightly, though he is by no means a sadist- just a bit of an asshole. Well, perhaps slightly more than just a bit. The young woman comes into the house and introduces herself to the group, eyes scanning the motley crew as she does so.

Knowing her, she's probably memorized all of their names by now, Will muses, and not incorrectly. He may not have been serious about their relationship, but the two did date long enough for him to become slightly in tune with her personality. They had dated for nearly nine months- something he knows because that was the production length for their bit in filming the movie they had starred in together. Almost immediately after the movie premiered, the duo split and such. William hadn't had a problem with it -he didn't exactly cheat because he was looking for a committed relationship- but based on the way that she had slapped him, Laria had been at least a little bit bitter at the time. Probably something about infidelity being bad, and how she now was added to the list of 'girls Hemley dated and cheated on.' The list is actually quite elite, if only because he usually doesn't date the girls that he messes around with- just the ones he either works with, or think are especially hot/good in bed/amusing/all of the above.

The first person to respond to Laria's greeting is Nathan, the no-name actor who had spilled coffee all over the goddamn counter only moments ago, and who has sent Will a quick but dirty glance after the former of the two had made a sarcastic remark about his klutzy nature. The young man's smile is wide and irritatingly friendly. Will isn't a natural grump who dislikes seeing people smile, but he has already decided to dislike this bumbling actor, and that includes the fact that his smile is definitely way too big for his face. "Welcome to the island, Candlestick," Will greets her with a smirk, using an old nickname for her. Another kid, this one with long dreadlocks, walks in at that moment, greeting everyone and standing next to chair with two bags. Though they are not friends, Will at least nods to the guy. Douchebag though he may be, the actor tends to at least acknowledge people when they enter the room. As though they have decided to arrive in some sort of antline, another walks in only a moment later, this time a girl that William doesn't recognize, but who apparently knows the guy with the dreads, based on the fact that she goes over and pokes him in the side.

Was there some sort of preshow get-together that I wasn't told about? William wonders, raising his eyebrows as at least three of the people seem to already have some amount of prior knowledge on each other's identities. He glances back towards Fiona, remembering her comment about enemies as she greets Laria. She's definitely not from around here though, eh? What amuses him, though, is the fact that the young woman is quick to identify a nickname for herself, in order to prevent people from associating her name with Shrek's girlfriend. Honestly, this is probably counterproductive, because William, who hasn't seen any of the films about the green ogre, hadn't thought of this before, but is now curious as to who Shrek is. That popular dreamworks film, right?

Another face, this time another famous one, walks through the door. At the sight of her, William grins slightly, though her back is to him and she therefore does not see him checking her out. He's seen Zara around, of course, and must admit that she is smoking hot- the whole ice queen personality is kind of a turn on for him as well. Not because he wants to 'fix her' or some sentimental garbage like that, but because it makes her something of a challenge. He doesn't say anything at all, for now just enjoying the view. Still, this whole meet-and-greet thing is starting to severely bore the actor, and he's wondering where the assistant is- he could use a beer right now, but doubts that Robert has any stocked in the fridge. As he thinks this, someone walks briskly past him, not even stopping as he continues up the stares and, presumably, to his room. "Well, isn't he friendly," Will observes, watching the guy disappear up the stairs before sliding his arrogant gaze back to the people around him.

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Eli had found his room with relative ease. He briskly unpacked his belongings, slipping some clothes unto hangers in the closet and others into dresser drawers. After he was finished, the young actor briefly looked around. Eli couldn't hole up in his room forever and didn't plan to either. Though he wasn't sociable, he knew he'd be living and working with the people who were now poring into the mansion. The thought caused even more tension to build in his shoulders. Elias hadn't met his roommates just yet, but knew of their names - Danny Crankshaw, a fellow actor, and Keith Zetler, XOXO's music composer. He didn't mind sharing the room with others, but still wasn't prepared to become all buddy-buddy with the guys. He'd do as he'd always done - focus on his lines, complete his scenes, and live his life. Simple.

Eli slipped out of the room, passing a dark-haired brunette in the process. The guy seemed to be looking for his room as well and Eli did no more than offer a brief nod of acknowledgment before continuing back downstairs to where the group had still seemed to linger. The meeting was to take place in just thirty minutes and as said before, Elias was a punctual man. After rounding the corner back to the kitchen area, Eli spotted several new arrivals - some he recognized, others he didn't. He wasn't sure if he should offer up another introduction to the new additions, but didn't think on it too long. He wouldn't. Instead he headed toward the fridge and pulled out a small bottled orange juice. He eyed and empty stool before walking over and sitting down.

