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Scarred Remains : Flight 453

Scarred Remains : Flight 453


Attacked by an unknown force, 13 survivors have no choice but to fight for survival against unidentified monsters. <Private>

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This is a private RP between Se7enAndThre3 and supertoastgirl. If you'd like to read, please feel free.

Flight 453 was just another plane, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the day prior to the incident was excruciatingly normal. But when the plan experiences turbulance in the air, it's forced to drop lower into an unmarked route. There some thing isn't right, a child screams of blood red eyes looking through the window.

Before too long the plane depresurizes and is forced to make a crash landing onto a small island it was flying over. Thirteen people left the plane alive, now having to find refuge and fresh water before whatever attacked the plan realizes it left some unfinished business.

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Jasper folded up his clothes neatly into his black binded suitcase, the very one his Uncle Allen had gotten him for his 24th birthday last year. It hadn't been put to use until now, the first time he's ever flown on a plane. He felt nervous, that perhaps being an understatement, it felt as though fireworks were being shot from his abdomen and into his stomach. Jasper checked his phone, his plan was due to leave in two hours. Boarding would start in a hour and a half. After calling the cab Jasper moved to his bathroom, pulling his quite long hair behind each of his ears. He always looked dressy-casual whenever he wore a suit, simply for the fact of his boy like hair. Short hair just never looked good on him.

Jasper let out a sigh, it would take him some time to get used to flying. He knew he better learn how, being a technical engineer had its perks. Perhaps travelling were perks to some people, but definitely not to him. He liked his apartment in the city, he enjoyed being surrounded by familiar places.

When the cab arrived Jasper set his suit case in the trunk and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and a ten dollar bill. The cabbie took the money gratefully, smiling a yellow-toothed smile and starting up the cab. It didn't take long to unload all of his thing by the time Jasper get to the airport, it did take long however on the drive to. With it being 5 o' clock Jasper had forgotten about rush hour. Moving up to security check he undid his belt and slipped everything into the checking, his bags most likely already going through everything he was. "Thank you." Jasper said quietly as he took his items back.

To Jasper's embarrassment he noticed he was about the tallest man in the airport. Well, as far as he could see. He never did like the fact he was extremely tall, most girls like taller men yes. But not a good foot taller. Especially due to his appearance he probably didn't seem like the most conversationalist. If it weren't for his suit he'd most likely look like some sort of thug to everyone. Jasper made his way to gate 23 where flight 435 would be taking him to Brazil. Another nervous episode went through Jasper's gut as he handed his ticket and passport to the brunette woman in front of him.

Entering the plane he moved to the back, where his seat was set. "2-A." He mumbled and scanned the seats, finally finding his space his squeezed in. Not quite liking the fact all the seats were so close together.

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Katie ran her hands through her long blonde hair as she waited in line to go through security. Her ride over to the airport had been easy enough, and the goodbye wasn't as hard as she had thought. Her neighbor and best friend, Jen, had taken the responsibility of getting Katie to the airport upon herself. Katie had every intention to just take the shuttle or a taxi, but Jen insisted. So Katie thanked her a million times and bought Jen a new mug to add to her collection.

Flying was nothing out of the ordinary for Katie. She had moved out of state after college, and traveling by plane was the best option when she wanted to visit her parents. Along with that she often times visited relatives from Canada when she was younger, and went on a couple of EF tours when she was in middle school and high school. The whole process wasn't anything scary or overwhelming, it was the same old boring airport security, the same old waiting around, being delayed, and so on. Flying was almost like second nature to Katie.

She moved quickly through security, knowing exactly what she was supposed to pack in her carry ons and other baggage. Also, due to the condition of the place that she was supposed to be working, Katie was only allowed to pack a large carry on, and a backpack for her personal item. It was a real struggle trying to get everything packed. Considering that they were staying in a provided living space though, Katie didn't have to pack things like sheets and pots and household things like that. She slipped on her shoes with ease and straighten her loose long sleeve thermal shirt. A thump of excitement went through her heart as she realized she was just beginning one of her biggest dreams in life; to be a traveling nurse and provide health care for people in other countries.

Her bags were mostly filled with scrubs, her work shoes, a couple of nicer outfits for outings, and socks. But along with that she hadn't forgotten to pack her toiletries, and a small first aid kit. Katie almost always had one on her. She was always prepared like that, and took great pride in her abilities to help others as a nurse.

Before she even really knew it Katie was entering the plane and finding her seat. 1-A. There already was a man crammed next to her seat. She lifted her suitcase above, and planted her backpack under the chair in front of her like always. Then she plopped down in her seat, adjusted herself and buckled her seatbelt. Awkwardly she smiled at the man next to her. He was attractive, and tall. Very tall.

"Hello." She said pleasantly enough, really just trying to be friendly.

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Character Portrait: Jasper Montren


Character Portrait: Jasper Montren
Jasper Montren

"Well would ya look at that.."


Character Portrait: Jasper Montren
Jasper Montren

"Well would ya look at that.."

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Character Portrait: Jasper Montren
Jasper Montren

"Well would ya look at that.."

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