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Lucas Earo

Call me Luca.

0 · 210 views · located in Bailey County

a character in “Scandalous”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


(Lucas Earo)
Nickname: Luca | Age: 18 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown | Gender: None | Sexual Orientation: None | Grade: 12 | Crush: Open

Luca is very feminine, he has a beautiful face, beautiful long brown hair, and a beautiful body. He decided to grow out his facial hair because he couldn't be bothered to shave it. He doesn't really identify as a male or female and gets bullied a lot because of this.
Luca is very active in the towns local theater, he loves acting and building sets.
Luca is very much like a stream, for lack of a better discretion. He likes to go with the flow and doesn't really care what others think of him because in his mind as long as he is happy he could care less what anyone else says.
(How your character is towards the other characters)

A Day - P1: Government | Break | P2: AP Art Studio | Lunch | P3: French

B Day - P1: Pre-calculus | Break | P2: Study | Lunch | P3: Music 1

C Day - P1: Psychology | Break | P2: Economics | Lunch | P3: Gymnastics

So begins...

Lucas Earo's Story


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{Tristen Stonewell}
Tristen stood outside the school smoking a cigarette trying to convince himself to go home, but his feet wouldn't move. So he just stood there smoking and looking at the school. Tristen hated school, he always felt do confined in them and for a gypsy that was never a good thing. He finally was able to move and took a step forward and then another and another until he was through the doors and walking down the hall to where his first class would be. As he walked Tristen noticed people looking at him oddly. Right I forgot how uncool people were in this town.. Tristen thought as he stuffed his hands in the pockets if his leather jacket.

{Stella Hawthorn}
Stella was sitting at a table eating her usual breakfast of a greed apple and a huge bottle of water. She was tapping her pointer finger to the tune of an Etta James song that was playing in her headphones.
She hummed a few bars then stopped abruptly and jumped a little as someone sat down at the table as well. Stella didn't recognize the boy and slowly took her headphones off and smiled at the boy. Just as she was about to ask if he was new another boy walked up next to him and sat down, Stella blinked, she knew they were twins but it just took a second to register in her mind.
"Am I seeing double or are you two related?" She asked with a small sarcastic smile.

{Luca Earo}
Luca smiled at people as he trotted up the steps into the big school. His long brown hair was back in a slightly messy braid and a feather stuck out of the end of it, this made him look like some sort of Native American Chief. Which he technical was, his family came from a long line of Sioux chiefs.
He pulled up his sleeves when he walked through the doors, it was always to hot for him inside.
Luca made his way to the doors of his Government classroom and stood against the wall a script in his hands. He flipped through the pages memorizing his lines and only half paying attention to the people passing him by.


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Aisha eventually made her way into the cafeteria. She hurriedly sat next to Caroline and whipped her phone out. "Caroline, look at this." Several screens appeared on her phone, each showing a different view of the Highshcool interior and exterior. "Isn't this cool?"

"You hacked into the school Cameras?!" Caroline exclaimed. "How?" Her curiosity would rather have her ask: 'can my phone do that too?' but she feared the unknown consequences for getting caught with something like this.

"Well it's kinda like a WiFi-connection. The administrators can use their phones to watch us with their phones whenever they want, but you gotta have a certain app. And the password. I got it from the librarian's phone when she wasn't looking," going on a tangent, "Look at this, I can see everyone in the cafeteria." She giggled, "they look like ants."

"I don't think this is safe, Aisha. What if somebody catches you?" Caroline asked.

Ignoring her, "Look at this, Caroline. It's Mr. Oswald and Mr. Payne. I wish I could have sound and so I could hear what they're talking about."

Within in the empty halls of Bailey High, Allan Payne, the Dean of Academics, and Principle John Oswald were conversing about something extremely confidential just in front of the door of Mrs. Dunn's government class. "There's not need to rush this, John. We're not certain yet if it's her or not," Mr. Payne told him, "but if it's not her then an innocent girl could be-"

"Think of it this way," Mr. Oswald interrupted, "If the posts stop we know who it is. If they don't then we'll know with absolute certainty that it is the other suspect, and we still win. The Voice hasn't left us with any other options. Besides, do we really need another Asian kid who's not even good at ma-"

"John," Mr. Payne stopped him. He noticed standing behind Oswald was Lucas Earo. Oswald turned around and looked Lucas in the eye with his best death stare, without saying a word, he turned back to Mr. Payne and said, "My mistake, take care of this for me." Mr. Payne was flustered, but he composed himself enough to say, "Earo, you're supposed to be in the cafeteria right now, school hasn't started yet."