He'd almost felt compelled to speak, wanting to ease the awkward tension he felt. He was sure it was lost on everyone else, but with his distant personality the situation seemed at all sorts of odds. Instead, she twisted the cap on his OJ and took a long swig. He'd almost wished it was something stronger, but Eli didn't drink often. When and if he did, it was always in comfortable situations. This most definitely did not fall into that category. Bottle still pressed to his lips, Eli took the opportunity to look around. A young man with dreads stood next to a cute brunette, and her attractiveness wasn't lost on Eli. The blonde girl and brunette guy that had been present when he'd first arrived were still there, as was Chandler and Will. Though Chandler had taken up a new position on the couch. One guy had disappeared, but two other girls were now there as well. Eli drank it all in. The people were varied in personality, looks, everything. It would make for an interesting time off camera, certainly.

Finally, he spoke up. His words were clipped and short, his tone brief. "It's almost three. Has anyone heard from Robert?" he asked the group, indifferent to the conversations he was interrupting.

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    She was bored already, and it was her own doing. Chandler, of course, concealed this fact by leaning back casually against the couch, crossing her legs primly and getting her phone out. Uh... yeah, nothing. Hey, when you're busy being rich, famous, and bitchy, it's hard making friends. So she texted Robert Mann. Hey, Mr. Boss, when are you getting here? She knew he wouldn't reply; he never did check his texts. She tucked her phone back into the pocket of her cover up and stifled a sigh. How boring. So she stared surveying the area. Beach. Nothing special, nothing she hasn't seen before. Average people, none of them good looking. It was time for a chance of scenery. Chandler shifted to get a better view of William. She didn't really care whether he saw her or not; she had the right to check out her coworkers, didn't she?

    Truth be told, he had made her smile. Not beaming, no, but she had smirked at his comment about being Hollywood's favorite bitch, despite her best efforts to suppress it. It wasn't a compliment she took lightly. It took a lot of work to stay away from the pressure to be seen as perfect as a celebrity. How many actresses had already succumbed to that sort of adoration and fan base? Of course Chandler put on her best face for the public. She was accommodating, occasionally friendly, and quick with a laugh, smile, or witty comment. But that was the best face she had: lighthearted and distant. She knew she wasn't a very personable celebrity. She wasn't like some of the others, who had fans crying for them when they went through a divorce, or got fan mail all the time, or had devotedly loyal fans. Chandler's fans loved her because of her talent. Or so she liked to think, anyway. She had no other explanation for the reason why people liked her. She didn't go out of her way to make people feel welcome. She tried to stay away from the 'role model' label. She didn't let fans into her personal life. She did interviews, but kept things very professional and distant.

    It had to be talent, of course. Chandler appraised William as she let her thoughts wander, noting for the second time his good looks. He really was a hottie, and one of the few who barely reacted to her 'uncalled for' comment. And his sarcastic reaction to Nathan's clumsiness had brought a chuckle out of her. She would have to get to know him, that one.

    She ignored Candelaria for now, knowing introductions would be made later on. She wasn't particularly excited about meeting the girl. So what, she was fashionable. It wasn't hard, with all the money celebrities had and the stylists available. What made Candelaria worth talking to was her talent, and Chandler had to give the girl some credit for that. She could act, that one. But then again, so could she. And so could William, who had apparently gone out with the girl for a good while. She glanced at the two of them, trying to assess the atmosphere between them. She couldn't hold back the grin that came to her lips. It would be fun, getting to see their relationship work out. Maybe she would get to see some real life drama between the two, the kind they would be playing out in XOXO.

    A man with dreads walked past her. He smiled at her, which surprised Chandler a little. He was the first person to really smile at her today. The friendly sort, hm? We'll see how long that lasts, she thought. Because put any amount of people together in the same house, and something was bound to happen. It was common knowledge. It was why best friends were recommended to stay away from becoming roommates with each other, so that their friendship would be salvaged. It would definitely be a fun few months. Not that Chandler cared. She was rarely in the middle of a tangled mess. More often than not, she was a target of someone's anger and hatred, but she never got involved personally; she didn't have time to get worked up over another person. Especially when the other person was a worker, or Shrek's wife.

    A girl walked past her. Then another girl, this one a recognizable face that Chandler had no trouble putting a name to: Zara Lexington. Apparently, she was quite the Ice Queen. Well, Ice Queen, meet the Snow Queen. Chandler may not be as hardened as Zara was, but she was definitely as cold. She wasn't expecting the similarity of their inner temperatures to create a bond between them, but it did help her feel a little less out of place. Yes, William seemed to be just as snarky as she was, but how could you count on a boy? No, he would be busy trying to grab the attention of each girl around. Even now, she could see him looking over Zara's backside. Cute.

    She couldn't hear the conversation going on inside, and she didn't care. She'd rather be outside, by herself, in her bikini and cover up. Oh, shit, it was almost three! She had to change! She ignored the others coming in, and walked after another male - a crew worker, again. God, this was getting old. Chandler kept her head high as she walked past the group, ignoring Elias's question, and headed to her bedroom. She refused to go to a meeting clad in a skimpy bikini. God, that would be terrible.

