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Namwoo Kang

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0 · 202 views · located in Bailey County

a character in “Scandalous”, originally authored by bingubingu, as played by RolePlayGateway


Namwoo Kang

Age: 17| Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown | Sexual Orientation: Straight | Grade: 12th | Crush: Open

Namwoo is Korean, she has almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones, slim nose, and a round face.

Activities:Since Namwoo doesn't get out much, Namwoo spends most of her time running her blog online dedicated to her favorite music artist, which has conjured up quite a following. When Namwoo does get out though, she likes window shopping and looking at all the cute clothes with not-so-cute price tags. And when. She isn't inside her home or window shopping, she's "accidentally" stumbling upon rumors a gossip since she always needs to be in on the events taking place around her. Oh, and she enjoys playing softball sometimes when she isn't being nosy or lazing around her house.

Personality: Namwoo loves to know everything. She likes to been in on everything. This makes her come off as a snoop, though her intentions aren't all bad-most of the time. Coupled with wanting knowing everything is wanting to say everything she knows. Which, again, gives off a bad impression to those around her. She doesn't really think of the consequences of spreading a rumor, but she's too busy updating her fan-blog to care anyway.


A Day - P1: Calculus | Break | P2: English IV | Lunch | P3: Journalism
B Day - P1: Economics | Break | P2: French | Lunch | P3: U.S. Government
C Day - P1: Psychology| Break | P2: Chemistry | Lunch | P3: Study Hall

So begins...

Namwoo Kang's Story


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Namwoo was busy scribbling down some equations and solutions she didn't understand off of a homework cheat site that Google happily provided her. She didn't have time to do homework because she was super busy with something super important. I should get a break from some homework for running an important blog, Twitter was on fire last night and if I missed it I would've been out of the loop for eon- Namwoo's thoughts were interrupted by a screech of tires and a head to the back of a seat. "Jesus Christ, mom!" Namwoo groaned while rubbing her head from the impact.

"Sorry, dear. There was cat! I couldn't just run over it!"

"You know what mom, it's fine. I'm like two blocks away from school. I can walk it from here, wouldn't want you to be late," Before her mother could protest, Namwoo had already slipped her textbook her calculus homework and binder insider her book bag, also giving her mother a quick kiss on the check, and stepped out of the car. Namwoo hated cars anyway, they were death traps! "Now time to check that anonymous blog that spills all the tea of our school," Namwoo took out her smartphone and went to the bookmarked page of the blog. "The psychology teacher had a miscarriage?!" Namwoo put a hand to her heart. "That poor thing."

The walk to school was made much shorter with gossip at the tip of Namwoo's fingertips. She entered the school grounds with the rest of students hurriedly getting to school;presumably to get their unfinished homework done, just like Namwoo. Namwoo entered the school building and made her way to the cafeteria to get some breakfast, even if the breakfast tasted like cardboard and dishwasher fluid. At least it was edible.


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Namwoo was enjoying the cardboard and typing away at her phone to update her blog, and then next thing she knows she's being dragged away by two school authorities for whatever they decided to take her for. Namwoo started to panic. She hadn't remember doing anything out of line as of late. Namwoo doesn't remember being out of line at all line in this whole entire school year before this. She doesn't think she really caused any trouble ever in fact. But her she was, in the principal's office with some girl. Namwoo thinks her name is Ikea or something. They have journalism together but that never really interacted at all so Namwoo doesn't know why she, out of all the people that could've been in here, was in here confronting the heads of the school.

"I didn't do it." Was the first thing that came out of her mouth, it was the truth after all. Namwoo doesn't know about Ikea, but she knows that she, herself, hasn't done anything; Namwoo is far too lazy to be bothersome anyway. Whatever it is, I definitely did not do it, so the obviously must be a mistake of some sort. My mother raised me correctly!" Namwoo thought she saw Ikea give her the side eye but she quickly brushed it off in favor of paying attention to the situation at hand and how she could get out of it safely.


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Payne took the two students down to Mrs. Anderson's office. Mrs. Anderson was a sparkling woman whose joyous attitude radiated throughout the entire room. "Please, take a seat," she insisted. "Don't look at me like that. You're not in trouble, I promise." There were two of the comfortable chairs in front of her desk just begging for someone to sit in them. Akira threw her bag aside and assumed her seat. "Sorry if they rushed you here, I've been kind of procrastinating this. I noticed you two didn't sign up for the upcoming college trip."

"Yeah, the one to Europe," Akira added. "I didn't forget, the prices were just ridiculous." Akira's family wasn't financially challenged, but $1,499 to tour a college she wasn't even remotely interested in seemed unreasonable. Bailey high was unique in this aspect, that is, opportunities like this were few and far in between at other public high schools: to see a foreign college in person would definitely make studying abroad less intimidating.

"Well that's what I wanted to talk to you about. There are some new financial aid services..."

Meanwhile, Mr. Payne and Mrs. Sullivan were casually conversing at the door. It may have sounded like the harmless, playful chat between students. Most students loathed Payne, largely because he strictly upholds the rules. They don't realize the pressure on him to do his job, and that outside of work he's actually a great person. "No way," Lauren joked. "I would have thought he was just being friendly. But Jasmine? I would never have put those two together."

"Yeah, I mean, he really hasn't been very quiet about it. Logan brags about it all the time at the lounge," Allan added.

"Are you serious? And his wife doesn't know? Doesn't she work here too?" she asked.

"Well technically she works at the college, she just teaches some dual credit classes here..." Allan explained.