    She changed, into a simple outfit that was prim enough for a meeting, and comfortable enough for her new home. She smoothed down the tank top and tied her hair into a loose bun. The nerves were beginning to work their way into her stomach again; the riveting conversation downstairs had chased them away. She took a deep breath and began studying herself in the mirror. She looked fine. She looked ready. She looked perfect.

    As usual.


    It was awkward, to say the least. Drake rubbed the back of his head regretfully, wondering if he should have just kept his mouth shut. But if he hadn't, he would have felt off balance for the rest of his time here. He wasn't the man to stand aside while a lady got insulted; he had been raised better, even with an alcoholic father and a perpetually working mother.

    "It's not even three o'clock and I already have an enemy. Thanks, Drake right?" Fiona asked, beginning to fuss with her hair. He noticed her trembling, and felt a pang of sympathy. Poor girl. She had done nothing but play with her hair, and was antagonized by Chandler for it. It wouldn't do much; from what he could tell, Chandler wasn't exactly the person whose opinion set someone's social class. She hated everyone, didn't she?

    He shook his head at her. "Yeah, it's Drake. Don't worry about Chandler. And you don't have to thank me, the knight in shining armor thing is just something I do," he said with a wink.

    Before he could say more, Candelaria Flores walked in. He shut his mouth immediately and kept his gaze on her steadily. Gosh, she was gorgeous. He began to smile as a memory began to take form.

      "Drake, do you feel like watching a movie?" Rita asked, flopping down on the couch besides her boyfriend, who was flipping through the channels lazily.

      "Sure, what's out?" he asked, his eyes moving from the TV screen to smile down at the girl beside him. She was short, with curled brown hair and brown doe eyes, and he was crazy about her. They had only been dating for a month now, but they were already living together. Probably because he had nowhere else to go. Either way, it was nice to have her around.

      "The movie with Candelaria Flores is out!"

      "Candel-who?" he gaped at her, his features arranging themselves into an aghast expression. "Is that some code name for that guy on Beauty and the Beast?"

      "What?" Rita wrinkled her nose at him, her eyes dancing. "No, Candelaria! She's an actress!"

      "Oh. Well, alright. Let's go." Drake turned the TV off and stood, stretching his arms and pulling Rita up beside him. He threw one arm over her lazily and kissed her temple. "You look really nice today, babe," he murmured in her air. She giggled and swatted him away, mock-frowning.

      "Stop that, or else we'll end up making out and not watching a new movie! By the end of it, you'll be salivating over her. She's gorgeous. I haven't met a guy who hasn't masturbated to her."

      "Um, Rita, I don't want to know you talk about masturbating with other guys. We'll see if I feel any sparks between me and Candel. Let's go."

    Rita had been right; by the end of the movie, he was convinced that he and Candelaria Flores were going to get married. He had teased Rita endlessly, making her play-jealous with his claims of leaving her for the actress. And now... now, it felt a little weird to be around her in person. Surreal. Surreal, but nice. When he first found out he was going to be around Candelaria, he had smiled and thought back to that moment. He felt no bitterness towards Rita, though she probably felt bitter towards him. No matter. He was here now, with Candelaria Flores.

    "Candelaria, it's nice to meet you. I'm Drake," he said, waving from his spot by the refrigerator. He hoped no one wanted a drink, because he had already gotten comfortable, and didn't feel like moving. Gosh, she was just beautiful. This felt so strange. He couldn't stop thinking about Rita, being around this girl. She didn't even know it, but she had been a part of his relationship with her. Her name had been a long-standing inside joke between the two of them. He would tell Rita she looked beautiful... but he thought she would look better if she cut her hair like Candelaria. And every once in awhile, Rita would buy a magazine with Candelaria on the cover and give it to him. One time, she got it for him as his birthday gift. They had even framed that birthday magazine cover, for the fun of it.

    Weird. Just weird.

    "Welcome to the island, Candlestick," William said from his spot in the doorway. Well, how awkward. Hadn't the two of them dated? He mentally shrugged his shoulders. It wasn't his business. He did recall hearing Rita talk about it, but by that time, the two had already been on the rocks, him feeling distant and Rita, in turn, becoming clingier. It had been a pathetic attempt to bring some of the previous spark and fun into their relationship, he recalled. Yes, she had tried to bring back the teasing, and he had only smiled fondly at her and ruffled her hair, like she was his kid sister. He felt a little soft pang of guilt. Poor Rita. He had apologized, and tried to make it up by her, but the two of them knew they were over.

    It wasn't his fault. He couldn't control his feelings, he really couldn't. But this William... he was different. He didn't give a shit about the girls he fucked and ran out on, didn't ever feel the nostalgia he was feeling now, didn't ever think back on a fun date and smile affectionately. He didn't ever try to work things out. He just bailed before he had to face the damage he was bound to create. A deep dislike settled over him. Part of it had to be this recollection of Rita, and the guilt he was feeling for doing what William basically did: fuck and run. It had been more emotional for him, but at the very core was the same issue: commitment. It shamed him to be anything like William.

    His gaze drifted to Candelaria. Perhaps it could change. But what was he thinking? She was an actress; he was an aspiring actor, desperate enough to go under the guise of a handyman to get even the smallest connection to Hollywood. He was pathetic.

    Jasper walked in then. Grateful for the distraction from the direction his thoughts were heading, Drake nodded right back at the man. He liked Jasper. Not so much in the 'bros for life' way, but he could see it heading towards that direction. He was certainly one of the more likable people here, anyway. He waved at Gabriella when she walked in, but otherwise decided to stay out of the social interaction for the next few introductions. If too much conversing led to something like the Chandler-Fiona fiasco, then he would rather sit in the sidelines, thank you very much.

    Zara Lexington was next. She didn't say much, to Drake's relief, and instead started talking to Fiona. Drake let his mind start to wander, predicting what would happen in the next few months. Wait, forget that, it was a daunting task, and he didn't feel up to imagining the temper tantrums that were bound to come soon. Wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't notice another crew walker walk by them and leave, and though he heard William's comment, didn't think much of it. Who cared what that guy thought, anyway?

    "Looks like I'm not the last one here, my flight was hella delayed, thought for sure I would be," he heard. He turned to look at the speaker. Olivia Pershephone. She was playing the Skank, if he could recall correctly. Again, proof that actors had to play someone entirely different from themselves often. She didn't seem to be the slut, or anything close to it. More like the sweetheart of a small town. He smiled, though his smile was beginning to feel a little tired. Too many introductions for one day.

    "Drake Wesley," he said simply. He was suddenly tired of his own name, and the repetitive routine this was becoming. He yawned and took another sip from his water bottle. He wanted to leave, but he still felt like the host of this first meeting. Thus, he stayed. But nothing else happened after; only Elias walked in and asked where Robert Mann was.

    Drake checked his watch and noted that it was, indeed, close to 3 o'clock. He shrugged his shoulders at Eli, and then straightened, clearing his throat to gather attention. "I've been here for awhile," he said, and without explaining why exactly he had been granted permission to board there early, continued, "and Robert Mann showed me where the meeting will be held. You guys can follow me." He began walking to the conference room. He had personally added in more chairs, and the effect was one inner circle of the actors, and small chairs against the wall of the room for the crew workers. Robert Mann wanted the crew workers there for obvious reasons, but he had apparently told the actors that he didn't want to have two separate meetings for both groups, and would be combining them.

    He opened the door to the conference room and motioned for the people behind him to walk in. "Come on in."

    "Gladly," Chandler said, her voice dignified and calm. He saw the hint of a mocking smirk on her lips, and sensed that she was making fun of him, with her long stride and confident raise of the eyebrows. Drake physically bit back a sigh.

    She really was trying to make him blow up, wasn't she?

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And then, somewhere between the croons of all the lonely people and where do they all come from, it hit him.

Elias Montgomery.

Yes, that was right. Elias Montgomery. The other one of Keith's assigned roommates. Which made zero sense, by the way. There was no reason in hell for Mann to be giving him two roommates—no logic, no rationale. Why not that Duck fellow, or the…the Rasper guy? Not that Keith had met either of them, but even then they seemed far better, far saner choices than him. Him, the antisocial person. The anti-people person. Ugh, the entire arrangement was so poorly planned out, it was like Mann had just drawn names out of a hat or something…

…Come to think of it, that was what had probably happened. Either that, or Mann had misplaced his brain.

Anyway. As his roommate, Montgomery was another guy whom Keith had been forced to cyber-stalk. (At the library, that is. Because, again, he didn't have a computer.)

Overall, Keith hadn't found much. Montgomery's profile was far less colorful than Crankshaw's had been. Actor. Home-schooled. Florida kid. No sordid scandals, no tragic backstory, no illicit love affairs. All the signs pointed to a perfectly normal guy, which, ironically, made him something of an abnormality. Indeed, Montgomery seemed almost a halfway decent human being—a true rarity in this tawdry junkyard of a thing that was show business. Seriously, with that clean record, he was pretty much a saint compared to all his peers. Especially those who wore scandals on their sleeves like ornaments of pride.

Unlike Keith, Montgomery didn't seem to realize they were roommates. In fact, the actor only offered him a curt nod before continuing on to his business. Keith raised an eyebrow at the man's retreating figure, the suddenness of Montgomery's departure leaving him no time to formulate a proper response. It was as if the man didn't expect him to respond or even care.

Cold. Distant. Zero conversation. Minimum human interaction.

Now here was a guy he might just be able to stand.

Hefting his shoulder bag, Keith turned to enter the room Montgomery had just exited. It was almost three o'clock, and there were a few things he wanted to bring along with him to Mann's little assembly. From his bag, he once again withdrew his battered music folder, as well as a notebook and pen for writing notes.

Just because he wasn't looking forward to this meeting, didn't mean he wasn't going to take it seriously.

Stashing his bag away with the rest of his possessions, Keith exited his room and headed downstairs, where he found a congregation of people who seemed in the midst of some terribly important migration. Like a flock of self-absorbed peacocks, he thought wryly, complete with a Duck at its head. Sighing, he moved to follow them. From a distance, of course.

Idly, he counted heads. Chandelier and Candelabra. Wilbur and Rasper. Winona and Elias. And a few others who looked somewhat familiar, but whose names he could not quite remember. Vaguely, he noted that Crankshaw was not yet here. Strange, that. Perhaps he'd gotten lost.

Thankfully, it didn't take long to reach the conference room.

"Come on in," the Duck was saying, moving his arms in an elaborate, gentlemanly gesture.

"Gladly," the Chandelier girl replied silkily, a smirk on her lips and a strut in her step. Keith almost snorted. Definitely a peacock, this one. Unsurprising, given her occupation.

He waited for the crowd to enter before walking in without a word, making sure to choose the seat farthest away from civilization. Civilization being, of course, the central table. Shifting his notebook to his other arm, Keith leaned back in his chair and eyed the table critically. How bothersome. All posh, glassy sheen and unnecessary floral decorations. Why anyone would put such awkwardly tall vases on a table was beyond him. It really served no other purpose than to obscure people's vision, and the flowers would eventually wither and die anyway. It was all so terribly impractical.

Then again, this was Mann they were talking about. King of impracticality. And who was Keith to question the madness that ran through the director's veins?

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Yet another entry is made, this time a blonde girl with a rather sunny smile and a relatively familiar face. He thinks about it for approximately half a minute before recalling her from a movie with Alec Baldwin. From what he can recall at that moment, she has the tendency to play sexier parts, and yet is known for being a prim and proper little Southern miss. He's not sure where from the South she comes from, but has heard somewhere or another that she is indeed from that region of the US. This is only confirmed by a slight drawl in her voice, the accent only slightly noticeable, and only in a single word of her sentence. "Looks like I'm not the last one, my flight was hella delayed, thought for sure I'd be," she explains, smirking despite the fact that nothing about her says smug or sarcastic. Her sentence, itself, is rather simple and dull- other than the accent, the young woman isn't making much of an impression on the Hollywood A-lister leaning against the wall. Still, her somewhat prudish reputation does present some manner of a challenge to the infamous player, and he does like a challenge- what's the point otherwise? Will has always been the sort who prefers the chase to actually holding the prize, partially influenced by a broken relationship between his parents and by his dislike of commitment and consistency. Although the young man isn't actually very big on quotes, there is one by the Irish Playwrite and Author Oscar Wilde that he rather likes: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. Though he isn't much for having his nose stuck in a book, even Will cannot deny that Wilde was a king of smartasses in his time, and cannot help but appreciate such a fact.

When Nathan speaks once more, Will is torn between being glad that he is leaving and irritated by that childishly huge smile that the klutzy actor has. It seems that he has adopted the condition of feeling that every action of a person he's decided to dislike is offensive. Still, this does not wipe the ever-present smirk from the fact of the handsome man, because he really isn't one for allowing such an expression to disappear from his face- it's like a trademark of his, the blue steel to his Zoolander, although just a tad less. . .ridiculous. When Nathan has left, Will turns towards Olivia and greets her with a nod, but doesn't feel the need to introduce himself- everyone is already aware of his identity, after all, that much is clear. Or at least, Will fancied this to be true, and it most likely was- there are a few stars in the room, but he, Chandler and Candelaria burn the brightest in terms of fame. Each in their own way, of course, but each command the attention of those around them in some form or another, this is an indisputable fact. Whether it be the noticeable personality, cutting tongue, or eye-catching good looks, which all of them had in their own ways, things about the trio had a great presence. Of course, Zara has the same demanding aura about her, but her quietness and seeming lack of personality seem to disqualify her from the rankings.

The quiet man, who had swept through the group without a word in greeting, returns downstairs with a look of importance on his face. The actor doesn't seem the type to waste words, nor the sort who would voluntarily interact with others at all, for that matter. An antisocial air seems to hang over him, though it almost seems more of a preference than a tragic fate, giving him the image of indifference and cool intellect. "It's almost three. Has anyone heard from Robert?" the actor asks, voice clipped and rather business-like. He must do fantastic in interviews, Will thinks sarcastically, though he automatically glances towards the clock and notes that it is very near to three indeed. He'd rather hoped to get the meeting over with and such, and wonders when Mann will arrive.

As these wonderings pass through his mind, Chandler passes by him and ascends the stairs, presumably to either escape the radiating atmosphere of what surely must be slightly forced cheerfulness or to change out of the little number she is currently wearing- little being a generous term for the cover-up and bikini set. Not one to deny himself the appreciation of finer things, Will's eyes follow her for a moment before returning to the group, specifically Drake. The staff worker has apparently been living in the house for a bit, probably setting things up, and so is able to lead the group up to the meeting room. As he invites people to walk in, Chandler makes a little sarcastic quip and enters with a smirk and an arrogant stride. Definitely hot, Will observes with a smirk of his own, feigning a tip of the hat to Drake before entering the room.


This is apparently her turn to surprise the man before her, as her mention of the mansion seems to take him off guard for a moment, obvious by his startled expression and the thoughtful look that follows it as he zeroes in on the best explanation for how she knows about a location supposedly kept under rather tight wraps. There is a second between the point where she decides to reveal to him why she knows about the place, if only to prevent any further misunderstandings, and when a smirk forms on the man's face. Her mouth had almost opened, but remains tightly sealed as she watches the evolution of his expression, from lost to smug and then to a frown. She only notices the frown when she glances up from writing down the instructions on the little notepaper, finishing it off with a small note in the margin. Normally, she is not one for any sort of wasteful motions, not even excess words or movements, as seen by her almost eerily stillness when she ceases writing, but the young woman does have the habit of adding helpful hints and minuscule sketches in her instructions, if only for the sake of aiding whomever it is that the note is intended for. His frown confuses Presley, who gives him a quizzical look in return, blonde bangs covering her expressive eyebrows and slightly lessening the affect of her expression.

He clears his throat then, not doing a very impressive job of making it seem realistic, though she doubts that he was going for realism in the cliche and exaggerated gesture. After all, realistic is slightly less likely to grab the attention -for most people, anyway. Everything seems to grab her attention, if only as some sort of compensation for her own inability to do so. "Y'know, it would probably be easier if you just showed me the house, seeing as you already know where it is," he addresses her, and Presley begins to put away her notebook immediately, not wasting time if the course of action is to be changed. He checks his phone whilst she does this, and announces that it is almost three o'clock. She is still looking down, shoving the notebook into her bag, and her eyes widen slightly at this news. Damn it, I really need to get a watch or something. Almost three? I should have left earlier. The place is seven minutes or so from here. . .by bike. Brilliant- absolutely fantastic. Now if only the TARDIS could just show up and drop me off a few minutes early. How long is it by foot? Fifteen? Twenty? she stifles a sigh and composes her anxious expression before looking back up at Mr. Crankshaw.

"Right. Mustn't be late. Follow me," despite the softness of her voice, the last bit seems to come off almost like an order rather than a request, and she is soon turned around and walking towards the place. Although she may be relatively sweet and such, she is also very cautious about both people and her work, and terrible at small talk to boot- it is far safer to keep the conversation brief and move quickly, for the sake of punctuality and not seeming terribly awkward. She expects him to fall into step with her, and slows until he does so, which is relatively soon. He doesn't seem to type to be slow in picking things up, at least based on their brief encounter, and this is something she appreciates. Kind and unassuming as she may be, the young woman does rather dislike it when people take a millennium and a half to realize things and react appropriately. A small pet peeve of hers, perhaps. Presley's gaze slides over to look at Mr. Crankshaw out of the corner of her eyes, trying to decide whether to introduce herself. It is probably appropriate, at best, although he has not asked and very well may not care. Deciding not to give information that may not really be wanted, she remains silent. To her, all silence is fairly comfortable, but she realizes that this may not be the case for others. Should I break it? Better wait and see, she decides in the end. The walk therefore continues.

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The first person to introduce themselves to Laria was Nathan. When he told her his name she nodded. Not long after she could see a blonde girl come over to the Latina and smile at her before introducing herself, "I'm Fiona, Mr. Mann's assistant. Nice to meet you," Laria offered a small smile and was about to speak before Fiona spoke again. "Ok that was really formal, let me start over I'm Fiona but my friends call me Fi or FiFi," She shrugged, "FiFi?" She asked herself in her head. She never heard that nickname before. "I prefer not to be called by my first name, because as you can saw people reference it to Shrek. She raised an eyebrow as she looked around the room and went back to Laria. "Shrek? How can someone compare you to Shr-- Nevermind, I got it. Ok, no problem." She said with a smirk on her face once getting the reference, the only reason she had think about it was because she only saw that movie once. It wasn't her type of movie. She like classics... Not, cartoons.

She then heard someone say something to her as he looked towards the kitchen to see Drake waving at her. "Candelaria, it's nice to meet you. I'm Drake," She gave him a small smile before giving a small wave back and speaking to him with a simple, "Hi."... Was that all she could say? She was around of the most attractive men she has ever seen, and she's been in a movie with Channing Tatum. Yet, all the Latina girl could say.... was hi? Don't get me wrong, she wasn't turning insecure but she was too close to it for her liking. No, Candelaria Flores was not insecure, over a guy she didn't even know at that.

Other than that, bizarre feeling she wasn't used to feeling. The feeling of looking at him in the corner of her eyes before looking back in front of her, or how she kept messing with her perfectly painted light blue nails. Everything seemed to be going fine, almost everyone seemed rather decent, she already had her eyes on someone, and best of all William hadn't said a word toward her since she walked right past him when entering the house. Maybe it would stay like that for awhile or at least an hour. Until she heard the one voice she could tell out of anyone, the one that had the small Irish accent she used to wake to after a "restless" night before, if he didn't wake her up when he was getting up so freaking early in the morning! "Welcome to the island, Candlestick," Of course, he had to go and call her that. Candlestick, it wasn't the worst nickname she was ever given. It was just something he started to call her by when they were filming together and through their relationship, she sort of got used to it...

She looked at the ceiling for a moment before putting a smirk on her face and turning towards William in her ankle white bootie boots. She looked at him and let out a small chuckle. "Aw, thank you, Willy. And as always, it a pleasure to see you again." She said with a raised eyebrow. She felt no sadness towards the younger man, not in the slightest bit. he was just a bit bitter over him cheating on her, not that she didn't see it coming but, she didn't think it would be right after the movie ended or that it would actually hurt as much as it did. She hasn't really said a word to William since that day they broke up, sure she saw him around in magazines and even saw him at premieres of movies they both attended seeing that they were both well known by a lot of people.

Laria looked at Zara as she entered the house and went directly to Fiona to tell her something. Laria didn't know what it is but to be frank it probably wasn't any of her business anyway. She heard Will saying something and turned her head towards him to see a guy walk right past him to go up stairs, "Well, isn't he friendly,". She let out a small scoff and rolled her eyes once more. She couldn't help it, being around Will just made her roll her eyes at him and the things that came out of his mouth. Laria saw Elias come back into the room and ask about Mr. Mann. And, to be honest, she was wondering the same thing. And not long after she heard Drake reply to him, "I've been here for awhile and Robert Mann showed me where the meeting will be held. You guys can follow me." She wondered why he stayed longer than the rest of them. She was just curious about a lot of things in life.

When she started to see him walk towards the conference room, she followed. She wanted to say something to him but by the time she was about to say it, the group had made it to the room where the conference would be held. Drake told them to go in and Chandler walked right past him with a quick, "Gladly." She didn't know how to make out Chandler for some reason. she wasn't that cut an dry to just go head and call her a bitch. And, after the younger actress entered, Will wasn't far behind with that signature smirk on his face. She fixed a piece of her black hair before going into the room and offering Drake a smile as she did. She didn't say anything, mainly because she didn't know what to say to him with out it either being one word or her accent coming out like it aways did when she was around new people who caught her eye, mostly guys. She walked into the room and took a seat far from William just so nothing would come up between them. She was professional in a meeting and it he wanted to start something after, fine. Just not now.

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Jasper watched as more and more people came into the house, mostly cast members. Like Zara Lexington, the girl who was surprisingly playing the party girl. For someone who rarely showed emotion, or spoke for that reasoning, she must be a good actress and very believable in roles. He watched with his dark brown eyes as the quiet girl walked over to Fiona, a girl he didn't know much about. At least not yet, all he knew was the Gabby didn't really like her and she made that perfectly clear to both Jasper and their other guy friend, Drake. But, in his opinion, she seemed like a rather likable girl. Not that he would even think of disrespecting her even if he didn't like her. He just couldn't.

He could hear William say something just as Keith walked right past him up the stairs. Keith, another person he didn't know much about except that the Hawaiian and Keith were probably polar opposites of each other. Something that rarely worked out for the best. He looked William as he said something to his ex-girlfriend and co-star, Candelaria. That had to be awkward for the both of them, or at least for one of them. And, if not, he could feel the tension that the Latina was giving off to him as Jasper saw her attention go from Drake to Will. Oh, God. Hopefully, they would be able to build a bridge and get the Hell over it because he had to share a room with the guy and if he had to hear them arguing... he was going to lose his very long temper.

He could see Will nod towards him, well at least he didn't hate him. For now at least, hopefully it would stay that way. Because, he may have been taller than Will but, he still could probably win in an actual fight between the two. No one was that big of an ass without getting into a few fights. "Looks like I'm not the last one here, my flight was hella delayed, thought for sure I would be." He looked at the door and could see a really good looking blonde coming inside the house. He couldn't help but smile as she talked. There was just something that set her apart from the others girls. From what he learned about her, she was in no way a slut like her character. She was actually the opposite of that, thank God. Looking at her, he could feel Gabby smirking up at him with her teeth showing a bit.

"Shut up, Gabriella." He said to her under his breath before clearing his throat. He looked over at Drake and could see him looking at Candelaria. It was nice to see that if you like or felt something for someone, no matter the age, you couldn't hide it if you tried but, at least with Candelaria and Drake they were a year apart, but with himself and Olivia... she was three years older than him. Which felt a bit strange. He attention went back on to Drake as he answered Elias question about Robert Mann. "I've been here for awhile and Robert Mann showed me where the meeting will be held. You guys can follow me." Jasper knew that Drake stayed at the house longer but he wasn't close enough to the man to ask why. And, the only reason he knew was because he had to check all the cameras he put in the house.

Jasper grabbed his two camera bags and followed behind the group. After William, Chandler, and Laria went into the room he went into the conference room before taking a seat that was against the wall. He slipped the two bags off of his shoulders and gently onto the floor before messing with the bracelets on his arms.

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3:15PM ~ 4:30PM

    "You all should know this from reading your scripts - as I'm sure you all have done - but here's what I'm planning for XOXO: Elias, who do you play again? Oh yes, that's right, Ryder. To make things simple, Ryder and Veronica, the skank, are going to become friends with benefits, hook up buddies, keeping it a secret from the rest of the group for the hell of it. But Ryder's youngest sister is going to get in a car accident, and Veronica is going to be the only person who is able to get to him. As in, they're going to fight and have hot sex. Predictable, I know. I need the two of you to start the foundation of that bond. I need the two of you to start talking, at least about your characters and the bond they share. I need complete cooperation here, slaves."

    "As for you, Zara... you look particularly beautiful today. Hannah - that's her name, right? - is in love with Ryder. Mostly because he was the only one who didn't pay attention to her. She's constantly throwing parties to catch his attention, and of course he shows up, but instead of kissing her neck, he's fondling some other skank. Uh, not Veronica, Olivia. A random skank, not an important skank like you, sweetheart. So I'm going to need the two of you - Zara and Elias - to try this out. I need you to tell me what needs to work, what needs to change, how well the two of you can act it out. Zara, you must be all over Elias, and Elias, you'll notice, of course, and you'll find it amusing, but... who the hell cares? She's just another chick, right? Another chick you can dick."

    "And you, Candelaria, with the beautiful name, you are essentially playing yourself, am I correct? Bianca, your character, has strong feelings for Joseph - William Hemley, that's you, you're Joseph. You're going to deny it, of course, but the two of you are best friends, and you're always calling him, asking him to hang out with you. For once, Joseph gets to friend zone the one girl who actually has feelings for him, meaning, he's completely oblivious to her feelings and is always nice to you, always going to be with you when you're 'bored' or 'hungry.' The two of you, start buddying up. The two of you are going to be inseparable."

    "But not completely inseparable... Joseph is in love with Veronica, remember? You gotta feel sorry for the guy. He's actually going to catch Veronica and Ryder in the act; I know, it sucks. Your task, William, is to practice being in love with Zara. I don't see how that would be hard for you, the girl's gorgeous, but just tell me how the chemistry goes later."

    "And Nathan ... Trent is in the background in this one. Watching everyone fall apart. You know everything, you see everything, and you're going to be blackmailing all of them. In fact, you've got your eye on little miss Bianca. Of course you're attracted to the girl; she's wealthy enough to catch his eye, right? He doesn't particularly like the girl, the two get into more fights than real conversation, but he finds it fun. He likes it. So, weasel your way into our beautiful Candelaria's life. That shouldn't be hard; she doesn't bite. Not often, anyway."

    "Our favorite jokester, Gregory! Danny, your character is a riot, the scenes we have for him are hilarious. He's intrigued by Cindy, that is, Chandler's character, and is always trying to get some fun out of her, but as fun as she is, Cindy only thinks the two of you are friends - which, right now, the two of them are. But it will grow into something larger, let me assure you. I need you and Chandler learn to be comfortable around each other. Start talking, spend some free time together. Just learn how to relax when the two of you are together, laugh, smile, so that the friendship is natural on camera."

    "And last but not least, Chandler, Cindy Peters is not a very large part in XOXO just yet. She's kind of in the background, but she's going to be the mediator for every relationship. Everyone's spilling their guts to Cindy Peters, because she's the girl who keeps her mouth shut all the damn time. You have the same homework assignment as Danny, but otherwise, that's it. Your time in the spotlight will come later, the screenwriters are still working out the kinks of your grand debut."

    "You guys didn't expect homework, did you? No, you are going to be working your asses off. I expect only the best from you, because I know you're capable of it."

    "Meeting adjourned. Workers, stay after. We have some technical matters to discuss."

    "You heard everything that just happened. You know exactly why I put those people together. Elias and Olivia are not the people you would imagine to be good friends... find a back story for that. Writers, that's for you. Be creative, show me what you got and I might even consider giving you a job. All of the pairs are a little unexpected. Zara and Elias, the silent but beautiful statues... Candelaria and William, the ex-es... I felt a little bad putting them together, really, but the script was originally like that, believe it or not. You can all guess the drama just waiting to be caught on screen. William's bound to try to get Olivia out of her shell, probably into her pants... Danny and Chandler? I know Chandler would most definitely be repulsed at the idea of them having to be friends. Work with it."

    "I want all of you to keep an eye on all of them, but pay a little more attention to your roommate. Or for some of you, roommates, as I announced earlier in the very beginning. If you can, if you're daring, steal a diary entry, a phone, anything. I expect to see results. A meeting will be held in two weeks; bring something big by then."